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Frantic or Panicked? (Part 2)

Psalm 93: 1”The Lord reigns, He is clothed with majesty and splendor;throne

The Lord has clothed and encircled Himself with strength;
the world is firmly established, it cannot be moved.”

This verse is so relevant to our nature of fear and panic. Why?

Because so many, especially Christians are wondering who replaced Him.

Did He leave, move on or just quit?

2 Chronicles 16:9 “The eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. You have done a foolish thing, and from now on you will be at war.”panic

God hasn’t “flown the coop.”

He has never said, “Bye, bye.”

In fact He is still very much reigning from the only throne that matters.

According to 2 Chronicles 16:9 God is here on earth with us. I have read or heard that 3 AM is His hour to show up. Now that may or may not be true but I am comforted thinking it.

Why wouldn’t He be here?

He created this planet.

He birthed all of us.

He is the reason the earth still exists.

It’s not His problem that we think He isn’t around. It’s ours. And just like His words say, “you have done a foolish thing” which may be that we left Him. We kicked Him out of schools. We threw Him out of the White House. We abandoned Him for the foolish things of this world.

No wonder people feel lost, lonely and confused.charlie brown

No wonder evil has flourished.

No wonder it feels like one pandemic of fear and trepidation after another.

Believe me, He is still on His Throne.

In order for any of us to understand that, we must get and stay close to Him.

Why? Because evil wants us to think He was conquered, stopped or jolted by some immense battle He couldn’t win.

Evil was defeated once and for all on the Cross of Christ.

Reading His word, praying and spending time with God resets our minds. In the course of this process we regain faith, hope and courage.

The more we focus on Him, the more we realize He is not only still around, He is in Charge!

Can I get an AMEN here!peace

To be continued….






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Frantic or Panicked? (Part 1)


To say we live in perilous times is an understatement. Turn the news on. Read Facebook. Look in your mailbox. One would think the world is ending ASAP.

If you want to be positive, don’t do any of those things I just mentioned; it will only depress you.

It takes effort to get and remain upbeat unless you have faith in God.

Faith? What is that? I can hear you screaming now.

I didn’t have a clue how to have faith in God or how to acquire it.

What happened is when all security in people, things and circumstances were pulled out from underneath me, I realized God was the only  safeguard that works. That was many years ago and I can tell you it was no walk in the park; no joy ride. Someone dug a grave and I fell in full of fear and dread.

Immediately I began seeking God for relief.

You ask, “How do you do that?”

Open the Bible. Ask God to lead you to verses He wants you to read. Write them down.

Make a habit to read them over and over and over. Everyday.

Pray about whatever your fears are. Talk to God as if He is your best friend which He wants to be. And understand prayer doesn’t have to be “all” serious and long. God and I chat off and on all day long about everything. He wants our relationship with Him to be relaxed, peaceful and yet, persistent.

As I began that journey I use this process in any area of my life where there is a need. God’s word is priceless. Get His word so ingrained in your heart and mind, nothing else has room to invade. On that note, don’t watch, listen, or read anything that may bring that panic to roost. If necessary, get new friends; ones that shed light instead of darkness.

God’s word keeps me hopeful. It keeps me going. His word isn’t a band aid. It’s the answer. Period.

Sometimes I read His word just for the heck of it. No need. No want. Just to be close to Him.

I’ll never forget the morning about 15 years ago while reading His word and praying all of a sudden a still, small voice said, “This is faith. You have it. “

It was one of those flashing moments of “ah HA! “ I got it! I understood it, finally.

The key is to keep close to God. As you do that it automatically builds your faith.  I don’t know how but I give God all the credit.

So in the midst of turmoil, unrest and total panic, look to God. Say little prayers like,

“God help me!” or “God, I need you right now!”

Meditate and memorize verses that apply to your need. Then when desperation, panic and fear erupt ask God to bring them to your mind through the Holy Spirit. Get prepared for Him to show them to you as if they float before your eyes!

He wants us to live in peace. If we do our part He will do His.

Peace is one of the greatest weapons against the enemy. That’s another blog post.





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Duty and Honor


I did my duty and with honor.

As a South Carolinian I voted Saturday in our Presidential primary.

This is a give-a-way as it was for any registered Republicans.

Let me first say I may be registered Republican but am not happy with our present representatives in government. Coming from a long line of them, my stance is now more conservative than per se Republican. Let me also say I am even more disturbed by the so-called Democrats. At least they use to be reasonable, respectful and had more common sense than they do now.

It has been weeks of mailed brochures, letters and even phone calls of how I would vote.

