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The Great American Shift

Pondering this for quite some time now, it is clear the position of America has shifted.

The question of “should Christians get involved with politics?” is one that has been swept under the proverbial rug for decades. Why? The idea that we would have a voice in governing was a deceptive lie of the enemy that many embraced on both sides.

How can any country have Christian leaders if they don’t get involved with the process?

Exodus 18:21

“Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens.”

The above verse demonstrates God’s purpose for us in that we have the elect duty to place in leadership roles those who pledge truth to govern. Once again God gives us the choice but if we elect people of dishonest gain, we all will suffer.

In my 63 years on this earth, I have never known America to be so divided. For decades the enemy has been working hard to achieve disunity and to a great extent he has succeeded. But this is America, and what goes on in America goes elsewhere and God is putting a halt to it.

A discorded media, along with venomous social atmospheres have become the crusades of hate, vitriol, cruelty, bullying and maliciousness. Much of these have been planted; paid for and fueled by wealthy donors of contempt and viciousness. Why? The devil doesn’t like to lose and he is speaking through the mouths of those who have allowed him entrance into their sad, jealous lives to maintain power and control.

As I dive into to murky waters here, it is imperative that we see the difference. God is no respecter of persons or political party. (Romans 2:11) However, when it is perfectly clear which side is right and which one is wrong, we as Christians need to wake up and understand God expects us to follow righteousness even if it goes against what our family has always done or what we have believed in the past.

Recently on Facebook a woman replied to a comment I made about the state of our country. Her hate for President Trump centered on the future of her grandchildren and what a terrible example he was as our leader. She had been a Democrat her entire life and felt our present government was leading us down the wrong path. She alluded to the fact she is a Christian and didn’t really believe in abortion yet was determined to vote liberally.

My response to her was anyone who votes Democrat at this point is voting for abortion, homosexuality (etc.), illegal immigration, and just about anything anti-Christian. The top 2 are reasons enough for any Christian to vote conservatively because they go against everything God stands for. She never responded. At the least, hopefully she rethought her position.

Christians have had the idea President Trump isn’t Christian enough. He isn’t a Pastor, Preacher or Priest. He’s a business man. Yet, observe just a few of his positions and accomplishments so far.

President Trump’s Executive Order prohibits the U.S. Government from discriminating against Christians or punishing expressions of faith, affirming First Amendment protections for religious freedom.

President Trump has reversed President Obama’s policy of allowing transgendered people to serve in our military because the military is no place for progressive social experiments.

President Trump has given states the option to deny Planned Parenthood access to Medicaid and other federal grant money because Planned Parenthood uses this money to facilitate its conducting of more than 328,000 abortions per year at Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills.

In sharp contrast to President Obama’s rhetorical war on America’s police, President Trump is outspoken in his support for America’s police and has offered cities federal support to crack down on violent crime in our city streets.

President Trump ordered the move of the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. A major win for the Jewish people that no other President has accomplished.

President Trump and his team have worked diligently to free almost 20 Americans from foreign prisons including Christians such as Pastor Andrew Brunson.

We must remind ourselves that many in the Bible such as Moses, Abraham, David, Samson, Peter and Paul were faulted men who in some cases were involved in criminal acts. God raised them up and used them mightily to achieve his purposes. God is doing the same with President Trump. He is just as human as they were and as we are.

Election Day is around the corner and many are already voting. God is just getting started with the last great revival. He is using America as a cornerstone of spreading the gospel because we are and always have been a Christian nation.

God has given America a fair and balanced system of election; use it. Vote according to God’s word and will.

All you have to do is Google an agenda for the Republicans and Democrats and read the Bible.

The writing is on the wall. (Daniel 5)

make america great again







“Calm is Trust in Action”

Reading that statement from God Calling recently, changed my life. It was as if God was confirming to me his peace was my ally. Think long and hard about those words. Calm is a huge weapon against the enemy.

I won’t sugar coat aging is no fun, but with it comes experience and knowledge. As God has brought me through more deep waters and the fiery furnaces more than I can count, I see dry land and the furnaces are cooling down.

The enemy uses repeat performances. He can’t create anything new. In that we should grasp his attacks realizing the threats are just that; threats. How we respond is the key. Recognize his evil patterns but more than that he is defeated.

Is it possible what the enemy threatens in our personal lives he does the same globally?

