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Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth ….and you know the rest (Part 2)


In a world of disillusioned, misguided and unhappy people it is not a far-fetched idea to have one go to the lengths of a court case to prove their innocence when it is clear they aren’t. How dare anyone believe an officer of the military would totally ignore the law?

I am not being judgmental. This is however representative of the mindset plaguing our nation. Evil becomes good and good becomes evil. Tell a lie so much that the liar begins to truly believe it themselves.

Since the onset of this case God gave me a verse, Luke 21:15 which says,

  “For I will give you [skillful] words and wisdom which none of your opponents will be able to resist or refute.”

I clung to this verse until the day of the trial. Over 4 years.

From the beginning the lawyer for the plaintiff requested any information I had concerning the case including, receipts, contracts, and emails.

About 2 weeks prior to March 3, the court date I receive a phone call from a man who slowly asked if I was in deed who I am, and owner of Guardian Property Management LLC. The defendant’s lawyer proceeded to ask me questions about the case of which I quickly replied,
“Nope. Not giving you any information without my lawyer.”

His quick retort was, “Fine! I’ll subpoena you then!” His threat was stopped when

I responded, “You don’t have to. I will be there in support of our friend and my client.”

Calling my lawyer he reported the defendant’s lawyer had just called him. My lawyer told me I didn’t have to speak to him so I didn’t. I am convinced his call was to try to coerce me to get the plaintiff to change his mind and drop the case. He found out that wasn’t an option. 

2 days before the trial 2 young girls ring our doorbell and ask me if I was Cathy Neil. Handing me a subpoena they left. It’s a good thing I didn’t have plans but as I found out later the servers never signed or dated the subpoena making it invalid.

Meeting with the lawyer, we discussed what he would ask and what we were to respond with. After 4 years I was concerned about what I wouldn’t remember. But God…..

The lawyer expressed to us that he and her lawyer met with the judge on Monday, Feb. 29 to pick jurors.  He discovered the defendant’s attorney was basing their case on certain dates of cleaning the house opposed to the date of signing the lease.jury

As it was, 6 jurors were chosen and 5 out of the 6 were women. The choice being made by the opposing lawyer hoping to sway the women jurors to support the defendant.  In other words, he played the “gender card.”


So much time had passed since this began we didn’t know what they had as far as evidence, but then they didn’t know what we had either.

While speaking to his lawyer, he came up with the emails made between me and the defendant from the end of August until October 18, 2011 when she declared herself free of the lease completely. Altogether it was 83 pages; mostly emails from her to me.

I had no idea that those emails would be the words and wisdom of Luke 21: 15 that God would display for everyone in that courtroom to hear.

To be continued……






“Calm is Trust in Action”

Reading that statement from God Calling recently, changed my life. It was as if God was confirming to me his peace was my ally. Think long and hard about those words. Calm is a huge weapon against the enemy.

I won’t sugar coat aging is no fun, but with it comes experience and knowledge. As God has brought me through more deep waters and the fiery furnaces more than I can count, I see dry land and the furnaces are cooling down.

The enemy uses repeat performances. He can’t create anything new. In that we should grasp his attacks realizing the threats are just that; threats. How we respond is the key. Recognize his evil patterns but more than that he is defeated.

Is it possible what the enemy threatens in our personal lives he does the same globally?

Of course. He has no other availability. Words are powerful; in fact so much so God created the world with them. Being the case, the enemy fills our minds with his lies and deceits hoping to compound them so many times we begin to believe what he says.  There-in lies a case for mental breakdowns, fear, doubt and worry. We must counter with God’s word. Believe me I know this works because it is the only way I am still here.

The attacks on my life for years have been numerous, vicious and at time life threatening. The last few years have been relentless. I could barely get through one and the next one showed up worse. We hear we are to never give up. I remember times when those evil thoughts were being spoken over and over to me until I finally asked myself,

“What would I do if I gave up?” Well, that question ended giving up.

God confirmed a revelation to me this morning using my own life’s attacks with the world’s in our present condition which is about as bad as it gets. Sodom and Gomorrah are like a piece of cake compared to modern day society.

Praying seriously for years over the world especially America, I have waited for answers. If you watch the news or happen across it on the internet you will be hard pressed to find anything good. Not that America is good right now; in fact we are in deep trouble.

