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Crutching People Pleasers

Have you ever needed a crutch? You know, like the ones I have in my closet? I keep them around for such uses as a possible sprained ankle, or a broken foot or to push the boxes off the top shelf. Yes, it is a handy tool instead of walking all the way to get a stool which still isn’t sufficient for me to reach the loftiest rack.

The almighty crutch has been around for centuries. Maybe not the one with the rubber head that attaches under your arm to aid in walking but pedestals of power.

Yes, we have succumbed to leaning.

Leaning on this, leaning on that until the instrument of strength falls apart and we are left standing alone wondering why it fell over.

“These crutches were supposed to last longer than a few years!”

Oh, grow up.

Remember the first crutch you held on to so tightly you never dreamed of it crumbling? Fear grips you like being thrown overboard without a life jacket and the sharks are hungry.

America is standing on the hull of that ship. Enamored with a false sense of security believing any government can keep the ship moving is like knowing a village somewhere is missing their idiot.

Whatever we can conjure up to save us we search. Other people, money, fame, atheism, religion or identical brains to Einstein; it makes no difference. Einstein couldn’t brush his own hair, much less act as a pedestal of intellect.

Albert Einstein

As the “crutchers” claim fame to those who appear to offer the world, the power hungry flesh eating sharks devour everything from identity to controlling your bank account.

Ultimately, the crutch fastens itself to your security, mental aptitude and emotional dressing leaving you hopeless and helpless. Of course that is the goal.

So which is worse? Or does it matter?

Neither is good; neither is healthy. And yes it does matter.

The “crutchers” or those who need a crutch will eventually hit bottom. The pedestal may disintegrate over time but leave the “crutchers” nowhere to go but up.

The “crutch” feeds on the attention, authority and fueled ego of a false belief of self-worth.

The “crutch” deceitfully savors the podium’s skilled platform for a season; until all hell breaks loose and their empire begins a modern day Babylon. (Daniel 5) Unlike the “leaners” the “crutch” has nowhere to go but down.

Accountability will rear its ugly head because the elevator goes both ways.

Issues of time occur with both, and the depth of the “Babylonian Fall” may influence one’s decision.  The Belshazzar’s may drink from a much deeper cup than the child who praises the reign of a parent.

No matter which division you hail from, a meeting of the minds is necessary.

Given the ideology, the enemy has made this a “poster child” of survival. We in our negligence pick a team he has dreamed up, falling for one or the other with the final lap resulting in the same death. He could care less which team we choose as long as it isn’t God’s.

Evaluating the teams as to who reaps the harvest of God sooner or later is a feat not yet finalized. And if you are a Belshazzar who reveres and coddles your golden crutch too much, you might want to read Daniel 5. The party is always over before it starts.

As for the one who is always leaning, get up, dust yourself off, throw your doormat out and start over.

The moral here is balance.

What we permit will often continue unless we ask God to deliver us from this evil.

If you need a crutch, lean on God.

If you are the crutch, use them for firewood and pray for God to transform you.

In either case, the cross can be seen from both viewpoints.





A Narrow Pew?

Christians often appear to others as narrow, confined or constricted. While that may be true Jesus wasn’t cramped or limited.

Those who exemplify the scant lifestyle are sitting in the pews of patterned behavior and customs.  “Pomp and Ceremony” have their place and are to be reckoned with. However, when it becomes a hindrance to growth, maturity or lessons learned maybe the conventional mannerisms should be tested.

Wisdom is learned over time. However not all is assigned in a classroom or sitting in a church pew. The basics may surface from many Sunday sermons but understanding and knowledge are examined in the field of God’s university. The trouble with it is you never graduate.

Jesus seemed to enjoy sitting on rocks, a hillside or standing in a boat to render his teachings. The local Ethan Allen’s or Haverty’s were unavailable to deliver the latest in outdoor pew décor.

Just as pews sit better indoors, so it is with our hearts. The belief we are to grow from the outside-inward is backwards. God takes our hearts while sitting in the pews of his church to cultivate our souls from the inside- out.

