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Where is that Puzzle Piece I am missing?


My heart aches today for a dear friend who is going through a trial no one ever wants to experience. Sitting with her yesterday and feeling her pain, the burden to pray has not lifted me.

I want a  touch from God on her behalf to relieve her of this misery. The truth is I know God has already taken care of it; she does too. Viewing this from the natural is not the place to be; it has to become supernatural. She knows that also.

A puzzle I have been working on for many years in my walk with the Lord is missing a piece. I feel like I am so close to finding it that I can almost touch it. I need to find it now for her. It is out there; I know it is.

I know where to look; the pages are clear and full of the answer; so why can’t I see it? It is truly like looking for hidden treasure.

It is such an important piece of my puzzle I won’t quit looking for it until I find it. This puzzle piece is her answer. 

6 thoughts on “Where is that Puzzle Piece I am missing?

  1. I feel for your friend and for you. In our sufferings at times it is so hard to know the 100% of everything about God. Even not in our sufferings. Jesus cried to God feeling so abandoned and alone on the Cross. So much suffering and no comfort for Him at all.

    We know God is there. We know He has all the answers. We know He has our present moment all figured out and we know He has His hand on us. Jesus knew all of these things also, and still cried out, feeling forsaken. Most of the time when we are in pain that is how we feel, even though we know it is not true.

    Sometimes our missing piece of the puzzle is just that in and of itself. Suffering is truly hard but it is still a part of life. For me I finally learned it was not about the suffering as much as it was about glorifying God in my suffering. Could I suffer well?

    Sometimes I do and sometimes I do not. As far as others in our lives, we just need to be there. Pray for them, and help them through it. Will be praying for you and your friend. God Bless,SR

  2. stopping by to see how you and your friend are doing? I hope okay as the both of you have been in my heart and prayers. God Bless, SR

  3. I am glad she is takin one moment at a time, as that is how we get through things. As for as prayers, it is my most humble honor. She is very lucky and blessed to have you in her time of need. SR

  4. A very poignant piece of writing about the mystery of life.

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