My heart has ached at the deterioration of this nation. It is so different than when I grew up. I have watched for decades our moral society diminish. We have no one else to blame but ourselves; we all sin.

As many such as Franklin Graham, Anne Graham Lotz and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn express deep concern for our country’s impending judgement, and rightly so, I believe God’s righteousness is about to shine.

Don’t get me wrong. It looks bad. It is bad. It is evil at its worst and should be recognized as such. But God’s righteous grace is so much more than all of that.

He revealed to me as he has stretched me beyond my own fleshly limits to the point of crying out even in silence because I was too weak to speak, so he is doing with America and the world.

The phrase, “God is never late, but rarely early” fits.

His word says he will walk through the deep waters and the fiery furnace with us, but we won’t drown or burn. We may be gasping for air and feel the heat, but all of a sudden dry land appears and someone shuts off the furnace.

He let me know that is where we are at. I believe we are seriously close to the wrath and judgement of God in such a momentous way that we must continue to pray diligently for repentance. But he has heard our prayers and at the moment when it appears it can’t get any worse, God is going to show up and show off.

The world will know it is God foiling the plots of the enemy.

The world especially America will wake up from this dreadful nightmare and fall on our knees in worship and praise to Him.

The world will be swept by the Holy wind of the Spirit of God changing hearts across the globe in an instant. We must look past the natural into the supernatural sphere of God to see what he is doing and where he is taking us.


And then wait to embrace the glory of God as has never been upon the earth.


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Playing with Fire: What is a Soldier?


As I sit and listen to the Secretary of Defense make his case for a trade of a military deserter with terrorists, it is a relief to know who the Father of Justice is.

God hates injustice. (Psalm 37)

The question just arose from a Congressman to Sec. Hagel,

“Have you weighed the cost of what it would be if we have to find and capture these 5 Taliban leaders again?”

Secretary Hagel was almost speechless when he answered, “well, no.”

Should this question have been an assumed notion?

Obviously not or this trade for Bowe Bergdahl would not have occurred.

The reason the White House never consulted Congress before this trade was finalized is because it would not have passed a majority vote.

Never mind the members of his military platoon who were there and the testimony they have given; Sec. Hagel all but called them liars yet he wasn’t there when Bowe decided to leave. He wasn’t present when Bergdahl’s co-workers went looking for him and 8 died doing so.

And why was Bowe Bergdahl captured by the Taliban and held prisoner for 5 years?

Facts just don’t add up.

We have a VA Hospital scandal of maximum proportion where who knows how many of our veterans died at the hands of evil people who declared to be God themselves.

We have yet to find out why 4 men were killed in a raid in Benghazi that should never have happened.

We have a Commander in Chief who has cut salaries, benefits and more jobs in the military while the world becomes more dangerous, belligerent and unsafe to live in. Recently I was made aware of 50 contract jobs of employees at our base here who some have worked for years that are on the chopping block. Yet we pay welfare/food stamps/Obamacare for people who don’t work but can.

We have hundreds of children being dumped in Arizona by a President who is using revenge against Governor Brewer in conditions unfit for animals.

The list of ill-fated decisions from the Obama Administration goes on and on. Pandemonium in the White House.

The argument is we don’t leave a soldier behind no matter whether they desert or not. And do we trade them for known terrorists during wartime? We are in a war(s) aren’t we?

So what determines a soldier?saeed

Those who wear uniforms and fight for the freedoms of their own.

Those who don’t wear uniforms and fight for the freedoms of their own.

Why aren’t we fighting to release Pastor Saeed who has been in an Iranian prison for over 2 years who has been beaten over and over?

Why aren’t we fighting to release prisoners held in North Korea who are being held for “Acts of Treason” against the government there?

Why aren’t we fighting to release a marine held in a Mexican prison?

Why aren’t we fighting FOR our armed services at home and deployed instead of  treating them like traitors? 

Why aren’t we fighting for our Veterans on our own soil? 

Aren’t these men and women also our own?








As we stood in silence during church this morning the Trumpeter played “Taps.” In this very military based city, Memorial Day holds deep roots.

