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A Funny Thing Happened on the Road to becoming a Disciple

Ask the Apostle Paul about it and he might answer,

Yea, you won’t believe what happened to me on the road to Damascus. All of a sudden I was thrown off my horse and blinded. Then, Jesus spoke to me and told me to stop persecuting him. As if that wasn’t life changing enough, he told me to go and tell the world about him. ”

Now who would believe a story like that?

The same person who believes God threw a man into a whale and 3 days later spit him out.

It isn’t easy being a disciple.


Certain responses come with the territory of spreading God’s word.



Labels like “he’s a real lunatic, crazy or he’s just really lost it.”




Why does this occur?

Most people, even Christians don’t volunteer to seek the spiritual. Instead they follow Paul’s religiosity until God knocks them off their “horse of pride.”  His example sets a precedence of idiot causes. Prior to his conversion he was considered a highbrow scholar who incited such mass murders as was done to Stephen. He wasn’t a nice guy.

The non-converted Paul would fit well in today’s society. He would be a pioneer of radical bigotry; a smooth two faced graduate of an Ivy League University with Honors. President of his class, he is persuasive and charming.  He always gets the girl.

His conversion would not meet with a grandiose reception. Blacklisted, ousted and seen as a traitor, his Doctorate Degree in Religious Studies soon becomes a joke.

Paul, the ‘Man of the Hour” has turned into a “Jesus Freak.”

So what really happened on Paul’s journey to Damascus?

The notable society of Paul “wanna-be’s” probably believed he had changed, but a transformation like his was the beginning of “Kingdom Discipleship.”

Earthly discipleship is viewing spiritual things with natural eyesight.

In other words, serving man instead of God.

“Kingdom Discipleship” is training to see the natural from a spiritual set of eyes or serving God.

Earthly discipleship is running rampant. The veil remains on many  faces.
(2 Corinthians 3)

Paul spent years after his conversion learning how to look through spiritual eyes.

Like Paul, when we seek and yearn for God’s presence, a natural shift takes place. Over time, a spiritual metamorphosis occurs and the veil is lifted.

It may be gradual but the world begins to look different. Your opinion changes or at times it  can do a 180. What you saw before was covered or making sense of life’s issues was impossible. A key component of knowing you have graduated is the frustration of trying to explain to others how different it all looks to you now.  You might find yourself in conversations screaming, “don’t you see this? It is clear as a bell!”

All of a sudden life will make sense even in the midst of hell.

All of a sudden the central reason or purpose for any of us existing, CLICKS.

All of a sudden, the world is connected to that one person; Jesus.

If you will volunteer to seek God on your own, you won’t end up getting thrown off your horse like Paul.

And once the veil is removed?

Start working on that “Kingdom Discipleship Doctorate.”

Yeah.  And you thought you were finished with school. LOL!

doctor of Ministry







Social Misgivings

In an age and nation where society is big on approval of each other, it falters in areas of stubbornness and hard heartedness.

The trouble amounts to a vast array of opinions. When you have no center or focal point of right or wrong it becomes an “anything goes” atmosphere. But it changes quickly to a fight when the next person comes along and their desires don’t match up with the last person’s opinion.

The result is nothing short of anarchy.

Anarchy is nothing short of selfish, self-serving, all-about-me promotion.

Labor Unions have poured heavy amounts of money into the Democratic party over the years. The President was backed by them in both elections. Supporting his policies, believing his speeches they now find themselves caught up in his lies.

Rendering the Affordable Care Act to the American people was never done. Slammed down our throats, the Labor Unions encouraged it, defended it and cheered on the President and Nancy Pelosi for passing such a game changer.

Union bosses are crying “fowl” over the bill realizing it will raise premiums and costs and employers will drop coverage and get it elsewhere. What this amounts to is the Unions losing a whole lot of money.

girl crying

Whatever the case or coverage, Union leaders aren’t going along with the plan now and are calling on the President for a repeal or overhaul.

The favored line the President used, “If you like your healthcare plan, keep it.” If union members drop out of union health insurance, the money won’t be there to cover the members who remain. This has one union boss basically calling what the President said, “an untruth.”

The Affordable Care Act is falling apart according to Harry Reid and Max Baucus. Both, especially Max Baucus were instrumental in getting this huge piece of legislation passed.

Republicans have spoken against it from the start and continue to hold votes to repeal it. The Senate which is led by Democrats votes against the repeal.

Catholics are suing the government against the mandate of selling birth control pills in their hospitals, clinics, etc.

Doctor hate it.

