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Mental Health and the 2nd Amendment

The case years ago brings to attention some important issues today.

Summing up my observation of this particular mentally ill woman was she was never a threat to anyone, including me. If anything she was her own worst enemy.

During those weeks of following her around, I was never told she had hurt or harmed anyone. For the most part she wanted attention, love or affection.

Her husband told me long before this uncontrollable event he had given her a gun to keep with her; for her own safety. He had trained her himself as to how to use it.

It made sense to me as he was gone a lot so I never questioned it.

The truth is while she was medicated there would have been no reason whatsoever for me or anyone else to believe she would not be responsible in using a pistol for self-defense.

However, when un-medicated she was not responsible for anything much less using a gun.

Where do you draw the line?317512_351786084931609_1113885996_n

She was alone much of the time.

Her husband felt she could handle a gun knowing her condition.

I knew them for over a year before there was any reason for me to think she was mentally ill.

The question arises who is responsible?

Who should be able to own a gun?

There are many nut jobs out there. We hear about them every day now.

Maybe the question should be who should not own a gun?

Let’s see:


Doctor ordered cases of Psychiatry/Psychology or Counseling or the Aged such as those with Dementia/Alzheimer’s/etc.

Registered Sex offenders


Questionable foreigners?

The list is all well and good but 3 on that list will get a gun no matter what if they want one bad enough.

One thing I do know is it is not the government’s job.

The family is or should be responsible for each other.

If not, the local community, counselors, doctors, Pastors, lawyers or law enforcement.

The real answer? Get right with God.

This discussion wouldn’t be necessary if that happened.



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In this picture made available Tuesday Feb. 5, 2013, US actor Bruce Willis , arrives for the premiere of the movie 'A Good Day to Die Hard' in Berlin, Germany, Monday Feb. 4, 2013. (AP Photo/dpa, Britta Pedersen)

For the most part I agree with Bruce Willis. He is against gun control and infringement upon our 2nd Amendment rights. However he does not believe violence and crime in Hollywood/movies/TV should be seen as an influence. I beg to differ; I believe we are definitely influenced by what we see, hear and watch.


Are you part of the Solution or the Problem? (2)

Have you ever prayed a prayer like this?

“Dear Lord, I really hope I am wrong about this. God, I want to be wrong. Please show me your will.”

Countless issues have come along when this cry became a daily prayer. Repetition has given me the answers from God on each one. When you do it over and over and nothing changes, you can almost guarantee you are right. God keeps quiet; a silence that speaks. In that stillness is his response.

At times, I have sat down with God writing the pros and cons of the quandary hoping to convince myself how wrong my conclusions are. It never works. Don’t mistake this for a self-imposed wise-guy. The days of checking myself in to eat many of my words began decades ago.

Once this process begins, my prayer has additional comments like: “God if this isn’t your will, please remove whatever needs to be removed and replace it with you. If I am right, Lord, please show me how to deal with it.”

For instance; pretend you overheard a conversation you probably weren’t suppose to hear. Finding out your best friend is involved in some rather questionable activity is a shock.

Confronting them about the accusation, they deny it. As best friends you want to believe them, but something tells you they lied to your face. Later, the truth comes out and your best friend is no longer the person you thought they were.

Unfortunately, our nation is living on the edge of many delusions of grandeur. Those in high places use their persuasive rhetoric to convince people of their lies. There is no guilt whatsoever in refuting the truth to get what they want.

More shocking are the Christians who have changed the Bible to fit their desires. When did Bible doctrine change on marriage? Who decided living together before marriage was ok? When did the art of lying become Biblical? When did the Bible change concerning war? Has “thou shalt not commit murder” been removed from the 10 Commandments?

God is still the same and so is his word.gun control

My confession here is I have hoped I was wrong about the church. The President. The direction our country is headed. Even, people I know.

Learning years ago my instincts were good, but the Holy Spirit is perfect brought me to this place of questioning.

It appears easy to follow the “crowd” who seems to be in control or changing the rules. Why fight it? Why not go along with them?

The answer: 1 John 2:21 “I do not write to you because you do not know the truth, but because you do know it and because no lie comes from the truth.”

