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The Greatest Con Artist: A Liar

Con-Artist-Logo26Definition of a “lie.”

A false statement made deliberately

A situation based on deception or a false impression

To say something that is not true in a conscious effort to deceive somebody

After having experience with a compulsive/pathological liar for 8 years, pin-pointing their efforts becomes almost predictable; unless you are a liar yourself.

The following outline some of their behavior.

First and foremost, the liar is a con artist. Sweeping people off their feet is the beginning of a walk down “swindler’s lane.” Snagging anyone who will take their bait, their sick game is repeated over and over as their selfish needs arise.  It is all about them.  Putting on a good show until getting caught makes them “masters of disguise” because deception has subtle beginnings.

Once they are caught lying, they immediately deny it, twist it, cover it, shove it out of the way.

A continued pattern, lies pile up until they forget what they lied about to begin with.

Hostility, arrogance and anger at the innocent party is a daily event considering the liar is determined to prove they never lied.  If you are the object of the lying party, you will be subjected to every possible ridiculous explanation not to mention accusations and threats to do bodily harm. And if that doesn’t work, the liar will continue with mental and emotional abuse in an effort to make it look as if they are innocent and you are not. In other words, “how dare you call me a liar?”

In their mind, they really don’t believe they are the one lying; it is everyone else, whoever is available but mostly those they hate. Getting caught gives them permission (they think) to punish those for catching them.

Pathetic as it sounds, liars dish out what they can’t take. Bullies.

THERE IS NO POINT ARGUING WITH A LIAR.  They love to argue and talk, talk, talk.  Repeating themselves over and over telling the same lies is a given. If you ask them to stop they will lie and tell you they aren’t doing that.

Unfortunately there are many different kinds of liars. The two specifically here are:

Compulsive: Habitual because it makes them feel better. They are uncomfortable telling the truth.

Pathological: Manipulate to get their way; have no regard or respect for anyone else’s feelings.  Charm and charisma are the weapons of choice due to their self-centeredness.  Their goal is to always get what they want no matter what.

Once you have had daily experience with a pathological liar, the characteristics are noticeable. As they speak, act or behave their motives become clear. Their facial expressions, body language and movements extract a string of arrogant, condescending and haughtiness that seem to go along with the lies.

Therapeutically, compulsive and/or pathological liars suffer from a variety of negative symptoms from insecurity and fear to a demand for personal attention.  Liars often don’t live in reality beginning each day with a new lie.

Trust is lost causing relationships to deteriorate leaving the liar alone, anxious and possibly go into depression.  One who lies consistently disrespects those it lies to.

This is clearly stated in Proverbs 26: 28 “A lying tongue hates those it hurts, and a flattering mouth works ruin.”

My past experience with this personality, very closely resembles that of President Obama and many of those in his administration. Rationalizing the reasons why anyone lives this way makes no difference. They need help but mostly they need Jesus.

Instability is a true reflection of the decisions and choices being made from the White House.  Moral values have been lost in political correctness. Egotistical greed has taken over the hearts of those who have been elected.

Please pray with me for this President, his family and our leaders that God will turn their hearts in repentance to him.

Please pray for this nation that people will seek Jesus to open their eyes from the blindness that has covered the truth.

The level of God‘s mercy and grace far outweighs our wickedness.LoveThyNeighborAsThyself

Oh, how we are loved.


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Understanding God


Becoming famous use to have its perks. A few remain but today’s market speed technology makes it difficult to stay there. Everything you say or think is “Tomorrow’s News.”

The trouble with it is it may never go away when you have spoken something ignorantly or out of context. No matter how it was meant, specific individuals will pick it apart, twist it to mean the opposite, or use it against you in the court of public opinion.

Certain people should or would be better off zipping it. I could name a few, but you probably know who they are.  

If it wasn’t so serious it would all be laughable. The circus going on in Washington is so obviously tainted with demonic overtones hell must be freezing over. Forget the ice sickles, bring on the “truckers.” Why not add a little more excitement to the portfolio of “The Over the Hill Gang.”

Traffic Shutdown? Truck Drivers plan 3 day protest on Capital Beltway

Traffic Shutdown?
Truck Drivers plan 3 day protest on Capital Beltway

A year has almost passed since the Presidential election.  Many of us, “yours truly” included were confused, bewildered and wondering how God could allow a repeat performance by a man who thinks he is fooling the world?  How could God allow a second term by what appears to be an administration bent on ruining our great nation?

Well……is a deep subject my husband reminds me, but often a great hole to dump things you don’t want around. Mine was initially full of my grief stricken heart over the state of our nation especially after praying the previous 4 years for a replacement President.