It doesn’t matter where you sit or stand. What counts is allowing God to “narrow” our work, interests and purpose for a time to center ourselves in an inner circle with him only. From that point, he molds us into the design he created for each one individually.

Society has all but perfected the universal movements and large activities of our grandiose habits. Find “Your place in this world” and then learn how to deal with it; like teaching a baby to run before it crawls.

Michael W. Smith – Place In This World *original music video*

Order is a major component of God’s laws. As buildings are constructed from the ground up or bread is made from scratch; so it is with God’s eternal words. We must soak them internally before we can present them externally.

Part of this process includes stripping our personal desires and interests from the outside until we are wrapped inside by his glory. In other words, get rid of self. The only manner of achieving this is by “narrowing” our purpose and goals to draw more and more to him.

This craft is not seen or welcomed by today’s culture. One stuck in this sphere of exterior platitudes ignores the thought of being “chipped” away from the inside-out.

Yet, the pleasure of God’s grace will not be experienced by one who refuses the time and effort in unloading baggage. His interior sphere is holy and sacred waiting for the chosen few who are willing to attach themselves to his cross of pain, agony and persecution. It is in that “crown of thorns” where hearts are transformed, souls are purified and a friendship is born unlike any other.

From his wreath of friendship cultivates within us his adorned character and banter personality.

As the furniture maker artistically covers the pew with a lasting, smooth finish, we too are shielded and protected by the veil of God’s love.

When God said “let us make man in our image” Genesis 1:26 he was giving us his “personal touch.”

And that touch is far and wide.





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The Fiscal Cliff of Idolatry

“The ‘cliff’ is nothing more than an arbitrary deadline that will be replaced by another arbitrary deadline in the future.”

The following link reveals we are headed for a fiscal cliff?


While many are standing in line for unemployment benefits, they are turning down part time work. Why?

Why work when they can get free money? Or not free money, but yours, mine and those who work….those who pay taxes. That’s right; just wait it out and get all you can before you actually find a job.

NO! Unfortunately this is the mindset of many Americans which is why the President was re-elected. Why not vote for a leader who freely gives hard earned dollars from working citizens to free-loaders?

The many videos and articles I have read about welfare, food stamps and unemployment benefits reveal numbers of citizens believe they deserve for others to pay for their “free-ride.”

In this video these two smart guys even supported that people who are able and collecting unemployment benefits should do something in return for those free hand-outs! Whoa! You mean like work?

Yes; like rebuilding roads, streets, bridges that are crumbling on our nation’s highways. The two arguably agree our infrastructure is in decline.

What about visiting nursing homes or hospitals to offer expertise in areas of need?

How about working with veterans or the disabled? Or better yet why not make use of the “moochers” by forcing them to locate other “moochers” or free loaders. Maybe it would be lessons learned and put a stop to this wasteful fraud.

And while the democrats pursue raising taxes why not cut out unnecessary government jobs? That should save wads.

Why not hire unemployed people to research every government program to eliminate unnecessary spending and slack employees. Why not rid the tax payers of useless programs altogether? Wow, what a novel idea.

Aaron Task and his buddy here voiced the fact no one is talking about payroll taxes going up? What? NO? The amount taken out each month of my husband’s salary is just plain wrong.

Hard work in=garbage out.

In other words his hard earned money is going to pay for that which we don’t believe in or “it’s the entitlements stupid.”

And of course the President is announcing how the Republicans are holding the middle and lower class hostage because they won’t sign his extension of the Bush-era tax breaks.

Why? He wants to tax the rich.
That is class warfare and it is not Biblical.

The President is the one holding America hostage. Has he created any jobs since his famous re-election? No. His Obamacare has certainly poised many companies to lay people off though! And his defense cuts just keep on coming.

The mentality of this administration if I didn’t know any better is to crumble America to its knees so government will rescue them! Sorry. They just want control and power.

