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Maxicat Adventures


A change of pace here and atmosphere.

Our live- in cat is by far a personality of her own. She remains very healthy and carries some feral instincts I doubt she will ever lose.  

She can be grumpy and irritable but also loving and caring on her own terms. In other words don’t bother her if she doesn’t want to be bothered. Never mind she has no problem waking us up in the middle of the night to go out the front door for her nocturnal escapades.

Mark went outside a few weeks ago just after dark to go swimming. He felt someone or something was looking at him. Turning around there she was perched on the roof of the house as if to be smiling and saying, “Hey dad, I’m on the roof and there is nothing you can do about it.”

One afternoon the teenage boy of the guy who cuts our grass watched Maxi in amazement saunter up to our 6 foot fence and take a graceful leap to the top in one move.  Resting a moment, she observed the surroundings from her elevated position as if to enjoy the view.  Hopping down to the ground landing completely poised on all 4’s she was off for an afternoon stroll in the woods. Not bad for an 11 year old feline.

But make no efforts to take this cat to the Vet for anything.

About a month ago I noticed her mouth was swollen. An infected tooth was the first battle.

As usual you could hear her wailing and whining all over the clinic. It was embarrassing. Thinking that horror was all she would have to deal with we had to administer 10 days of antibiotics. None too happy she wised up and hid under the dining room table, ran upstairs and hid behind the couch or landed in a deep dark closet where hiding out would supposedly rid her of this nasty tasting stuff we forced down her throat. What she didn’t know was her teeth had to be cleaned. Oh how I dreaded this.

The morning she was to go no food and water kept her in screaming mode. Following me around the house like a child wanting a new toy the look on her face was “why aren’t you feeding me? Where is my water you stupid cat person?”

I must admit it was wrenching my soul that I knew what she didn’t. The cat carrier awaited for another journey to what she thinks of as a feline “hell.”

I could see what she was thinking as we pushed her into the carrier, “How could my people do this to me over and over when they know I hate it!”

The house was eerily quiet all day with her gone. Her loud mouth had vanished.  Her yelling for wet cat food was absent. Her notorious presence was noticeably missed.

A mad, doped up cat.

A mad, doped up cat.

Later, the call came from the doctor telling me how well she did. Mark brought her home that afternoon only to watch her drunkenly try to maneuver walking anywhere. The anesthesia was still very much in her system causing her to walk sideways until she fell over.

We thought it was funny but she saw no laughter in her plight.

Over the next week administering more meds she was more difficult than before. Even now she is distrusting of us thinking we will shock her into returning to the cat abyss.

I can’t help but think how God must feel when we don’t trust him.

As we hide under the dining room table or lock ourselves in a dark closet from him are we grieving his heart? Do we run the other way when he wants to administer his medicine knowing it is what is best for us?

When he tries to explain himself do we react like a cat who has no idea what is being spoken?

I know how it made me feel trying to explain to Maxi why she needed antibiotics and a Vet visit to restore her “pearly whites.”

Helpless, as if I couldn’t get my point across. Knowing in the long run we would save her from a possible pre-mature death didn’t filter her little brain.

She was no different than us. We want the end result but forget the in-between misery of knowing what we are going through is God’s bigger picture.

Are you running from God?



Annoying Thorns

The refrigerator quit working.

Cat got sick.

Cleaning the pool wreaked havoc on my arm muscles.

The husband is still having pain from his surgery; may need more surgery.

Finally got the grass cut after a deluge of rain; wish we could have sent it to those who are drought stricken.

Seems I need lessons in walking. Fell on my front porch steps.

Am I complaining? No….

Friday afternoon late we discovered water all over the floor; fridge was leaking. Repairman showed up around 6pm. He fixed it for a little over $100.00!

Cat is better since I poured Benadryl down her throat. She wasn’t too happy about that.

Thank the good Lord for ice packs, ibuprofen and Flector Patches I can now move my arm without shrieking in pain!

Bruises are now a nice greenish purple color.

Unsure what to do about the “farmers” lack of his wisdom tooth.

Why does it seem sometimes everything happens at once?

Is there some great clue to give us a heads up of these emergency fiascos?

Oh I know this is just life. Maybe we need a break here?

These cataclysmic minor catastrophes are just that. Minor. More of an annoyance than anything else; but the enemy’s attacks none the less.

The devil uses a constant barrage of dirty tricks to distract us; or keep us in panic mode over the smallest of details.

One debacle after another appears to be his mode of aggression.

His foray of defilement must be fun to him since he continues his invasion of disturbing frustrations.

Unfortunately I have gotten so use to these vexations of my time I know where they originate.
And….I won’t let him get the best of me.

This area of learning from God is a classroom of infinite lessons;
some of which are not pleasurable or on my next to do list.
But, placing these demons on our chopping blocks must be explored.
Otherwise, you will become a drudge to his chains of foreboding distress.

Do yourself a favor and kick him out the back door.

You accomplish this great feat by remaining C-A-L-M in the midst of his pathetic storms. Where did we hear this? Oh yes. Jesus slept in the boat completely unaware of the raging monsoon around him.

His example of serenity and tranquility is the definition of peace.

Jesus is so perfect in his examples we have no excuse but to give it our best shot every time.

Failure may occur. But! You might just get that one instance that your patience kicks in, peace takes over and the broken down appliances or ailing cat are no longer a “thorn in your side.”