After the election God and I had some very interesting and long conversations. Maybe I should re-phrase that one.

God listened to months of my wailing and whining and weeping over what I deemed to be the wrong guy sitting in the White House. He also got an ear full of my sniveling about his cronies.

Now, 11 months later I know why.

The following link will give you the reasons why God allowed President Obama to be re-elected.


Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 252 examples of his lying, law-breaking, corruption, and cronyism.

 If Mitt Romney had won the election, he and the Conservatives would have inherited 4 years of questionable policies, scandals and possible criminal negligence.

 Even though Mitt Romney and his potential administration had nothing to do with all that has come to light and been exposed, the media and left winged Obama lovers would have locked him away and lost the key. And who knows the smear campaign that would have been leveled against his wife and family.

 The onslaught of hate, racial discrimination and lying would have placed the Republican Party in a court of law without a trial. Throwing anyone and everyone who voted against their “King” into a dungeon of slander and slime so deep would have resulted in a much worse future for America.


God allowed the perpetrators to remain in positions of authority forcing the issue of accountability.

Slowly the truth is “leaking” out revealing to those who have been blinded the betrayal they voted for.  

 Evil fought and won what it worked so hard to obtain.

 Now we are watching in real time that evil falling flat on its proverbial face.


And that is the result you get from kicking God out.

If you aren’t careful he will give you want you think you want.  

Then you have no one to blame but yourself when it falls apart.



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Crisis of Technology or Scandals?

Lately I have been experiencing a crisis of technology. Appliances, cell phones, computers, etc. and me continue to war against each other. Either manufacture defects occur early on or one of these items breaks when my husband is gone on a trip.

As I use this old Acer laptop, my new Acer Aspire is boxed up and ready to be sent to Texas for a much needed hospital visit.

After countless on-line chats and phone calls to Acer, today was the day for emergency service.

The foreign agents who speak broken or very little English get as frustrated with me because I cannot understand them as I am that they continued to want to repeat the same repairs. Not so today. I am done trying their motives to repair my internet continually disconnecting itself from my network.

This inconvenient problem began from day one. Maintaining a website or page for any length of time past 15 minutes was almost non-existent.

Relaying my internal anger, the agent of whose name I can’t pronounce quickly noted the Aspire needs attention by repair support in Texas.

Blindsided by my many past experiences dealing with broken what-evers, he quickly noted I was not about to pay a dime to ship it either way. As he proceeded to inform me 3 times of “how sorry he was for my inconvenience” but that Acer was not responsible for the shipping, I informed him of the complaint I made last Thursday to the BBB of “ACER’S HORRIBLE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.”

Asking to speak to his Superior; 2 minutes later another Pakistani/Indian/Farcy speaking man politely said,

“Hello ma’am, Acer will be glad to pay for the shipping of your Acer product.”

As annoying as the last 3 months have been dealing with a broken extension of my arms it doesn’t compare to the White House scandals that continue to pile up. A broken piece of technology would be a reprieve for the scarlet laced staff.

Don’t think this is an “I told you so” but I told you God will not allow evil to stand especially when people are praying.

You can always count on a mistake(s) when wrongs are performed over and over. Eventually getting caught or the ripple effect of botched blunders somehow reaches the surface.

The ultimate blame game has hit the West Wing. Whether it is Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious or now the AP media scandal, the truth is finally emerging.

And the Walls of Jericho came tumblin’ down.


You Can’t Run Away from Yourself

No matter what you do, running away from your mistakes or bad choices will always come back to haunt you. Doesn’t matter who you are, or your position. We are all responsible for our actions and words.

So, what does this mean?

Be careful. Do what is right? Understand your actions, decisions and choices affect more than just you. They affect everyone around you.

Funny thing about making mistakes; once done they stick around. Not all show up immediately with their shadowy consequences. Years later may be the end result.

The truth of these chain reactions is often they produce a can of worms.

In our modern media, if you have any political position or stage appearance, getting away with the repercussions of statements made in the past are feverishly played over and over. Just ask the President.

Backtracking on the “sequester” now imposed is hitting hard. The possibility of major financial cuts in government programs are waiting in the wings of the White House.thCAB99ZMY

A few of the cuts looming are:

Thousands of federal jobs may be furloughed

Meals on Wheels will have less food to feed Senior Citizens

70,000 children kicked out of Head Start

Fewer food inspections

Research grants would be cut by 1000

13% from Defense which shouldn’t be cut at all. The military should be built back up. The Bible says if a government taxes its people, then they are responsible for protecting the people with a strong military. DO NOT CUT THE MILITARY!

