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Me, Me and Me

 Photos by John Randy Harrison http://www.pbase.com/jrandyh

29508107.yelrose01Year after year the birds sing.

Flowers bloom in the spring.

The sun rises and sets every day.

While life goes on no matter the trial or test, certain acts never change or stop.

What do these actions have in common?

Time. Beauty. Expectation.

31257435.cardinal01copyIf we woke up one morning and the news flashed “the sun didn’t rise this morning” most likely panic would erupt. That is if you could see.

When God sent the flood and basically cleaned up, Noah and his family were left to carry on. God sent a sign in the sky he would never again flood the earth. The rainbow was given just as flowers and birds to remind us of God’s presence. It is also a strong clue of God’s promise; and that he is still very much alive and in the business of running things.

The question arises often of how do you really get to know God?


First, look out of your window.

Second, listen to the birds singing.

Third, read his word, pray and enjoy some alone time with him.

As God has cleverly kept the sun rising and setting, rainbows showing up after storms these everyday occurrences are part of his Divine plan.  Like his nature appointments, he goes before us to meet us where we are.

The Creator of the Universe with all he has to do, awaits our call, our signal or effort to speak to him.  Whether he is stifling battles of politicians, coordinating that which is the impossible or working behind the scenes of turmoil he is like the friend you long to have.

The Holy Spirit sections off his people so that no matter how much time has passed, re-connecting picks up right where we left off.  God is like that with us.

Rattling off our needs, pains, and sufferings we are so self-absorbed we forget he has taken the time to listen. We forget to thank him for what he has done and will do.

We assume his phone line is always open waiting just for me, me and me.

We can talk to him anytime, night or day and he is always lending his ear.

He talks to us every day but our phone lines are so busy the call can’t get through our hard heads.

Maybe we should learn to meet him where he is. Who knows how exciting that could be?



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God is an Early Bird

This is not what I wrote for today. God had other plans and he had them early.

If you want to know more of how God speaks hopefully this will help.

Let me back up a few days.

Don’t take for granted anything that might appear inconsequential or as a typical everyday something you saw.

For instance; the other day I “just happened” to turn the TV channel to Daystar. Now I know many of you believe Christian television is a hoax, joke or money making venture for false teachers, etc. That may be true in some instances but God gave us technology for his use. Dr. Mike Murdock once said, “Christian television is one of the devil’s worst enemies.”  Dr. Billy Graham eluded to this same ideology about computers years ago.  It is apparent the enemy has used it for his own deceitful gain but he has lost that battle.

While it was on Daystar it showed that this week on the “Joni Table Talk” John Paul Jackson would appear. Knowing the schedule was in the back of my mind but it didn’t register God was telling me to watch for it.

If you don’t know who John Paul Jackson is, then you should.  He is an international Prophet and Dream Interpreter anointed by God. He is what is referred to as “an 11th hour baby.” Please google him to read his testimony.  It is well worth the time.

God must get up a whole lot earlier than I do these days. He knows since I basically came home to work, I am not a morning person not that I ever was but he isn’t on my schedule.

Moving out of bed around 7am I made it to the coffee pot to get a caffeine jolt to wake me up. Sitting down with my drink in hand I turned the TV on to Fox and Friends. Half awake and half interested in the reporting I drank a few gulps of coffee and mumbled to myself it was too early.

Precisely at 7:10am all of a sudden “John Paul Jackson’s” name burst into my brain/heart like the AF base morning “Reveille.” Talk about waking up fast.

Immediately God reminded me that JPJ was on Joni. Switching to Daystar I knew before I did it he was her guest this morning.  God wanted me to hear what he had to say for 3 reasons.

  1. Confirmation of issues God has been speaking to me about for the last few years about our government
  2. God wants his people to know he uses Christian TV to speak to us because he created it.
  3. God wants his people to listen and take seriously his prophets and what he is telling them because many Christians question his anointed ones. Unbelief in his modern day prophets is hindering the movement of God. If you want to know more of what God is saying then buck up and read websites like http://wwwtheelijahlist.com. 

The following were the main points JPJ announced that God has spoken to him specifically about to grant to those who follow him the truth since we are not hearing it publicly.