Of course. He has no other availability. Words are powerful; in fact so much so God created the world with them. Being the case, the enemy fills our minds with his lies and deceits hoping to compound them so many times we begin to believe what he says.  There-in lies a case for mental breakdowns, fear, doubt and worry. We must counter with God’s word. Believe me I know this works because it is the only way I am still here.

The attacks on my life for years have been numerous, vicious and at time life threatening. The last few years have been relentless. I could barely get through one and the next one showed up worse. We hear we are to never give up. I remember times when those evil thoughts were being spoken over and over to me until I finally asked myself,

“What would I do if I gave up?” Well, that question ended giving up.

God confirmed a revelation to me this morning using my own life’s attacks with the world’s in our present condition which is about as bad as it gets. Sodom and Gomorrah are like a piece of cake compared to modern day society.

Praying seriously for years over the world especially America, I have waited for answers. If you watch the news or happen across it on the internet you will be hard pressed to find anything good. Not that America is good right now; in fact we are in deep trouble.

My heart has ached at the deterioration of this nation. It is so different than when I grew up. I have watched for decades our moral society diminish. We have no one else to blame but ourselves; we all sin.

As many such as Franklin Graham, Anne Graham Lotz and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn express deep concern for our country’s impending judgement, and rightly so, I believe God’s righteousness is about to shine.

Don’t get me wrong. It looks bad. It is bad. It is evil at its worst and should be recognized as such. But God’s righteous grace is so much more than all of that.

He revealed to me as he has stretched me beyond my own fleshly limits to the point of crying out even in silence because I was too weak to speak, so he is doing with America and the world.

The phrase, “God is never late, but rarely early” fits.

His word says he will walk through the deep waters and the fiery furnace with us, but we won’t drown or burn. We may be gasping for air and feel the heat, but all of a sudden dry land appears and someone shuts off the furnace.

He let me know that is where we are at. I believe we are seriously close to the wrath and judgement of God in such a momentous way that we must continue to pray diligently for repentance. But he has heard our prayers and at the moment when it appears it can’t get any worse, God is going to show up and show off.

The world will know it is God foiling the plots of the enemy.

The world especially America will wake up from this dreadful nightmare and fall on our knees in worship and praise to Him.

The world will be swept by the Holy wind of the Spirit of God changing hearts across the globe in an instant. We must look past the natural into the supernatural sphere of God to see what he is doing and where he is taking us.


And then wait to embrace the glory of God as has never been upon the earth.



America, Bless Israel Now!

Hear ye, hear ye! America wake up!

It is no laughing matter the state of the union we are living in today. Our country has imploded itself to evil unlimited. We have strayed so far from God we have no choice but to return. You would have thought 9/11 would have been more of a wake-up call than it was. Now we are literally shaking.

This present government has done everything in its power to undermine Israel. And for America that is almost the last straw where God is concerned.

America was founded on Godly principals no matter what atheists or agnostics say. And for the record those who claim such a position have yet to win the argument, “how can you fight against something you don’t believe in?”

We must repent. We must support Israel. We must remove the evils we have allowed to enter. We must get over ourselves.

Recently a 4 hour mini-series titled “The Dovekeepers” was on TV. Roma Downey and husband Mark Burnett made the movie based on the story of the “Masada.” Adding some Hollywood to the movie it was a love story; and a reflection of the Jews in 70 A.D. and the Roman Empire. Besides the history it portrays it also reveals the sins of Israel. You may find yourself in one of the actors.

Without being a “spoiler” I hope you will find a copy of this film and watch it. Understand it is based on truth.  Read the true story of the “Masada” and how the people of God at that time in history survived.

Below is a short video of Israel including the Masada. I hope you will watch it.



History Repeating Itself?


Listening to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, I realized I had never sat through an entire Presidential State of the Union Address. Why?bibi

Boring. Same ole’ same ole’. People falling asleep. 

So this was a first for me. The Halls of Congress for once kept me waiting for his next words.

Rather sad isn’t it? It took a foreign leader to get my attention.

Yet, this man is no ordinary leader. I believe he is called by God for such a time as this.

He possesses the qualities of a leader; firm, fearless, factual. His charismatic personality roared through the air like a lion. (Katy Perry) His stance was nothing short of a man sure of his position and beliefs. His words carried an olive branch with a sword attached.

Ignoring the political rhetoric here was a behind the scenes methodology of God.

Kim Clement prophesied in 2010 that Benjamin Netanyahu would one day stand before the Joint sessions of Congress and speak to the world.

The Jewish Festival of Purim landed at this time he was speaking. He referred to it in his speech. Queen Esther put her life on the line to save the Jewish people from the evil, conniving Haman. Ancient Persia where this occurred is today modern Iran. History repeating itself?