I am backing up my position on the disrespect of one from the  Democratic Party; at least here in SC by a phone call I received about 2 weeks ago.

Before I could really tell who or what this guy represented he blurted out,

“We are trying to get a heads up on how people will vote here for the Primary. Please tell me who you plan to vote for on February 27th?”

Me, “Excuse me who are you again?”

He never really explained it.

Me, “Isn’t the 27th the Democratic primary?” 

“Well, yes. Who will you vote for, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?”

Me, “Neither. I am not a Democrat.”

Him, “Oh, I am really sorry to hear that! “

Me, “I’m not.”

Him, “Well maybe you should be.”

He then mumbled something because he realized he had not received the answer he wanted.  The phone clicked.

It wasn’t so much his words that bothered me, but his tone. He was immediately insulted and defensive giving off an attitude of exasperation.

This is not a post about political parties.

It’s a post about voting the way God would have us vote.

The candidates I had to choose from are a mixture. Maybe it would be best to throw them all in a bottle and shake them hoping one might turn out to be Presidential material.

And honestly it was only about the day before that I knew who I would vote for because I was waiting on God to give me the answer.

My ideal candidate wasn’t on the stages of the Republican Debates. But I am not God so what do I know?

Well, I do know God has chosen those in the past who maybe weren’t the strongest Christians, the most honorable or popular. He has placed in the Oval Office men who reflected the nature of our country who either were or weren’t Godly but encompassed what God intended for America to see or hear.

Now that may be good or bad depending on your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Bible had many in leadership with a rap sheet.

Moses killed an Egyptian.

David not only slept with his best friends’ wife, he then tried to cover it up by killing his best friend.

Samson and Solomon were addicted to love in all the wrong places.

Peter is the father of betrayal of the worst kind.

But these men had one thing in common.

Eventually they became true men of God who devoted their lives to following Him. Some of their tactics, approaches and schemes may not have been the best choices but God was looking at their hearts, not their methodology.

Who’s to say God can’t or won’t do that with a sitting President? Or Congress or any leader possessing the position of earthly authority?  Who’s to say that won’t happen right now as we participate in bringing to America leaders to fill God’s will?

America is in need of deep prayer to bring people to Christ.

In achieving that, we will place in those positions of leadership the men and women God wants to achieve His purposes.

Make your first commitment to allowing God to fill your heart with His love.

Then you will know how He wants you to vote.





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A Letter from my Cousin: The Calling to Minister to Muslims

The following is a letter I just received via email from my cousin Adger Mckay. He is an Ordained minister who has been seeking the Lord for over 7 years as to what he and his family were supposed to do. They have both been in the “wilderness” and finally God opened a door.
Adger was raised in a missionary family; lived in Mexico so along with English he speaks fluent Spanish and is learning German. They moved back to the states when he was a young teenager but his experience there set in motion God’s plan for his life.
His wife Sandra is from Europe, speaks German fluently as she was born in Switzerland. God knew the amount of refugees that would pour into Germany. He also knew when these two married He would call them to move there to minister to those who are desperately fleeing for their lives from ISIS. 
I ask you to pray for Adger and Sandra and their 2 boys as they approach this venture and major move. They will be directly involved with these refugees and at times it could be dangerous so they will need God’s protection and angels to guard and watch over them.
As important as their work is, it is truly part of the beginning of this next great “awakening” of God. They will be on the front lines of this harvest for the souls of many Muslims. TY. (Please note my cousins sense of humor in the midst of a life changing move)



Hello to All,

 The attached photo is part of my evil master plan to make you all so jealous with photos of Europe that you can’t take it any more and begin to fervently pray…like Jesus’ story of the judge in Luke 18:1ff. This one is Sandra’s Switzerland from the Vierwaldstaettersee (yeah, I have to learn that language!!)
We are in full throttle on the preparations for acceptance as long-term missionaries with (EPC) World Outreach. Sandra and I have tests this Saturday in Montreat, NC…hers is a Bible test and mine is a Language Aptitude test. She will join Christ Community Church there on Sunday, pending an interview on Saturday afternoon. The following weekend we have a counselor that will visit us from the EPC to do marriage/psychological evaluations…might want to pray especially hard for that psych. evaluation : ) I was blessed to be able to preach on Valentine’s Day to my friends at Mosaic in Easley, SC. That was a joy as the Lord opened up some neat prayer ministry as well.
The situation with Refugees in Germany continues to morph quickly…an example is the fact that in 2015 the majority of refugees were adult male, around 69%…so far in 2016, that number has dropped to 40% as women and children desperately flee for their safety and well-being. There is such a prime opportunity to reach these people with the love and truth of Jesus and there is time sensitivity to this mission. The earlier we can build relationship and show His love to the displaced in Germany, the more the receptivity to the gospel. Please join us in this critical ministry of “Engaging the Displaced.”
Thank you for being involved in our lives and callings, we love and appreciate you, the McKays
For now, contributions are still processed through the kindness of Plumtree Presbyterian Church, PO Box 65, Plumtree, NC 28664  (Please note that this address may change soon pending our acceptance by World Outreach/WO.)