  1. ACA: the so called Affordable Care Act is not at all about health care, or health insurance. It is not about helping anyone.  It was designed specifically for this present administration to gain control of the people.
  2. The attack on Benghazi was not a spontaneous reaction to a video. Islamic extremists pre-planned it months in advance.
  3. Islamic nations have not been radical as many thought but have fallen into the extremists hands making them that way.
  4. Our government, including Republicans/Democrats and the Obama Administration are not leaders but politicians functioning mostly to keep their jobs. Trust and politics no longer go together.
  5. There are many in the government, IRS, military and other political entities doing everything possible to get rid of God. This includes monuments, historical landscapes and local branches being infiltrated to the anti-God movement.
  6. Do not trust the IRS. It is totally corrupt lending itself to pull down, ruin or destroy any group connected to Christianity through the 501C application.
  7. Weather; storms of all kinds have increased in strength to the point the levels of classification will be forced to change.
  8. North Pole is moving at a rate of 40-50 miles a year now which is unprecedented. This is and will cause major problems with GPS systems in cars, trucks, etc., which will affect overall transportation around the world.

At the end JPJ was questioned about the ACA website. His response was this:

“That was God’s mercy on this nation.”

God is warning us, giving us truth and revealing his grace and mercy upon us even though we are in knee deep trouble. But, he is not finished yet with America; in fact he is just beginning which is what JPJ was eluding to.

Last note: My take on his prophetic words along with others who have written future accounts of prophetic knowledge is there is still much to be done. God is just now beginning the greatest harvest of souls in the history of the world. He is so loving he wants every possible account of saving the lost to happen down to the last sheep.

A personal prophecy: A specific prophecy God has transcribed to me over many years is slowly beginning to take root but I don’t see this happening any time soon.  Once it takes root it will be many years after that for it to come to pass. It concerns a person very close to me.

If Jesus is coming any time in the next 40 -50 years then that prophecy will not occur.

We need to wake up before 7:10 am people.


Cabin Fever or Jail?

I had to get out of the house yesterday.

After years of “cabin fever” living in the mountains I had forgotten what it was like to be stuck inside.  Having the option to go outside is one thing; knowing you could slide your way to the mailbox is another.

The first mistake I made was going down the wrong road. Or roads.1521636_624288524283514_993360826_n

Avoiding tree trimmers or debris workers was trial and error.  Scattered limbs, trunks split in half and blocked streets from inches of ice lined the landscape of this southern city.

Dealing with summer super storms or heat waves of 105 degrees for weeks on end appear to be a piece of cake compared to this past week of a major arctic blast.

The second mistake I made was going anywhere at all.

The traffic was atrocious. Cars and trucks came out of the woods to claim their piece of the aftermath pie.  Vehicles backed up for miles in some places due to downed power lines and trees created some very unhappy travelers.

The third mistake I made was…….yes….going to Walmart. Why, oh why did I go to Walmart?

The parking lot was full. Empty grocery carts found their own spaces. Shoppers who didn’t look like shoppers seemed to show up on the busiest day of the year. And it wasn’t Black Friday.

Inside the store were empty shelves and aisles full of boxes of items waiting to be unloaded. Certain departments looked like a wind storm had blown through leaving a path of SC Gamecock destruction.

Grabbing what I came for quickly I headed for the check out. I stood in line almost 20 minutes.

The clerk looked at me and said, “You would think people got let out of jail. They act like they been locked up in a cage or somethin’ and as soon as they were set free they headed to Walmart.”

There are many types of cages or jails we set up for ourselves. A few days of ice covered roads forced residents to stay home against their will. The fear of being stuck or their independence taken away for even a short time produces anxiety, stress and impatience. Go live in the mountains of WNC for a few years and you will find out quickly staying off ice or snow covered roads just might save your life.

The prisons we create or the ones we are thrown into without a fair trial leave scars that heavily affect our thinking and position in this life. Instead of believing we have an escape route given to us, we rummage around in our cells of panic, dread, apprehension and sometimes physical damage.