By sinking the American ship, they believe we are ignorant enough to fall for their callous greed and look to them as our savior. At least that is what Jamie Foxx called the President.

Besides the financial “fiscal cliff” we are facing, statements like that place America in a far worse danger zone.

The Christians who voted for him made the difference in him being re-elected. What does that say about our country? He represents everything that God isn’t.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me……you think God has changed his mind about that?






Interrupt me? No…..

Who are we to be interrupted? Our lives are full, running over and bulging at the seams.

“I don’t have time to stop. So leave me alone. Why would I listen to you anyway?”

“Because this is God; I need your attention.”

Me: “oh, is this really you God?”

God: “yes, what do I need to do…write it in the sky?”

Me: “well, that would be helpful.”

God: “Those nudges and heartfelt whispers in your ear came from me.”

Me: “ugh…oh. So it wasn’t just my thinkin.”

God: “No. You are too comfortable and there is much to accomplish. This is an interruption.”

Me: “but God, what about all this stuff I want to do. Can’t it wait?”

God: “remember Jonah? He ran away from my call like he thought I wouldn’t know where he was. He knew my intentions but refused to listen so Plan B came into play.”

Me:OK! OK! OK!  Just promise me you will not throw me into a fish!”

Stubbornness is like a harness around our necks. Wearing it with pride we adjust, loosen and stretch it until the fish opens his big mouth.

Scott and Tanya Shipes are missionaries from our church. Home for Thanksgiving from Botswana, Africa. Scott spoke at all 3 services about how God “interrupted” their cozy, convenient lives to do the unthinkable.

You might say they were living the “American Dream.”  Family, educated, successful careers, a prestigious position in church and community; what more could they want?

Well, what they didn’t want was to stare face to face with a big fish whose mouth was the size of the American Dream they had acquired.

No, God had other plans for the Shipes and it wasn’t to sit and fill the row of chairs each Sunday at Alice Drive Baptist Church.

A few years ago God messed up their American Dream. He called them to Africa. Now, I can’t say for sure but I never heard him say that was on their to-do list; ever.

Everything changed. The tug God was pulling removed them from their sheltered row to change the hearts of people on the other side of the world; and it is working.

The conversation of “God, can’t it wait?” happened to me years ago. I actually remember saying those very words to him as he threw his fishing line once again to catch me.

He allowed me to go further into the deep waters but his hook remained intact. He was interrupting me; causing me further agony as I tried to push him away or promise him,
“I will do what you want later, but right now I am having too much fun.”

As time passed, I would notice a voice, a nudge or the fishing line pulling me. Little by little he continued reeling me in until one day I began to drown in my own sea of smudge.

Funny, how we can get ready to follow God really quick when we feel the undertow pulling you away from him.

Now, many years later his fishing line has reeled me in leaving my soft, warm, complacency behind. I won’t say it has been easy. God reminded me of how he told Abraham to gather his family, and belongings and go to another land he didn’t know existed.

Genesis 12:1 The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.”

God promised Abraham he would be a great nation, blessed and be a blessing to others.

I am no Abraham, not even close but I can relate. While God was uprooting our lives, stripping us of all that we thought was secure, I found faith to trust him as I had never done before.

We arrived in our “Land of Canaan” and immediately I felt a sense of peace that was different. We knew no one. Knew very little about this land, but God made it clear to me we were in the center of his will.

And as it was for Abraham, it has been for us. The rest is history.





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Black Friday is a Cup of Coffee in my Swivel Chair

Sorry, but the Black Friday shopper is not me. Statistics reveal online shopping is up 18% this year. Why would anyone in their right mind choose to sleep out in the cold and get run over by flocks of early morning risers with bad attitudes?

Oh. That’s right. America isn’t in its right mind.

We are interested in beating the crowd with the best deal.

What’s the point in Thanksgiving Day? Why bother?

Newspapers and Media swamp us with ads to buy the latest ipad, cologne or trinket before we carve the turkey.

I remember when stores were closed Thanksgiving Day.