My father who recently passed away was a veteran in WWII. At 18, he was sent over to Normandy Beach on a ship to clean up the mess. Everyone on the ship got sick he told me, and he survived on 24 Clark Bars because the food was so terrible.

His brother, 17 months older than dad was also in WWII. I can only imagine my grandparent’s heartache at having to send one, much less two.

Dad never talked about his 2 years in the Air Force much. I asked questions but he was for the most part quiet about it all.  Who knows what he saw while he was there.

I know he loved airplanes. When I was young we would drive 20 minutes to the Charlotte airport where people could park their cars and watch the airplanes taking off and landing.

Watching some war movies this weekend brings home the truth of how much I hate war. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen; it has for centuries. God reminds us in the Bible, “there will be wars and rumors of war.” That also means God is with those who are with him.

My heart goes out to the families of those who have lost loved ones in war.

And for families who have suffered under an unconscionable VA hospital system.

We are America and should start acting like it.

For those of us who are Christians, we need to take the authority God gave us through Jesus and stop the enemy. 

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, for good and not for evil, for a future and a hope.”  


Andy Andrews: Recipient of 3 Purple Hearts

The link at the bottom takes you to some of the War stories of a dear friend of ours.

Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews is a recipient of 3 Purple  Hearts for his bravery on D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge.

Trained as a “machine gunner” his expertise led him into the trenches of battle during WWII.  Andy was one of the first personal witnesses to the Dachau Concentration Camp a few days after it was liberated.

Andy, a strong Christian leaned on his faith to get him through every day. At one point in this summary he tells of how soldiers read passages from the New Testament from Bibles issued to them by the Army. That’s right; the Army handed out the one book they felt would give them what they needed to fight and win. And fight and win they did.

About 15 years ago, I was fortunate to sit down with him one-on-one and listen to him tell me his personal stories. I’ll never forget how he told me he lost 3 pairs of glasses in the war. His response was,

“They were all shot off my face; 3 different times.”

He told me how he and his buddy were in a foxhole with their machine guns ready and waiting on the enemy. He described the atmosphere  as “eerily quiet.” His buddy made the mistake of raising his head just above the top of the foxhole only to have it blown off.

He learned to cook potatoes in one of their kitchens. Lots of potatoes.

He described times when he would be in an abandoned house or building only to meet face to face with the enemy. One time he hid in a closet as a number of them walked right past him.

“The truth of those young, German soldiers, ” he told me, “was they were just as scared as we were and didn’t want to be doing what they were being forced to do any more than we did.”

And we think our lives our tough.

Here’s a great big “Shout Out” to all Military. 



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The Stench needs more than Mr. Clean

Why is it men automatically walk over a freshly mopped kitchen floor with mud on their shoes from the farm?


Is it instinctive they know the floor has just been cleaned?

Do men care that we women have slaved over keeping the floor free of debris, old food and possible manure?

Or are they clueless?

In my case it’s number 4. He wouldn’t know if the floor was mopped any more than he notices when my hair has been cut. I could go completely gray by not coloring my hair and he wouldn’t notice; he is color blind.

It has to be the “law” of something that like a mopped floor, so it goes with vacuuming the carpet, cleaning the bathroom or replacing a dirty tablecloth with a clean one. As soon as it is done, red Kool-Aid decorates the carpet, your daughter comes home from college and in 5 minutes the bathroom is a war zone of cosmetics, shampoo and contact lens solution. And of course don’t forget the tablecloth; immediately the cat makes it her new bed shedding fur all over it.

No wonder housekeeping seems futile. That is until you walk into a home that hasn’t been touched by Mr. Clean in 20 years. Yes…the stench was putrid; the garbage was in stacks all over the house and decomposed; there was a trail of “whatever” covering the only path to walk on.mr-clean

I went home and began to clean after that experience.

But…maybe there is something else to piles of garbage and a lingering, rotting odor.

Once you have so much of it, eliminating the mess isn’t easy or quick.  Rummaging through what I witnessed would have been useless; just get a bulldozer.

Stench is representative of evil. It certainly doesn’t come from God.

While it reeks of odor before cleaned, the aftermath may produce further smell.

The stain of evil is difficult to remove.

It lingers as long as we allow it. Once gone, something must replace it or fill the empty space it leaves.

