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I can hear God’s heart breaking…


It wasn’t my intention to take a break from blogging but I have been dealing with an ear infection from hell. Thankfully the medication has worked but mostly I give God the credit for my recovery. I’ve only had one other ear infection this bad and that was almost 20 years ago. Don’t recommend it.

This is a break from my last post which I will pick up later.

America is in a mess we created ourselves.  

God is aching over the loss of lives lately.

God is hurting over the divisiveness of his people.

God is sad over the fact people blame Him for their own sin.

God’s heart is broken.

Most of my days I spend in conversation with God.

He listens very closely. He is always available and his phone line never shuts down.

It’s so wonderful for me to keep His words flowing because it gives me His presence.

Sometimes I hear Him tell me to just stop and listen.

Many days now, I ask Him, “God, what is on your heart today?”

That’s how I know He is hurting for our country.


Besides the senseless loss of life recently, evil appears to be highlighted with such a large yellow marker you’d think Americans would wake up. Other countries see what’s happening here but our own people don’t.

Social media has become a sport for some and others use it to simply bully the innocent.

If you disagree it’s an all-out cyber fist fight. Never mind the truth, if it filters the lives of what others don’t want to hear, you become a gutless, mentally unstable fdkdgnlnglknglgng. 

Or at least that’s what numerous facebook commenters labeled me.

What they don’t know is I don’t get offended anymore. God beat that out of me years ago.

What they also don’t know is, I’m praying for them now and they can’t stop me.

What they don’t know is how they’re damaging themselves with their vile obscenities and harassing intimidations.

What they don’t know is how the devil has taken over their lives and is eating up their soul.

This sheds light on the heart condition of America as we have seen it played out in our streets of so many cities. Violence, persecution, hate, racism and division have plagued this country for too long.

I dare say what would happen if people could reach through their laptop or phones to strangle anyone who disagrees with them. It may not be a physical hit, but the representation of how so many are thinking is ever so evident.

But God is getting ready to pick up the piece of America and put it back together.

God is awakening the world to His truth that the secular media won’t reveal.

God is moving, shaking and stirring the pots of evil sifting the good from the bad.

Even in the midst of what appears to be “war” on our home turf, God is still here and very much in charge.

He is making sure we all know whose side we are not on.

He is making sure we all know those who are serious about God and those who aren’t.

He is making sure the church rises again but this time on His terms.

As my heart aches for the country I have lived in for 61 years, I believe God in His great mercy still loves America and wants to rescue us from ourselves.

I also believe as it darkens, He is raising up armies of all kinds to defeat this raging battle and be the light of Jesus everywhere.

It’s always darkest before the dawn.