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What goes around…ends up next door?

Life is funny.

A few years back one of our neighbors wanted to kill our cat. Skirting the details I will suffice it to say due to circumstances out of their control it was an unaccomplished threat. Never mind they were breaking the law and no one told them, but they don’t hesitate to accuse others who are.

Believing God works in mysterious ways is not a jibe here, but after 2 years of repeated acts of hate towards us, they now have another problem. And it isn’t our cat.

“It just so happens” their next door neighbor got a new dog back a few months ago.  Until recently, it wasn’t that noticeable when she let the dog out in the backyard in a little fenced in area. Now that the weather is warmer and windows come flying open the entire neighborhood knows when the little pooch is outside.12256194845o1eV5

The sound of a wailing child loudly reverberates down the street. His moaning and groaning is nauseatingly annoying. Over and over he cries wanting back in until his howl or yowl becomes a lamenting whine. This little pup is not happy alone in the back yard.

Wearing himself out, he stops periodically to rest his pathetic voice. Once revived he begins whimpering. The whimpering soon grows into what I would label as a “sobbing dog.”

He stays until he has relieved himself; however long that may take.

The owner is oblivious to this “canine rant” or maybe is just hard of hearing.

Knowing the conversations we have had about this pitiful creature I can only imagine what the “cat killers” must think. The screened in back porch they relax in has a direct view to the dog pen and is in very close range to hear his sniveling yelps.

I wonder if they will confront this pup’s owner for disturbing their peace.

Some people are born grumpy.

Sadly, they never grow out of it.

It must be exhausting searching for everyday wrongs done by others so grouches can uphold their reputation.

During this attack, I began praying for them. Sure, I asked God to protect our cat, but their souls are hurt and damaged.

God has shown me when I pray for those who seek to persecute, hate or lash out, he changes my heart towards them. He discloses the need, pain and misery others may be experiencing so that I may be able to view them as he does. Doing so, eliminates the assault and whether they are at peace with me or not, I am at peace with them.

His compassion for them rubs off on me resulting in separating the sin from the sinner.

Without them ever knowing it, God intervenes to soften their hearts as prayer is continued to bring them to the Cross of Christ.

During this process, God sanctions behind the scenes miracles for the prayer soldier.



Like eradicating the initial reason the attack was made to begin with.

In our case, God used other means to remove their animosity towards our furry feline.


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The Curve of Change

In seasons of pain or misery there is a counter balance.JESUSBEATTHEDEVILWITHBOTHHANDSTIED

Conflict can often be a forerunner to miracles.

This is seen over and over in the Bible.

Jesus walks around and heals people.

Sick for years or decades the lame or blind were healed by his touch or a word spoken.

A word spoken: The power of God’s word created the world.  He spoke into existence the planets, galaxies, water, mountains, light, etc.

Jesus also spoke “a word” to demons and they fled. Matthew 8:16

Intriguing line.

Mark 5 is the chapter where Jesus confronts the evil spirit named “Legion” in the possessed man. Legion informed Jesus there were many of them in him. He had a reputation of living among the tombs with a strength to break chains. However when Legion is approached by Jesus he begs him over and over not to throw them “out of the area.”

Luke 8:31 refers to the other area as the “abyss.”

By definition “abyss” is a large deep hole that appears to have no bottom; no hope or no end.

Did Jesus just offer the demons mercy? He didn’t have to agree to Legion’s pleading. But he did. He could have ignored their begging and kicked them into the abyss.

Numerous times in the gospels Jesus rebukes demons or evil spirits to leave people they had possessed.

Luke 5: 33-35 “In the synagogue there was a man possessed by a demon, an impure spirit. He cried out at the top of his voice, Go away! What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God!”

“Be quiet!” Jesus said sternly. “Come out of him!” Then the demon threw the man down before them all and came out without injuring him.

The Pharisees or those who met or watched Jesus do many miracles, didn’t believe he was the Messiah; the Son of God.

But the demons did. Immediately these revolting and ghastly creatures knew he was the “Holy One of God” or the “Son of God.”