I remember when Black Friday didn’t exist.

So what happened? The love of money took over.

1 Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

The link below is a short article about a man who took his girlfriend’s son with him for Black Friday shopping. He found what he was looking for but forgot the kid.


Is it me or are we fading into a sinkhole of materialism? I refuse to be a “material girl.”

While stores ravage us as early as possible for any kind of holiday spread, we fall for the atmosphere of wanting the most up-to-date technology, car or jeans.

Who cares about the brand new Lexus Joe and Betty down the street just bought. Of course! How foolish of me. They are up to their neck in debt.

It grates at my nerves the number of people living beyond their means and then they have the audacity to complain about what they don’t have.

Get a budget. Live within the budget. Stop complaining.

The Hostess company has filed to liquidate after mediation failed with the union. No problem screams the protesters! We will get a job with the new owners……duh…..

Really? Before you greedily walked out and forced an 82 year old American dream to shut down did you think about that? Why should anyone hire you? You are a “protesting risk” now.

Funny how our reputations follow us around.




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The BrowBeater’s

The Twinkies War
The Wal-Mart Stand-off
Leavin LAX?

The icon of Twinkies and their counterparts are on the chopping block. How sad is that? And it is all in the name of greed. Yes. The almighty dollar may just end America’s love affair with Cupcakes, CoffeeCakes and those delicious Blueberry Muffins.

I can’t bear the thought of not having my Wonder Bread or Merita bread peanut butter sandwiches.

Somehow after 82 years in business, there should be a law against such a nasty divorce. And…the union there blamed Hostess for the bankruptcy. What?

But then again who will fight the invincible Unions.

Having grown up in a family business atmosphere where Unions were running things, I have nothing but disdain for them.

The “bullying tactics” of Union bosses have for decades forced the rest of the world to line their pockets.

Why is it that Unions believe they deserve to get more pay and benefits for doing the same job as those who aren’t?

Wal-mart is now in legal confrontation from a possible walk-out of union employees on Black Friday now by applying for an injunction to stop them.

As the day after Thanksgiving approaches it makes me wonder why we are having Thanksgiving.  Shouldn’t these workers be thankful they have a job instead of bellyaching for more money and benefits?

There are plenty of people out there who would like their jobs. Again, the behavior of stinginess takes precedence over gratitude.

And if that wasn’t enough the SEIU is planning (backed by of course billionaire George Soros) to strike at LAX airport this week! All 1200 of them! Think of all the rushing travelers this might affect. Do they care? No, not according to their regional union lackey who spoke yesterday by phone of course to Stuart Varney.  (I guess he doesn’t want to show his face on national television; I can’t imagine why) In retaliation of LAX ignoring the SEIU’s demands to pay for health care for all of their employees they plan to walk off the job ruining possibly thousands of other innocent travelers a Happy Thanksgiving. How thoughtful.

I wonder what they will demand next.

Hostess should be praised for standing up to them. I hope Wal-mart sticks to their guns and does the same. And…who knows what the “travelin folks” trying to go in or out of LAX might surprise them with.

Maybe it’s me, but instead of protesting, grumbling, and complaining about your job, you might thank God you have one.

If you don’t want to be thankful, I am sure there are plenty of people out there who would gladly take your place.

After all, 23 million before the election were out of work.

Since the election and the fear of Obamacare many more companies are cutting jobs.

f 16 Fighting Falcon
Shaw Air Force Base

And besides that, the rest of us who are non-union are not responsible for giving you a hand out.

So here’s for all you union bosses out in LAX:

We hope you’re leaving on a jet plane,
don’t know when you’ll be back again…..







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The Kiss of Judas

History does repeat itself.

The game is the same, only the players have changed.

Who would have thought the story of a young Semite centuries ago would represent the truth through betrayal in a modern day fiasco?

As it was then so is it now. The older brothers may have thrown the younger to the dogs, but they didn’t expect the bite that came later.

