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Where Oh Where has our God gone?


Just when you think God took a flight back to Heaven and left us here to fend for ourselves, he shows up.adam

If I were God, I would leave. Or send another flood. If he asked me who to leave for the flood I would be glad to give him a list.

Maybe you have noticed the cloud of dread, trepidation or unease floating around. It is a sense of alarm or almost creepiness stirring in the atmosphere. The fact is if you turn on the news or any kind of media, fear has become an international marketing tool. Money makers or the power huggers seek to ravage our thoughts with distrust and anxiety in the hopes we will turn to them for escape.

Some of us are not so gullible. Others believe Dec. 21st is actually the end of the world. My suitcases are empty and remain in my closet.

If I didn’t know better, it appears the devil is having a hay-day. Reading another blog she emphasized how America has completely changed in her lifetime. I agree.


As she spoke on the difference of viewpoints in our country, God is separating people. While at the surface, our world appears to be caving in a huge pothole. But…

Rainbows are revealed after the storm; and usually with a solid blue background so the colors are vividly seen.

Flowers grow and blossom in the spring representing new life.

Of all the children that have ever been born, one child in a lowly stable stood out as the “Star of Bethlehem” appeared brightly shining above him.

There is hope, people. His name is Jesus.self pity

I would ask you to join my pity party here, but I saw an exit Sunday morning. Praying for some time now God would make a grand entrance in church, he picked yesterday to do so.

Not many would have noticed but he landed in the same row I was sitting which was at the back. Up close, the music is so loud my sinuses and ears can’t handle it.

A young woman who was by herself came and sat on the end to my left.  On the other side of me, a young couple moved in sitting a few chairs away from me.

The “Praise and Worship” at the beginning filled the building. New renditions of Christmas music rang out like you were in a concert hall. It was a moving experience.

As we stood up to join in I noticed the young girl to my right had been crying. Her husband kept his arms around her as if to comfort her. He appeared distraught.

The more we sang the more she cried. Wrapped in each other’s arms, tears flowed down his face.

While singing I moved beside them placing my hand on her back. Immediately the power of the Holy Spirit settled upon us like a covering. Surrounded by his peace, we took little notice of anyone else around us.

This went on for a while. All of a sudden she turned to me, her face covered in tears, she hugged me and hugged me and hugged me. I could tell she didn’t want to let go so we just stood there holding each other.

Drenched in their broken hearts, they left the service.

I have never met them.

Do not know their names.

Have no clue what the problem was, nor do I need to know.

Don’t know if I will ever see them again.

When you don’t know why you are where you are, it is easy to string the balloons, put on the party hats and eat too much of your home made chocolate cake with chocolate icing all by yourself.

Only all that does is make you feel full and bloated.

Lamenting my days of trying to “find my place in this corner of the world” has weighed heavily on my mind. Finding my purpose is his purpose even when I don’t know what that is yet.

But he gave me a taste of it yesterday.

Waiting, aimlessly at times for the Holy Spirit to do his thing in the church is a prayer I pray daily.  Observing weary, tired yawning soldiers in his chairs on Sunday may be part of the reason he stands outside hoping for an invitation.

His announcement and presence gave me hope that he has heard our cries and prayers.

The Holy Spirit’s companionship poured supernatural joy into my heart to share with those who were hurting and in pain even though we were strangers. The connection filtered through a barrier of hopelessness replacing it with hope.

Yesterday’s unexpected visit is a sign.

Let the Harvest begin.stable





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4 thoughts on “Where Oh Where has our God gone?

  1. God has not gone anywhere. It is us humans who have walked a way. I did it myself at one or two times, but hopefully I will never turn a way again.

  2. I’m usually looking for great things to do while God is only asking me to give a cup of cold water to people. Yet, He said, the small act of giving a drink will result in a reward which will never be lost. (Matthew 10:42)

  3. Interesting — we had a girl break down Sunday too. Many of us stepped forward to comfort her. We also had many testimonies of healing ect. God is at work! And God will use those who are willing to do the work!
    God Bless You!

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