But what of the outcome?

Mordecai, Esther’s cousin and leader of the Jews angered Haman by refusing to bow to him. Hhhhhhmmmmmmm……..

Do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear?

Mordecai spoke to Congress Tuesday. He did not and has not bowed down to the evil confronting his homeland nor has he bowed to our government. In fact, he determined that if we would not listen, Israel would go it alone.

I wonder if Speaker Boehner has any idea the part he played in this story.Speech

Esther broke protocol. She was not allowed into the King’s court without his invitation. But she approached him anyway putting herself in danger for the mission. He accepted her request I think because he was so curious.

Speaker Boehner asked the Prime Minister to come and speak; not the President. He broke protocol for the mission. And by the crowd I would say it was the right thing to do.

My conclusion of this historical, Biblical meeting is the same outcome as it was for the Jews  during Esther’s time.

God will preserve his people.

God will (is) expose(ing) those who do not support his people.

God will bring the truth to the forefront punishing those who do not support his people.

And like Esther and Mordecai’s belief in God stood and faced the devil, God received the glory.

History all over again.


And one more little note where God tied in a treat to the Prime Minister’s speech. 

What happened 84 years ago from March 3?

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The “Iron Dome” of God


As a Christian and avid supporter of Israel, the Iron Dome is a modern day technological miracle.

Receiving the September Issue of “The Jerusalem Post, Christian Edition” is the story of this literal “piece of work.”  I recommend reading the article written by Viva Sarah Press either online or in the magazine. It is well worth the few minutes to absorb this historical treasure.


Intrigued by this missile defense system as it exploded in the air it has not been given the credit it deserves. Discovering how much of Israel and its people were saved by this action packed invention is staggering. A few notable points made in the article are:

It has a 90 % success rate.

The world’s only dual missile defense system, it counters any attacks within a 43 miles range such as artillery, mortars, aircraft, helicopters and rockets by intercepting them in the air.

Some of the components were made out of a toy car sold by Toys R US.

Multiple threats can be intercepted at the same time.dome

A female around 5’2” inches tall and 105 pounds can activate the Iron Dome.  I’m available.

Less than 4 years the Iron Dome was completed.

Weather conditions do not affect the accuracy of the Iron Dome.

The word “Esthetics” was important in the strategy and scheme of things. In other words, make it look intimidating and contemporary.

Thank the good Lord the United States aided in funding for the development of this system.

It is one of a “multilayer” planned missile defense systems the Israeli’s are working on. The other two are the “Magic Wand” and the “Arrow.”

So who thought of this brilliant machine?

Brigadier General Daniel Gold.  He has a Doctorate in electrical engineering and business management. Using his education, intelligence and business sense he had missile experts and engineers of all ages working to create this master of war.

Called names by many, his motive was to save lives and he was in no mood to wait on any establishment to come up with a better idea.

Now there are 9 of them already being used in Israel and more to come. The surprising success rate during the Israeli/Gaza conflict is a stamp of prodigious proportion.  Since 2011 the Iron Dome has intercepted over 1000 hits.

Writing before about how Hamas was dumbfounded as they watched their own missiles change course in midair, there is no doubt of God’s intervention.

The success of the Iron Dome is a probable factor in the admittance of God’s place in the protection of his people.

Joshua was told by an Angel of the Lord to march around the Walls of Jericho. And the walls came tumbling down killing who knows how many of their enemies.  (Joshua 2)

2 Chronicles 20 speaks of how the Spirit of the Lord spoke to one of the Levite’s. The Spirit told all of Judah what, how, when and what to do in the face of 3 enemies.  Multitudes died; not one of Judah’s enemy was left and it took 3 days for God’s people to get all the plunder.

Joel 3:9 God tells his people, “Prepare for war!”

And how many battles did David fight? Lions, tigers and bears oh my?

God knew there would be wars and rumors of war. He wants to coach and train us for battles of all kinds. (Ephesians 6) The dispute of war is there is no dispute. Evil is unfortunately in the world we live in and we are either going to fight to win or die losers. I prefer to do it God’s way and win.

Now, who would have thought using a toy car from Toys R US would aid in one of the greatest military arsenals ever built? Hhhhhmmmmmm…….

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Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem October 5, 2014

Robert Stearns: “Jerusalem’s Peace… A Day To Pray Together” http://www.daytopray.com/home

ElijahList Prophetic Resources

Dear Praying Friends,

GOD is stirring the hearts of His people to pray for Jerusalem as never before.