Jesus also made it clear to the demons to either “BE QUIET” or he wouldn’t allow them to speak because he knew they knew he was “The CHRIST!”484745_10151540176261718_2076779504_n

Evil spirits crumble in His presence.

The demonic forces of Satan are silenced by His words.

Lucifer’s fallen are tormented by the sound of His voice.

Psalm 91:13 “You will tread on the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.”

What do you think this means?





Are we on the inside looking out or outside looking in?



This photo is the latest at our house. We have a bird feeder right outside of the window which is getting plenty of attention and not just from the birds.

Discovering the feeder through the big window for her (the cat) was like having her treats and Salmon and Crab Meat dinner all at once.

Of course the event becomes more exciting with the window opened. She sits and listens to the birds chirping; some are quite loud. She has yet to figure out why they are so close to her. My husband commented,

“When she starts tearing the screen to get to a bird, it will be time to shut the window.”

Spoilsport. Party pooper. Killjoy.

While I was trying to get a decent picture which was difficult due to the lighting outside, she sat perfectly still staring at the bird. After a good long while she turned around and peered at me as if to ask,

“Can I get that bird?” or “is it ok if I grab the little tweet and leave it on the doorstep?”

The cat has no idea there is a barrier between her and the bird. For all she knows all she has to do is jump on the ledge and treat herself to a fine feathered…..well, you get the idea.

Observing her in this position reminds me of many people.

Human nature in its selfish state is like a barrier to the abundance waiting us.

Our efforts to reach beyond to get what we want are useless without removing the fences of self-reliance and independent spirit.

More than ever our society is filled with individuals wandering aimlessly around in their self-created 40 year wilderness. They, like the cat have no idea they are visionless to the transparent glass in front of them.

It may take quite a few hits before they realize the bird is on the other side impossible to reach from where they stand.

So it is with the truth.

We would rather get beat up by a piece of glass we can’t see instead of walking around to the other side where vision is paramount and prosperity is real.

This modern day prevalence is hindering nations of lost souls from seeing Jesus. His name has become a bad word; or a source of indifference. And people wonder why it all looks like it is falling apart.

Jesus is the vision through the transparent glass.

Jesus is our bounty and plenty.

Jesus is the way out of any wilderness; self-created or otherwise.

Whether you are inside looking out or outside looking in, it doesn’t matter.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

And that is crystal clear.


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Mental Health and the 2nd Amendment

The case years ago brings to attention some important issues today.

Summing up my observation of this particular mentally ill woman was she was never a threat to anyone, including me. If anything she was her own worst enemy.

During those weeks of following her around, I was never told she had hurt or harmed anyone. For the most part she wanted attention, love or affection.

Her husband told me long before this uncontrollable event he had given her a gun to keep with her; for her own safety. He had trained her himself as to how to use it.

It made sense to me as he was gone a lot so I never questioned it.

The truth is while she was medicated there would have been no reason whatsoever for me or anyone else to believe she would not be responsible in using a pistol for self-defense.

However, when un-medicated she was not responsible for anything much less using a gun.

Where do you draw the line?317512_351786084931609_1113885996_n

She was alone much of the time.

Her husband felt she could handle a gun knowing her condition.

I knew them for over a year before there was any reason for me to think she was mentally ill.

The question arises who is responsible?

Who should be able to own a gun?

There are many nut jobs out there. We hear about them every day now.

Maybe the question should be who should not own a gun?

Let’s see:


Doctor ordered cases of Psychiatry/Psychology or Counseling or the Aged such as those with Dementia/Alzheimer’s/etc.

Registered Sex offenders


Questionable foreigners?

The list is all well and good but 3 on that list will get a gun no matter what if they want one bad enough.

One thing I do know is it is not the government’s job.

The family is or should be responsible for each other.

If not, the local community, counselors, doctors, Pastors, lawyers or law enforcement.

The real answer? Get right with God.

This discussion wouldn’t be necessary if that happened.



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The Case for the Mentally Ill

In the days and weeks to come, I tried to sort out the events that had placed my life on hold for a truly mentally ill patient.

