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America, Bless Israel Now!

Hear ye, hear ye! America wake up!

It is no laughing matter the state of the union we are living in today. Our country has imploded itself to evil unlimited. We have strayed so far from God we have no choice but to return. You would have thought 9/11 would have been more of a wake-up call than it was. Now we are literally shaking.

This present government has done everything in its power to undermine Israel. And for America that is almost the last straw where God is concerned.

America was founded on Godly principals no matter what atheists or agnostics say. And for the record those who claim such a position have yet to win the argument, “how can you fight against something you don’t believe in?”

We must repent. We must support Israel. We must remove the evils we have allowed to enter. We must get over ourselves.

Recently a 4 hour mini-series titled “The Dovekeepers” was on TV. Roma Downey and husband Mark Burnett made the movie based on the story of the “Masada.” Adding some Hollywood to the movie it was a love story; and a reflection of the Jews in 70 A.D. and the Roman Empire. Besides the history it portrays it also reveals the sins of Israel. You may find yourself in one of the actors.

Without being a “spoiler” I hope you will find a copy of this film and watch it. Understand it is based on truth.  Read the true story of the “Masada” and how the people of God at that time in history survived.

Below is a short video of Israel including the Masada. I hope you will watch it.



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Truth is Truth and Sin is Sin

In all stances there are adversarial contexts and diversions. But truth is truth and it is the resolve no matter what.

There is no other book like The Bible. It is also the most misinterpreted book ever written. The only way anyone can really understand it is by having and cultivating an intimate and personal relationship with God.

Admitting some stories like the Fall of Jericho, Jonah getting thrown into a whale and talking donkeys could cause questionable thoughts, there is none more controversial than Jesus’s conception. However, believing in God truthfully will deliver anyone from the lies and deceptions written about them.

It is beyond my belief the Supreme Court would actually take our money, time and effort to discuss the basis for marriage definition. Read the Bible.

As this debate heats up professing, knowledgeable Christian’s twist the Bible’s definition that marriage is between one man and a woman.

So is the case of an article by Rebecca Todd Peters titled, “Biblical Marriage is not what you think.”

Her background and education should warrant that of one who gets it; she doesn’t.

Literally speaking she has taken the Biblical contexts of how people were living in adultery, committing vile acts with the same sex and portraying Sodom and Gomorrah as a definition of marriage.

Sure the Old Testament is full of adulterers, concubines, and polygamy; that doesn’t mean God approved. It also doesn’t mean those who sinned sexually didn’t suffer the consequences. They did. We are. Just look at the aftermath of Hagar having Ishmael. Centuries and millennia later the war is on between him and Isaac. It has never stopped. Yet Ms. Peters would have you think it was a willing notion of God to approve. It wasn’t. And he still doesn’t.

David took his best friend’s wife then killed him. Not only did their first born die as a baby, David suffered terribly afterwards for his sin.

Solomon took the cake when it came to wives and concubines. If for no other reason trying to keep so many women happy would be enough to be married to one.

I am not making light of this. My theory as to why God allowed the Bible to include such sin is to show the sin and reveal the consequences that followed.catholic_bible

Just because the prevalence of sexual sin is noted, does not mean God approved of it any more than he did of thievery, murder or lying. Sin is sin.

As far as the Supreme Court taking up this issue, the truth still remains they do not get to define marriage any other way than God’s way.

Any action has been taken by those who wish to live as they choose, suing others who disagree with that lifestyle and pushed the agenda down our throats.

Since sin is sin, why not have all the murderers push to change the laws by allowing people to murder without punishment?

Why not do the same with liars? Cheaters? Idol Worshippers? Rioters who destroy and injure others?

The list goes on and on. No matter the sin it is lawlessness. And with lawlessness comes death. And God is in the business of giving life.

Rebecca Todd Peters

Christian Social Ethicist, Feminist Theologian, and Professor of Religious Studies at Elon University

Ms. Peters got her article printed in the Huffington Post. She gives credence to evil as if it is a right just as the fight for marriage is being argued in the Supreme Court. Her credits and education must give her the notoriety to write such garbage. But it has nothing to do with her training. It is her political correctness opinion along with her own misinterpretation of the Bible.

As far as I am concerned the Supreme Court has no right to touch this issue much less vote on it. It has already been established by God.

And God doesn’t change his mind.



Oh, Woe is me….