Small businesses reject it.

Conservative religious groups don’t want it.

Pro- life groups have protested it.

The NRF or National Retail Federation says it penalizes employers.

26 states have opted out of Obamacare

Even Mark Zuckerberg is running ads against Obamacare.

This list is not even close to the number of people, groups or individuals who have made it known they do not want this legislation.

People who cannot afford it or cannot pay the penalty if they don’t have it are:

Poor and impoverished
Laid off employees
Starving college students
Starving college students with thousands of dollars of student loans
Single parents

Now the Labor Unions don’t want it?

Employers have cut jobs due to the cost of this insurance.

Doctors are leaving their practices due to this insurance.

The 2700 pages of legislation is complicated, very costly and most don’t even know what is in it. Maybe Nancy Pelosi does. It is a TAX that the American people can’t afford, and the majority don’t want.

The IRS was tapped to handle the enforcement of this law.

Until now; the IRS scandal has changed everything.

The President isn’t backing down.

He says the legislation is here to stay.

“The Affordable Care Act” is the law of the land he said.

So what does this mean?

It means this President could care less what the American people need or want.

He is willing to betray those who placed him in office for this piece of legislation no one can figure out.

It means he is more interested in political gain than doing what is best for America.




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The ABC’s of Faith


Small word with great value.

How do you know if you have it? If you do how did you get it?

You know you have faith when you look back remembering when you had none.

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.

Christians have heard that line over and over.

What we don’t realize is you have to study God’s word for faith to grow.

Faith isn’t something we grow ourselves; God grows it as we learn from him.

I can say that because my faith has grown where I had none.

In other areas I feel like I am in first grade.

Frustration hits when you have absolute faith over there, but over here you forget part of the alphabet.

Jumping from A to H is a mindless step.  A-B-C-D-E- and so on is the logical preference.

Bits and pieces of faith eventually fill the puzzle but God is a God of sequence and order.

Is God too small to do the impossible? No.

God is bigger than any impossibility. Just speaking those words should filter through our system of belief creating more faith. Then what is the problem?


We may believe God can do the impossible over there, but over here we have doubts.

God and I have had more conversations about this than I can count. He is really patient because I would never put up with me for that long.

Seeking him over and over in one area of receiving victory is not nearly as much about the problem as having victory over it. Having the determination to trust God becomes priority over the suffering.  Your love for God has reached a plateau past the pain.

My husband says I am trying too hard.  Tell him to go to the farm for a while.

What if he is right?

Past rescues from God reveal what he does for us when we don’t deserve it, we have failed or are really going about it all in the wrong way.

As I have said before God’s mercy for our effort is limitless.Hebrews11

God prefers we start with A rather than Z. or worse M.

Yet, he meets us in the middle or the end of our rope.

He also prefers we not beg, bargain, cry, feel sorry for ourselves or whimper.

But he knows our hearts which often supersedes our wailing, sobbing or screaming.

After we have exhausted any more adjectives of moaning, groaning or pity parties, God still gives you faith. However small it may be, you know you learned you are not where you were and never passing that way again won’t enter your mind.

Truth is no matter how difficult we make it for ourselves, he takes our emotional ruin and shows up in places like a bathroom.

There is very little in life more defining than having the Messiah show up while you are taking a bath.






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The Stench needs more than Mr. Clean

Why is it men automatically walk over a freshly mopped kitchen floor with mud on their shoes from the farm?


Is it instinctive they know the floor has just been cleaned?

Do men care that we women have slaved over keeping the floor free of debris, old food and possible manure?

Or are they clueless?

In my case it’s number 4. He wouldn’t know if the floor was mopped any more than he notices when my hair has been cut. I could go completely gray by not coloring my hair and he wouldn’t notice; he is color blind.

It has to be the “law” of something that like a mopped floor, so it goes with vacuuming the carpet, cleaning the bathroom or replacing a dirty tablecloth with a clean one. As soon as it is done, red Kool-Aid decorates the carpet, your daughter comes home from college and in 5 minutes the bathroom is a war zone of cosmetics, shampoo and contact lens solution. And of course don’t forget the tablecloth; immediately the cat makes it her new bed shedding fur all over it.

No wonder housekeeping seems futile. That is until you walk into a home that hasn’t been touched by Mr. Clean in 20 years. Yes…the stench was putrid; the garbage was in stacks all over the house and decomposed; there was a trail of “whatever” covering the only path to walk on.mr-clean

I went home and began to clean after that experience.

But…maybe there is something else to piles of garbage and a lingering, rotting odor.

