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Corruption Hit Home



Conveniently the IRS has lost 2 years of Lois Lerner’s emails. Not her personal mail, but the IRS communications between her, others in her office and the White House. Hmmmm….a little fishy maybe?

Cat crashed on computer

Like many, I’m not buying it.

I crashed 3 laptops in 2013 and lost virtually nothing. Clouds/storage space hold everything even if you don’t want it to.

Who knows how many computer hackers/geeks her office used to lose, throw away or expose into infinite cyber space all those emails?  I wonder.

Interestingly this past Saturday we received a letter from the IRS informing me and my husband we owed $534.29 more than what we have already doled out. That included interest accrued from something….I know not what. In fact it appeared to be a copy of a page out of our returns done by our accountant.

Speaking to my accountant’s office about this suspicious letter the reply I received was rather astonishing:

“We receive calls from clients everyday who are getting letters like yours. The IRS is overwhelmed, overworked and don’t know what they have collected or who has paid what. They simply can’t keep up with the load not to mention the regulations and tax codes that continue to be changed or added.”


After the shock wore off I sat down trying to digest what she had told me.

So what is the point in paying anything?

Political targeting.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

America appears to be on the brink of destruction along with the rest of the world. This arrived of our own doing; the default of not showing up to do God’s work as he sees fit.

Certainly it has been tried and tested. The Church with all its goodness has left out of the limelight some of what is most important to God. Miracles, Signs and Wonders walked out the back door many years ago replacing those major assets with converts instead of disciples. This enigma created a hole in the heart of America and that hole is now much larger filled with evil.

I am reminded of Abraham when Jesus and 2 angels visited him. Sodom and Gomorrah existed as a perverse, immoral and degenerate society. This is an example of what happens when people turn away from God.

As the story goes, Abraham pleads with God to save the cities if there were 50 righteous people there. His determination ends in asking God’s mercy if 10 were found.

Why do you think this conversation occurred at all? Why did God want Abraham in on his plan?

America needs “Abraham’s” to step up to the plate of intervention with God. Instead of focusing on judgment why not seek to speak Godly influence, peace, joy and love to our neighbors, friends and family to bring repentance upon America? Why not ask God for mercy for this nation just as Abraham did?

God is interested more in obedience than sacrifice. He needs righteous minded individuals alive and well to spread his word to the lost.

God didn’t go to the trouble of creating earth to destroy it.

He created the earth to save us.mercy











3 thoughts on “Corruption Hit Home

  1. Is it possible that you owe nothing? Maybe notifications are behind or they are old

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