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The Antithesis of Communication


Her eyes are runny and itchy. She is stopped up so she snores when she sleeps.

She is still eating pretty well so I assume it is allergies.
We were out of allergy medicine for her so I made a trip to the drugstore.

Needing some liquid Benadryl or the generic brand, I found a bottle of the
Walgreen’s brand only it was Bubble Gum flavored. Not her favorite.

Asking this young new pharmacist if they had any other, he kindly stepped out from behind the counter.

He asked me some questions.

“Why do you need liquid?”

Me: “Because she can’ take pills.”

Pharmacist: “How old is she?”

Me: “Oh, she’s 10.”

Pharmacist: “She is 10 and only takes liquid medicine?”

Me: “Yes.

Pharmacist: “Why won’t she take pills?”

Me: “Well, that would be a little difficult.”

Pharmacist:” I know a lot of 10 year olds that take pills. Is she afraid of them?”

Me: “No. It would be a little hard for me to put it down her throat.”

Pharmacist: “You would have to put a pill down her throat?”

Me: “Yes. How else would I give it to her?”

Pharmacist: “Can’t she take it herself?”

Me: “No, she doesn’t know what medicine is and if it tastes bad she isn’t likely to try it on her own.”

The Pharmacist looked at me with a rather shocked look on his face.

Pharmacist:”She doesn’t know what medicine is?”

Me: “No. How could she?”

Pharmacist: “Most 10 year olds know what medicine is. Has she ever had any before?”

Me: “Well, not much. In her short life she has been quite healthy. Even at her age she still gets out a lot. She loves being outside. That keeps her little body in shape.”

Pharmacist: “Exercise is good. 10 year olds need to get out.”

Looking at me again he seemed perplexed.

He found a bottle of generic liquid Benadryl that was Cherry flavored. He asked me if that would work.

Me:”Yes, but she isn’t big on flavor if you know what I mean. So how much do I give her? She is 10, but weighs 8 pounds. Does weight make a difference in the dosage?”

The Pharmacist looked at me and responded rather loudly,

“What? She only weighs 8 pounds? What have you done to her? Do you not feed her?”

Me: “Of course I feed her. She loves crab meat, salmon and most fish. She isn’t a big fan of chicken.”

Pharmacist: “Ma’am. This sounds like child abuse. I am going to have to report you.”

Me: “What? Why? because my cat doesn’t’ like chicken?”

He gave me the liquid cherry flavored Benadryl, shook his head and walked away.

I left laughing!




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10 thoughts on “The Antithesis of Communication

  1. cute story and your kitty is precious.

  2. Another funny one! You had me laughing! Hey, you might like this one.don’t know if you ever saw it..i was reminded of it by your “did jesus have a facebook” heading… I love your writings..you’re so witty and comical! Love it! http://lynleahz.com/2012/06/25/ask-yourself-what-would-jesus-do/ God bless you sister!

  3. that was so cute, and the cat photo looks just like our Cali kitty

  4. Hilarious! Thanks for the mention 🙂

  5. Hey I am back. Took a hiatus for a while to deal with the loss of my Grandma.

  6. Being a cat lover and owner, I loved it! You’re right about the pills. I can barely get liquid medicine down mine. Keep joyful in Jesus.

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