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Guardian Property Management, LLC

This is our home based property management company. I am a SC Licensed Property Manager in Charge with 8 years of prior experience.  We can manage your property for you whether it is a home, condo, apartment, or even commercial  property. Our services include renting, leasing, application preparation, collecting rent and supervising maintenance.

If you are in need of any of these services or just a few we can help. Our fees are based upon your needs and location of property.

Please leave me a reply message on my blog and I will get back in touch with you.



It Just Makes Sense

Growing up in church was not always that great. I must admit my journey has taken many detours and I have ended up here. By that I mean I finally understand what church was meant for although I didn’t learn it there. Most of what I have learned about the Christian faith came from experience; the side roads I took taught me life lessons as I ventured out on my own and off  of God’s path. Let me just say for the reader’s sake that I don’t recommend going that route. It is long, hard and often very difficult to rectify.

However I do know that my foundation in church plus having family members like my mother and aunt influenced me greatly. Remembering my childhood in church was listening to long, boring sermons, eating great food and running around the church building. John 3:16 stood out as my most memorable Bible verse but didn’t everyone know that verse?

Jesus is real. Every day he becomes more real to me than the day before. Depending on what I am going through or dealing with at the time, Jesus always shows up. He really showed up first in my twenties when I started having one crisis after another. Maybe I just thought he arrived then but really he was there all along; I wasn’t paying attention. Funny how that works; we get ourselves into trouble and what do we do? We pull a Jonah on God. After we are swallowed up by a whale we cry out to God to get us out. I am so glad God has a sense of humor because his own stories are a reflection of how he knew we would turn out.

No matter what I have been through I know Jesus is the answer. I didn’t use to believe that. I always wondered why preachers preached that. Now I know. It says it in Colossians 2: 2-3. It speaks of Jesus being the mystery of God where all treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden. I find that to be fascinating! It just makes sense.

Why wouldn’t God have provided some way out of everything? He is God isn’t he? If you really ponder those verses you realize that the plan was always there even if we didn’t think that it was. No matter what we do that plan is always in place. Our job is to find the plan God has specifically designed for us as individuals. Knowing that God would want to pay that much attention to each of us is a mystery in itself. After all we are descendants of Adam and Eve and we know how that turned out.

God placed a desire for writing in my heart at a very young age.  Finally, after raising our daughter, working outside of the home most of my life, I have the time. There was also the issue that I didn’t know what to write about. Seven months ago God showed me when my father became very ill and miraculously saved dad’s life. God wanted me to write about Jesus.  It was one of those “light bulb” moments that went off in my head. I have the opportunity to tell my stories to encourage, enlighten and guide others in their walk with the Lord.

For the first time in my life I know that God doesn’t waste anything. He takes our mistakes and turns them into lessons. He takes our pain and replaces it with his comfort and peace. He takes discouragement, despair and heartache and fills our hearts with his presence. The “alone time” I have spent with the Father learning about him is finally being written down hopefully to teach others to seek him voluntarily; he is waiting.

My original reason for writing was more for personal gain.  The desire to write has now become a place to sink my thoughts and real life experiences into the hearts and minds of those who hear a servant sending a message.  The message is one of unconditional love from the Creator of the Universe that is deeply rooted in the cross. There is no match for Christ’s resurrection.

Realizing the common sense standpoint of the Bible and Christianity has truly opened my eyes to the reality that there is no other way to live. Having a personal relationship with Jesus brings everything to a full circle. Getting to know God by his standards, not the way of the world helps us to become more like him. Simply put, it just makes sense to follow Jesus.

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The Cat from Gladiator

She came into our lives through some friends in our church. She was small but a beautiful calico with huge green eyes. Living in the wild for the first year of her life, it was obvious she was not tame. The evidence of survival was her tone and lifeline. That would not change for some time.

The family that found her also took in her sister. Along with 3 dogs keeping both stray cats was not something they could manage. They would keep one cat and well, take the other to the “grim reaper.”  My daughter and I love cats so we rescued her from a horrible fate and brought her home.

The teenage son of the family who found her for some reason named her after Maximus Decimus Meridius or Russell Crowe in the movie “Gladiator.”  In the beginning we could not see any connection or similarity between her and the character.  As time passed we noticed her hunting skills to be much like “Maximus Meridius” along with her fierce capability to stand up for herself.  She also exhibited some very strong vocal chords that eventually would lead to her getting just about whatever she wanted. Maybe she really did turn out to be Russell Crowe’s shadow. So Maxi became part of our family.

Maxi was not content to stay in the house. Her prior existence showed up daily in her behavior and desire to be outdoors. It was her nature; her love to feel free lying in the sun or hunting at dawn for the food she no longer had to catch. She knew no other life but to fend for herself and at times this broke my heart. How I wish we spoke the same language. As difficult as it was to allow her out in the midst of danger, it was harder to watch her suffer indoors. I believe Maxi has her own “Guardian Angel” who watches over her and protects her.

Maxi has moved with us 4 times in the short 8 years she has lived with us. The third house we lived in the mountains we put a cat door in so she could come and go as she wanted. Finally after a few weeks she got the hang of it and seemed quite pleased with her independence.  We had no idea what we were in for that summer as she proceeded to show us her gratitude daily. Somehow she managed to bring in the house mice, shrews, rats, bunnies, birds, snakes and even a live bat. We lost count of the gifts as they ran through the house, or hid under furniture. Maxi was disillusioned by our disposing of her hunt. She couldn’t understand after all her effort day after day carrying these creatures in her mouth through the cat door why we didn’t enjoy these treats as much as she did. Once we had to move again, we found mice behind some of the furniture that she had chased all over the house and left for dead.

She has calmed down as far as the gifts go, although every once in a while she appears at the back door with a shrew hanging out of her mouth. Funny as it always is she is just being a cat as my husband says.

We live in a much warmer climate now and have a swing in the backyard made out of hammock rope. She naps in it and loves for me to swing her! Just like a child she rocks back and forth and even allows me to sit beside her when she is in the mood. It is a sight to behold.

Maxi is a work in progress, but she has come a long way. Often her days of lonely survival rise up and she becomes that wild kitten found in the mountains again. She has become a lap cat and sleeps next to me almost every night. She is my constant companion, makes me laugh and is a great conversationalist!