This will be my last post for a while.

My Dell laptop is sick. She has been through home testing with Dell agents and the decision was made she needs a hospital visit.

My hope was a new adapter would aid in the charge recovering to 100% but of course that didn’t happen. Now the doctor believes the motherboard is suffering and may need surgery.

As soon as I received this heartbreaking news, WITHDRAWAL SET IN LIKE MAXI POUNCING ON A MOUSE.

My beloved laptop is sitting on my lap as I type this post. The people at Dell have no idea what it will be like for us to be apart; and possibly a few weeks. Besides the many uses she offers I simply cannot write/blog on my phone or Mark’s ipad. At least they are substitutes to some degree until she returns.

I don’t believe in coincidences but after not feeling like writing this book I am supposing to be writing for the last year, I began to do so a week  or so ago. And then…..that was when I noticed it wasn’t charging completely. Hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm……….

However there may be a slight silver lining. God may be allowing us to be apart to break my addiction?

What is the saying, “you never know what you miss until you don’t have it?”

In that line of thinking I impose the great writer, the Apostle Paul.

I have had a picture in my mind of him sitting at an ancient desk in the middle of a prison writing the gospels. With his parchment paper, quill pen and ink jar he wrote some of the greatest books ever written.

He didn’t know what computers were. Nor pens and paper as we have today. Forget erasers or whiteout; he didn’t even have electricity for lighting. God supplied what he needed to pursue writing words that have survived centuries.

He probably didn’t miss what he never had. How can one miss what doesn’t exist?

Yet he managed to compose the Holy Spirit’s words in the simplest forms. I wonder if he had any idea of the magnitude of his prison sentence.

What appeared to be horrible conditions kept him in one place, under one roof without distractions to perform God’s will on earth. And without a Dell.

“I will be back.”

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It’s not just any weekend…..

This time of year is like none other. For me personally Easter weekend many years ago played a major part in the basis for my journey.

Reading in My Utmost for His Highest the other day it said,

“It’s not what you do, but who you are.”

Isn’t that at the core of the crucifixion?

Isn’t that the result of the Resurrection?

It is who we are in Christ.

Jesus Christ; after the fact is life.

If you allow yourself to ponder, think and truly recognize all He did for us on the cross, all the other stuff is mute.



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The Long Road Back

Oil and water don’t mix.

The oil separates itself from the water. You can see it. You don’t have to work at it; automatically the two divide.

Some things were never meant to be together. Why?

They are opposites.

One cancels out the other.

They fly in the face of each other wreaking havoc.

So it is with light and dark. The two have been fighting each other since the fall of man.

The obvious isn’t that obvious to many people.

The deeper one gets into evil, the more evil grows.  The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy and that is his pursuit when we allow it.  His lure of greed, lust, money and pride fuel the mold that is trying to take over.  For some, it can be a long road back when the light goes on in their head.

Unfortunately bad things happen to good people, but it is a powerful source to get and stay close to God.

Doing so, opens doors for God to work; to release angelic protection and move on our behalf.

Seeking Jesus; meeting with him in private establishes an intimacy where Heaven intercedes.

The authority of God reigns within those who have accepted and follow Jesus.  He made this possible on the cross. In and of itself has nothing to do with us; it is all Him.  God wants us to know and live in the revelation of his Heavenly realm now; today.

If there was ever a time on this earth we need God’s Heavenly hosts and power, it is now.

1 Corinthians 15: 33-34 “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character. Come back to your senses as you ought, and stop sinning; for there are some who are ignorant of God—I say this to your shame.”

Withstanding immorality, perversion and fraud that has taken a seat in so many arenas is difficult unless you live in the presence of God. Soaking in his word, breathing his familiarity covers his people with all that Heaven represents.

God is moving.  He is exposing one deception after another.  All it takes is for the deceiver to make one mistake and they usually do before the truth is revealed.

His goal is to show his people how to immerse themselves in his “Holy Habitation” which changes hearts from the inside out.

As we do this individually it will lead to a shared effort of living in his glory bringing about an atmosphere of light displacing darkness and the works of the enemy.

To some extent, living daily in personal communion with the Savior is like clothing ourselves with armor the enemy can’t touch.  The closer we get to God, the harder it is for the devil to accomplish his dastardly deeds.

It is also comforting to know the number of God’s angels being dispersed on this earthly planet far outnumber the fallen ones of Satan.  