Jesus is the guard with the key to freedom from any type of incarceration, confinement or slammer. That key is his heart. Getting to know the person of the resurrected Christ changes our thought processes.  That means spending time in his word, praying over his words and having conversation with him may not change the circumstances, but enlightens our hearts to his responses of our circumstances.

This is not to say he won’t change our circumstances because he is in the business of miracles, signs and wonders but he also paves roads directing us down his path.jail

And for the sake of humor let’s just say Jesus offers up a Get out of Jail pass for free!
(He might let you pass go and collect $200.00 too)


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How to get to the Heart of God

“The weather outside is frightful!”

Record breaking temperatures are hitting the US in large numbers. Many northern and mid-west states are fighting snow in amounts unknown in decades.
A ship of Global Warming Scientists was recently stuck in ice in the Antarctica. Besides the data being collected, the 399 foot Polar Star spent the last 3 years in a maintenance overhaul to the tune of 90 Million dollars.  What could be more ironic?

ship stuck

This type of weather is forcing schools to close that never close for weather issues.  Businesses and government are shut down and airlines have upwards of a million canceled flights. Forecasters are warning people to stay home.  Frostbite and hypothermia can easily set in when the temperatures are 30-50 below zero.
What does this mean? Should below freezing temperatures and record snowfalls have significance besides the havoc it is creating? Below are a few weather statistics:
2011: Warmest year on record since 1880
2001-2010 decade was the second wettest since 1901
The decade 2001–2010 saw droughts occur in all parts of the world.
Tropical Cyclone activity from 2000-2010 was the most active since 1855
Hurricane Katrina: August 2005 was one of the most devastating natural disasters in U.S. History
Hurricane Sandy:  Storm affected 24 states from Florida to Maine over to Wisconsin. The storm closed the New York stock exchange for 2 days; the first time since 1888 that has happened due to weather.
You’re probably wondering what this has to do with God’s heart…..
Haggai 2: 6-7 “This is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land. I will shake all nations, and the desired of all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the LORD Almighty.”
God yearns for his people to understand and know his mercy, grace and love.  Instead of pulling another “Noah” I believe God wants to bring Heaven to earth in a transformation setting that is in the process of rocking this world from evil to the goodness only he can provide.
Extracting from the above verses is a prophecy in the making. Not only has he allowed a shaking in the rivers and oceans, dry lands have been jarred off their course. Why?
He wants his people filled with his presence.

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An Uprising

In the wake of devastation occurring in “tornado alley” the horror of what happened in the span of 40 minutes is hard to swallow. The photos, videos and heartbreak of loss and damage are shocking.child survivor

While grief and pain are written on the faces of those rummaging around to find survivors, an uprising of faith from around the country is taking over.

Don’t tell the folks in Moore, Oklahoma or the surrounding areas prayer isn’t appropriate or worse, politically incorrect. Everywhere people are praying!

Interviews of survivors are using the words, “all we can do is pray.”

Prayer is the best act to be done. God is all over facebook, online news and TV requesting prayer by the faithful.

surviving kittens
Postings of miracle photos and videos are showing up; even pets and God’s smallest creatures are being rescued.

God didn’t want this to happen. It is completely and totally the face of evil.

Let us continue to pray for those fighting through the debris and loss.





American Flag

Let us pray without ceasing for God’s great hands of protection to cover this land once again.


“Raindrops Keep Falling on her Head”

Outside door # 1 it is raining. Outside door #2 it is raining. However the cat doesn’t understand why it is raining behind both doors.

After her long morning nap, she makes a pit stop at her food bowl for a snack. Once done, she sits in front of me with those beautiful green eyes wanting to go outside door # 1. As she hits the back steps raindrops start dropping on her little sweet head.



Not long after that, she is climbing the door wanting back in. Cleaning the moistened drops off of her fur she looks at me once again heading for door #2.

The repeated conversation I have had with her over and over is that the rain is outside door #1 and door # 2. She ignores my attempt to explain the weather and scampers out.

Jumping to the steps and onto the sidewalk, she is quick to notice raindrops dropping on her head again. But why she meowwwwwwssss?

Her tiny, pea-brain believes the climate is different out front from the back. Try explaining that to a cat. She remains hopeful it will change.

