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Annoying Thorns


The refrigerator quit working.

Cat got sick.

Cleaning the pool wreaked havoc on my arm muscles.

The husband is still having pain from his surgery; may need more surgery.

Finally got the grass cut after a deluge of rain; wish we could have sent it to those who are drought stricken.

Seems I need lessons in walking. Fell on my front porch steps.

Am I complaining? No….

Friday afternoon late we discovered water all over the floor; fridge was leaking. Repairman showed up around 6pm. He fixed it for a little over $100.00!

Cat is better since I poured Benadryl down her throat. She wasn’t too happy about that.

Thank the good Lord for ice packs, ibuprofen and Flector Patches I can now move my arm without shrieking in pain!

Bruises are now a nice greenish purple color.

Unsure what to do about the “farmers” lack of his wisdom tooth.

Why does it seem sometimes everything happens at once?

Is there some great clue to give us a heads up of these emergency fiascos?

Oh I know this is just life. Maybe we need a break here?

These cataclysmic minor catastrophes are just that. Minor. More of an annoyance than anything else; but the enemy’s attacks none the less.

The devil uses a constant barrage of dirty tricks to distract us; or keep us in panic mode over the smallest of details.

One debacle after another appears to be his mode of aggression.

His foray of defilement must be fun to him since he continues his invasion of disturbing frustrations.

Unfortunately I have gotten so use to these vexations of my time I know where they originate.
And….I won’t let him get the best of me.

This area of learning from God is a classroom of infinite lessons;
some of which are not pleasurable or on my next to do list.
But, placing these demons on our chopping blocks must be explored.
Otherwise, you will become a drudge to his chains of foreboding distress.

Do yourself a favor and kick him out the back door.

You accomplish this great feat by remaining C-A-L-M in the midst of his pathetic storms. Where did we hear this? Oh yes. Jesus slept in the boat completely unaware of the raging monsoon around him.

His example of serenity and tranquility is the definition of peace.

Jesus is so perfect in his examples we have no excuse but to give it our best shot every time.

Failure may occur. But! You might just get that one instance that your patience kicks in, peace takes over and the broken down appliances or ailing cat are no longer a “thorn in your side.”

2 Corinthians 12:7 “In order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.”






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2 thoughts on “Annoying Thorns

  1. i call it the valleys and mountains of life. God says we will have trials and good times

  2. I have one thing after another going on here too, but tackle them with a song on my heart. Thank God for His calming presence and His saving grace.
    God Bless you & yours!

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