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The Trouble with People

Have you ever wondered why people can be so annoying, troublesome and demanding? Do you feel like everyone wants a piece of you? If you have, then hear this.

There was a time in my life that I wanted to shrink away, leave for a beach island and soak forever in the warm sunshine. PEOPLE WERE EVERYWHERE AND I WANTED TO GET AWAY FROM THEM!

Considering this was futile, I never made it to my beach island. I did make it to God, but not before there was nothing left of me to give. Wrapping myself in God’s love was the only way to put the pieces back together that had either been taken from me, fallen apart or I had given them away of my own accord. I found out I was incapable of putting myself back together.

Who You Are Matters

Before I go any further I want to thank “Supermom’s are Fake” blogger for a post she wrote that added confirmation to a burning question I have had for many years. GOD DOES NOT EXPECT FROM US WHAT PEOPLE DO! After reading her blog post I realized why I hadn’t been happy in doing or being involved in certain activities, church socials or often what my family wants me to do.

The Answer: I wasn’t called to do them.

God did not ordain the busyness of the world.  I am convinced “busyness” is a direct attack from the pit of hell. God expects less of us than people do. (Matthew 11:28) If constant “busyness” is the epitome of accomplishment, then there are many who feel they never accomplish anything. How does this make the person who is physically or mentally challenged feel? What about the elderly who have been pushed out of a job due to their age? What about those who suffer at the hands of a demanding boss, or family member that they know they can never please?

After being a “people pleaser” most of my life, God has shown me he is the one I need to please. If that makes others unhappy then talk to God. Besides the fact that it never worked, it exhausted me. I quit.

The following are some helpful hints to guide you out of “busyness” or the desire to prove you are accomplished without driving you to the cliff!

Go where you are wanted, not needed. That is what Jesus did. Do not stay where you are not wanted not even for a second.
♥Manipulation, domination and intimidation will arise from those who wish to control you. Don’t allow it. They will expect from you what you do not have to give or make demands that are unreasonable.
♥Allow God to take care of conflicts that arise that seem to be an attack or useless to what you are called to do. Proverbs 16:7. These can often be considered distractions.
♥What excites you may not excite someone else so expect rejection. Jesus did. That did not stop him from his calling. They are captivated by their own chains of pain or suffering that needs repair.
♥What excites you may annoy those in leadership and may prompt an attack.
♥Your closest family members will not understand your position when you don’t go along with the crowd.
♥God prefers you spend time alone with him rather than running around all day invoking your presence in areas he did not place you in.
♥Spending time alone with God will change your plans and expose your flaws so he can guide you into a better way of doing things.
♥Expect attacks. Keeping your eye on Jesus will open doors and close doors. There will be those who desire to push you through the doors they think you should be walking through. Only allow true, Godly counsel.
♥Victory follows attacks. Be alert. Pray. God is working behind the scenes.

Use to be I wanted to be involved, casting my expertise of life on everyone and in everything. Now I have gone the other way. I was not created to do 10 things half-way. I was created to do 1 or 2 very well. In today’s world this goes against everything considered worthwhile. It is God’s will for us to slow down, cut out those activities, entertainment, and people he never intended to be in our lives, and spend time alone with him.

God can do in 1 hour what may take us a lifetime. We just have to get out of his way, stop trying to do it ourselves and let him.



The Cat from Gladiator


A fellow blogger posted on his blog he had the greatest cat in the world.  That was all I needed to challenge his incorrect assumption as the aforementioned cat resides in our house (or tolerates us living in her house!) The following is a previous article published about her on petwarmers.com, thedailymews.com and catnipchronicles.com.  I have added pictures, some of which have also been published. Hope you enjoy reading about her as much we love having her in our family!

She came into our lives through some friends in our church. She was small but a beautiful calico with huge green eyes. Living in the wild for the first year of her life, it was obvious she was not tame. The evidence of survival was her tone and lifeline. That would not change for some time.

The family that found her also took in her sister. Along with 3 dogs keeping both stray cats was not something they could manage. They would keep one cat and well, take the other to the “grim reaper.”  My daughter and I love cats so we rescued her from a horrible fate and brought her home.

The teenage son of the family who found her for some reason named her after Maximus Decimus Meridius or Russell Crowe in the movie “Gladiator.”  In the beginning we could not see any connection or similarity between her and the character.  As time passed we noticed her hunting skills to be much like “Maximus Meridius” along with her fierce capability to stand up for herself.  She also exhibited some very strong vocal chords that eventually would lead to her getting just about whatever she wanted. Maybe she really did turn out to be Russell Crowe’s shadow. So Maxi became part of our family.

Maxi was not content to stay in the house. Her prior existence showed up daily in her behavior and desire to be outdoors. It was her nature; her love to feel free lying in the sun or hunting at dawn for the food she no longer had to catch. She knew no other life but to fend for herself and at times this broke my heart. How I wish we spoke the same language. As difficult as it was to allow her out in the midst of danger, it was harder to watch her suffer indoors. I believe Maxi has her own “Guardian Angel” who watches over her and protects her.