Her thinking isn’t that much different than ours. How many times do we find ourselves repeating habits hoping for a new outcome?

“They” the people who seem to know says it takes us humans 21 times duplicating the same habit over before we can break it. How exhausting.

A habit by definition is a “behavior, tendency or frequent repetition or exposure performed regularly until it becomes involuntary.”

“Habits” in and of themselves have been given a “bad rap.” Automatically we assume habits are evil or wrong.

Sleeping 8 hours a night is a good habit.

Smoking is a bad habit because it is harmful to our bodies.

Eating your vegetables is a good habit.

Watching too much TV is a bad habit.

Gossiping can become a bad habit.

Spending too much time on your laptop is a bad habit…..ugh…..

Pathological lying is a very bad habit.

Drinking a soft drink everyday is a bad habit.

Feeding your cat everyday is a must.

Indulging in a chocolate bar everyday can become habitual unless you do it for recreational purposes like playing tennis and you need that boost of energy.  For the record a Snickers bar will do the trick.

Reading the Bible everyday is a good habit.

Wait, what was that last one?


But isn’t that legalistic? Does God want us to spend time with him out of habit?

No…..but what may start out as a planned habit to be with him may turn out to be a joy, comfort and peace.

Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

Some habits are worth forming. The onset may be a humble and upright goal; to perform a task as it were to eventually become the highlight of your day. Or that one thing you simply cannot live without.

At least that is how it started years ago with me. Now, reading the Bible, praying and spending time alone in the morning with God is the one thing I can’t live without. My day is complete and instead of getting a boost from a chocolate bar, his words fill me up.

Now, no longer a habit, God is my goal and purpose.

Jesus is the center and everything else falls into place around him.

Now if I can just get Maxi to understand why raindrops fall on her head behind both doors……nah…….





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The Minstrel in my Head

How I wish it were so. Instead are the sounds of rolling waves, back and forth, back and forth. The ballad is far from a serenade of a nightingale.

Yes, it is more like that of a crooner yodeling in my ears.evicted

This sad effort is of the one who has spoken debilitating thoughts to prevail my yearnings for the truth. This nave or monster roars as if he is the ocean with an alias name wishing to dwell in the depths of ear canals. It shall not be so.

This is a priority. What you hear, listen to or puncture your heart with seals your existence.

The good news is once you hear the songwriter’s articulate whispers the meddling voice of that dastardly beast becomes a no-brainer to listen to.

His tone is confident and understanding. He yields an intimate breath of life into yours with words of knowledge and wisdom. The presence of quiet is his solemn oath of peace. What he speaks is genuine, faithful and eternal.

Yes, it lasts forever.

Once you have met the great “I AM” everything changes. You want to go to war for him. You want to fight with passion for others to be unveiled as you were. Sharing HIM is all that matters.

Once you have crossed the line from a “soapbox from hell” to the flow of his breeze swishing by you, devilish angles become loathsome to you. Evil is now your allergen.glad your gone

Your personal aspirations to avoid sinister alignment of any kind become a sparring match for a “war horse.”  As you dwell in the shelter of the Most High he becomes your fortress against the villains’ darkness. Slowly, but surely you will rest in the shadows of the Almighty waiting and longing to hear his voice only.

Knowing his voice so clearly, you wonder how you missed it from the start.

If he is here now, where was he then?

Oh, but you see He isn’t the one who was lost. He stood beside you, behind you, attempted to block your way from the entrance to corruption.

It wasn’t until you allowed him to stop you, his voice became prevalent; a virtual sound of clarity and hope.

His words are his presence in the form of love. Like pearls, his languages of truth are secrets to his Kingdom.

So, the yodeling crooner is now a far off distant memory.

And the Minstrel of Heaven is the only melody playing in my Head.





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Sobering Storms

Lady Liberty before the storm

My thoughts today are sobering. It could have hit us. “Sandy” could have turned sooner and bombarded the south but she had her own plans.

As I view photos, live video’s of families removed from rain, flooded homes and observe the massive destruction, I thank God for his mercy.

However, that doesn’t let the rest of us off the hook. The storm is representative of all of us who live in America.