So who are you “hangin” out with?1175198_10151845102841718_5972094_n



Be Still and Fight

James 1: 12 “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.”

Do you know what that means?

We are to wear the devil out.  He gets weary trying to keep up with the faithful champions of endurance.

Lately, I am swiping at him from all angles.

Actually, clobbering him.

There is something to be said for justified anger. It breeds passion to do something about that which has been unjustly treated.

The injustice going on in the world has hit an all time high; but on the other side of that is a powerhouse uprising  in the hearts and souls of determined Jesus people.

As I have had to refrain to some extent from using this somewhat broken laptop, I refuse to allow the enemy to stop me from doing that which God has called me to do. If for no other reason I will keep blogging just to make him mad.

The enemy hates perserverance in God’s people. He hates endurance.

Those who seek to remain loyal to God’s call burn him out.

We must have the attitude we will out run him; debiltate him and cripple his incompetence.

Crisis is a normal event in the champions of Christ. Around every corner lies one more battle, one more fight but what most do not anticipate is Jesus is way ahead of it all.   His steps are placed on the scrimmage lines of good verses evil; and he always wins.

Endurance, perserverance doesn’t always come in the packages of action. Human nature is to rush or stir up some accomplishment; an activity producing a visual achievement.

However, agitation is hostile to good.  Calm can perform two actions at once; constructive of good and destructive of evil.

Yes, calm is an action; it is called trust.598770_10151537509956718_743984452_n

God says it is wrong to take matters into our hands quickly or to speed into action. This is where “be still and know that I am God” comes into play. Check in with God first before making any kind of move.  If he says be “patient” then wait until you know you have heard from him.

Go against the grain of the world in fighting off the enemy.  He detests the peace of Jesus in the soul of workers. We are left unburdened and victorious at the same time.

Now that is my kind of warfare.





Hope for the Hopeless

We spend our days hoping.

Hoping for what?red heart

A new car; boyfriend; a miracle of healing; new job; new spouse! LOL!

Have you ever hoped for something so much you would do almost anything to get it?

The levels are foundational depending on your goal.

I hope the neighbor’s puppy stops whining and howling whenever she is outside.

Many across our nation right now hope to get a job.

The shy high school kid hoped to get a date at the prom.

The boy across the street hoped his father would be home soon from Iraq.

Heather McCoy hoped to breathe normally; she got new lungs and she is on her way to receiving that blessing.

Fundamentally we can’t live without hope. Why?

It is something to look forward to. Hope is a reason to keep going. It is the means to an end. Hope is the future.

Romans 8:24-25 “For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”

From a personal standpoint I can honestly say we really cannot live without hope. Having experienced “hopelessness” myself, is one of the worst places emotionally a person can be.

The dark space it inhabits reeks of death. Lost in a sea of desperation, gloom and wretchedness this dungeon becomes a reality in and of itself. Trapped and unable to escape it yields an unbearable misery.

The only way to get out is God. Deliverance comes one step at a time, one day at a time but it will show up in between the moments the “hopelessness” rears its ugly head.

First and foremost is to never allow yourself to get to that point. Dig your heels into God’s word; pray and reach for Jesus on the Cross. No pill or therapy is a substitute for God and his awesome promises.

If there was ever a period of time our nation needs hope it is now. We stand in the midst of fiery trials, wars, natural disasters and a lost generation.

Obvious is the nature of need in our society. Grappling with surviving many don’t realize they are crying out for discernment and rationalization of why life is the way it is.

Hope brings the heart back where it belongs. Instead of wearing it on our sleeve, it is safe and protected where God created it in the first place.

Learning the ropes of climbing out of the pain of “no hope” is easy to recognize once you have been there. Yet many like me made it out only by the grace of God but his grace was sufficient.

Now on the other side or out of the dirt and mire gives a whole new meaning on what our focus should be. Shoveling off the filth our position changes to resting and remaining in the hope of God to bring us through whatever we face. Our perspective becomes a panorama of Jesus on the cross bearing our burdens for us.

Hope is set on a lonely hill where he did for us what we could never do for ourselves.

He arose 3 days later after defeating hopelessness in an array of glory and righteousness.

Darkness was beaten by light.

And that my friends is the “Hope” of the world.




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A Narrow Pew?

Christians often appear to others as narrow, confined or constricted. While that may be true Jesus wasn’t cramped or limited.

