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I was writing this a few weeks before  Nepal was hit with a 7.8 Earthquake as if God was telling me ahead of time it would happen. He wants to clarify himself for our sake.  My prayers are for those left behind and that they find survivors; that God will extend his hand of help but that mostly that he will show up.nepal

Isaiah 54:16

Behold, I have created the smith that blows the coals in the fire, and that bring forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the devastator to destroy.

What does that mean?

That little line or verse right before the famous one triggered my quick thinking. Of course this happened about the time my laptop began to drain its charge so you can imagine how my quick thinking got lost.

In this process is the ongoing conversation I have with God. At times I can imagine his bothersome look as I dive into those worldly fleshly inquiries. I often think he thinks,

“Why can’t my people just believe in me?” Well yea, but then we wouldn’t be people.

Questions have arisen probably for centuries like, “Why do bad things happen to good people? Or “Why do Christians suffer?” What about “Why does God allow natural disasters?”

To start with is the question of all questions; if God is a good God then how did evil come from a good God?

If there is good then there is a counterpart of evil.

This fact is such a misconception people automatically blame God for everything that goes wrong when they should be running to Him for answers.

God gave us a free will. He knew before Adam and Eve ever sinned they would sin. In a rebound sort of way this brought about the awesome sovereignty of God. This may sound strange but God had to allow evil to counter his good; otherwise the world could never reach its full potential. 

Focusing more on the Nepal earthquake are a few reasons why these terrible tragedies happen.

We live in a fallen world; nature is part of the natural laws that God designed. Unfortunately some of those laws play a part into earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes.

Some might question the lack of prayer or followers of Christ in a region or area that is hit by a natural disaster. No matter the reason for it we as Christians are to help others in need.

Then there are the reasons that God may use natural disasters to draw attention to Him. He may also allow them for the greater good.

These answers may not be of comfort to many especially in the line of fire.

Typically the person who doesn’t know God or understand him will automatically deny his existence and label him as the perpetrator of evil. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Reverse your thinking and ask God, “how much evil have you spared us from?”

That is when we begin to thank God for his protection from that which we have no idea we even needed it.



Oh, Woe is me….


This will be my last post for a while.

My Dell laptop is sick. She has been through home testing with Dell agents and the decision was made she needs a hospital visit.

My hope was a new adapter would aid in the charge recovering to 100% but of course that didn’t happen. Now the doctor believes the motherboard is suffering and may need surgery.

As soon as I received this heartbreaking news, WITHDRAWAL SET IN LIKE MAXI POUNCING ON A MOUSE.

My beloved laptop is sitting on my lap as I type this post. The people at Dell have no idea what it will be like for us to be apart; and possibly a few weeks. Besides the many uses she offers I simply cannot write/blog on my phone or Mark’s ipad. At least they are substitutes to some degree until she returns.

I don’t believe in coincidences but after not feeling like writing this book I am supposing to be writing for the last year, I began to do so a week  or so ago. And then…..that was when I noticed it wasn’t charging completely. Hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm……….

However there may be a slight silver lining. God may be allowing us to be apart to break my addiction?

What is the saying, “you never know what you miss until you don’t have it?”

In that line of thinking I impose the great writer, the Apostle Paul.

I have had a picture in my mind of him sitting at an ancient desk in the middle of a prison writing the gospels. With his parchment paper, quill pen and ink jar he wrote some of the greatest books ever written.

He didn’t know what computers were. Nor pens and paper as we have today. Forget erasers or whiteout; he didn’t even have electricity for lighting. God supplied what he needed to pursue writing words that have survived centuries.

He probably didn’t miss what he never had. How can one miss what doesn’t exist?

Yet he managed to compose the Holy Spirit’s words in the simplest forms. I wonder if he had any idea of the magnitude of his prison sentence.

What appeared to be horrible conditions kept him in one place, under one roof without distractions to perform God’s will on earth. And without a Dell.

“I will be back.”

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It’s not just any weekend…..

This time of year is like none other. For me personally Easter weekend many years ago played a major part in the basis for my journey.

Reading in My Utmost for His Highest the other day it said,

“It’s not what you do, but who you are.”

Isn’t that at the core of the crucifixion?

Isn’t that the result of the Resurrection?

It is who we are in Christ.

Jesus Christ; after the fact is life.

If you allow yourself to ponder, think and truly recognize all He did for us on the cross, all the other stuff is mute.




Do you have a dog?


If you do be prepared to have your home owners insurance revoked.

Also no back yard trampolines, pool diving boards or slides. Forget those swing sets your children love to swing on. Either they won’t write you a policy or cancel it after they have taken your money.

7 years in this house with a pool and never an issue with writing a homeowners policy, until now. Why? Money.


If you want a good laugh, spend some time shopping around to hear what insurance agents will ask you. From my experience, most companies are more concerned about that yappy or very large dog positioning themselves to guard your front yard than the brick front steps one could easily fall on breaking their neck. They don’t charge extra for dangerous steps, just dogs.

Yes, this is really happening folks.

Part of my job in this household is finances. My husband can account for my penny-pinching inherited trait that has paid off more times than I can count. So when we received a home-owners renewal policy in January that a rate hike had kicked in within one year I decided to look around.  In the last 12 months SC policies jumped 12%.