The trouble with betrayal is the truth always comes out; maybe not for awhile but it lies deep in the ground only to be dug up in its own time.

In a modern courtroom appears those who would be the fall guys/ or girls. The scapegoats for the top achievers who managed to cover up the pit they dug; at least temporarily.

When it comes to saving your own neck what choice do you make?

The lie becomes one more lie and soon forgotten was the first lie. The trail of discrepancies pile up likes bricks; heavy and immovable.

Luke 8:17 “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”

10 brothers agreed to pull off what they thought was a rather sly coup never counting the cost.

The heat of treachery is but a picture of a Judas kiss; living that kiss is full of an inner demoralization that eats at ones soul.

The brothers may have changed names, but the betrayal is the same.

The sly coup ended up with 4 dead men of honor and loyalty all for the sake of self-preservation for a desperate position.

The deceiver never knows the complete fallout of double-dealing. The hypocrite believes getting caught is absurd especially when other lives are dangling in the “wicked web” of thievery.

Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Scapegoats lined up, one by one sent into the fiery furnace of communication. A turncoat has no problem fessing up to the original lie just like the 10 brothers they just make up another one. So it was then and so it is now.

Funny how both stories revealed the infidelity as a crossfire that wasn’t planned. A can of worms opened and crawled around on the dusty floors waiting to be seen.

Once the worms were discovered, a mighty charade began. The 10 brothers could no longer hide from their devious trap; so it was then and so it is now.

The legacy of trickery leaves many in the wake of pain, anger and hurt. Like Dominoes, the effect is a spiraling entanglement of misery for the innocent.

There are differences between these two webs of greed and jealousy.

The 10 brother’s humiliation of defamation and guile led to God’s turning evil for good.

The 2nd story doesn’t have an ending yet. But

As history repeats itself, we know the depth of perjury will be brought to justice.

No one is above the law no matter who the players are.





Figure it out Please!

Ok. This is a rant. If you don’t like rants you don’t have to read this.

Christians need to get with the program. You can’t have it both ways or every other way or whenever it suits you.

You are in or out; on the fence or in the yard; inside the gates or knocking on the door.

Do you read the Bible? Do you believe it in its entirety or do you pick through it choosing only the parts you want to?

Do you agree and support abortion? The Bible doesn’t. Ex.20:13 Thou shall not murder

Do you agree and support homosexuality? The Bible doesn’t. Lev. 18:22

Do you agree and support Israel? The Bible does. (Psalm 102: 16-22)

Do you agree and support a strong military and defense? The Bible does. Genesis 14

Do you agree and support helping the poor, impoverished, disabled, widowed and orphans? The Bible does. It does not support those who can and won’t work or those who take welfare funds of any kind when they are sluggards. Ex. 20: 15 Thou shall not steal. 2 Thessalonians 3”10 “if you don’t work you don’t eat.”

Do you believe in religious freedom? The Bible does. (Judges 2:16-23)

Do you believe our present tax system is Biblical? It isn’t. (Numbers 27:8-11)

Do you believe in “Spreading the Wealth?” The Bible doesn’t. (Exod 30:13-15)

Do you believe in the death tax? The Bible doesn’t. (Prov 13:22)

The list goes on and on. And you may say that it is all in how it is interpreted, but our interpretations don’t matter just as our opinions don’t. It is what God says that matters. No ifs. Ands. Or Buts.

We can twist his words, turn them around, switch them or throw them out.

There are reasons why they are written as they are and who are we to question God?

Unfortunately in today’s world many, especially Christians have decided to “weed” out of the Bible what they want and don’t want. Depending on their present mood, or situation can be the determining factors to “opt out” of the “do not steal” the ketchup bottle from the local diner to “I paid for it anyway.” No you didn’t.

What if God decided to change his mind about his word? What if he chose to do part of what he says and not the other parts? I would have a problem with that. I would have to re-think whether I wanted to believe in God or not. Duh……

How do you think he feels when his own people are you shall have no other gods before me?”  