Diminishing EPA monitoring of hazardous waste, pollution and oil spills

Having first proposed and demanded the sequester, it would make sense that the president lead the effort to replace it,” Boehner wrote in Wall Street Journal.

In other words the President originally thought this was a good idea. He has changed his mind and blaming the Republicans once again if nothing is done to stop it. Why?

Many who elected him would be out of a job. (Did I miss something or did he just play golf with Tiger Woods?  Somehow that doesn’t fit.)

The very people he promised to help would suffer.

It would make him look bad.

However, many of the Federal jobs and programs soaking the taxpayer’s money need to be restructured, changed or done away with completely.

What is wrong with getting rid of the fraud and waste? Why hasn’t this been an annual event? Think of how much money could be saved by weeding out the hogwash and debris?

Does the White House take the garbage out every day?

So this is one of the numerous times the President spoke to soon.  He made the “call” long before he knew the consequences of such a “sequester.”thCAKULPMQ

Proverbs 13: 3 “He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.”

The President received tax revenue he pursued vigorously. Now, we receive less each month due to his tax hikes. Congress agreed to his “slap on our personal income” in exchange for cuts.  Who knows if or when the President will decide to cut anything?

He can’t be trusted to keep that promise as he has broken so many so “let the mayhem begin.” (James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997)





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Twas the Night before the Fiscal Cliff

Twas the night before the big Fiscal Cliff
the one we’ve been waiting for since November the 6th.
The country is now shackled by one who does not care
and wondering how in the world he was voted in there.

The lawmakers and staff  were all snuggled in bed
while visions of numbers danced in their heads.
And me, I was awake for the dreaded next day
In the hopes they would listen to what we have to say.

When out on the White House Lawn there arose such a clatter,
The staff and lawmakers arose to see what was the matter.
Away to their windows they flew with a flash
When all of a sudden they heard a big “smash!”

The lights from the street shined bright on a new fallen snow
giving the lawmakers and staff a shocking good show.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
Union bosses riding motorcycles in expensive Leather gear.

With a few in the front who were lively and quick
I knew in a moment it was not good ole’ St. Nick.
More rapid than eagles, with noisy bikes they came
And the one in charge began calling their names.

Now Sullivan! Now Scardelletti! Now McEntee and Jones!
On Nicolai! On Simpson! On Prentis and Crow!
Line your big bikes along the White House wall
And wait, yes wait while I make this phone call.

The staff and lawmakers could not believe their eyes
They just couldn’t stand to hear any more lies.
Waiting and watching to see what the “boss” would do
Who was he calling? But I think they all knew.

Tough, mean and strong from head to foot,
these union bikers looked a lot like “big foot.”
Black boots and leather jackets covered their backs
They looked like they enjoyed late midnight snacks.

The “boss” finished his call; but all was not merry.
The frown on his face was really scary.
His eyes were glaring; and his long nose showed
he was an unhappy camper about to explode.

The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth
mumbling and grumbling he began walking the streets.
The call he had made did not end as he pleased
then all of a sudden he knelt down on his knees.

Looking up towards Heaven he began to pray
thanking God for his blessings of another great day.
The bikers all followed him one by one
falling on their knees in praise of God’s “Son.”

Vibrations of shock ran through the White House
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
“When did this happen?” the lawmakers all said,
how did they change? Were they hit in the head?

About that time the union boss declared
“God gave me his heart and told me he cared.”
“So I changed my evil ways, and have now become
one of God’s children, his chosen ones.

“We came here to pray for the leaders of this great land
with hope that our God will lend us a hand.
“If God changed our hearts, he can change this country’s too,
so keep praying and praying and see what he will do!










An Act of Deceit behind the Horror

The following is my take on an article about the Libya attack and the father of one son who was killed that day.

The article link can be read in its entirety here:

Tyrone Woods


As a parent I cannot imagine not knowing what happened to my child if they were attacked, mobbed and shot in another country. As a neighbor, church friend or acquaintance to many in our military this unnecessary act of evil strikes home with me very hard.

Charles Wood, father of Tyrone Woods-ex Seal who was killed in Libya wants the truth about what really happened to his son. And why wouldn’t he?

Except he isn’t getting the truth; instead he has received forced apologies, insincere thoughts and distasteful rhetoric from the Obama Administration.

He is proud of his son who is now a hero. He died trying to save the lives of others when he didn’t have to. He rushed to the Consulate hoping/believing our government was finally answering their calls for back-up; help that never arrived.

