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A Call to Prayer


History is repeating itself.

The names may have changed, only the game is the same.

The goal is annihilation; only it’s more than one nation.

The evil is anti-Semitic and full of hate; we need to stop this terrible fate.

Threats and demands are the order of their day; producing fear and destruction along the way.

How long do we wait to aid our brothers and sisters in Christ?

How long do they suffer while our government ponders their plight?

We have no excuse for leaving in the first place; they need the strong arm of America’s military base.


This is a call to prayer my friends; a call to God for this genocide to end.

So to those who read this, please pass it on so we can fight the enemy’s wrongs.

Ask God for his mercy; ask God for his grace so his people will repent and find peace all over the place.

2 Chronicles 7: 14 “If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”




Social Misgivings

In an age and nation where society is big on approval of each other, it falters in areas of stubbornness and hard heartedness.

The trouble amounts to a vast array of opinions. When you have no center or focal point of right or wrong it becomes an “anything goes” atmosphere. But it changes quickly to a fight when the next person comes along and their desires don’t match up with the last person’s opinion.

The result is nothing short of anarchy.

Anarchy is nothing short of selfish, self-serving, all-about-me promotion.

Labor Unions have poured heavy amounts of money into the Democratic party over the years. The President was backed by them in both elections. Supporting his policies, believing his speeches they now find themselves caught up in his lies.

Rendering the Affordable Care Act to the American people was never done. Slammed down our throats, the Labor Unions encouraged it, defended it and cheered on the President and Nancy Pelosi for passing such a game changer.

Union bosses are crying “fowl” over the bill realizing it will raise premiums and costs and employers will drop coverage and get it elsewhere. What this amounts to is the Unions losing a whole lot of money.

girl crying

Whatever the case or coverage, Union leaders aren’t going along with the plan now and are calling on the President for a repeal or overhaul.

The favored line the President used, “If you like your healthcare plan, keep it.” If union members drop out of union health insurance, the money won’t be there to cover the members who remain. This has one union boss basically calling what the President said, “an untruth.”

The Affordable Care Act is falling apart according to Harry Reid and Max Baucus. Both, especially Max Baucus were instrumental in getting this huge piece of legislation passed.

Republicans have spoken against it from the start and continue to hold votes to repeal it. The Senate which is led by Democrats votes against the repeal.

Catholics are suing the government against the mandate of selling birth control pills in their hospitals, clinics, etc.

Doctor hate it.

Small businesses reject it.

Conservative religious groups don’t want it.

Pro- life groups have protested it.

The NRF or National Retail Federation says it penalizes employers.

26 states have opted out of Obamacare

Even Mark Zuckerberg is running ads against Obamacare.

This list is not even close to the number of people, groups or individuals who have made it known they do not want this legislation.

People who cannot afford it or cannot pay the penalty if they don’t have it are:

Poor and impoverished
Laid off employees
Starving college students
Starving college students with thousands of dollars of student loans
Single parents

Now the Labor Unions don’t want it?

Employers have cut jobs due to the cost of this insurance.

Doctors are leaving their practices due to this insurance.

The 2700 pages of legislation is complicated, very costly and most don’t even know what is in it. Maybe Nancy Pelosi does. It is a TAX that the American people can’t afford, and the majority don’t want.

The IRS was tapped to handle the enforcement of this law.

Until now; the IRS scandal has changed everything.

The President isn’t backing down.

He says the legislation is here to stay.

“The Affordable Care Act” is the law of the land he said.

So what does this mean?

It means this President could care less what the American people need or want.

He is willing to betray those who placed him in office for this piece of legislation no one can figure out.

It means he is more interested in political gain than doing what is best for America.




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Verbal Repertoire

‘Our Nation Has Lost Its Way’

“I will not—cannot—vote for a candidate, regardless of their political affiliation, who supports same-sex marriage and advocates abortion. God will judge our nation if we continue down this path.”

                                                                       Franklin Graham, President, BGEA     

Dr. Billy Graham
Franklin Graham

Please read Franklin Grahams’ entire letter about the state of our nation at the following link:


Facebook is riddled with after debate comments, slams and compliments.

News outlets, political organizations and the likes of Michael Moore having what was labeled as a “meltdown” after the debate has over shadowed any other news.

Reading political rants about the differences in the two candidates and their verbal repertoire has intrigued me.

How? The question mark is how can an intelligent, knowledgeable, Christian have any doubt about the President? Prior to the debate he made clear his stance on Gay Marriage, abortion, and Israel.

These three issues are enough for any Christian to see the President’s will is not God’s will. One can claim Christianity, but living it or acting upon it automatically reveals the true nature of the heart.

As Christians, finding one or two areas that one candidate may oppose that you may believe in, does not alter the point. The point being abortion, gay marriage and 100% support of Israel trump any other belief.

The idea we are or should depend on any government for our basic necessities is frivolous jargon.

If we as Christians will vote as God sees fit for us to do so, he will take care of the economy, our debt and any issues that need his attention.

God can get money 24/7.

He has great connections with Heaven’s bank.

God has a hidden treasure chest just for debt.

He is the author of a stable, growing economy.

He ranks highest among healers and physicians.

God is the provider of all things welfare.

God’s army includes a strong, military base on earth.

He is the Department Head of Environmentalists.

His expertise in running any country cannot be matched.

He is “King of Kings” and “President of all things Presidential.”

BUT, we must first agree to live life Biblically.  What is the verse?

Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

When we place God first in our lives, he will supply abundance; not some, not a little, not a portion, or just partly, ABUNDANCE of everything we need.

The cliché phrase, “God does this for our own good” is that “God does this for our own good.” As we become more like him, our desires fly out the window and in flies God.

It was as clear as day how uncomfortable the President was on a stage with Mitt Romney. He appeared intimidated by his wisdom, and his facial expressions disdained and beaten down.

He was reserved, quiet and emerged as one who would rather be doing something else on a Wednesday night. He manifested himself opposite of his usual boisterous, arrogant, and cavalier personality.

Mitt Romney was factual, statistical and prepared. He was ready, excited and persuasive. No mask was involved or needed. His performance far exceeded the usual eloquent speaker beside him.

For the record, I have prayed for months for this election and our President. It was my hope he would grab hold of the opportunity of a lifetime that God gave him.

The President is not a man after God’s own heart. His heart is after a man he met once who left a legend of anti-colonialism in his wake. Spearheaded by this inoculation of piracy of colonized nations, a basis for a world order, the President’s ideals are opposite of our founding Fathers.

Evidence of his radical upbringing along with his anti-Israel avoidance has shouted loudly from the Oval Office for the last 4 years. His endearment to countries of violence and hate; his questionable involvements and lack of peace making derivatives claims no unity for America.

If anything, he has divided this country.

One dissemination remains.

There may be variations of policy or platform from each candidate,
but the groundwork is completely opposite. Both can’t be the truth.

John 8:32 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Thomas Sowell