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I don’t want to do it! It is too hard!


Jesus: The Weatherman

Do you ever feel like that? I do! And I don’t like it! I have had to push myself out-of-the-way to allow God to take over because he knows life is hard for us humans; but that is why he is God. That should give me rest. Matthew 11:25. I keep trying but maybe that is the problem; I am doing the work.

I keep asking myself what is the point in believing in God if I want to help him do his job? Does he need my opinion? Does he want my opinion? Will he even listen if I give it? I think I am wasting my time.

I am glad he is God because I really don’t want his job. He has so many unruly people to deal with (so glad I am not in that category) deadlines to meet, financial and economic woes to repair and help save our country from ourselves.

His resume would include a marriage counselor, Sunday school teacher, doctor, lawyer, judge, expert sheep herder, comforter and a king. He is head of the church, a prophet, a star, a rock, negotiator and the bread of life. He has had experience as a babysitter, carpenter, fisherman and lay preacher.

Some of his duties include discipleship, evangelistic training, healing the sick,and casting out demons.  He serves the poor, feeds the hungry, gives shelter to those without it and raises the dead. He serves as a local weatherman and has been known to walk on water.

As far as education goes, he is an accomplished Theologian with a background in Life History. He has won awards for his lavish stories, quick thinking and speeches from the hillsides and even boats.

His articulate writing skills have proven to be excellent. His book has sold more copies than any other book ever written.

God’s hobbies include playing with children, building bridges, and tearing down strongholds. He enjoys people.

According to his resume there are many more jobs God does. The list is infinite. The most important one I see is he is the Father of every one of us and sent his son Jesus to fulfill all of these requirements on his resume and then some. He sacrificed his own son to be the Savior of the World.

If that is true then why do I think I have so much to do?

5 thoughts on “I don’t want to do it! It is too hard!

  1. Because you do have a lot to do and futhermore you are willing to do it. You have such a special gift for honesty, compassion for others, you have joy and sorrow in your life, you know your own strengths and weakness, and you writing is wonderful. Oh my goodness, YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN and want to show and give others God.

    So girlfriend get out there and do it, as you are a “dying breed.”

    God Bless, SR

  2. You are welcome. As far as what your “hope” is. That shines through you lie diamonds. God Bless, Sr

  3. Oh my goodness:>) I meant like diamonds. How funny. SR

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