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A Fresh Coat of Paint



I feel as if I have been gone from blogging too long, but this hasn’t been my choice. Life has simply gotten in the way of so many things keeping track is a lost cause. So I quit keeping track.

The list of semi-crisis to multiple interruptions is much too long. One after the other seem to be running together now. Life happens. But a break would be nice.

In the middle of the last sinus infection to our daughter’s diagnosis of strep throat/mononucleosis was a business venture that seemed questionable. And as of the other day my husband is looking at possible oral surgery due to a horizontal wisdom tooth crushing the one next to it which is now on its way out of his mouth no matter what.

During this flurry of trying to keep up, tenants left one of my rentals. There is something therapeutic about taking a property from a state of disarray by giving it a fresh coat of paint, a visit from Mr. Clean and landscaping done by someone other than HGTV. It also helps that God connects the dots for the needs as they appear sending me the right people to do the right job.painter_5

A few times lately God has surprised me with little reminders of his presence in the chaos of my life. For instance. Yesterday as I was getting my schedule in place I realized I was going to have 3 different people to work at different times but I only had 2 keys to the house.  Searching the best “key maker” in town was my next move. At that point, feeling somewhat overwhelmed with so much on my plate my cell phone rang.

The painter on the other end of the line sounding somewhat frantic said,

“I locked myself out of the house. If you have another key I will swing by right now and have a few copies made to give you.”

Not only did he have the keys made, he paid for them himself.

And remember I mentioned a questionable business venture? From the beginning my husband and I both didn’t have a good feeling about it. Given some time the truth came out. The Holy Spirit had impressed upon us both there was something wrong. In this revelation I was also given the opportunity to speak the truth concerning certain business tactics that were debatable and problematic. It didn’t end well because this person refused to believe the truth. But a huge seed was planted…..

 Matthew 10:11-15 NIV 

“Whatever town or village you enter, search there for some worthy person and stay at their house until you leave. As you enter the home, give it your greeting. If the home is deserving, let your peace rest on it; if it is not, let your peace return to you. If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.”




3 thoughts on “A Fresh Coat of Paint

  1. Oh, I love this image at the top of the page. Did you paint that? Blessings, Natalie 🙂

  2. and I thought I was preoccupied with the impending birth of my first grandchild! Geeze louse are you busy! 🙂 But I always love watching how God enables me to do what even I don’t think I can do! I can safely say without a doubt, God’s solutions are always so much better than mine! 🙂 Love that scripture you used too! 🙂 prayers for the husband and his dental woes!

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