Trying my best to look at her from every angle didn’t ease my tendency to feel powerless. If anything, I felt guilty for not wanting to deal with it all, yet sad because at the time there seem to be no answers. I wanted to help, but didn’t know how.Think-Tank-logo

The conclusion was not what I wanted, but what other options were there? Mental Health was not on my radar because it was not an acute issue within our society. In fact the mention of anyone needing counseling for anything labeled that person crazy. The point was a mute incident.

The police contacted me for further communication to detail the case to close it out. As we discussed the bizarre events, a sense of relief came over us. We had done nothing to help her but the common ground of conflict and confusion was our emotional grievance. We were struck with the notion there really were people who suffer such unbalanced and psychotic disorders but knowledge to aid or cure such a disease seemed remote besides sticking them in a horrid institution.

We sat around like a “think tank” hoping to come up with any other alternative besides the one she got. The resounding words of her husband ended our exchanges because he had already tried everything possible.

Years have passed and often they come to my mind.

What happened to them? To her?

Unfortunately, this type of mental illness is prevalent today and in some cases much worse.  New drugs and therapy are common, yet more and more people reveal a bondage to such a cruel and distorted mind.


It is demonic.

Psychologists, doctors and/or Psychiatrist rationalize common everyday stress, anxiety and an overall inability to cope as a structured illness. Maybe so, but the roots are a demonization of paralyzed fear and pointed attack of the devil himself.

2 Chronicles 20: 15 “This is what the Lord says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.”297970_10151607033441718_723133731_n

The only cure is Jesus. The best cure is Jesus.

We must learn to command the devil to leave and then run like hell to the cross and latch on to it.

We must pour the word of God all over us and sink deep into the power of the Holy Spirit.

We have to negate this evil with the full armor of God.

WE MUST trust God to fight for us in this “battle of the mind” because we are incapable of combatting it without him.

But isn’t that what God says in Psalm 120: 7?

 “I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war.”

To be continued…..


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Continued: A True Story about Mental Illness

She was going out in public in her gowns, drunk and driving.

Places like Restaurants, shops, public facilities, the library. She was disruptive, disturbing the peace and bothering customers

And they were all calling me because,


I had no jurisdiction over this woman but each time I had to go get her or call the police. This went on for almost 3 weeks and I still had no idea what was wrong with her.

My continued calls to her husband came up with nothing. It was as if he didn’t want to be found.answer%20the%20call

One night I received a phone call from a local hotel. She was in the lobby in her gown trying to pick up men and she wouldn’t leave. Informing them I could do nothing they called the police. The police called me.

Making a trip to this hotel when she saw me, she ran over and hugged me as she always did.

We were afraid for her life. She had no idea what she was doing, where she was or who she was. As I discussed the situation with the policeman, they agreed to drive her home for me.

Still no response from her husband.

The next few days it was eerily quiet. No sound or sign of her. My hope was she had woken up from a bad dream I thought I was having. Not so.

The music started up again. I noticed a strange vehicle parked in front of her townhouse. The music was so loud she couldn’t hear me knocking.

The front door was unlocked so I went in.  Big mistake.

The smell was so raunchy I almost got sick. The townhouse had turned into a pig pen. I had seen some pretty grimy, messy and filthy apartments but this looked like a landfill.

In the back I could hear laughing; voices. Not just hers but a man also.

Once again I was not prepared for what I saw. She was fully dressed with a young guy who was half her age both sitting in the bathtub with no water in it. Obviously sloppy drunk from the liquor bottle she had in her hand I yelled to get their attention.

Laughing, she invited me to join them. Having no idea who this guy was I told him to leave immediately.  He didn’t budge.

When she pulled out a pistol and began twirling it with her finger I flew out the front door. th

The police arrived. We managed to get the loaded gun away from her and questioned the guy.

Somehow the officer was able to get a court order to take them both to jail until they could find out what to do.

When I left one more message for her husband telling him to come home because his wife was in jail, he responded.

I never found out who the strange guy was.