When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order.

Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation.” (Matthew 12: 43-45)

A good start to removing evil from our lives can be done by:

  • 1.    Repentance
  • 2.    Seek Jesus and his word daily
  • 3.    Pray continuously
  • 4.    Meet him at the cross
  • 5.    Return to the cross as a reminder of what he did for you

Throughout history, God has sent his apostles, kings, disciples, missionaries, armies, etc. to areas of evil.

Battles have to be fought.

Land has to be discovered for potential growth

The Gospel has to be spread for the salvation of the lost

Protection is needed for certain groups

Natural resources are needed for humanity to exist

Military is sent to stand on the soil of nations who do not know Jesus?

Wait? What was that last one?

If evil stains, the goodness of God can walk all over it.












Just when you have no idea what you are doing or why you are in a place you are in, God shows up in the form of a purpose.

This display of his character is a leading often missed. It is in those times of bewilderment he reminds us of his goals, not ours. Making the mistake of “it’s all about me” is it is never about me.

There are those who are called to do the great work of missions, or the Pastors who shepherd the flocks of God.  Also many are gifted in song or the genius of a musical instrument.  Teachers somehow know they were born to teach and the joy of loving the work of a nursery comes naturally.

When you are blatantly not gifted to belt out Michael W. Smiths’ “Find my place in this world” or given the hands to flow over the keyboards of Grand pianos, resolve is a rite of passage.

The further I get into understanding the knowledge of God, the more he discloses his personal joy of surprise.  The unknowing of a purpose is or can be quite exciting because you never know what God will do next.

God loves to test his followers. Many tests have come my way only to fail miserably.  The plight of knowing where I belong has extended beyond the limits of what I can see in the natural. In this effort of unforeseen examinations, God is showing me what it really means to trust him completely.

Certainly the mastery of this level is far off yet moments of faith kick in and at times almost feel tangible. A good test is to go where you aren’t sure you belong or where you have no idea why you are there.  Doing so by faith in God, allows him to show up and sometimes show off.

Living in the center of God’s will is purpose. The goal to find a place of worship to call home has been a dilemma in the center of God’s will. How does that work? One party goes, enjoys and makes it their habitation. The other flounders, reaches, seeks and hunts for peace and acceptance only to be typecast and thrown under the bus.body-01

But….that is when God asks the hunter to have faith in him; not his people. “Go” he says and see what I will do for you.

The row wasn’t full. He asked if he could sit next to me. Struggling, he admitted he had a bad knee.

His baseball cap was loaded with military campaign stickers lined with WWII, Korean War and Vietnam Veteran letters. When asked what they were for, he responded, “Those are all the places I served and didn’t do much of anything.”

We both laughed and he smiled as I helped him get his jacket off.

He was a 30 year military man. His wife died around 10 years ago. His service career made me question how he had managed all 3 wars. His response was,
“well, I’m 93 years old, I think.”  Shocked at hearing this, he pulled out his wallet. His feeble fingers worked to get his VALID Driver’s License out. He pointed to the year of his birth: 1919.

“Yep. I am 93. That’s what this says.”

For the next hour I was enlightened to sit beside a war hero who had no idea he was a war hero.  6 years shy of being on this earth for almost a century, I sensed nothing but joy, peace and a gracious heart.communion-01

As I held his communion cup so it wouldn’t spill on his pants he said thank you. When it was over I helped him stand up on his weak knee. Taking his jacket off the back of his chair I placed it on his shoulders and helped him put his arms in the sleeve.

As we walked out, he asked if I came there often. “YES” I said. He told me he would look for me, gave me a big smile and said goodbye.

I ran to my car in the pouring rain. Thinking to myself “he thought I was helping him.”

But I was the one who was blessed.

And then I heard God laughing.




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Lights in the Deserts

Crews sharpen skills at Atlantic Strike

How do you respond when the words, “I don’t really have to go because of my injury” are not what you expected to hear?

“What injury?”

“I was hit in the shoulder by an IED while deployed in Afghanistan.”

A casual remark as if it was an everyday event. Maybe it had been to him.

I must admit I was somewhat surprised by his impromptu “matter of fact” emotion.

Years of traveling all over the world, he learned bits and pieces of Arabic, or Farsi as he rattled them off remembering conversations with Muslims.