Mr. Wood describes the killing as a “murder done by those who made the decision to withhold aid for months prior to the attack. And then they lied about it.” Of course the CIA denies the claims they ignored the requests.

Interviews with Mr. Wood revealed his meetings with the President, Vice President and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

The Secretary of State put up a front; and he saw through her lie.

The President looked over his shoulder as if to forego any eye to eye contact. The apology was insincere, and he described shaking hands with the President “like shaking hands with a dead fish.”

The Vice President could not have been more disgusting.

Character is important to America.

Integrity was valued.

Decency upholds the moral codes of our country.

Honesty is the backbone written by the Founding Fathers.

The men and women in our military are trained by these doctrines. Their lives are built around these core principles.

The negligence of our leaders reveals none of these attributes. Sadly, their true nature was lit by a dim light of lies, covering up a lack of ingenuity to do the right thing.

In order to keep it quiet to the American people, they did nothing. An act of prideful campaigning that backfired. The cost was votes from those who might disagree with aiding their own in a battlefield of horror.

Getting re-elected was their post; their badge of honor. But next, to redeem themselves from the chorus of backlash, deception became the order of the days to follow and weeks.

This is an inexcusable defamation fabricated to save the souls of the White House.

For the Wood’s family they wait for answers.

How do they go on? The deserve closure.

Since the leaders of the free world aren’t capable of giving him genuine and forthright apologies, the least they could do is set the record set. He wants the truth.

And he wants to hear it from the President.







It is a rare occasion when I get so angry I could ….but today that has happened.

My usual calm, passive nature exploded due to the lack of knowledge, undue accusations and selective breeding of a culture gone awry.

It is one thing to act like you know it all. It is another to display it for all to read or see. If you don’t have the facts correct, then don’t publish it.

One area anyone who wishes to impose their stupidity and irreverence on me is the supporting of our troops. You would be better to place a millstone around your own neck and throw yourself into the sea before I do.

Many of you who have followed my blog know we live in an Air Force based city. The largest Fighter Jet base in the world is about 2-3 miles from our house. The jets fly right over our yard, front and back.  If you ride a little closer to the base the jets take off over one of our grocery stores so close they could touch the roof.

Behind our house, in an area of course blocked off that we can’t see or go, is a Bomb site. I may not see them but I can sure hear them.

After the Republicans blocked a vote to give more military aid/jobs to veterans, obvious democrats have been posting on facebook nasty, obscene and wrong messages. As if the conservatives have no support, care or help for the military these left winged idiots write as if they know what they are talking about.

THEY HAVE NO IDEA. They don’t live 2 miles from an Air Force Base.

Their neighbors are not Tech Sergeants, Majors, IT experts and Lt. Colonels who are some of the greatest pilots that ever flew an aircraft.

They don’t go to church with military units getting deployed.

They don’t have a Wal-Mart where every other customer has their military uniform on.

They don’t see the struggle, the heartache and pain of families torn apart by war.

They don’t understand the hardships those left behind face every day.

They can’t possibly feel the patriotism when I ride around town and see the American Flags flying high.

They have no idea what it is like to lose their benefits due to defense cuts.

They have no clue how right now many are concerned about their jobs being cut.

They have no right to bash Republicans like myself for standing up for the truth which is not coming from the White House because they don’t live here.

They don’t see what I see, hear and live 24/7.

They don’t believe troops are still being deployed because our President isn’t telling the American people that.

Believe me, they are being deployed. Now. Lately. Before 9/11. This is fact.

Most of the time the jets/pilots train during the day light hours due to the noise. Believe me, sometimes it almost breaks the sound barrier or shakes our house.

Before 9/11/2012 my husband and I noticed they were practicing more at night which as I said is highly unusual; unless they have a reason.

Due to privacy I will not elaborate, but I can tell you something is up.

Sometimes, things are just left unsaid. Conversations have telling signs the military personnel give without giving it.

I HATE WAR. GOD HATES WAR. BUT THERE ARE WARS AND RUMORS OF WAR. For the peace ridden, politically correct civilians who wear your so-called patriotism on your sleeve take your shirts off.

If you think getting rid of our military is going to stop war you’re elevator is stuck on the bottom floor.

If you want to continue to blame our past President for the war in Iraq, go live in Iraq. And before you take that wonderful flight to Bagram AFB, ask one of my neighbors what it is like there. They don’t like getting shot at any more than you do; or at least that is what Major Scott Stewart told me after he was shot at by many of the rebels.

Before any left winged liberal, or civilian wishing to bash the conservative base concerning our military with their inaccurate, defective slander, go live in a city where there is a military base.  Your eyes and ears will be opened to see the real truth.