Steve ShultzJoin me in this global chorus of prayer on Sunday, October 5th as hundreds of millions of Christians in literally every corner of this planet will unite for the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ) – a day specifically set aside annually for the Church to gather and pray for Jerusalem. This prayer call has come from more than 1,300 global leaders.

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Once upon a time…or was it? Or is it?


In a little village far away a small group of families that went by the name of “Judah” lived a quiet life. Following the rules as best as they could it was apparent their peace and quiet was about to be jeopardized.

Foreign groups loathed them; hated them so much they wanted to annihilate them. 3 in particular decided to make good on their threats.

What they didn’t know was the God of this group of Judah was mightier than any army or fortress. He had been known to plague Egypt, part seas and rain food from the Heavens.  If they had heard of their God, they paid no attention to the drama that had played out centuries before. Their goal was to get rid of them once and for all.

Knowing the imminent danger Judah was in they cried out to their God for help. There was nothing they could do in the flesh to fight, much less live through a battle of this proportion.

God heard their pleas. He spoke giving them direction and told them what to do.

The next day as the 3 groups planned their attack, Ammon (Al Qaeda), Moab (Hamas) and Mt. Seir (ISIS) Judah appointed singers to praise the Lord in their Priestly garments giving thanks for his mercy and loving kindness to them.

As they began to sing, their God set ambushes against the men of Ammon (Al Qaeda) and Moab (Hamas) and Mt. Seir (ISIS).  Due to the evil that lurked between these 3, they couldn’t trust each other so the two smaller groups Ammon (Al Qaeda) and Moab (Hamas) came together and slaughtered the larger group Mt. Seir (ISIS).

Once that battle was finished, the two groups left standing Ammon (Al Qaeda) and Moab (Hamas) destroyed each other; and not one of them was left alive.

Judah praised their God and spent 3 days gathering the spoil/plunder which amounted to cattle, goods, garments and precious things.

 to be continued…..



Undeniably God



Edom Will Be Humbled

Thus says the Lord God concerning Edom:
We have heard a report from the Lord,
    and a messenger has been sent among the nations:
“Rise up! Let us rise against her for battle!”

For those who don’t understand God’s principles of self-defense, read the Bible.

Battles are not only prevalent, the Creator himself guides many in how to win them.

Who decided Israel has no right to exist?  

Besides the fact the Muslims in Gaza never wanted Hamas there to begin with, Israel is defending itself and has every right to do so; and without the permission of anyone.

Hamas began this fight and now are wondering how they are losing so badly…..Well, you won’t see this headlining the top news makers:


God is changing their rockets course in mid-air? Reports from certain terrorists shooting the missiles watch in disbelief as their aim is thwarted by the God of Israel.  Some are now questioning whether “Allah” is really real. For sure “Allah” hasn’t shown up.

The world, including our own government is questioning the on-going fight over the Gaza strip. Blaming Israel for the deaths of many Palestinians is backwards. God is winning this battle for them; and no one is going to stop him. You would think after centuries of this ridiculous idea Israel is just going to disappear off the map, their enemies would wise up and realize God is on their side.

Hamas continues to fuel this fire using innocents as human shields, placing artillery in schools and public parks and allowing the worst photos to be seen as propaganda. These are sick cowards and the news media is feeling sorry for them. Excuse me? Would the world of television show Israeli deaths if they were losing?

The other headline is Egypt is backing Israel; but you won’t read that on the front of the New York Times or catch it on CNN.

An unlikely ally? Yes. Since the Egyptian’s ousted Mohammed Morsi and his dictator regime, the new government has changed the rules. Hamas is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood which is now an enemy of Egypt.

Egyptians are angry that Hamas is killing other Muslims; the Palestinians are their brothers. Many are questioning whether these atrocity killing terrorists serve the best interest of Muslims.

But what is most disturbing is a Hamas spokesperson is shocked the Muslims are supporting Israel and the West, America seem to be siding with Hamas? HOW EMBARRASSING!

 In the last few days Egyptian soldiers have discovered 13 new tunnels leading into Israel.

And I have never listened to Howard Stern but let’s give credit when it is due.  He recently confessed his Jewish roots along with a public rant beginning with these words:

“If you’re anti-Israel, then you’re anti-America. They’re the only democracy over there, the only friend we have who’s willing to fight and stand up for what’s right.”

God’s love for Israel stands. And we as Americans better wise up and do the same.








