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“The Signs of Easter”

The Signs of Easter

It was the mid 1980’s that Easter began to mean something real to me. The movie “The Ten Commandments” with Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner was made in 1956 when I was a year old. Watching it at that time was not something I was interested in but 36 years later I was. I had seen the movie before but for some reason this Easter season watching it again made a life changing difference.

My life was in crisis but growing up in a Christian home and family was my foundation. I knew what Easter was about and had accepted Christ into my heart at a very young age, but realizing what Christ did on the cross for me showed up in that movie. Maybe it was the great acting or that it seemed so real. Whatever it was I was glued to the TV set. God uses all kinds of ways to get our attention. At the time I didn’t know that but now I am sure it was God.

Since then I have thought many times of how Moses lived through all that he did. After all he did not want the job of bringing the Israelites out of Egypt nor did he ask for it. Many of us can probably relate to that; doing those requests of God that we don’t want or feel incapable of accomplishing.

I have also thought over and over how Moses like many others in the Bible survived living in the wilderness. I am sure he must have thought that he was going to die out there; no water, no food or shelter and no one to talk to. Or so he thought. Living in today’s society is like the “survival of the fittest.” Just like Moses, we have to lean on God to survive. That is how Moses found his way and it works the same for us. God designed us to need him.

Another aspect that Charlton Heston portrayed so well in the movie to me was how much Moses is just like we are. He basically argued with God about the whole deal; he was lacking in faith that God could and would do what he said, and cried out to God for help on a regular basis. But then putting myself in his position I would not have wanted to free the Israelites either. The truth is God doesn’t need our permission to create us to live out our destiny. He placed in each one of us His calling. It is up to us to discover what that is so he can show us how to achieve that goal.

The destiny we all have as Moses did is very important. Getting there is just as important. The reason being is that seeking to find our destiny is only achieved by getting close to God. I can only imagine what Moses thought at times. Questions like “Why am I here God?” or “How can you use me?” When he discovered he would become the “Deliverer” I wonder what his reaction was.

Did he know his 40 years in the wilderness was part of God’s classroom to teach him how to listen and trust God? Did he realize God had been planning his life since birth to accomplish one of the most incredible miracles in history? Did Moses catch a glimpse of the signs God was giving him about his future when he was younger?

I have also wondered how he put up with the Israelites with their complaining and total disregard for what God was doing for them. It is evident in the Bible how irritated he became with the Israelites. But then who wouldn’t be?

Maybe that is how God feels about us at times. I have learned over the years how great and deep God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness are for us. He goes beyond the necessary and gives us a way out of the messes we make for ourselves.

Twenty years later the cross is my answer to every one of life’s problems. Jesus died and took those problems. I am not saying that I have arrived but at least I know where to go when I need help; the foot of the cross.

This Easter I hope that you will seek Jesus knowing he is the answer. Easter is the recognizable place for new beginnings. It sets the stage for transformation, renewal and blessings. The realization of what Jesus did on the cross should shake the hearts of us all to see the truth of how much God loves us.

As Easter approaches, look for the signs in your life that God is speaking to you. It might be in a book, another person or who knows, even a movie.

This article was published April 20, 2011 on Christian Activities Online Magazine.

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