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Stoic Inability

After reading an article “Can America Survive Obama” my first reaction was “Can Obama Survive America?”

I guess it is difficult at the top; the supposed most important person on earth. The position holds a certain amount of stoicism and indifference yet commands a post of authority, until now.

That range of leadership quotas or traits has met its heightened agenda.

In leadership, the tone or atmosphere is set by the top dog.  No wonder our country is in a mood.

Most Presidents of the past led with a love for America. Even those whom I disagreed with implemented a high spirit of admiration and appreciation for the land we live in. The Office of President was viewed with authority and honor for those who have come and gone through sacrifice and determination.  Not so now.

How could we as a nation be full of joy and hope when our leader and his cronies have deliberately taken it away?

America was not founded upon abortion or homosexuality

America was not founded on a national healthcare system forcing people out of work

America was not founded on the degradation and defunding of our military

America was not founded on Unions who attempt to fund themselves from other hard working people

America was not founded on taxing its workers for:

Indonesian students to get a Masters Degree (16-20 million$)
New soccer field at Guantanamo Bay ($750,000)
Pakistan farmers program to produce more mangos (30 million$)
Dinner at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse for the postal service ($13,500.00)
Health & Human services plans to spend 500 million $ to learn why 5 year old children can’t sit still in a  classroom                                                

America was not founded upon a system to “spread the wealth”

America was not founded on Gun Control, spying on its people, targeting certain groups by the IRS and certain conservative journalists

America was not founded upon a welfare state to promote a welfare state

America was not founded upon funding and siding with terrorists

America was not founded on an agenda against Israel and removing God from our lives

The “Stoics” philosophy was born around 300 B.C.  Based on the belief that individuals were valued; self-discipline was taught and practiced to grow in wisdom and virtue.  True happiness was born out of reason to understand events taking place around them and to separate from harmful and destructive emotions. Stoicism was based on the theory that students who learned it should distance themselves from ordinary society while at the same time aiding its growth through their example and service.

The philosophy while it had its good points was steeped in elite intellect. They believed in strict and constant training of Ethics, Logic and Physics as a way of life. Techniques of resolving conflict and overcoming difficult circumstances resulted from a breakdown from language interpretation and how the mind dissects sensory impressions to become memories.

The depth of such ideology would leave many in the wake of ignorance.

As Marcus Aurelius, Seneca the Younger and a man named Epictetus rose to great fame for their teachings of stoicism, it didn’t survive. It was drastic change, created division and very possibly became boring and repetitious.  Much of it in simpler terms was unattainable by the masses.

So it is today.  We have leaders who have rammed unwanted radical changes down our throats, divided this country as never before in the realms of racism, political views and religious liberty, and repeated the same old rhetoric of hate and domination.  The policies and laws passed are ridiculously “lost in translation” as we have to read the bills to find out what is in them.

If history repeats itself, and it does, failure is eminent. The latest change in the healthcare law may be viewed by liberal leftist as a “genius” implementation.  Once lies take precedence there is no credibility to believe anything spoken.  The boy who cried wolf is sitting on the fence of death as he continues his rants.

In the midst of judgment, God has changed hearts. He is doing that now.

While we celebrate this great nation today, know that God is building his army; dispersing his angelic forces and weeding out evil across the earth.

Watch the flowers grow and know they were not planted by reason, but love.

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On who’s Authority?

If anyone has any doubts about some of the Senate Democrats true position it was brought to light this past week.

Those up for re-election in November decided against the Gun Control law proposed because they live in states where hunting and the NRA are prominent.

Instead of going along with the President and other gun control leaders, these Senators placed their political aspirations above what the government would consider “safety provisions.”

What happened to Gabby Giffords was unconscionable. From a personal standpoint she appears to be a very nice person; the kind you would want for a friend or neighbor.

In a noticeable defeat, the President had her stand beside him as he angrily attacked the Senators in his party for what they termed as “betrayal.”

“Shame on you” he barks.

Gabby Giffords was heard saying later, “I am angry. Senators who blocked the bill are cowards.”

Since her attack, it has been discovered how mentally ill the perpetrator was and is.