Once you have so much of it, eliminating the mess isn’t easy or quick.  Rummaging through what I witnessed would have been useless; just get a bulldozer.

Stench is representative of evil. It certainly doesn’t come from God.

While it reeks of odor before cleaned, the aftermath may produce further smell.

The stain of evil is difficult to remove.

It lingers as long as we allow it. Once gone, something must replace it or fill the empty space it leaves.

When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order.

Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation.” (Matthew 12: 43-45)

A good start to removing evil from our lives can be done by:

  • 1.    Repentance
  • 2.    Seek Jesus and his word daily
  • 3.    Pray continuously
  • 4.    Meet him at the cross
  • 5.    Return to the cross as a reminder of what he did for you

Throughout history, God has sent his apostles, kings, disciples, missionaries, armies, etc. to areas of evil.

Battles have to be fought.

Land has to be discovered for potential growth

The Gospel has to be spread for the salvation of the lost

Protection is needed for certain groups

Natural resources are needed for humanity to exist

Military is sent to stand on the soil of nations who do not know Jesus?

Wait? What was that last one?

If evil stains, the goodness of God can walk all over it.











Never Underestimate the Underlings

Loyalty comes in all shapes and sizes until questionable disruptions rise to the surface.

The definition of loyalty is: devoted attachment or affection for another, a feeling of allegiance.

The bond of sincerity or homage works both ways.  All parties involved uphold each other through integrity and honesty.  Such a relationship is of utmost importance and considered in some instances as almost sacred.

Often, one is considered a subject or subordinate to a person of notability or in a position of authority.

But….what happens when that trust is broken?

The person in authority may eliminate the subject quietly and subtlety from their life or remove them in a show of prestige.

The underling stands by observing the crumbling of their allegiance due to less than honest motivations. Drama unfolds before their very eyes leaving many questions unanswered.

As time passes information dribbles out like a leaky faucet. The underling remains devoted all the while analyzing data looming over the exposed jurisdiction.

Sometimes it is better to keep quiet.

Yet, for the inquisitive mind remaining subdued is not always easy.

Snooping around in the authority figures fans of admiration can place a mark on your forehead. Treason!  The underling is quickly viewed as the ultimate betrayer even if the drama is true.

The day arrives when the underling notices beady eyes and evil frowns staring as if your lunch splattered all over your face.

Co-workers stop texting.  Facebook friends un-friend you.  The few phone calls you received suddenly stop.

The next in line is the pink slip on your office desk from your most worthy ally; or so you thought.

How could you do this to me?” you scream at your boss.boss

“Sorry, but it wasn’t up to me” he says.

Then who? Who did this?”  Looking up at the ceiling and running his hands through his hair your boss avoids your hurt face.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” the underling screams and begins to weep.

“How could he? I have been his most loyal and ardent associate standing up for his actions and protocol even when I didn’t agree.  How about all those thhinnngggss I, well you know, sort of hid? What about risking my reputation, job and personal integrity for his fraudulent activities?

 I have given up my personal life, weekends and much time missed with my family to support his plans and this is what I get?”

“You were asking too many questions. We tried to tell you to keep your mouth shut. In this business challenging his motives or agenda is the wrong thing to do.”

Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”

Months later the clout of seniority is fractured, crippled by his lack of involvement or incompetence.  Interrogations into lawlessness and illegal violations set the stage for a major breach of conduct. Practice of inequality, favoritism and the abuse of privacy are at the center of controversy.  Whose job is on the line now?

Incrimination becomes the name of the game. “Pass the buck” interferes with “the buck stops here.”  Directives begin at the top.  Lowly subjects carry little influence.  They only do what they are told.  Forget honesty and integrity.  Everyone else is a scapegoat.

Throwing an underling under anyone’s bus is not a good idea.

my boss is a carpenter






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An Uprising

In the wake of devastation occurring in “tornado alley” the horror of what happened in the span of 40 minutes is hard to swallow. The photos, videos and heartbreak of loss and damage are shocking.child survivor

While grief and pain are written on the faces of those rummaging around to find survivors, an uprising of faith from around the country is taking over.

Don’t tell the folks in Moore, Oklahoma or the surrounding areas prayer isn’t appropriate or worse, politically incorrect. Everywhere people are praying!

Interviews of survivors are using the words, “all we can do is pray.”

Prayer is the best act to be done. God is all over facebook, online news and TV requesting prayer by the faithful.

surviving kittens
Postings of miracle photos and videos are showing up; even pets and God’s smallest creatures are being rescued.

