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Stoic Inability


After reading an article “Can America Survive Obama” my first reaction was “Can Obama Survive America?”

I guess it is difficult at the top; the supposed most important person on earth. The position holds a certain amount of stoicism and indifference yet commands a post of authority, until now.

That range of leadership quotas or traits has met its heightened agenda.

In leadership, the tone or atmosphere is set by the top dog.  No wonder our country is in a mood.

Most Presidents of the past led with a love for America. Even those whom I disagreed with implemented a high spirit of admiration and appreciation for the land we live in. The Office of President was viewed with authority and honor for those who have come and gone through sacrifice and determination.  Not so now.

How could we as a nation be full of joy and hope when our leader and his cronies have deliberately taken it away?

America was not founded upon abortion or homosexuality

America was not founded on a national healthcare system forcing people out of work

America was not founded on the degradation and defunding of our military

America was not founded on Unions who attempt to fund themselves from other hard working people

America was not founded on taxing its workers for:

Indonesian students to get a Masters Degree (16-20 million$)
New soccer field at Guantanamo Bay ($750,000)
Pakistan farmers program to produce more mangos (30 million$)
Dinner at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse for the postal service ($13,500.00)
Health & Human services plans to spend 500 million $ to learn why 5 year old children can’t sit still in a  classroom                                                

America was not founded upon a system to “spread the wealth”

America was not founded on Gun Control, spying on its people, targeting certain groups by the IRS and certain conservative journalists

America was not founded upon a welfare state to promote a welfare state

America was not founded upon funding and siding with terrorists

America was not founded on an agenda against Israel and removing God from our lives

The “Stoics” philosophy was born around 300 B.C.  Based on the belief that individuals were valued; self-discipline was taught and practiced to grow in wisdom and virtue.  True happiness was born out of reason to understand events taking place around them and to separate from harmful and destructive emotions. Stoicism was based on the theory that students who learned it should distance themselves from ordinary society while at the same time aiding its growth through their example and service.

The philosophy while it had its good points was steeped in elite intellect. They believed in strict and constant training of Ethics, Logic and Physics as a way of life. Techniques of resolving conflict and overcoming difficult circumstances resulted from a breakdown from language interpretation and how the mind dissects sensory impressions to become memories.

The depth of such ideology would leave many in the wake of ignorance.

As Marcus Aurelius, Seneca the Younger and a man named Epictetus rose to great fame for their teachings of stoicism, it didn’t survive. It was drastic change, created division and very possibly became boring and repetitious.  Much of it in simpler terms was unattainable by the masses.

So it is today.  We have leaders who have rammed unwanted radical changes down our throats, divided this country as never before in the realms of racism, political views and religious liberty, and repeated the same old rhetoric of hate and domination.  The policies and laws passed are ridiculously “lost in translation” as we have to read the bills to find out what is in them.

If history repeats itself, and it does, failure is eminent. The latest change in the healthcare law may be viewed by liberal leftist as a “genius” implementation.  Once lies take precedence there is no credibility to believe anything spoken.  The boy who cried wolf is sitting on the fence of death as he continues his rants.

In the midst of judgment, God has changed hearts. He is doing that now.

While we celebrate this great nation today, know that God is building his army; dispersing his angelic forces and weeding out evil across the earth.

Watch the flowers grow and know they were not planted by reason, but love.

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3 thoughts on “Stoic Inability

  1. Hearts are changing everyday. As more and more believers pray for the conversion of souls, and strive to live a more holy life in Christ, eyes and ears are being opened. May God bless the USA, and the whole world.

  2. Aww I hate reading what he’s doing to America because it is truly a great nation!

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