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The Hidden Agenda

If you’re like me marketing ads can really be annoying. Seems like everywhere I turn, there is one more piece of junk mail, one more disgusting commercial or a trail of internet garbage in between the article I am trying to find.

God can use anything.

As many of you know my husband and I have a Property Management company that I run. He is my partner or I like to say, “He works for me.” Ha ha.  Truthfully he has a very good full time job and I run our company from home.

At this point I have worked in some form or another in Property Management between 20-25 years. But there is nothing like being your own boss and having your own company even if the progress appears to be slow.

Living in this military city most of my clients or tenants are in some form related to this base. Not only are these heroes great to work with, it gives me the opportunity to get to know their personal convictions to the strange and sacrificial world they live in.  As I write this, the Jets are flying over our house as they practice their missions.

This base is one of the oldest installments in the Air Force and home to the largest AF Combat F-16 wing or the 20th Fighter Wing. Their mission is to provide combat ready air power and airmen for immediate challenges. It is also the home to Headquarters Ninth AF, US Air Forces Central and of late the Third Army Central. Wow. I sound so military! LOL!

Did God have anything to do with us moving here in 2007 besides my husband’s job? God’s agenda is at times hidden, but is always faithful.

About 2 weeks ago I received what appeared to be a piece of junk mail from something called nextdoor.com.  Opening it, my first reaction was, “just what I need; more social media.” For some reason I hesitated throwing it in the trash and set it on the table in the den.

A week later was when I started whining to God about getting more property. Yes, whining. And God is so good He listens even in our challenged behavior.

All of a sudden I picked up the card and found the site on the internet. It consists of finding those in your immediate neighborhood to communicate with, share with or just to get to know. You can post things like a yard sale, if your dog is missing or you want to have a bake sale for the local church.

Finding those closest to us were two other subdivisions. One is literally across the street from ours in the front. Once I added them I posted a message about our company.

This summer is what the military refers to as a “PCS” or “Permanent Change of Station.” Most personnel only remain at one base for up to 3 years at a time. These PCS’s occur during the summer so the children won’t have to be uprooted during the school year and it gives the families time to move and get settled into their new base surroundings.

I admit I was clueless to this term before moving here but now I am more inclined to understand their needs and how it fits into helping them move and finding new tenants.

Within an hour I had two inquiries; both military. I have already spoken to one and will most likely acquire their property by May and the other in the future. I believe this is the start to receiving more of His abundance.

God hadn’t forgotten me.

He didn’t purposely put me on hold to fulfill this dream.

He wasn’t punishing me by making me wait.

He was preparing us both to handle the possibilities He wants to provide.

He has been teaching us about the military culture; their needs and how to accommodate them.

He has allowed us to get more acquainted with our surroundings to do a better job.

God’s timing is perfect even when we think He is slowwwwwww…..

He is also faithful to His promises wanting to give us the desires of our Hearts as long as they match up with His.

In retrospect; I would never have imagined years ago I would ever live in a city with a military base.

I also never knew how much God would bless us for following His direction by moving to a city where we knew no one, had never been here before and to a culture we had never been exposed to.

Didn’t Abraham do that?

Genesis 12:1 “The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.”

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America, the Great? Like Cows in a Pasture


If you’re like me, in the natural the world appears to be falling apart.

There are doomsday fanatics speaking fear and dread into the hearts of many. Decades ago I would never have thought America would be so divided and making evil, good.

Supposedly, America is the greatest country in the world that has ever existed. It is only given that award by the Grace of God. It’s only the Grace of God that we will come out of this progressive, evil agenda being forced down our throats. And we have no one to blame but ourselves as we have allowed immorality and wickedness to set up “house” in our personal lives.

The church needs to wake up and I believe God is getting ready to shake us out of our sleep to accommodate His agenda.

We may be living in the end times but so was Paul. It’s just further down the pike of our earthly calendar. There is much work to be done and many souls to bring to Christ so personally I don’t believe the end is as near as many proclaim.

However, that doesn’t mean fear, dread and panic aren’t igniting flames of more hatred and disharmony. It is.