God didn’t want this to happen. It is completely and totally the face of evil.

Let us continue to pray for those fighting through the debris and loss.





American Flag

Let us pray without ceasing for God’s great hands of protection to cover this land once again.


Love thy Political Opponent?

Inspired by Jock Hendricks:
Worship Pastor of Alice Drive Baptist Church, Sumter, SC

When did we begin to hate?

That was the question our Worship Pastor asked yesterday.

Caught up in the politically correct politics, Americans have taken sides.

The firestorm is either right or left and if you disagree there is no negotiation.

Or at least the attempt has been lost even among family and friends.

Acceptance doesn’t mean agreement.

While one may accept another person’s views, it doesn’t mean they are agreeable.

For instance. Just because a person claims to be homosexual doesn’t mean agreeing with that lifestyle is correct; it isn’t. The two views may be opposite but hating each other?

When did we get caught up in such a dilemma the outcome has been total division?

Jesus hung out with some rather seedy characters. Did he hate them? No. He loved them into his kingdom. The individuals decided whether or not to join him.

The battle heated up over serious issues in government such as abortion, homosexuality, taxes, debt, spending, borrowing and the list goes on and on. Either side of the aisle took on an unprecedented following. And then……the country got stuck on “rights.”

As if to strip each other of what we love or need depending on which side you are on, the elimination really ended up that we all have lost a big chunk of ourselves. In and of itself that may not all be bad if it is purposed with God’s will of pruning.

However, mixed in with all the emotional upheaval that comes with hate has been discrimination. As if hate wasn’t bad enough “racism” took sides filtering in among the “rights” provoked. Get over it.

If I really wanted to pitch a fit of being discriminated against I could. After all I live in a military based city where the first question asked of me is always, “are you military?”  The base personnel receive first class service, freebies and percentages off of everything from meals to diapers.  Argue that point with a soldier who comes home from Iraq after being deployed for a year and says to you, “I don’t like getting shot at.”

Who are we to believe we deserve anything good? Our so-called “rights” stem from one piece of degradation. Self-serving, egotistical, narcissistic, Me.

Our society has taught us to hate each other, ostracize anyone who disagrees with our personal agendas and fight to win even if it’s wrong. That issue of “wrong” depends on who you talk to. Never mind God wrote it all down and even labeled them “The Ten Commandments.” How hard can that be?

Think or ponder a moment what the world would be like without a set of God given rules. Oh…..sounds all too familiar.

I don’t hate anyone but there are some humans if you can call them humans I could hate. Hitler, Ariel Castro, Adam Lanza, King Herod, Pharaoh, the Boston bombers…what about the thief who hung next to Jesus on Calvary? He may have been the worst criminal on earth at the time.  That guy is in heaven now. He was a last minute convert but the gates opened and he walked through them.

Hate in our hearts can only be reconciled through Jesus. Unfortunately some have aligned the scum of the earth with political sides.

Jesus discerned humanity with wisdom. He said, “Do not be deceived” out of his love for us. He wasn’t nor is he now pursuing to take away what we believe are “rights.” If anything he is giving us his rights.

His rights include grace, mercy and justice which in his book trump judgment any day. (James 2:12-13)

martin luther king




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Jesus the Conqueror

Jesus is all-conquering. Face all your difficulties in a spirit of conquest. Wherever Jesus is, there is victory. There are always choices with Jesus leading your way.  Forces of evil flee in his name.  Claim big victories.  Fear not.

Learn what it means to trust God in everything. You will never be the same again before that moment.

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The Tricks of the Scammer

Rarely if ever do I get scammed; mostly because I never engage in junk mail inquiries, online freebies or the door to door salesman.

People are hurting financially. Noticing the number of sales people walking around neighborhoods has increased. It’s like avoiding the inevitable. If a person is hungry enough they will try to sell almost anything.

For some reason our neighborhood must be a target for the local swindlers. Maybe we are generous or appear to be stupid.

Their efforts to sell lawn chemicals, carpet cleaners and magazines have become annoying. Lately more general maintenance and lawn care advertisements are found attached to the mailbox.

Two men showed up the other day. Immediately poor mouthing how one had lost his job 3 weeks earlier and couldn’t pay his bills he wanted to work. He could clean the windows and gutters, weed the flower beds, cut the grass and paint.

It was rather odd his so called cousin never said a word. He was his helper.

Our hearts were in the right place. Listening to this man ramble on about his plight made us question his motives. His cousin headed for the flower beds.

