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A Box of Time

We are still here.My surprise

The world didn’t end.

So what do we do now?

Start over?


Wait for the next Mayan prediction?

Unless the truth is known, anything can seem possible. An end may have been a forfeiture of pain or agony.

A termination of this world could have been a relief for some. Or so they thought.

Somehow imagining no place to go from this place has the makings of a mental health catastrophe. If this is all there is, no wonder the world is depressed, forlorn and wounded.

There is no escape. No cure, zilch as far as anything to look forward to.apples

It is what it is. You make it what it is in limited time; and what is your amount of time?

Empty all your apples in as many baskets as you can find.

Fill your life; grab every opportunity; live it to the fullest. Fullest of what?

If you have the one shot here on earth you better make it good. Good for whom?

The thought of living in a “box of time” is about as unappealing as raw oysters. I hate oysters.

What if your particular “box of time” makes its own plans?

What if life as you know it all of a sudden, in a flash is changed forever?

Dream on.

I can’t remember ever a time in my life that “eternity” wasn’t available.

Sure, eternity at a distance but still eternity.

Knowing I have Eternity with God allows me to extend my thoughts and possibilities.

Rushing around to do everything, see everything or learn it all in a “box of time” isn’t on my radar. Purposely, I removed myself from the “rat-race.” It was either slow down, stop rushing or a pre-mature death was inevitable. Eternity will fill in where I leave off so why hurry?

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It doesn’t have to be elite or special.

Jesus was born in a stable with hay and smelly animals.

His was simple; unpretentious and unassuming.

His claim to fame was a 4 legged donkey he rode in on as his grand entrance;

Hardly the picture of the Savior of the World or King of all.

He knew he had 33 years to do what he came to do on earth.

He also knew where he would be after the resurrection.

And he fulfilled his calling out of the purest love imaginable.mary

As many awaited finality; or an apocalyptic conclusion, what do they do now?

Maybe they will seek to find the one who will never give them an end.

The one who gives us life from one place to another with a new beginning.

It is called infinity. Eternity. Heaven.

He is Mary’s child.





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