Oh, we can cross it out if we want to idolize a Hollywood star or break the golden rule.  But then we don’t want to cross out the part that says, “For he commands his angels to protect us wherever we go.”

Sure, go ahead. We want protection from terrorist’s attacks, crime and violence but we also have our Buddha sitting on the hearth to adore and praise for his….what does he do?

“Oh, my Buddha? He is just a dust collector. Isn’t he cute?”  Get it out of the house.

Whether you have the golden nugget collector or an obsession with Dexter, how do you think God feels when you place anything above him?

“Oh, God understands. He loves me anyway.”

Wake up. He may still love you, but since you have such an obsession with Dexter, he may just let Dexter show up at your house.

You say, “how terrible!”

I say. “Why should God protect America when we have kicked him out?”

God has stepped out of our selfish ways and allowed us to grovel in our own mess. He is a gentleman and will not force us to love him, pay attention to him or even acknowledge him.

Christians: we have got to find a way to understand God has his own plans and he doesn’t need our approval for any of them. We need to unify as his children and follow his rules and stop making up our own.

In other words, live, eat, breathe and spread his truth. Not parts of it.

And we need to do it together.


Who is of Noble Character?

While Israel is being attacked our President enjoys his post election win and a trip to south Asia.  Our greatest ally ever is in need of support and the first President in history not only threw them under the bus, he left them there.


God’s land and people are in the middle of hate and annihilation. Defending themselves against the corruption of Middle East radicals who have determined over and over to rid the world of Israel; only they won’t succeed.

The fallout of General David Patraeus has hit hard against the rest of our military. His red scarlet reputation is now being posed as a replica for the thousands of service personnel who lie in his wake. He is the one scarred not those who serve with him.

The contempt I have read and heard of our military should have nothing to do with his affair. How many of you scrutinizing his personal life have any right to judge? Sure, he has betrayed us and I am not defending his sin but from my standpoint of living in an Air Force based community, the fallout belongs only to him.

The so-called “Peace” lovers of the world, who wear their noble cause on their sleeves, are doing more harm than good. Your attempt to rid the world of war or imagine it doesn’t exist is a fairy tale. Those who frame their lives around power and money will fight to the bitter end as long as someone else is doing the fighting.

For you who promote our military as an exhibition of disloyalty, GET OVER IT.

You are hurting the very people who have risked their lives for your safety and freedoms.

Unless you see it firsthand as I do, don’t place our military personnel in the same category as David Petraeus. Sure there are those who ride around showing off their accomplishments leading the life of a star, but not most of them. The following article by Peggy Noonan who claims her conservativeness has all but slammed the military’s character and credit by
establishing our uniformed patriots follow the General. Wrong.


Anyone who speaks of their self-admiration as a forefront for their jobs had better stay away from Shaw Air Force base. Also, those who disagree with war and have labeled military personnel as “betraying” their “peaceful negotiations” should be hung out to dry.

I will repeat myself for the 100th time.

God hates war. I hate war. God loves every military man and woman.

We live in a fallen world that unfortunately is filled with war.

Just because you don’t want to be sick doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Just because you disagree with drinking and driving doesn’t mean idiots won’t continue doing so. Just because General Patraeus got caught having an affair doesn’t mean the rest of the military is stupid enough to follow in his shoes. Just because you “Jane Fonda peace pacifists” don’t believe in war doesn’t mean the Middle East isn’t continuing their efforts to blow up Israel or anyone who supports them.

Instead of portraying our service people as “war mongers” why don’t you visit one of the many military bases in this country and ask them what they think first.  Why don’t you restrain your verbal castigations to yourself until you witness it firsthand?

Moving here in 2007, my husband and I found ourselves to be in the minority compared to the thousands of military who live here. The AF base is a city within itself, until you go to Wal-mart and every other customer is wearing AF or Army uniforms.

Some of our neighbors who were or had been deployed many times were often caught off guard when I thanked them for their service. The basic conversations revealed their fear and apprehension of answering due to the negative allegations thrown at them from the “peace movement.” They feel Americans have disavowed their livelihood as a drain on our society and a treachery of duty.