If you aren’t closely listening, missing clues will slip by. The major trick of the trade of scammers in a word is, “liars.”

He fidgeted and looked the other way while spilling his sorrows; his mannerisms invoked one who is nervous or unsure. Centering on the job at hand we stressed the need for an estimate. While his cousin or helper began washing the windows he managed to turn to walk away while mumbling,truth or lie

“I’ll give you a price once I’m done.”

Sorry, but we don’t do business that way.

Heading for their truck, it was apparent he was disgruntled. He got caught.

He needed to learn how to do business or brush up on his skills of lying.

How can you tell when someone is lying?

A few signs are:

→The first five minutes give upfront clues such as distraction or repeating themselves.

→Liars will talk incessantly possibly attacking interrogators with a smile on their face.

→Quickly, the con artist or deceiver will change course by acting as if they don’t understand or use selective memory.

→Using foul language or swearing often comes into play along with rolling eyes and profuse sweating.

→Fillers or words invoked in sentences that are far from straightforward bring about a change of subject from the fabricator.

→The perjurer knows how to give truthful answers off the point of the subject at hand.

→Deluders are masters at using “limited statements” for answers instead of responding with facts.

The truth about liars is what they are willing to do or give up for their lies. Going to the extreme to cover up falsehoods becomes an obsession for a number of reasons.trust in God

  1. Embarrassment
  2. Determined to be right
  3. Simple stubbornness
  4. One lie may be a ripple effect of other lies
  5. Covering for someone else
  6. Don’t want to be punished
  7. Giving up selfish lifestyles for money or materialism
  8. Desperation

Lying has become a national pastime. When one doesn’t receive what they want or need immediately, taking the situation into their own hands overrides patience.

The pain of knowing the truth has given into pre-conceived notions that many don’t want to hear or know the truth. Some people would rather be told a lie if it means the truth will hurt.  Hearing what people want to hear no matter the consequences is an American way of life now.

But is it worth losing your soul?

Proverbs 12:19 “Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.”





Is it Raining?

When it rains it pours.IRS

Trust has to be earned. Sincerity and honesty don’t come wrapped in a package with ribbons.

Unless you have been on another continent or stuck on a remote island with no communication with the outside world, understanding the truth of trust broken in America has hit an all time high.

As the leader of the free world stands behind a real podium and announces, “I had no idea any of this was going on” many questions fill my brain.

What was it Bill Clinton repeated over and over?  “I did not have sex with that girl?”

If there is a correlation here to the present condition of our government, it is a real lack of trust within the administration itself. One dept. after another including individuals would just as soon throw each other involved in the latest defamation of our freedoms under the next bus that drives by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trickle down suspicion is the first secret to be exposed. One by one the malice spreads until the dark shroud is lifted by some degree of confrontation or truth spilled unexpectedly. Lies eventually speak for themselves.

As if the latest explosions of treason weren’t on the radar, the only hold out was when they would detonate. If you didn’t see this coming you must have been watching the shopping channel.

The Obama Administration:

“The government has placed itself in the position of never getting caught. Do whatever needs to be done to get what we want. It doesn’t matter who you step on, what group you profile or what embassy gets blown up; we will press forward with the democratic agenda. If we have to we will rid the nation of conservatives who are racist, extreme terrorizing groups and individuals who desire to end abortions, stop Gay Marriage and use guns to shoot those of us who disagree with them.”

Unfortunately, attitudes such as the above are a result of the blindness of liberals. I for one am disgusted at the constant attacks, ridicule and lies being told about those of us who follow the constitution and live accordingly. After this past week, they have no argument. Besides the facts that have surfaced implying possible criminal activity is the sickening hypocrisy the left has hurled continuously at conservatives.morals

Regardless of how this plays out, consequences of sin from this government have already been set in motion. The absolute turnaround within the last few months of an arrogant, sanctimonious group of people is now emerging.

As I have written over and over, no matter what good may result from the present Government, issues such as homosexuality and abortion have been stipulated by God as reprehensible acts. These issues will trump anything else. God is not in the bargaining business.

America is a chosen nation by God to aid Israel. America is a chosen nation to financially bless other countries in need. America is a chosen nation by God to set an example for others to follow.

My prayer is that those who have misunderstood the truth will allow God to open their eyes and hearts. This is not about getting revenge or reprisal. It is about restoration and repentance for our nation that is hanging over many cliffs.

If I didn’t know any better, my sense is a new leader has moved into the Oval office.

2 Peter 2:19 “They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity—for “people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.”






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