Those who exemplify the scant lifestyle are sitting in the pews of patterned behavior and customs.  “Pomp and Ceremony” have their place and are to be reckoned with. However, when it becomes a hindrance to growth, maturity or lessons learned maybe the conventional mannerisms should be tested.

Wisdom is learned over time. However not all is assigned in a classroom or sitting in a church pew. The basics may surface from many Sunday sermons but understanding and knowledge are examined in the field of God’s university. The trouble with it is you never graduate.

Jesus seemed to enjoy sitting on rocks, a hillside or standing in a boat to render his teachings. The local Ethan Allen’s or Haverty’s were unavailable to deliver the latest in outdoor pew décor.

Just as pews sit better indoors, so it is with our hearts. The belief we are to grow from the outside-inward is backwards. God takes our hearts while sitting in the pews of his church to cultivate our souls from the inside- out.

It doesn’t matter where you sit or stand. What counts is allowing God to “narrow” our work, interests and purpose for a time to center ourselves in an inner circle with him only. From that point, he molds us into the design he created for each one individually.

Society has all but perfected the universal movements and large activities of our grandiose habits. Find “Your place in this world” and then learn how to deal with it; like teaching a baby to run before it crawls.

Michael W. Smith – Place In This World *original music video*

Order is a major component of God’s laws. As buildings are constructed from the ground up or bread is made from scratch; so it is with God’s eternal words. We must soak them internally before we can present them externally.

Part of this process includes stripping our personal desires and interests from the outside until we are wrapped inside by his glory. In other words, get rid of self. The only manner of achieving this is by “narrowing” our purpose and goals to draw more and more to him.

This craft is not seen or welcomed by today’s culture. One stuck in this sphere of exterior platitudes ignores the thought of being “chipped” away from the inside-out.

Yet, the pleasure of God’s grace will not be experienced by one who refuses the time and effort in unloading baggage. His interior sphere is holy and sacred waiting for the chosen few who are willing to attach themselves to his cross of pain, agony and persecution. It is in that “crown of thorns” where hearts are transformed, souls are purified and a friendship is born unlike any other.

From his wreath of friendship cultivates within us his adorned character and banter personality.

As the furniture maker artistically covers the pew with a lasting, smooth finish, we too are shielded and protected by the veil of God’s love.

When God said “let us make man in our image” Genesis 1:26 he was giving us his “personal touch.”

And that touch is far and wide.





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Risking the Fires

Just because something is the way it is, doesn’t make it right or God’s will.

The famed parenting tactic of “if your friends jump in the fire are you going to follow them?” holds a lot of truth.

The idea escapes of ignoring the blaze due to our insatiable desires. Who cares how hot it gets; I want what I want and I want it now.

Angles and rationalizations take precedence to acquire our petty ambitions which only leads to more petty ambitions. Never mind the ignorance of right verses wrong, accountability is abhorred.

The term or phrase best suited for this apprenticed mindset is maneuvering, or controlling circumstances to meet our cravings or hunger. In the end is a cruelled fate.

Experience reveals the true nature of such frivolity. Temporary satisfaction may be the result, but so are the consequences.

“I’m not ready” is a useful requisition to explain away our negligence to concede to the fact we have no idea what we are doing. The goal is to get there; no matter what on our provisional expert terms.

How could it be that anyone including the Creator could obtain my gluttonous pity party?

What if the Creator doesn’t want me to have a gluttonous pity party? Duh….

The choices are clear. Do it God’s way or get burned. Whatever your decision don’t blame God for the turnout. He may not appeal to your senseless acquisitions for the benefit of your own good. Or….do it your way but don’t cry as the flames ignite your pants.

Ironically, the idea of “let’s see how far we can get away with it” is passionate today. “Sure, go ahead. There are no police around. Driving 90 mph down the highway is a real trip” until the guard rail becomes part of your face.

Prevention of most anything these days seems to be a lost cause. The “daredevil” in our marked society supersedes the “agony of defeat.” We dream of the thrill of the moment rather than the deterrence of a catastrophic event.

Risks taken for the love of God are the only ones worth pursuing. You want adventure? Bare your soul for the sake of the cross so that others may find the cross.

Impart the truth renouncing the line drawn between keeping a friendship or risk them spending eternity without Jesus.