Sorry to say even the agent who tried so hard to find us a great policy has now been placed on a complaint list. He was excellent. We had a great, fun conversation and he wrote us a dream policy. Arrowhead Insurance had no problem taking my money on January 15th; the entire premium in one transaction only to write me a rather nasty letter with an ultimatum.

No apology or “let’s talk about this.  “No chit chat.” (James Bond: Goldeneye)

After a strange inspector shows up a few weeks ago I receive a cancellation notice Tuesday due to our pool slide.  Never mind the locked fence around the pool; they want the scary slide gone.

The option given was we remove this 2000$ slide, send them a photo that it is removed and they would reinstate us. After speaking to “Mary” at Arrowhead I knew I didn’t want them to keep our money anyway.

Hours of phone conversations between the agents company and the provider, we are simply stuck in the middle. For the record the slide will remain.

An investigation into the conversation between me and the agent is in progress. If he asked about a slide I would have told him we have one. He wouldn’t have written a policy knowing Arrowhead was an arrowhead.  This particular agent had a good record of writing insurance. I was told he would now be reprimanded; they would work within to repair the damage. So much for helping me find another policy and/or the difference in price it may cost us.

Sorry, sorry, sorry were the words from the woman in the complaint department. Sorry, but that doesn’t pay for this debacle and the extra wasted time I am having to put forth to be an excellent customer.  I guess being excellent counts for nothing these days. (LOL)maxicat08

It may come down to insurance companies revoking home owners for their disgraceful, mean spirited, biting cats. If they knew ours I’m sure they wouldn’t consider writing our policy.

The moral to this story is don’t get a dog.

Proverbs 13:11 “Wealth obtained by fraud dwindles, but the one who gathers by labor increases it.”



Are you playing offense?


Think about this.

You are dangling from a very high cliff. The ground below is pure rock. Falling would be your demise. Would you be thinking about the idiot who tried to run you off the road the day before?baby

You are lying in the hospital sick as a dog. The pain is so bad you can’t move. Would you be thinking about the hateful words your best friend spoke to you the week before?

Your fun day at the zoo was ruined by a bad fall. Not only did you break your leg, observers laughed at your clumsiness. Would you be thinking about how it hurt your feelings they made fun of you while you are laid up?

The moral here is we take offense at the least little thing these days. But when it gets down to the nitty-gritty and life’s hardships, those insulting provocations become trivial. It’s a matter of a wrong perspective along with an attitude of arrogance.feelings

Our society has become a haven for “rights” or “causes.”

Ingrained is a sense of what belongs to “me” and no one else can touch it. Possession is 9/10th’s of the law or so it says but when that possession becomes an obsession, harm prevails and someone is bound to get hurt.

Whatever happened to sharing? Many prefer fighting over ridiculous frivolity to get their picture on youtube or the local newspaper.  The heck with being nice, it doesn’t get you on national TV with your own show….That requires rioting, protesting and killing. Of course the media thrives on shocking the audience all in the name of ratings. And better ratings means more money……

The game of “offensiveness” has become daily rhetoric for the sake of getting attention or filing law suits. Court dockets are full of cases that should be thrown out or never have happened in the first place. Crooked lawyers are making money promoting such court antics.

No matter the reason, society is on the offense; in other words, “how dare anyone say or do anything to hurt me.” Even our leaders are self-centered cowards when it comes to getting their precious feelings hurt.

Well, get over it.

Ask the women and children in Iraq about pain.

Ask those who live without clean water everyday what they are thinking about?

Ask those who have lost loved ones in war what they deal with every day?

Ask Jesus how it felt when he died on the cross for you.


 Graphic by https://churchgraphics.wordpress.com/




The practicality of pursuing evil is simply unpractical. Besides the trouble it causes the evil doer it also affects many others.  In many cases unfortunately, it can lead to a very hot and miserable un-existence.

A point being is you would think after centuries of repeat performances by the Herod’s of the world, those who indulge such folly would wake up and walk out of the fire. Realizing it doesn’t work has been done over and over.  So why are so many still trying?mlk

They believe they can out-do Herod, Hitler or Putin?

They don’t believe the Bible?

It couldn’t possibly be they are stubborn and prideful could it?

Or power-hungry and selfish?

Maybe they’re just…….

We know what happened to Herod and Hitler.  Putin……..….is a walking time bomb.

Refusing to read, much less believe God’s word is willful negligence and worthy of a life sentence without it.

Ill-gotten gain of anything is a gamble. It’s like telling the slot machine you’re going to play until you run out of money? Duh….

For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light. Take care then how you hear, for to the one who has, more will be given, and from the one who has not, even what he thinks that he has will be taken away.” (Luke 8:17-18 ESV)

Years of my own ignorance to the truth prompted me to begin the search. At least I was practical enough to realize how often I was making a fool out of myself. Don’t get me wrong here I still have a longggggggggggggggggg way to go but I am not where I was.

Many don’t see the fool the enemy is making out of them. Evil does that. Beyond sinning against God you would think the incentive to stop looking stupid would be enough to want to change it. Considering the sinister events people are pursuing these days evidence proves many would prefer pride over righteousness. Well, we know where that leads.

The ultimate life by those who deem to be right over the truth is a sign of an earthly un-existence.

My father always said, “if you’re gonna play with fire, you will get burned.”1910168_702594429788689_6382289769666630879_n

The earthly un-existence may end up in an extended one. Literally.
In other words wise-up!


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