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“Lying means never having to say you’re Sorry?” yeah, right.

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“I have had a very long career. That is the first time anyone has ever told me I don’t believe you.” 

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen responded to Paul Ryan’s explosive testimony of the lies surrounding the lost emails of Lois Lerner. The head of the agency also had no feelings of remorse as far as the detailed targeting of Conservative taxpayers embedded in the crash of technology.welfare

Further investigation into my own dealings this past week with the IRS my accountant called me yesterday. His findings concerning the letter I received informing us we owed $534.29 more in taxes. The IRS or the NC Dept. of Revenue could not locate 2 other payments I made of estimated taxes for the year 2013.

In other words, I pay estimated taxes each year on money I don’t have yet. The IRS in NC billed me for $534.29 with accrued interest for late payments on money I really don’t have to pay upfront.

That’s right. Estimated taxes are a choice for the taxpayer; not a tool for the IRS to use as a debt to pay with interest added into the amount!

My accountant explained the NC Dept. of Revenue could not account for over $1000 of estimated taxes I paid last year!  They are too busy! Overworked and incompetent?

Reiterating the accountants news they spend more time correcting mistakes of the IRS than they do for their clients it was evident of his frustration.

Researching our account to find the 4 checks I sent to the NC Dept. of Revenue last year was time wasted when I needed to be doing important work.  Once discovered, the accountant had to write a letter with copies of the cleared expenses to clarify all of the funds had been paid.

Forget these taxes are not required to be paid up front.

Forget the fact the IRS is inept and incapable of performing the tasks we pay them to do.

Forget the fact the IRS is costing taxpayers  extra in charges with their unskilled, uncaring and criminal behavior.

Seriously; I am re-thinking ever paying estimated taxes again no matter what I owe by April 15th of every year.

And…..there is no apology here.


Proverbs 14:5 A faithful witness will not lie: but a false witness will utter lies.






One thought on ““Lying means never having to say you’re Sorry?” yeah, right.

  1. Excuse my language but that is justplain B.S.what the IRS has done. They need to be held responsible for their actions one time. I say let’s get a switch off the tree!!!

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