That also means we as Christians need to pursue God seriously in an intimate manner than ever before. Our relationship to God is the answer.

For myself, it has been a battle of emotional valleys. Some mornings I wake up and fear is hanging over my head like a bucket of water about to be dumped all over me. Shaking it has been like fighting against that which I can’t see but so aware of its revolting presence that I cry out to God for relief off and on all day long.

Folks this is real. Trying to explain it to those who have never experienced depression or anxiety is like talking to a bunch of cows in a pasture who only know how to “moo.” I say that with all respect for our “milking” buddies.

I do know this battle is external. The enemy is unhappy with any progress we make therefore attacking us with whatever he can come up with. He is only capable now of annoying repeats.

So let me tell you what God spoke to me this morning about this dilemma.

For years I have been reading 3 verses over and over. They are:

Joshua 1:9

2 Chronicles 20:17

Isaiah 41:10

Now I know my quick thinker of a brain is a little slower than it used to be but it hit me as I read them right in a row they said almost the same thing? Nahhhhh…does God speak like that?

“Do not fear, nor be dismayed.”

That’s it in a nutshell.

I wonder if God is trying to tell me something.

Like, don’t be scared. DON’T PANIC? Don’t fear or dread what you see; just trust Him?

I googled the word “dismayed.” It’s defined as

“Very upsetdisappointed, or annoyed about something surprising or shocking that has happened.” To cause to lose courage or resolution (as because of alarm or fear) or to feel consternation and distress.

Well, that’s just too much to handle.

Which is why God tells us to trust him. He created the world out of nothing.

Told Noah to build an ark which saved him and his family.

Sent plagues to Egypt.

Parted the Red Sea.

Sent manna from Heaven to feed the Israelites.birds

Kept the Bible alive for centuries and has performed miracles every day since creation.

Feeds the birds?

Enough said.



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SuperBowl 2016


The  Daily Prophetic Word last week was to watch for prophetic signs in the Super Bowl. There was a big one on at the end of the halftime show. The sign Believe in Love and a cross! God is calling us to break the spirit of hatred.

The final score was 24:10. Matthew 24:10 people are turning away from Jesus’ greatest command to love and are hating. Yes even many Christians are doing this. God is calling us to break the spirit of hatred and judgement. It is love that will change the world! By Doug Addison

Doug Addison's photo.

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SuperBowl 50: The Carolina Panthers


I would be a bad NC native if I didn’t post something about this upcoming game.panthers

Growing up 20 miles from Charlotte, this is history for me and my family; many of whom still live there and attend the Panthers games. In fact some of them are fanatics.

I confess I am not a football buff. Not even a buff, just a distant Carolina Panthers admirer.

Watching the games this past season wasn’t on my radar until they continued to win and win big. If you want a diehard football fan, don’t ask me. However I am excited that finally this has happened.  It would have been nice if my dad had been alive to witness their victories as he enjoyed watching them for years before he passed away in 2014.

Who knew that Michael Oher of the “Blind Side” movie would one day end up in the SuperBowl. But then having a Quarterback like Cam Newton certainly helps. Both men are huge and obviously quite good at what they do.

What intrigues me about the SuperBowl is that millions of people stop everything to watch these men tackle, fight and injure themselves in what many believe to be one of the greatest events of our generation. Between the commercials, food and parties it has become a stand-still Sunday.

But, what do these devoted enthusiasts do after it’s over?

How do they cope for the next 7 months without football?

Do they go into deep depression or withdrawal?

What do they fill that empty stadium fever with?

Maybe God has an idea.

I’ve always wondered what would happen if Jesus decided to show up at one of the Super Bowls.

Why not? Millions of people are tuned in making it one of the best and highest rated TV shows all year.

All the flowing beer and chips would probably stop instantly from being consumed.

The stadium itself most likely would come to a screeching halt of silence.

The media would be so shocked they would become speechless. (We can only hope)

I can’t think of a better entrance for Jesus to make. And according to Dream Interpreter and Prophet Doug Addison, God likes football and plans to show up and maybe show off?

God is full of surprises.

Maybe God wants the world to know He is still around and on the throne? 

Maybe God wants to touch the hearts of those empty nested fans once the game is over. 

Whether you believe him or not, it’s certainly worth a touchdown to see what God might do.

(And by touchdown of course I mean for the Panthers.)

Jeremiah 23:23-24

 “Am I a God who is near,” declares the LORD, “And not a God far off? “Can a man hide himself in hiding places So I do not see him?” declares the LORD “Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?” declares the LORD.