Maxi has moved with us 4 times in the short 8 years she has lived with us. The third house we lived in the mountains we put a cat door in so she could come and go as she wanted. Finally after a few weeks she got the hang of it and seemed quite pleased with her independence.  We had no idea what we were in for that summer as she proceeded to show us her gratitude daily. Somehow she managed to bring in the house mice, shrews, rats, bunnies, birds, snakes and even a live bat. We lost count of the gifts as they ran through the house, or hid under furniture. Maxi was disillusioned by our disposing of her hunt. She couldn’t understand after all her effort day after day carrying these creatures in her mouth through the cat door why we didn’t enjoy these treats as much as she did. Once we had to move again, we found mice behind some of the furniture that she had chased all over the house and left for dead.

She has calmed down as far as the gifts go, although every once in a while she appears at the back door with a shrew hanging out of her mouth. Funny as it always is she is just being a cat as my husband says.

We live in a much warmer climate now and have a swing in the backyard made out of hammock rope. She naps in it and loves for me to swing her! Just like a child she rocks back and forth and even allows me to sit beside her when she is in the mood. It is a sight to behold.

Maxi is a work in progress, but she has come a long way. Often her days of lonely survival rise up and she becomes that wild kitten found in the mountains again. She has become a lap cat and sleeps next to me almost every night. She is my constant companion, makes me laugh and is a great conversationalist!


For Those of U Who Can’t Spel…

²I am always laughin at my husband who has a Masters Degree, is intelligence but can’t spel.  He does not think it is funy. He should not play Wheel of Fortun. He would lose.


Growin up, our school often had speling bees. I wasn’t the best, but I sure wasn’t the wors.

Speling was always easy for me. I hardly ever mi spell words. It is a gif I got from God. U know what I mean? God is good that way.

God has showed me we should use the gif’s we  r good at for his kindom. If you can’t spel, don’t writ.¹

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It’s Not About You So Stop Your Whining

Of course I'm Angry! Look at me!

It’s not about any of us. People who whine and complain all the time really grate on my nerves. Of course I am not one of those people. 

Complain here and complain there. If it isn’t Wall street it is the next door neighbor. I don’t have a job. (are you looking for one?) My boyfriend left me. (maybe there is a reason he left you.) The plumbing just exploded in my bathroom. (be glad you had plumbing to start with.)

Plastic piping placed for a sink

Do any of us have a right to complain especially in the United States? NO! We are not the center of the universe. Jesus is. I doubt Jesus had indoor plumbing. Actually he didn’t have a place to lay his head.( previous post)

Who are we to demand we get what we want all of the time? God told us it wouldn’t be easy.( he means other people not me.) God promises to give us what we need. Philippians 4:19 (do not covet thy neighbor’s car.) God gave his only son to die for us to save us so WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...


Thursday is the Day I Take Out the Trash….

Yes, Thursday is the day I take out the trash for it to be picked up on Friday. Today it was especially heavy due to my husband had gone deep-sea fishing last Saturday.

Fish Before the Guts

The ritual is that he lays the fish outside on the table; carves them up (sorry) gives me the good to freeze and for lack of another word he puts the “fish guts” in a glad bag in the freezer until trash day.

Are you asking me why does he do that? We live in a very, hot area of the country. He made the mistake of placing the dead fish guts in the outside trash can early in the week after a trip last summer. Before Thursday when the trash goes to the curb, the smell was…well, you get the message.

He and I split chores (he is a good man) and one of mine is getting the trash can out on Thursday for pickup. I had written myself a note that the dead fish guts were in the freezer because we have forgotten them before and they stayed in there for weeks.(awful)


I am not a large person; quite small in fact. For a 5’2″, 115 pound woman to pick up frozen dead fish guts is quite an experience. Fighting through a mound of frozen peas, squash and green peppers was this black bag strung up with a rubber band. Leaning over, I realized it was stuck. Using my built in arm muscles of strength I pulled the bag up until it flew into the air and down on the concrete floor.

I thanked God it didn’t hit me in the head or land on my toe. Reaching to the floor to pick it up I fell down. It was like trying to pick up a cement slab. The only way to get it in the trash can was either drag it to the street or bring the can in the garage.

Thank goodness none of our nosey neighbors were around to watch me drag this bag of frozen fish guts to the trash can. The last thing I wanted to do was explain what I was doing and what was in the bag.

After this great maneuver was accomplished I came back in the house and sat down with a glass of Peach tea. I deserved a treat after that mission.

As I was enjoying my reward for such a great accomplishment I thought seriously about the trash in our lives.  I wish I could just empty the filth, dust, and grime from my life into a trash can each week for someone else to pick up.

Now that I think about it, I don’t have to do that. Someone else did. Jesus cleaned my “life of trash” on the cross so I wouldn’t have to.

What is even more amazing is he did it willingly.


I don’t want to do it! It is too hard!

Jesus: The Weatherman

Do you ever feel like that? I do! And I don’t like it! I have had to push myself out-of-the-way to allow God to take over because he knows life is hard for us humans; but that is why he is God. That should give me rest. Matthew 11:25. I keep trying but maybe that is the problem; I am doing the work.