Alongside of Jared Lee Loughner are James Holmes and Adam Lanza.  All 3 with serious deranged and psychotic issues.

Imagining her recovery is difficult to comprehend. She is a fighter with a spirit of strength to go with it. I admire her guts and willingness to get up every day with what must be problematic and challenging issues.528203_10200839733576268_350914574_n

However, gun background checks would not have stopped what Jared Lee Loughner set out to do.

Gallup: Only 4% of Americans think gun control is an important problem

A criminal is not going to abide by the law and neither is an unbalanced lunatic.

The appearance of the use of other weapons such as knives and bombs in recent attacks make gun control of no use and a violation of our 2nd Amendment rights.

The ripple effect of mood has centered on the depressive, negative animosity from the Obama administration. As he stands in front of American’s sulking over a loss of what he deems is right according to him, is an embarrassment.

His arrogant nature has been hard for his own party to deal with. His willful scolding’s to tell the people of this country what to do is not an accepted approach nor is it pliable. He works for us; we don’t work for him.

The hypocrisy of his agenda is he cannot take what he dishes out. As his own party defected on this gun bill he received the same from them as he has done to so many of us.

Politics as usual only this time it was not in his favor.72683_10200832032063735_1454748188_n





Copyright @ 2013 All Rights Reserved


In this picture made available Tuesday Feb. 5, 2013, US actor Bruce Willis , arrives for the premiere of the movie 'A Good Day to Die Hard' in Berlin, Germany, Monday Feb. 4, 2013. (AP Photo/dpa, Britta Pedersen)

For the most part I agree with Bruce Willis. He is against gun control and infringement upon our 2nd Amendment rights. However he does not believe violence and crime in Hollywood/movies/TV should be seen as an influence. I beg to differ; I believe we are definitely influenced by what we see, hear and watch.


An Advocate for “Nihilism?”

The description of “nihilism” has been thrashed about by well-meaning but mis-guided individuals who claim to know Jesus. As we sit back and do nothing but hide behind the facades of reality, we are pinned up on a cork board of the intellects of religious modernism.

The radical idea of our freedom to bear arms is a counterfeit to our pro-life stance; this written as they protest the evils of war as if to stand unarmed defenseless.

Maybe they should borrow David’s slingshot.  Didn’t he fight against the Philistine with God’s blessing?gun control

Had Israel not continued to fight, the lineage of Jesus would not exist. It is almost an insult to God to believe otherwise.

The following blog-post caught my attention last night. And then I exploded.


After this theologian of modernistic behavior or whatever he claims to be blatantly called out Governor Huckabee for his stance on guns, he twisted it around other issues.

How can you believe in guns and be pro-life?

How can you justify what that madman did?

He called those of us who believe “God has been taken out of schools” had nothing to do with what the shooter did, as “nihilism.”  In other words a façade to cover up the real issues; or ignore them such as “Gun control.”

Luke 22:36 “He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

He seems to like that word “nihilism.” He defined the 1980 Secretary of the Interior as one for his “lack of interest in environmental concerns since Jesus is returning soon.” What?

This was the kicker. “Christians who believe in Pro-life yet glorify in the culture of death, worshipping the altar of violence and pledge allegiance to arms” and so on and so on. His words are sickening.

Iraq Air Force

He had the wrong person read that post. My fierce guardianship and protection of our Armed forces will not allow me to keep my mouth shut when one such coward spews his hate for those who gave/give him the freedom to speak!

His jugular points are nothing but notably negative deceptions; he has postmarked many Christians into a “box” full of useless paper ads. To be honest, I am not sure which side he is on.

His barrage of defilement towards Christians is somewhat questionable; especially to one who may be secular. The use of the words “many” or “refuse” or “versions” of Christianity he displays would do nothing more than confuse a non-believer.