“Sandy” is an open alarm system; the culmination of other warnings we have already experienced.

What is it going to take to show American’s God is still on the throne?

Abaco, Bahamas

The level of anti-Jesus oration has brought to this nation one disaster after another. We have no one else to blame but ourselves.

However, a major turning point drawing us further into crisis mode was the announcement by the President accepting Gay marriage. No nation has survived under the legality of homosexuality. The “abomination” God calls it in Leviticus 18:22 still stands.

It is a choice just like drinking too much alcohol, smoking, or committing adultery. But, like certain other evils it leads to so much more evil. Anyone who submits to such a lifestyle is opening the door to reprobate.

In my blog posts I have been speaking of the 3 major issues God is judging America for right now. Besides, homosexuality is abortion and Israel.

Crisfield, MD

God hasn’t changed his mind. The Bible hasn’t been re-written to approve of gay marriage, or abortion. And God holds Israel so close to his heart he will never allow her to be taken away from him.  Why do you think Israel has survived generation after generation?

“Sandy” is one more effort the enemy has pounded on this soil. The list is long of the wickedness and destruction imposed by a lack of morality. We left God on the shelf, removed him as our authority as if to glean self-imposed entertainment which is now our idol.

Carolina beach

God didn’t take too well to the man-made graven images built by the Israelites while he and Moses had a long talk. Why should he treat us any different now? He has been replaced and he doesn’t like it.

Impatience breeds more impatience. If God doesn’t show up on our schedule, then why not find something or someone who will? Sorry, he won’t go for that.

If you haven’t woken up to the truth, WAKE UP!  Personally and this may be selfish, but I don’t want to have to suffer because the sins of idiots out there want to party and act like fools. We are not here to be entertained, join “occupy wall street” or change the constitution.

Kill Devils Hill, NC

We are here to serve God as disciples for the nations.

God has royally blessed this land. We are the envy of the world. We are also quite spoiled by the riches given to us. The riches God has bestowed upon us are to share with the poor, needy, and impoverished along with his message.

Yet, in our egocentric, self-indulgence we have misused, abused and taken for granted the wealth and generosity of God.

Folks, we have to get a grip on this. The “Sandy’s” of the world are not fun and games. And right now we need to pray she doesn’t have a brother.

Belington, W VA.

permalink  Sandy is nothing compared to the Spiritual Storm ahead by Lyn Leahz




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In light of Hurricane Sandy we pray Heavenly Father for protection, safety and provisions for all in the path of this storm. We pray for aid to support those in need during and after the storm passes. We thank you Father for watching over our nation during this very important time in history. In Jesus name. Amen

I have a bad habit of thinkin that some of my thinkin is just me. You would think after so many years of thinkin it might be God I would get my thinkin straight!

How did you like that one?

When I first heard about “Sandy” the unwanted visitor ramming her way up the East coast, my “thinkin” was, “is this the October surprise I have been reading about?”

Of course, as usual I laughed at myself for “thinkin” such a ridiculous thought.

As the up-to-date mortal that I aim to be, watching the news/ weather lately has been foremost on my mind; partly due to where we live. Actually it is a “given” here living so close to the coast.

But….before the storm became the monster she is, I listened to a long prophecy given by John Paul Jackson.  This was like last Friday. I found his 2012 prophecies he gave in January of this year of all God has told him for the future.

Ironically or not, one of the main prophecies was hurricanes would be so huge they would form up to 500 miles in width. Ugh….”Sandy” was larger than that wasn’t she?

We have had high winds, it is again very cloudy and ominous. From Washington, DC to Columbia, SC is 483 miles. From Rhode Island to Columbia is 874 miles.

Then, as I was reading the “Reader” a dear friend blogger posted the latest from Joel Rosenberg.  Ah – ha! That was it!

The following is the link to Lyn Leahz blog;


Evidently God has shown numerous other prophets about this “October Surprise.” Not giving any indication of the surprise itself, my “thinkin cap” began to roll out different scenarios like:

Jesus is coming back?  No….there is more to be fulfilled

Not another terrorist attack

Party at Chucky Cheese


Super storm-hybrid winter storm-nor’easter?