2 Corinthians 12:7 “In order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.”






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The Antithesis of Communication

Her eyes are runny and itchy. She is stopped up so she snores when she sleeps.

She is still eating pretty well so I assume it is allergies.
We were out of allergy medicine for her so I made a trip to the drugstore.

Needing some liquid Benadryl or the generic brand, I found a bottle of the
Walgreen’s brand only it was Bubble Gum flavored. Not her favorite.

Asking this young new pharmacist if they had any other, he kindly stepped out from behind the counter.

He asked me some questions.

“Why do you need liquid?”

Me: “Because she can’ take pills.”

Pharmacist: “How old is she?”

Me: “Oh, she’s 10.”

Pharmacist: “She is 10 and only takes liquid medicine?”

Me: “Yes.

Pharmacist: “Why won’t she take pills?”

Me: “Well, that would be a little difficult.”

Pharmacist:” I know a lot of 10 year olds that take pills. Is she afraid of them?”

Me: “No. It would be a little hard for me to put it down her throat.”

Pharmacist: “You would have to put a pill down her throat?”

Me: “Yes. How else would I give it to her?”

Pharmacist: “Can’t she take it herself?”

Me: “No, she doesn’t know what medicine is and if it tastes bad she isn’t likely to try it on her own.”

The Pharmacist looked at me with a rather shocked look on his face.

Pharmacist:”She doesn’t know what medicine is?”

Me: “No. How could she?”

Pharmacist: “Most 10 year olds know what medicine is. Has she ever had any before?”

Me: “Well, not much. In her short life she has been quite healthy. Even at her age she still gets out a lot. She loves being outside. That keeps her little body in shape.”

Pharmacist: “Exercise is good. 10 year olds need to get out.”

Looking at me again he seemed perplexed.

He found a bottle of generic liquid Benadryl that was Cherry flavored. He asked me if that would work.

Me:”Yes, but she isn’t big on flavor if you know what I mean. So how much do I give her? She is 10, but weighs 8 pounds. Does weight make a difference in the dosage?”

The Pharmacist looked at me and responded rather loudly,

“What? She only weighs 8 pounds? What have you done to her? Do you not feed her?”

Me: “Of course I feed her. She loves crab meat, salmon and most fish. She isn’t a big fan of chicken.”

Pharmacist: “Ma’am. This sounds like child abuse. I am going to have to report you.”

Me: “What? Why? because my cat doesn’t’ like chicken?”

He gave me the liquid cherry flavored Benadryl, shook his head and walked away.

I left laughing!




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OH! What a DAY!

Not only did I find out my car is in need of $700.00 repair I have been limping around all week on a Sprained Foot arch!

Guess where I got the sprain? From chasing the cat who was chasing the rat!



There are Phone Calls, and then there is That Phone Call

Have you ever received the phone call you never wanted to get? Have you ever made a phone call that gave you the answer you were expecting and wanted to have?

I have had both. July 2010 the phone call I never wanted came through my receiver. My dad was very ill and had been admitted to the hospital.  I packed my bags to make the 3 hour trip to my family and my sick father. I admit I didn’t handle any of this well. I was noticeably shaken and to be honest the sense of fear that came over me was almost more than I could handle.

My dad was in so much pain. By the time I got there they believed he had diverticulitis. They continued treatment and kept him in the hospital.

God had a plan that only my mother saw. She told me later God is a God of order and peace, not disorder and none of this was peaceful.

After 4 days in the hospital, filling him full of pain killers, fluids, antibiotics, Lexipro and who knows what else my dad’s colon ruptured. Watching him screaming in misery made me nauseous.

Time was crucial but God had a plan. 4 days of antibiotics had killed any poison that entered his system from the rupture. Emergency surgery in the middle of the night ended up with the surgeon cutting a foot of dad’s colon out.

The surgeon said the next 3-4 days were critical; if he made it through then he would be in for a long recovery. That of course was not what any of my family wanted to hear but God had a plan.

Today, after 3 surgeries in less than a year; 1 major and 2 minors dad is 85, walks to get exercise and enjoys learning how to use the laptop we bought him.  Even his doctors and the clinic are amazed at his recovery. My greatest fear in all of this was that dad would not have the desire to get well. He has proven me completely wrong and I am so glad. In some ways he is healthier than he was before this happened but God had a plan.

God allowed antibiotics for 4 days to prevent what could have been fatal. The surgeon was the best in town for that kind of an operation. He just happened to be on call at midnight on that particular Sunday night? I don’t think so. He was also my brother’s golfing partner.

That entire year was not only one of the most difficult I have ever experienced, it was a wake up call. God had a plan and I didn’t see it. It made me question my faith. I am sure God by now was wondering what else would he need to do to show me his “faithfulness.”  OK GOD! I think I got the message.

Then there is the other phone call. The one we find out that what we thought we were believing is exactly as it turns out to be. Faith has worked in my favor today because God has a plan.

As soon as the legal dust settles, I will blog about God’s faithfulness to me in a situation that started out good, ended up bad, and is now on-going. God is a good God, he revealed to me today, the path to take or not,  and that what I was thinking was a confirmation of what I believe God was telling me.

Until that time, always know that God has a plan for everything.

Proverbs 16:7 When my ways are pleasing to the Lord, he makes even my enemies to live at peace with me.

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