Her husband confessed to me she had been diagnosed years prior as a severely manic bipolar depressed woman. Doctors had her on large doses of Lithium to treat the illness. At times when he was gone she would quit taking it which led to the onset of her completely losing control and becoming a different personality altogether.53b1ef1d534bda2070792eb866835e36

Apologizing to me, her husband said when I started calling him, he knew what was happening and just didn’t want to face it.

In and out of mental hospitals all of her life, he had to commit her once again and then he moved out.

I never saw either one of them again.






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Why weren’t Watertown residents told to get their guns?

The following is an article written today by Dr. Keith Ablow, Psychiatrist and Fox News Contributor.

Dr. Keith Ablow

Dr. Keith Ablow

Before the capture of Dzhokar Tsarnaev, with the heroic police manhunt for  him in full swing in Watertown, Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick and public  safety officials admonished residents there and in surrounding communities to  stay inside, lock their doors and answer only for uniformed police officers.

These steps, while perhaps wise for many residents of Massachusetts, also  suggested that all residents of Massachusetts were defenseless and should act  accordingly.

One piece of information, for example, was left out of every press conference  that took place in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings:  If you  have a licensed firearm, make sure it is within reach, that it is loaded and  that your family members are nearby.

The reason that residents of Watertown and Boston were not told to  keep their guns close by is only because of the liberal political tide that  seeks to take guns out to sea with it.

This directive, in my opinion, would have been a proper public safety message  and public health initiative to safeguard many homes in Watertown and the  metro-Boston area.

It also would have avoided the unfortunate subconscious message to Bostonians  that they cannot or should not take steps to protect their own lives and their  loved ones and their homes in the future, in one very clear way:  By  exercising their Second Amendment rights to own firearms and to use them when  gravely threatened or attacked.

It strains the imagination to wonder why any adult in Watertown,  Massachusetts who does not currently own a gun and who lived through the horror  of a terrorist hiding out in that city would not be applying for a firearms  permit this coming week.  So, too, for Boston. And, of course, citizens  around the country would do well to learn the same lesson.

The reason that residents of Watertown and Boston were not told to keep their  guns close by (or to congregate in the dwellings of gun owners) is only because  of the liberal political tide that seeks to take guns out to sea with it.

Almost inexplicably, gun control efforts from the president and members of  Congress continue, despite recent mass attacks with a knife (in Texas, where 14  innocent people were slashed) and in Massachusetts, where bombs made of crock  pots, ball bearings and nails brought horrific casualties.

Were Dzhokar Tsarnaev or someone of similar ilk to seek a home to enter in  the Boston area or any other town or city in America, I can say with near  certainty that an NRA sticker clearly visible on the front door or an adjacent  window would make him choose another door to break down.  And, in any case,  a gun in the house, at the ready, would have been the best defense against being  another of his victims.

Read more:  http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/04/22/why-werent-watertown-residents-told-to-get-their-guns/#ixzz2RDBPVLUA

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A True Story about Mental Illness

Many years ago I went to work as a Leasing Agent.property_management_job_description

After being promoted to manager of the company I worked for a year later, I was given 76 units in 3 different parts of town. The owner gave me an end apartment in a group of townhouses that were off the beaten path. They were nice, not new but well-kept and safe.

A married couple lived next door to me. He traveled most of the time and she stayed home. No children, no pets.

Having lived there before I moved in, their application was simple; no relatives or connections. He had a very good job making very good money which was apparent by the expense given to their home.

When he was home and not traveling, they would invite me over for a delicious dinner or meal. She was an immaculate housekeeper and great cook. These 2 were quiet, never caused any problems and always paid their rent on time.

He would be gone sometimes 3-4 weeks at a time. After a while I wondered why she didn’t work, but he made plenty of money so she really didn’t need to.

About a year later I noticed something different about her. He was gone and she began acting rather strange. Instead of the silent, timid and shy person she usually was she seemed to be louder, aggressive and playing music all day long.

After a few days the music became disruptive. A few complaining tenants forced me to say something to her.

Ringing her doorbell I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when she opened the door.