We should be ashamed for deepening the cuts and wounds already made in the sides of those who fight for us every day. The real betrayal is not in the reputation of a General who got caught, but the American “peacemakers” who have no idea how to obtain real peace in the first place but chastise those who are trying.

God made it clear throughout the Bible we are to have a strong defense….why is that? Because God knows there will be wars and rumors of war throughout history?

In case you haven’t noticed, my fierce preservation and guardianship for our military is not to be threatened. It is one thing to talk about our men and women in uniform: it is another to live it, observe it and attest to the authenticity of personal war stories.

For you “peaceniks” no one hates war more than the warrior. At least they have the guts to try and change what they hate for the greater good.

Your “gallant protests and lofty objectives” do nothing but disqualify you from everything they stand for.





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Wonders Never Cease

Jumping on the band wagon of the President’s arrogant demand to lay off of Susan Rice and her ideal performance has finally hit the wrong democrat.

Kirsten Powers, a Fox News Consultant and Democratic Strategist really didn’t like the President playing “Robin Hood rescuing Lady Marion.”

Her article posted in the link below slams the President for his “sexist defense” of the UN Ambassador for her appearances following the Libya attacks on TV shows to exploit a radical movie as the culprit.

Evidently Kirsten Powers is concerned about the fallout now over the President’s “chauvinistic” leadership where his women employees have to deal with the heat of the press and certain Republicans on the hill.  But, she also wants like the rest of us conservatives to know what really happened…..yes. She is a strong liberal democrat demanding the truth of what happened to 4 men killed for no reason in Libya.

I have watched her for several years on Fox News and found her to be outspoken but well liked by the Fox team. She has a sense of humor and is not afraid to speak when it goes against the grain of the left. Maybe her new found Christianity has had something to do with her evolvement to the truth.

Her bio speaks of how she grew up Episcopalian but ventured into atheism. Later in life she now calls herself an Orthodox Christian; prefers herself to be an Evangelical but says it comes with too much baggage.  I must admit she has a point with that one. Automatically it is given a “bad rap” due to the heresy factors which may or may not be true, but depends on how the receiver views it.

She married Dr. Marty Makary, Professor of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in 2010. He may have had something to do with her progression into Christianity. He is of Coptic Egyptian origin.

Besides Kirsten’s opinionated rant towards the President’s gallant heroics is her fierce accusations as to why Rice was doing the presenting in the first place instead of Hillary Clinton. This novel call to have a Democrat such as Kirsten point out the same facts the Republicans are that Susan Rice “knew nothing about Benghazi” is a formidable argument. Oh, what is the phrase? Backtracking?

For a liberal pundit, such as Kirsten to backslide into a Republican corner on such an important issue is commendable. The seriousness of this attack has been downplayed by the Obama Administration as if it never occurred. There are families waiting for answers.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Kirsten has come out swinging for answers. Like many of us in the dark on this unnecessary evil, we too want the truth. She boldly announced her displeasure with the President’s handling of Benghazi and her feminist layers of contention screams the nod for Sec. of State should not be Susan Rice.

My heart took a leap as I read her column. Her viewpoint of the “feminist strategist” she claims has lent itself to refer to the President as having a “conceited argument” over his helpless, lowly Ambassador.

In other words there are times we women may need the strong arm of a man, and there are times we don’t. This time was one of the “don’t” times.

When I first saw the video of the President lashing out in protection of Susan Rice, the disgust of his arrogance once again took precedence. It was as if he was a parent yelling at his adult children to behave. If we don’t do as he tells us to, there will be consequences to disobeying his direct orders. Who does he think he is?

Kirsten Powers should be admired for putting aside her liberal approach in searching for the truth of this criminal activity.

She also deserves a cupcake for her brilliant and forthright stance expressing she will never need the President to use his “Gladiator” resilience to rescue her from the “big bad wolf.”






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