Whoever thought up this combination of names should be a meteorologist, weather-girl, weather-guy, storm chaser, hurricane specialist, etc.

Now I am not one who believes in “coincidences.”  This storm is no coincidence. Actually and I know no one was here to hear me say this, but I thought out-loud if that is possible, “Is this really heading near Washington?” (Friday)

I first heard of an “October Surprise” many months ago. Maybe it is me, but I have always thought of a surprise as something like a present, cake, chocolate brownies; ok. Enough of that. A surprise to me is good? Fun? Happy day?

“Sandy” is not a happy day. Or fun. She has barreled her way through many homes, businesses, schools, churches and the livelihood of great Americans.

Now, before I read Joel Rosenberg’s blog on Lyn’s blog, I had already thought the same things he wrote like:

It means for the first time in 27 years Wall Street closed unplanned except for 9/11.

“Sandy” is a storm that has hasn’t happened in the lifetime of most of us.

The Weather Channel has seen most possible weather formations; but never one like this.

The off possibility a hurricane and a nor’easter running into each other? At the exact same day and time? A week before the most important Presidential election in history?

God has allowed “Sandy” to pay the East coast of America  ( the original 13 colonies) an undesirable appearance.

God allowed a hurricane of substantial strength at the end of October end up near Washington, D. C.

God allowed a nor’easter to come down from Canada and merge with “Sandy” and shut down the Federal Government.

Are you thinkin what I am thinkin?




“Oh, the Weather Outside is… Hot?”

Yes, the weather outside is……balmy for this time of year.

No wonder we have the potential for a hurricane. The warm waters of the Atlantic have churned up “Sandy” which simply put will “cause a horrendous mess.”

83 degrees is our high today in the southeast. Average high is 74. I happen to love this weather! However, it feeds the works of a natural disaster waiting to happen.

Living in the south near the coast of anywhere down here around Florida to Texas, being prepared for storms of this kind is a way of life. We don’t take it for granted but through experience have learned many lessons.

Hurricane Alicia: 1983 Coast of Galveston, Texas: last storm to hit Galveston

Hurricane Hugo: 1989 Coast of Charleston, SC This storm blew inland 200 miles all the way to Charlotte NC/ estimated damage: 7 billion dollars

Hurricane Andrew: 1992 Devastated south Florida with estimated damage: 30 billion dollars

Hurricane Floyd: 1999 was labeled the “Storm of the Century” dumping up to 30 inches of rain from the coast of NC to New Jersey.

Hurricane Katrina: 8/23/05: New Orleans, LA to date the most costliest storm and natural disaster in US history at 81 billion dollars.

The chatter among folks in our area remembers Hugo. Hitting Charleston with a feverish blast it rammed through SC into my parents backyard 200 miles inland to the NC/SC border. 16 trees knocked down in the back and that didn’t include the huge one that fell on the car. Without power for a week, family members and friends who had power opened their showers to those who didn’t like cold water.

Altering the landscape of so many areas, Hugo is a grim reminder of what could still be for those of us who live on the east coast.

We are entering one of the most important eras in history. There are 5 elements of change on the horizon; Spiritual, Government, Economics, War and Geo-Physical.

In many ways these are already in place. Geo-Physical events or the definition is: physics of the environment of the earth such as fields of meteorology, oceanography and seismology.

Prophetically speaking natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis will be increasingly prevalent. Seismologists have been reporting for years we are overdue for the big one: earthquake.

Every time there is an earthquake the earth tilts. As with volcanoes erupting, these forces change the weather patterns such as the “jet stream.”  Ocean waters will warm causing hurricanes 500 miles wide; this has nothing to do with Global Warming.

The Fujita Scale which measures the damage of tornadoes will have to raise its numbers as these storms increase intensity.

Due to these phenomena the physical shape of the United States will change.

As Christians we need to be aware of the future and that we were chosen to live in such a time as this. I believe there will be prosperity for God’s people, but the environment will at times wreak havoc.

Now as Hurricane Sandy approaches, the path I would like her to take is a sharp right turn, east out to sea. The key is to be alert, prepared and wait.

Isn’t that what God has told us to do anyway?

Acts 17:16 “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.”