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Sanctimonious Authority


The cynical changes that arrive from those who seemingly want to control us are ultimate marks of backfiring.

The Face book Team reminds me of our present government. Sending me a notice of my impending Timeline as of yesterday, August 14, 2012, was not my idea of a good move.

Responding to that notice how unhappy I was about this maneuver and that I didn’t want a Timeline has resulted in the face book team ignoring my request.

As with our governing authorities, the days of being forced into uncontrollable spending and waste, healthcare, and a myriad of other less than profitable or moral entities have gone too far.

The common thread involved in most of these cases pure and simple is greed. Greed accelerated to authoritative exhibitions through funds. The two go hand in hand and produce a false sense of security for those exposed to such delinquencies.

They are but fleeting moments of prestige and hopeless honor. Fueling the catalysts of who are popular and who are not are only seen vividly through the eyes of a carnal mind. Why not get real people?

Everyday life is hard, difficult and miserable for some. While the positioned fight over their created stances, the rest of the world lives in suffrage due to their idiotic rules and regulations.

The surmounting economic debt was not built by me. Or most of the people I know. It has been triggered by unforeseen circumstances of terror, war and the explosive allocation of dollars by obvious non budgeted politicians. Refusal to live within your means is a definition for bankruptcy and destitution. This is not to mention the lousy example being set by those in so called high places. Their high places won’t seem so high once insolvency sets in.

As we, the American taxpayers are hunted down by the IRS to fund such fraudulent means of waste, I pray to God to forgive those who openly and so cavalierly spend his money on non-Biblical projects.

Of course who do you believe? The media is so unreliable if you don’t know God personally you will never know the truth.

Stretching the course of events past outright lies has become the norm. If it weren’t so sad it would be laughable. As if we have no brains, the media and certain politicians insult our intelligence hiding behind their jargon of words. “Share the Wealth.” “We don’t have control over Super Pacs” Or “You didn’t build that.”

Retractions then become the rhetoric to absolve the hysteria of accusations.

“That’s not what I said or meant to say” is only the beginning. Yes. It is what you meant to say; you were hoping you wouldn’t get caught.

The effort on August 1, 2012 put forth for Chick- Fil-A resonated where the majority of this country stands; which is on the Bible’s view of marriage. Yet, many who disagree prompted the achievement with hate and vile messages.

Again the media tried to upstage this overwhelming quiet protest as intolerant zealot consumers of chicken sandwiches.

The election of 2010 was a landslide victory for the conservatives. You wouldn’t know that by the media who yells at us for our prejudice and it seems they still haven’t accepted the defeat. It is evident by their contemptible words towards anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

God has moved out of the way and allowed those who choose to go their own way to dig their own graves.

He continues to expose the sanctimonious attempts of those who are not following his word and will.

I can’t wait to see what God does in November.




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6 thoughts on “Sanctimonious Authority

  1. FB did not ask our permission or for our advice. They changed mine several weeks ago, and I still don’t like it!

  2. Awesome perspective, as usual. 🙂

  3. I love your writing. You are right on!

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