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Thursday is the Day I Take Out the Trash….


Yes, Thursday is the day I take out the trash for it to be picked up on Friday. Today it was especially heavy due to my husband had gone deep-sea fishing last Saturday.

Fish Before the Guts

The ritual is that he lays the fish outside on the table; carves them up (sorry) gives me the good to freeze and for lack of another word he puts the “fish guts” in a glad bag in the freezer until trash day.

Are you asking me why does he do that? We live in a very, hot area of the country. He made the mistake of placing the dead fish guts in the outside trash can early in the week after a trip last summer. Before Thursday when the trash goes to the curb, the smell was…well, you get the message.

He and I split chores (he is a good man) and one of mine is getting the trash can out on Thursday for pickup. I had written myself a note that the dead fish guts were in the freezer because we have forgotten them before and they stayed in there for weeks.(awful)


I am not a large person; quite small in fact. For a 5’2″, 115 pound woman to pick up frozen dead fish guts is quite an experience. Fighting through a mound of frozen peas, squash and green peppers was this black bag strung up with a rubber band. Leaning over, I realized it was stuck. Using my built in arm muscles of strength I pulled the bag up until it flew into the air and down on the concrete floor.

I thanked God it didn’t hit me in the head or land on my toe. Reaching to the floor to pick it up I fell down. It was like trying to pick up a cement slab. The only way to get it in the trash can was either drag it to the street or bring the can in the garage.

Thank goodness none of our nosey neighbors were around to watch me drag this bag of frozen fish guts to the trash can. The last thing I wanted to do was explain what I was doing and what was in the bag.

After this great maneuver was accomplished I came back in the house and sat down with a glass of Peach tea. I deserved a treat after that mission.

As I was enjoying my reward for such a great accomplishment I thought seriously about the trash in our lives.  I wish I could just empty the filth, dust, and grime from my life into a trash can each week for someone else to pick up.

Now that I think about it, I don’t have to do that. Someone else did. Jesus cleaned my “life of trash” on the cross so I wouldn’t have to.

What is even more amazing is he did it willingly.


6 thoughts on “Thursday is the Day I Take Out the Trash….

  1. I wish taking out the trash in our lives was easy too! If you find the secret, let me know 🙂 For now, I suppose we do the work. Hugs and blessings!

  2. This is great and I had no idea where you were heading with this until the end, and that made it all the greater. One thing you left out though, and I must know, what was your “reward?”:>)

  3. Oh I am here, have been really busy. Hubby is coming in this weekend so probably will not be back until Monday. He travels for our living and I have not seen him for a month, so we have to make our time count. This was such an excellent post. It was uplifiting, inspiring, funny, and full of your love for Jesus. I loved it.

    God used a “dishwasher” with me, and “fish guts” with you. Cannot He do marvelous things. Oh yes I know how heavy fish guts can be. We are a fishing family, as well as hunting, etc.. Have a great weekend. God Bless, SR

  4. Thank you Sr…glad to know you are ok….enjoy your weekend!

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