Humanity sees risk in climbing the highest mountain peaks, or riding the largest waves giving them a seat at the next reward dinner. Photos of such recreational sports may make the cover of National Geographic but at what cost? There have been too many who never came back from that last climb.

Setting priorities of what is important and what isn’t should be the cornerstone of the life of the believer.

The greatest ventures aren’t written in the Guinness Book of World Records. The wagers we place in the hearts of the undiscerning is the offering of an eternal gift.

This gift stands between our reputations and the veracity of our convictions.

The greatest love nailed to an “old rugged cross” bares the centerpiece of all we should stand for.

And that would only be Jesus.





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Witnessing to the Witnesses

This week has been one for the record books.

The refrigerator died. We lost 80% of our food. Between 2 small refrigerators and a cooler we managed to salvage a few necessities. Once the fridge compressor quits; the cold air disintegrates rapidly ruining the food.

Unable to find where we put what or what was thrown out, plus trying to quickly find a new refrigerator has been exhausting

Waiting for the installer to bring my new fridge I heard a faint knock on the door. Thinking he had arrived, I opened it to find two, nice, sweet Jehovah’s Witnesses on my front porch. With the “Watchtower” brochure available and a kind smile, they were ready to perform their ministerial duties on this poor, unknowing soul.

Complimenting me on my porch full of plants, the conversation began with what a “green thumb” they remarked that I had. Of course, finding out I don’t have a green thumb and use to kill my plants regularly by accident, it was pleasing that they noticed.

The color of my flowers/plants brought the elderly woman to a point about Jesus. Asking me if I know the Lord was her next question.

Confirming my faith and deep love for God, she then began a quiet tirade of the “Watchtower” religion trying all the while to push their latest pamphlet in my hands to convert me.

She rambled on for about 10 minutes. After a while the other lady tried to shut her up.  2 other JW’s were waiting for them in the car.  Before I let them go, I remarked;

“I appreciate your visit. Since you are standing on my property at my door and you have just witnessed to me, now it is my time to witness to you.”

Shocked at my reply their faces dropped. It was obvious they weren’t use to this.

After informing them of how many Jehovah’s Witnesses have come to our door I decided by the 3rd year to learn about their religion. Revealing my own JW pamphlet, all marked up with red and blue ink plus verses from “our” Bible to boot, their mouths fell open.

Not trying to be a “know it all” I was just using my 10 minutes to show them the difference in what they believe, and true Christianity. Of course, both of them confirmed they were Christians too.

The following are a few of the red flags of the Watchtower and the major differences in Christianity

→They don’t believe in the Trinity. Jesus is inferior to God.

→God approves who will receive everlasting life. It is not a gift. Only 144,000 will actually go to heaven and rule with Christ.

→God only has the one name, “Jehovah.”

→Jesus does not heal today as he did when he was alive on earth.

→The earth will never be destroyed or depopulated.

→According to Watchtower, Jesus appeared to them in 1919 establishing Jehovah’s Witness as the only true religion.

The younger woman asked me how I knew what I knew and where my information came from.

The elderly woman was not at all impressed with my extensive knowledge of the Watchtower. At that point I informed them I had researched their religion with close to 40 pages of work that mostly came from the Watchtower writings and articles. It also includes websites of knowledge from ex-members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ giving personal testimonies of why they left, how they left and how many of them were shunned by their own families. To date, 60,000 a year leave.

She interrupted me on all these accounts and flat out told me I was wrong. She informed me how evil it was that God’s name “Jehovah” had been replaced by many other names in the Bible. She said she wasn’t going to heaven because she knew she was not one of the “chosen ones” but was very happy to remain here on earth. Both women strongly agreed God does not heal today.

I kindly responded by saying, “If God doesn’t heal today, then I shouldn’t be here. If God wants his people sick, then why do you go to the doctor? Do you take medicine? If God wants us sick and it states that in the Bible, then any effort you make to stay well is disobedient to him. Oh, and I am really sorry I won’t see you in Heaven, because that is where I am headed.”

The other woman grabbed her arm and thanked me for my time, but made it clear they had to leave. The elderly woman left with a snarl on her face.

I expected the resistance. Watchtower teaches them to avoid communication unless it is concerning their beliefs.

Sadly, the evidence of the enemy lies in the face of twisted words and wrong interpretations imposed on uninformed innocence. This is why it is so important to know the truth of God’s word.





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