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The World is a Stage


The world stage is playing out like a horror movie. Supported by enormous technological communication it is easier than ever before in history to find out in an instant what is going on across the planet. That may be questionably distressing or unnerving but in an off sense a depth of warning or protection.



As the phrase goes, God helps us in our troubles by walking through them with us.  Swallow that term because it is truly the means by which we survive and survive very well.

Faith really does come by hearing the word of God; reading and studying it, pondering his presence as he expresses himself in his own vernacular. It is his language, his lingo that brings forth the ability for us to trust him. Once the process is active, he gently enables his words to spring forth from his spirit to ours supernaturally resulting in faith.

One day you have no faith, the next you do. Explaining this gift is almost impossible.

As the world spirals out of control relying on the Creator in faith is the only successful path to follow.  Those moments, days, weeks or years we have no control over are breeding grounds for God to teach us faith.  

However there are times we have to act quickly applying trusting in him immediately. We may not be ready or believe that post we need to lean on is sturdy enough to carry us, but consider it the cross of Christ and faith becomes automatic.

If there was ever a time we need to rely on God, I believe it is now. He has an army of warriors he has been preparing for decades for such a time as this. History was made when the Israelite s were stuck between Pharaoh’s army and a sea of water that was impossible to cross. History is again raising its head to prove the God of Heaven is making a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. (Isaiah 43:19)

Faith in God removes fear. Victory is his as we rely on him to bring us to the Red Sea and through it. He is already there across on the other side before we arrive.

Believe beyond any doubt that moving forward now is imperative for the success of his purpose for us. It is no accident that God’s people living in this present age are facing colossal red seas but it is also an era of conquering unafraid.

Face the enemy with a mountain of trust in the God of Israel.

 Act like men and be courageous. (1 Corinthians 16:13)