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2015: My Year from Hell and How God rescued me (Part 2)



Why does God allow suffering?

Is that an age old question or what?
If we are going to share in His glory, we will share in Christ’s suffering.

What are a few reasons God gives in His permissive will to allow us to suffer?



Lessons Learned

Fellowship with Him more intimately and closely

Fellowship with others in their affliction


Biblical characters often suffered long and difficult situations.

Moses was exiled from Egypt. I’ve often wondered how long it took him once he was in that desert wilderness before he saw another human being. The desert has no water or food. There are no Marriott Hotels with plush sleeping quarters or fancy bathrooms with extra soap and towels. No Outback Steakhouse for a prime dinner. Forget the Marriott, there are no Holiday Inn Expresses.

Not only did Moses dwell there for 40 years, once God gave him his assignment, he had to deal with some very stubborn, strong willed people.

Esther risked her life for the Jewish nation.

Daniel had to watch his 3 best friends get thrown into a fiery furnace.  Then he was thrown into a den of very ferocious hungry lions. But God performed two of the most creative and amazing miracles in both instances.

And then there is Mary and Joseph.

Mary had to endure immense persecution as a result of her pregnancy by the Holy Spirit. Until Joseph was given a dream explaining it, no one, not even her family believed her. Who would?

On top of that, they had to leave, traveling by donkey to get to Bethlehem for her to give birth.

I have to feel sorry for both of them. She was in her last trimester riding on a donkey; not a warm, cushy car or even a Boeing 747. Traveling by foot was bad enough but pregnant?

And poor Joseph. He probably wished he had bought an expensive pair of Nike tennis shoes before making the journey. Instead he was stuck with sandals that  wore out quickly because he had to lead the donkey Mary sat on. I can only imagine how weary and exhausted he must have been.

The truth is, when we follow God we will have troubles; but he walks through them with us. (Psalm 91:15)

You know, God never promised us a rose garden. Well, maybe but he never told us this life would be easy either.

He did promise us He would always be with us.





2 thoughts on “2015: My Year from Hell and How God rescued me (Part 2)

  1. The early church believed that a person had to go through a deep trial in order for him/her to be qualified for leadership.

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