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A Call to Prayer



History is repeating itself.

The names may have changed, only the game is the same.

The goal is annihilation; only it’s more than one nation.

The evil is anti-Semitic and full of hate; we need to stop this terrible fate.

Threats and demands are the order of their day; producing fear and destruction along the way.

How long do we wait to aid our brothers and sisters in Christ?

How long do they suffer while our government ponders their plight?

We have no excuse for leaving in the first place; they need the strong arm of America’s military base.


This is a call to prayer my friends; a call to God for this genocide to end.

So to those who read this, please pass it on so we can fight the enemy’s wrongs.

Ask God for his mercy; ask God for his grace so his people will repent and find peace all over the place.

2 Chronicles 7: 14 “If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”



6 thoughts on “A Call to Prayer

  1. Agreed!!! I am beside myself at what we are seeing right before our very eyes. God help them

  2. “antisemitic”? do you mean anti-jew? Not only are jews NOT Semitic – they know it and admit it in their own writings; check the jewish almanac and ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ by koestler – but they are the root of the problem and its driving force! As a Christian, you of all people should be anti jew! The jew is antiChrist – see the Apostle John’s description if you dont believe me. [1John 2:22]They murdered Jesus and continue murdering His people to this day, starting and profiting from wars and bankrupting nations with their usury. Jesus called them ‘sons of the devil’…more than once.
    Granted, muslims arent that much better, but at least the muslim will say that Jesus was a great man and prophet ; the jew claims He was the bastard son of a Roman centurion and a menstruating prostitute currently boiling in a pool of feces…read it in their own writings. [talmud] The jew spits when he hears Jesus’ Holy Name.
    May I urge you to really ‘get out of the box’…read your Bible. Apply it to reality; look around. Once you find out who YOU are, as well as who THEY are, you will not believe the clarity that will come. You will see that the genocide is one leveled at US – the people ‘called by His name’. And its motivating force is jewish.

    • First of all, this blog post I wrote is a Call to Prayer, not for your opinion. The Bible speaks for itself about God’s call to us to support his people, his country and aid in their battles. Israel is Jesus’ home since he is Jewish. The Pharisees, Romans and anyone else who disagreed with his teachings physically put him to death; spiritually we all did so blaming any one group is not applicable. He died for me and for you out of his love, not duty.

      1 John 2:2 is referring to anyone who denies Jesus as the Christ; not just one group.
      REad the book of Obadiah which speaks of today and what is/will become of anyone who goes against Israel: it isn’t a pretty picture. Jeremiah 29: 11-14 speaks of modern day Israeli’s returning to their homeland which is happening. Psalm 121:speaks of the Peace of Israel and who supports them shall be blessed.

      God hates war; I hate war. That doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. It has occurred throughout history. The Israelite’s were constantly having to fight for everything. Read the Old Testament. As far as what is happening now I am sure that if someone came after you with a gun you would fight back? Hamas is the enemy here; not the Israeli’s or Palestine. In fact if you read up about how the Palestinians in the Gaza strip area feel about this, they hate Hamas and were glad Israel has been trying to get rid of them. The hospitals in Israel have aided in many Palestinian’s needs; I read a Palestinian man didn’t want to fight against Israel because all of their food and supplies came from there. God wants to help them; not hurt them. Hamas is evil. Get your facts straight. For your own sake God said in Genesis 12: 3 to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” He means anyone who goes against his people, the Jews throughout history will be cursed. Why do you think Hamas is losing? Hamas fighters who have detonated missiles have been documented saying they have watched “the God of Israel change the course of the missiles in midair.” They were experts in determining their aim and watched over and over as they missed. So while the world blames Israel for trying to stop Hamas from using human shields with Palestinians, getting rid of their bombs or the areas where children were not to mention finding how many tunnels they built to destroy Israel? And Israel should sit back and allow this? God has written in the Bible over and over how he told the Jews to defend themselves in battle. He never meant for any of us to be door mats. And while I am at it, when you get your life straight with Jesus, then you have the right to tell me how to live mine.

      • My my my…contentious today, arent we?
        First, no one is telling you how to live your life -I am simply sharing an important truth, the veracity of which remains despite your mis/ill informed opinions. Oh, and you might want to take heed of your own end ‘warning’ there…see Luke 6:42.
        Second, I could spend hours giving you irrefutable proof of my point from the Bible, profane history and archaeology, but I imagine it would be time wasted. I assure you I have put in the time myself…However, just let me ask you one simple question ; does God lie? Of course not! Yet your position makes Him outr to be so…Did God not promise Abraham that he would be a father of MANY nations? [Gen 17 1-7] The jew has NEVER formed even ONE nation. Did God not say the descendants of Isaac would be His witnesses throughout the earth? WHO has printed Bibles, sent missionaries, constructed shortwave broadcasts etc? Not the jew…Did Jesus not say to the jewish leaders that they were of their father the devil? Did Jesus not say that they were NOT His sheep, as His sheep know him and heed His voice? [who has/does ‘hear His voice?] Read the descriptions of the [true] Israelite people in the Scripture – not a single attribute fits the jew. Not one. [the description[s] of esau, canaan and amalek do tho…]
        Your misunderstanding of Gen 12:3 is simply due to a case of mistaken identity – the verse is correct, but you have the wrong people! Look at the ‘West’, especially since 1949…look around you and re read Deuteronomy 28….see?
        I could go on and on, but I fear that the facts would fall on deaf ears. I would challenge you tho to read the little book ‘The Greatest Discovery of Our Age’ as a introduction to some eye opening truths. It is readily available – I think you can read it online at Scriptures for America. Might want to check AnglosIrael.com, amongst may others.
        Oh, by the way, hamas is merely a creation of the mossad. Remember the mossad’s slogan, ‘by deception make war’….


      • One great lesson God has taught me is how not to be offended by anyone. Your words here honestly make me laugh. Another great lesson God taught me is Matthew 10:11-15. Another lesson I learned after speaking the truth to people like you is Proverbs 12:16, 14:3, 1Corinthians 3:19, 2Timothy 4:3, Titus 3:9. In other words “so long, farewell….goodbye. You might want to get a different Bible translation because the one you are reading is not the same one I read.

      • I actually look at more than one translation…and they all agree.
        Your words make me sad…you are obviously not interested in Truth. So be it.
        I stumbled into your blog because it came up on that ‘recommended’ thing over on the side. The near blasphemous title caused me to take a second look ; then I realised that the blog owner probably had NO idea what facebook really is nor who is behind it, so I took a look. Just trying to shed a little light – thats what “people like me” do. Alas, I seem to be merely ‘casting my pearls’…
        Madam, you are so far INSIDE ‘the box’ that you cannot even see the walls, and your arrogance would not let you consider their possibility should you detect a presence. I was excited when I began to learn some of these truths, and I love to share them. I apologise though for invading your little world ; I shant do it again.

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