However, it is indisputable his efforts to claim Governor Huckabee as a gun-toting, bomb throwing junkie who happens to be a Preacher on the side. I am no Preacher, but he may as well add my name to his list of Huckabee wanna bees…….as he so specifically spelled out we sanction for preemptive wars, and remain quiet as we drop  bombs on innocent people.2nd amendment

To ease my infuriated soul while writing him a nasty reply, I cordially and “largely” invited him to come to our Air Force base. Spelling out the necessities of our heroes who have and do fight daily for him to spew his anti-military hate, I advised him we do live behind a bomb site. I thought he needed to be aware that I have confiscated some of those unused bombs to do just as he said; drop on innocent heads…I won’t say it.

As an addition to my speech to Mr. Snider I made it clear how safe I feel living here. I can only imagine the amount of ammo/weapons stashed.

His agenda that most Christians are “environmentally challenged war mongers” is not in my Bible.

So, where did he get his Theology? It must be “nihilism.”





P. S.  He was referenced by the LGBT community for his support of Gay rights after a speech he gave August 13, 2012. I guess he hasn’t read Leviticus 18:22 “You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination.”


The Freedom to Degrade is a Smoking Pit

I joined onemillionmoms.com today since JCP has again outlined a family Christmas commercial using Ellen DeGeneres with 3 elves. You would think since JCP started a real “sinking ship” the minute they grabbed her for their spokesperson they might re-think that idea?

According to onemillionmoms.com letters of “boycott” have been sent to JCP. Blaming dramatic changes in marketing strategies, stocks that fell .67 a share and internet sales dropped 33%, the stores CEO reiterates their plans are on track. Really? They won’t be for long if all of us moms leave JCP out of our shopping sprees.money


What about the poor kid on 2 and ½ Men? I have never watched one single episode of that show for the very reasons Angus Jones spoke about. I applaud his gestures of truth. The producers/show staff has all but shown him the door of impeachment. Making light of his new-found faith, the ridicules have cemented my thoughts all along of the shady scenes behind the scenes of such “filth.” And don’t even think of yelling at me since he is getting paid so much. At least he might use it for good.


http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-207_162-57557620/les-moonves-reacts-to-angus-t-jones-two-and-a-half-men-rant/chuck norris

And who can forget the famous words of Bob Costas? He hates guns, is in favor of gun control yet walks around with armed security. Ugh……hypocrisy?  Don’t come to my house Mr. Costas; we are “packed.”


There is no greater power grabber than the newly elected President. Since re-elected he rides around campaigning with America or some who agree with him promoting his spending/tax raising socialistic downgrade. Forget getting down to work or warding off a “fiscal cliff.” He isn’t interested.socialism

If you think he cares about helping the poor, the victims of Hurricane Sandy, or saving jobs, look at his record; what has he done? He has a bunch of mad, homeless people in NY and NJ after his photo stop before the election.


Thousands of jobs were cut hours after his re-election due to Obamacare and he continues to align himself with unions, abortionists, and anything anti-God. And for all his sentimental hugs and “America is with you” he is taking his family to Hawaii for 2 weeks of vacation on our tax dollars. $4 million to be exact.

The President has one particular interest in mind right now and it isn’t to improve America. It is to get revenge on the Republican Party. His sly and scheming lies of getting re-elected were made of promises to those who would vote for him. He brought home the bacon and the people of Detroit are calling it in.


Charles Krauthammer summed up the new Chief and his power-play goals in his latest opinion article; http://www.theitem.com/opinion/it-s-nothing-but-a-power-play/article_aa2b9e0e-9e4d-54eb-bd58-2338883f762e.html

Now he believes he should be given a blank check to spend, spend and do more spending. But more than that is his obvious disdain for upper class Americans who represent anything and everything conservative.


One who slaps on a wide grin while his heart is deep in hate is not to be trusted. “A fool’s lips bring him strife, and his mouth invites a beating.” Proverbs 18:6

I believe the President is laughing all the way to the bank; with our money of course. Worried about getting re-elected, he now has deemed himself as one who can change the weather.

He truly has fooled many; or enough to get him 4 more years of puffed up speeches, golf games and trips. On our money of course.

He must be thinking, “This has been way too easy.”  But….

His free ride is temporary. It comes with a dangerously, high price.

A price you shouldn’t stake your life upon.

If you play with fire, eventually you will get burned.