Too many are making decisions and judgments for others without a Biblical base. After reading the following article written by Richard Pierard, a well-educated historian, Professor and Baptist, my perception of the church has been correct. I totally believe changes need to be made in the church, but this is not the way to do it, nor is it Biblical.


People like him make the rest of us look bad. He believes he knows the changes Evangelicals need to make. He wrote:

  1. Southern Baptist need to get rid of Dr. Richard Land: Ethics and Religious Liberty President
  2. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association needs to fire Franklin Graham
  3. “Christianity Today” magazine should cater more to centrist liberals instead of making knee jerk republican positions. The founder of the magazine is Dr. Billy Graham
  4. Evangelicals need to get off of the abortion issue while supporting the right to arms, the death penalty, and the war in Afghanistan and deny the very real threat of climate change.

This Professor Emeritus of History from Indiana State University, and Fulbright Professor at the University of Frankfurt may be educated and a lifelong Baptist, but I question if he really knows Jesus.spirit filled

Forgive me, but I think he is representative of the problem.





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The Freedom to Degrade is a Smoking Pit

I joined onemillionmoms.com today since JCP has again outlined a family Christmas commercial using Ellen DeGeneres with 3 elves. You would think since JCP started a real “sinking ship” the minute they grabbed her for their spokesperson they might re-think that idea?

According to onemillionmoms.com letters of “boycott” have been sent to JCP. Blaming dramatic changes in marketing strategies, stocks that fell .67 a share and internet sales dropped 33%, the stores CEO reiterates their plans are on track. Really? They won’t be for long if all of us moms leave JCP out of our shopping sprees.money


What about the poor kid on 2 and ½ Men? I have never watched one single episode of that show for the very reasons Angus Jones spoke about. I applaud his gestures of truth. The producers/show staff has all but shown him the door of impeachment. Making light of his new-found faith, the ridicules have cemented my thoughts all along of the shady scenes behind the scenes of such “filth.” And don’t even think of yelling at me since he is getting paid so much. At least he might use it for good.


http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-207_162-57557620/les-moonves-reacts-to-angus-t-jones-two-and-a-half-men-rant/chuck norris

And who can forget the famous words of Bob Costas? He hates guns, is in favor of gun control yet walks around with armed security. Ugh……hypocrisy?  Don’t come to my house Mr. Costas; we are “packed.”


There is no greater power grabber than the newly elected President. Since re-elected he rides around campaigning with America or some who agree with him promoting his spending/tax raising socialistic downgrade. Forget getting down to work or warding off a “fiscal cliff.” He isn’t interested.socialism

If you think he cares about helping the poor, the victims of Hurricane Sandy, or saving jobs, look at his record; what has he done? He has a bunch of mad, homeless people in NY and NJ after his photo stop before the election.


Thousands of jobs were cut hours after his re-election due to Obamacare and he continues to align himself with unions, abortionists, and anything anti-God. And for all his sentimental hugs and “America is with you” he is taking his family to Hawaii for 2 weeks of vacation on our tax dollars. $4 million to be exact.

The President has one particular interest in mind right now and it isn’t to improve America. It is to get revenge on the Republican Party. His sly and scheming lies of getting re-elected were made of promises to those who would vote for him. He brought home the bacon and the people of Detroit are calling it in.


Charles Krauthammer summed up the new Chief and his power-play goals in his latest opinion article; http://www.theitem.com/opinion/it-s-nothing-but-a-power-play/article_aa2b9e0e-9e4d-54eb-bd58-2338883f762e.html

Now he believes he should be given a blank check to spend, spend and do more spending. But more than that is his obvious disdain for upper class Americans who represent anything and everything conservative.


One who slaps on a wide grin while his heart is deep in hate is not to be trusted. “A fool’s lips bring him strife, and his mouth invites a beating.” Proverbs 18:6

I believe the President is laughing all the way to the bank; with our money of course. Worried about getting re-elected, he now has deemed himself as one who can change the weather.

He truly has fooled many; or enough to get him 4 more years of puffed up speeches, golf games and trips. On our money of course.

He must be thinking, “This has been way too easy.”  But….

His free ride is temporary. It comes with a dangerously, high price.

A price you shouldn’t stake your life upon.

If you play with fire, eventually you will get burned.