5.5 years of living, breathing and attaining educated guesses from the Air Force personnel here is just that. They speak their own language and civilians like me always seem to be left questioning. Confidentiality is of utmost importance.

The need to be extra careful not to dive into a memory they prefer not to remember is a consideration I had to learn. Some deploy and come home a different human being not noticeable from the surface. It is a learned process for those of us in the minority here who watch from the distance. A 6 month deployment can reign in a mood that didn’t exist before they left.

A self-proclaimed detachment sets in as they enter back into a life they will never find again.  You can see it in their eyes; pain, sadness and fear stored inside heavy hearts.

There is a difference in acclamation depending on the rank. Most of our neighbors are or have been Majors, Pilots and Lt. Colonels.  The longer one serves reflects a character trait of strength and maturity rarely seen. Life is what it is wherever they are.

In the midst of political turmoil and hostility around the globe flowed words you will never hear on the news or read about on the internet. As the media and our government  continue to cheat the public from the truth producing an atmosphere of fear, a sense of anger arose in our den from this hero unknown to most.

My curious nature obscures my mouth at times, but I want to know what is really going on in the Middle East. The protection of God’s people and his land, Israel are sitting ducks surrounded by what would appear to be pure, unadulterated hate from all sides.

The stigmas created for a moment of ratings rattled this hero. The quiet fury this Christian officer revealed was to calm my nerves as he spoke the words I wanted to hear.

“I have been everywhere and especially the Middle East. 90% of the world is just like you and me. They want to be happy, healthy, and live calm, peaceful lives with their families and friends, and the Muslims are no different.”

Life changing words unspoken in the public arena that need to be heard instead of the urgent 10% getting attention they crave. In no way does this condone the 10% for the anguish and distress produced by “cradles of evil” in all facets of life.

However, doom and gloom has surfaced as excitement, adventure and the next best thing for the media/Hollywood,  content to exploit it for personal gain.

In the center of evil, courageous men and women of God step on soil that has never heard of Jesus.

Marking His territory with the Cross of Christ in reclusive habitations or underground bunkers they risk it all for the sake of lost souls who otherwise would never know the Gift of Salvation.

The light is still burning.

The candle is lit.god is awesome

What the devil doesn’t know is God planned ahead.

He has millions and millions of fluorescent light bulbs waiting to cover the earth with His Awesome Glory.




The Joys of Crossing the Border


Who is of Noble Character?

While Israel is being attacked our President enjoys his post election win and a trip to south Asia.  Our greatest ally ever is in need of support and the first President in history not only threw them under the bus, he left them there.


God’s land and people are in the middle of hate and annihilation. Defending themselves against the corruption of Middle East radicals who have determined over and over to rid the world of Israel; only they won’t succeed.

The fallout of General David Patraeus has hit hard against the rest of our military. His red scarlet reputation is now being posed as a replica for the thousands of service personnel who lie in his wake. He is the one scarred not those who serve with him.

The contempt I have read and heard of our military should have nothing to do with his affair. How many of you scrutinizing his personal life have any right to judge? Sure, he has betrayed us and I am not defending his sin but from my standpoint of living in an Air Force based community, the fallout belongs only to him.

The so-called “Peace” lovers of the world, who wear their noble cause on their sleeves, are doing more harm than good. Your attempt to rid the world of war or imagine it doesn’t exist is a fairy tale. Those who frame their lives around power and money will fight to the bitter end as long as someone else is doing the fighting.

For you who promote our military as an exhibition of disloyalty, GET OVER IT.

You are hurting the very people who have risked their lives for your safety and freedoms.

Unless you see it firsthand as I do, don’t place our military personnel in the same category as David Petraeus. Sure there are those who ride around showing off their accomplishments leading the life of a star, but not most of them. The following article by Peggy Noonan who claims her conservativeness has all but slammed the military’s character and credit by
establishing our uniformed patriots follow the General. Wrong.


Anyone who speaks of their self-admiration as a forefront for their jobs had better stay away from Shaw Air Force base. Also, those who disagree with war and have labeled military personnel as “betraying” their “peaceful negotiations” should be hung out to dry.

I will repeat myself for the 100th time.