I keep asking myself what is the point in believing in God if I want to help him do his job? Does he need my opinion? Does he want my opinion? Will he even listen if I give it? I think I am wasting my time.

I am glad he is God because I really don’t want his job. He has so many unruly people to deal with (so glad I am not in that category) deadlines to meet, financial and economic woes to repair and help save our country from ourselves.

His resume would include a marriage counselor, Sunday school teacher, doctor, lawyer, judge, expert sheep herder, comforter and a king. He is head of the church, a prophet, a star, a rock, negotiator and the bread of life. He has had experience as a babysitter, carpenter, fisherman and lay preacher.

Some of his duties include discipleship, evangelistic training, healing the sick,and casting out demons.  He serves the poor, feeds the hungry, gives shelter to those without it and raises the dead. He serves as a local weatherman and has been known to walk on water.

As far as education goes, he is an accomplished Theologian with a background in Life History. He has won awards for his lavish stories, quick thinking and speeches from the hillsides and even boats.

His articulate writing skills have proven to be excellent. His book has sold more copies than any other book ever written.

God’s hobbies include playing with children, building bridges, and tearing down strongholds. He enjoys people.

According to his resume there are many more jobs God does. The list is infinite. The most important one I see is he is the Father of every one of us and sent his son Jesus to fulfill all of these requirements on his resume and then some. He sacrificed his own son to be the Savior of the World.

If that is true then why do I think I have so much to do?


Where is that Puzzle Piece I am missing?

My heart aches today for a dear friend who is going through a trial no one ever wants to experience. Sitting with her yesterday and feeling her pain, the burden to pray has not lifted me.

I want a  touch from God on her behalf to relieve her of this misery. The truth is I know God has already taken care of it; she does too. Viewing this from the natural is not the place to be; it has to become supernatural. She knows that also.

A puzzle I have been working on for many years in my walk with the Lord is missing a piece. I feel like I am so close to finding it that I can almost touch it. I need to find it now for her. It is out there; I know it is.

I know where to look; the pages are clear and full of the answer; so why can’t I see it? It is truly like looking for hidden treasure.

It is such an important piece of my puzzle I won’t quit looking for it until I find it. This puzzle piece is her answer. 


“I want to know what I am doing here! Does anyone know?

Fire in the Sky

•Now that I have your attention have you ever asked yourself that question? Are you one of the many on this planet who wonder if we are the only people in the universe? And if we are, what are we doing here?

In the last week I have heard 3 people who do not know each other speak this same question. OK.  My brain may not be what it use to be but I don’t know a coincidence when I see one because I don’t believe in them anymore.  The skeptic might, but God could care less. God works in mysterious ways..not coincidences. In fact he doesn’t need them to fulfill his plans.

He is creative, rarely if ever does anything the same way twice and takes you on journeys you don’t expect. Some you wish you could forget! This is definitely not a question I can ignore so I am asking you! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?

My answer is God only knows. He put us here for his own purposes; I do know that. I know why I am here, but it has taken many years, much pain, suffering, and resistance on my part to find that out. God never said it was easy, especially if you are like me and pull a Jonah on him. I don’t recommend that route; it is no fun. I didn’t end up in a whale but I am not going to tell you where I ended up. Just don’t go there.

Now I can tell you where to find it. The answer is in the Bible. At least that is what our Pastor said this morning. I can vouch for him as he is a well-educated man who seems to know what he is talking about most of the time.

What I find so amazing is he gave reasons today to read the Bible to find out what we are doing here. I already knew this because I have been reading and studying the Bible for years and it really works. The more time I spend alone with God, the more he speaks to me even telling me what I am doing here.

It really isn’t that hard. You just pick up your Bible, say “Speak Lord, I am listening,” and start reading. I am not telling you to read it all in one day, two days maybe. NO! lol. Take your time. 

Allow God to speak to you; just be open and realize he doesn’t usually write it on the wall. I have lost count of how many times I have asked him to write it on the wall, but the good news is when I don’t know which way to go, he SUDDENLY! reveals it to me. I have even offered to buy him a chalk board with the chalk to speak to me. The problem with that was he let me know in no uncertain terms he is a lot more creative than a chalk board.

I thank God literally that his thoughts and ways are higher and better than mine. (Isaiah 55) This is a touch of who God is. A small portion of his character. It is fairly simple; he is a lot smarter than we are!

I can’t speak for you, but if you really want to find out what you are doing here, ask God. Read the Bible. Study it. God created us for his purposes, for his kingdom. It is up to us as individuals to seek him to find out our personal story. A good place to start is Acts 17:22-28.

We are not accidents. We did not just appear. We did not evolve.

We were created individually by the most loving, caring Father to be here, at this time, at this place, for his reasons. Jesus Christ is the center of everything. Once you allow God to place this in your heart, he will lead you to your purpose.

I am writing mine.

“You’re on this planet for a purpose. Find it.”by Grantley Morris. netburst@net.burst.net

Photograph by John Randolph Harrison