I Beg to Differ (Part 2) “Grieve Forward”


Reverend Matt Kuiken, of First ARP Church Gastonia, NC officiated my father’s funeral last Friday.  A young, up and coming vibrant man of God, he spoke exactly what I believe God wants his people to understand about losing those we love.  He framed the beginning of the service that we are to literally “grieve forward.”

Capturing the heart of his message reminded me of what God spoke to Joshua.

Joshua and Moses

Joshua and Moses The Bible Miniseries

“After the death of Moses the servant of the Lord said to Joshua son of Nun, Moses’ minister, my servant is dead. So now arise [take his place], go over this Jordan, you and all this people, into the land which I am giving to them, the Israelites. Every place upon which the sole of your foot shall tread, that have I given to you, as I promised Moses.” (Joshua 1:1-3)

Joshua was commissioned by God to become the leader of the Israelites before Moses died.

Now I just have to interject a personal observation here.

Joshua had some very large shoes to fill. Can you imagine having to step into that realm of authority and notoriety? Maybe it’s me, but Moses appears to always be the one who gets the most attention.

Anyway, back to the post at hand.

Joshua knew Moses’ time on earth was running out. He had been a rookie, an apprentice, a student of one of the most incredible human beings that ever lived. Years together listening to a bunch of griping, complaining wanderers must have connected the two men with a special bond.  Most likely, they were very close; maybe a “father/son” relationship that was born out of a mission from God.

As Reverend Matt spoke at dad’s life celebration, the words “grieve forward” must have been what the servant of the Lord was really saying to Joshua.

Grieve with joy, peace, hope and love for the one you will miss, but move ahead while you grieve. Don’t become stuck or stagnant. God obviously didn’t want Joshua to do that nor should we.

Joshua The Bible Miniseries

The Bible Miniseries

Reverend Matt gave it an all-inclusive stipulation; just as God gave to Joshua.

Remember what they taught us; how they lived their lives and all they represented.

Remember the lessons and the discipline for future use.

Remember the good times, the joy shared and love they unselfishly gave.

Remember the moments of enduring hardships, difficulties and pain; and how they encouraged us to be strong, courageous and lean on God.

Remember; we will see them again; but….

As the servant of the Lord spoke to Joshua he also told him; “The mission that was given to Moses is in your hands.”

In other words, you have a job to do; an assignment; the purpose handed down by God yet to be fulfilled.

Isn’t that what Moses would have wanted?

I know it is what my dad wants us to do. Move forward with the torch that has been passed.

To be continued…..



Denomination in Defiance of Israel

Having been a member of the Presbyterian Church USA denomination years ago,
I am outraged at the latest affirmation this particular group has adopted.Kingdoms_around_Israel_830_map.svg

As a liberal limb of the Presbyterians this denomination continues to reflect the political ideology of America rather than abide by the Word of God.

Instead of aligning themselves with Israel, they have decided it is the problem in the Middle East.


Zionism Unsettled: A Congregational Study Guide is the newest release from the Israel/Palestinian Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church, USA. Declaring Israel as a “human rights degradation” within the Palestinian people is the basis of this so-called newsletter.

Never mind that Israeli teachers walk around with rifles attached to their belts.

Forget the number of attacks in the last 5 years on the Israeli’s killing children and injuring many others.

Don’t remind the Palestinians of how many of their injured are treated and cared for by Israeli doctors and clinics.

The truth is the Palestinians have no military. For the most part the Palestinians are disorganized and unable to have efficient local entities to keep peace.

Israel has one of the best in the world and for obvious reasons.  Rebel Palestinians use any means of weaponry against Israel and yet according to this journal and I quote,

Zionism Unsettled explains accurately and concisely why it is essential to look at the theological roots of Zionism, and how it has appealed to both Jews and Christians, in order to understand the true nature of the long ordeal suffered by the Palestinian people, as well as the real roots of so much of the strife in the Middle East.”

According to the Anti-Defamation League’s press release this report reveals 4 reasons Israel is now considered the Presbyterian Church USA’s enemy and they are:date-palms

  1. Israel is the responsible party for the Palestinian conflict
  2. Israel has no right to a homeland
  3. Zionism is evil resulting in ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide
  4. If you are an American then you share in this evil against the Palestinians 

God is clear about Israel. If you don’t support his people and homeland he will not support you. That includes governments and churches.


ADL Voices Anger over Presbyterian ‘Zionism Unsettled’ Study Guide www.adl.org