God hates war. I hate war. God loves every military man and woman.

We live in a fallen world that unfortunately is filled with war.

Just because you don’t want to be sick doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Just because you disagree with drinking and driving doesn’t mean idiots won’t continue doing so. Just because General Patraeus got caught having an affair doesn’t mean the rest of the military is stupid enough to follow in his shoes. Just because you “Jane Fonda peace pacifists” don’t believe in war doesn’t mean the Middle East isn’t continuing their efforts to blow up Israel or anyone who supports them.

Instead of portraying our service people as “war mongers” why don’t you visit one of the many military bases in this country and ask them what they think first.  Why don’t you restrain your verbal castigations to yourself until you witness it firsthand?

Moving here in 2007, my husband and I found ourselves to be in the minority compared to the thousands of military who live here. The AF base is a city within itself, until you go to Wal-mart and every other customer is wearing AF or Army uniforms.

Some of our neighbors who were or had been deployed many times were often caught off guard when I thanked them for their service. The basic conversations revealed their fear and apprehension of answering due to the negative allegations thrown at them from the “peace movement.” They feel Americans have disavowed their livelihood as a drain on our society and a treachery of duty.

We should be ashamed for deepening the cuts and wounds already made in the sides of those who fight for us every day. The real betrayal is not in the reputation of a General who got caught, but the American “peacemakers” who have no idea how to obtain real peace in the first place but chastise those who are trying.

God made it clear throughout the Bible we are to have a strong defense….why is that? Because God knows there will be wars and rumors of war throughout history?

In case you haven’t noticed, my fierce preservation and guardianship for our military is not to be threatened. It is one thing to talk about our men and women in uniform: it is another to live it, observe it and attest to the authenticity of personal war stories.

For you “peaceniks” no one hates war more than the warrior. At least they have the guts to try and change what they hate for the greater good.

Your “gallant protests and lofty objectives” do nothing but disqualify you from everything they stand for.





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An Act of Deceit behind the Horror

The following is my take on an article about the Libya attack and the father of one son who was killed that day.

The article link can be read in its entirety here:

Tyrone Woods


As a parent I cannot imagine not knowing what happened to my child if they were attacked, mobbed and shot in another country. As a neighbor, church friend or acquaintance to many in our military this unnecessary act of evil strikes home with me very hard.

Charles Wood, father of Tyrone Woods-ex Seal who was killed in Libya wants the truth about what really happened to his son. And why wouldn’t he?

Except he isn’t getting the truth; instead he has received forced apologies, insincere thoughts and distasteful rhetoric from the Obama Administration.

He is proud of his son who is now a hero. He died trying to save the lives of others when he didn’t have to. He rushed to the Consulate hoping/believing our government was finally answering their calls for back-up; help that never arrived.

Mr. Wood describes the killing as a “murder done by those who made the decision to withhold aid for months prior to the attack. And then they lied about it.” Of course the CIA denies the claims they ignored the requests.

Interviews with Mr. Wood revealed his meetings with the President, Vice President and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

The Secretary of State put up a front; and he saw through her lie.

The President looked over his shoulder as if to forego any eye to eye contact. The apology was insincere, and he described shaking hands with the President “like shaking hands with a dead fish.”

The Vice President could not have been more disgusting.

Character is important to America.

Integrity was valued.

Decency upholds the moral codes of our country.

Honesty is the backbone written by the Founding Fathers.

The men and women in our military are trained by these doctrines. Their lives are built around these core principles.

The negligence of our leaders reveals none of these attributes. Sadly, their true nature was lit by a dim light of lies, covering up a lack of ingenuity to do the right thing.

In order to keep it quiet to the American people, they did nothing. An act of prideful campaigning that backfired. The cost was votes from those who might disagree with aiding their own in a battlefield of horror.

Getting re-elected was their post; their badge of honor. But next, to redeem themselves from the chorus of backlash, deception became the order of the days to follow and weeks.

This is an inexcusable defamation fabricated to save the souls of the White House.

For the Wood’s family they wait for answers.

How do they go on? The deserve closure.

Since the leaders of the free world aren’t capable of giving him genuine and forthright apologies, the least they could do is set the record set. He wants the truth.

And he wants to hear it from the President.