Her townhouse was a wreck. Food was everywhere. Trash was scattered and dirty clothes all over the furniture. Up until now I had never seen her smoke and I knew she didn’t drink alcohol at all.65681_403926559714557_1656579308_n

Liquor and half empty beer bottles were spread around the room. Partially smoked cigarettes sat in ash trays filled with old ashes.

The place smelled like a tobacco factory with a liquor store in it.

But the biggest shock was her. Hardly dressed, with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other she laughed and asked if I wanted a drink.

I told her no, I was working. I then explained to her the noise ordinance and she gladly told me it was no problem; she would turn the music down.

Leaving to go back to my office, I decided it wasn’t any of my business and to let it go.

The loud music never stopped.

After numerous attempts to get her to turn it down I noticed she became almost hostile.  Every time I knocked on her door, the townhouse appeared in worse shape. It was filthy and began to stink.

When she did nothing to change any of this, I called her husband. Cell phones had not been born yet; all I had was an 800 number to his company. They told me they would tell him I called and to call me back.

If anyone had told me what was about to happen over the next few weeks I would never have believed it.

TO BE CONTIINUED…..215680269624148109g2oHOl77c


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On who’s Authority?

If anyone has any doubts about some of the Senate Democrats true position it was brought to light this past week.

Those up for re-election in November decided against the Gun Control law proposed because they live in states where hunting and the NRA are prominent.

Instead of going along with the President and other gun control leaders, these Senators placed their political aspirations above what the government would consider “safety provisions.”

What happened to Gabby Giffords was unconscionable. From a personal standpoint she appears to be a very nice person; the kind you would want for a friend or neighbor.

In a noticeable defeat, the President had her stand beside him as he angrily attacked the Senators in his party for what they termed as “betrayal.”

“Shame on you” he barks.

Gabby Giffords was heard saying later, “I am angry. Senators who blocked the bill are cowards.”

Since her attack, it has been discovered how mentally ill the perpetrator was and is.

Alongside of Jared Lee Loughner are James Holmes and Adam Lanza.  All 3 with serious deranged and psychotic issues.

Imagining her recovery is difficult to comprehend. She is a fighter with a spirit of strength to go with it. I admire her guts and willingness to get up every day with what must be problematic and challenging issues.528203_10200839733576268_350914574_n

However, gun background checks would not have stopped what Jared Lee Loughner set out to do.

Gallup: Only 4% of Americans think gun control is an important problem

A criminal is not going to abide by the law and neither is an unbalanced lunatic.

The appearance of the use of other weapons such as knives and bombs in recent attacks make gun control of no use and a violation of our 2nd Amendment rights.

The ripple effect of mood has centered on the depressive, negative animosity from the Obama administration. As he stands in front of American’s sulking over a loss of what he deems is right according to him, is an embarrassment.

His arrogant nature has been hard for his own party to deal with. His willful scolding’s to tell the people of this country what to do is not an accepted approach nor is it pliable. He works for us; we don’t work for him.

The hypocrisy of his agenda is he cannot take what he dishes out. As his own party defected on this gun bill he received the same from them as he has done to so many of us.

Politics as usual only this time it was not in his favor.72683_10200832032063735_1454748188_n





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In the wake of two tragic weeks, the onset of bewilderment has set in.

In Waco, Texas another horror story.  Overwhelming is an understatement of emotional roller coasters we play in our heads. When will this stop?

Words such as these, “Nothing will bring us down. Nothing” may sound optimistic, hopeful and strong, but unfortunately they aren’t true.

For many years the “pride agenda” has grown.  More pride is not the answer. Quite the opposite.

What needs to be said, or prayed is “Father, in Jesus name. Please forgive us. We ask you to come back to America and lay your hand of protection on us once again.”

The idea Americans are unshakeable or indestructible is propaganda; a falsehood born out of an independent but unattainable belief.

We can do nothing without God, but Americans have tried over and over to do so.

Why does America think it is different from any other country?

Where do we get off believing we are special?

God is no respecter of persons which means Americans are judged the same as anyone else.

America has become a “Mutual Admiration Society” of its own.  We have not built Golden Calves, we are the Golden Calves. And we all know what happened to those.

The new America.






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