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In Honor of my Dad

My father was a WWII Air Force Veteran.20161111_093554.jpg

After the battle of Normandy, my dad along with many other military personnel were shipped overseas to France. They were considered the “clean -up crew.”

He never spoke much about his duty but this I do know.

The ocean waters made every one on board sea sick. It took weeks to get to their destination so it was a horrible situation to be in. I’ve often wondered how frightened he may have been. Did he think he would make the trip? Did he think he would come home once his time was served there if he made it across the ocean to begin with? Some died before ever reaching Normandy. Whatever his emotional state was, he never shared that with me.

Dad survived on 24 Clark Candy bars because he couldn’t eat the ship food which was as nauseating as  the rough waves.

Once they arrived on the shores of Normandy, I can only imagine what they found. I’m sure they were to find as many American soldiers as they could and bring them home.

While they were there, dad and some of his ship mates gave supplies of food to local French people who were left with nothing after such a bitter war. Many were widows and orphaned children wandering around trying to find whatever they could to get by. Maybe what dad did gave these war ravaged people some hope.

Dad served this country honorably for 2 years because the war had finally ended. He returned home and went to Erskine College, graduating in 3 years on the GI bill. His love of History was his Major.

As a result of his service, one activity dad and I shared was our trips over the years to the local library. He and I were the readers of the family and we would stock up on books to last us a few weeks at a time. He was an avid reader of History books and biographies. He would often share stories of what he had read of other wars and battles from the past.

I don’t think it coincidental that I now live a few miles from one of the largest F-16 Jet Fighter Training bases in the world. Dad’s love of aircraft was something he did talk about over the years. Now, I witness on a regular basis these very machines my dad worked on and loved, fly over my house in amazing formations. These incredible inventions are a sight to behold.

As a member of a community of Air Force/Army personnel, I am humbled and honored to be a part of their lives. Daily, I witness families watching loved ones get deployed, or moved to other bases in the US and around the world. Its a lifestyle I could never do; but then these people are heroes.

And so was my dad.shaw







Secret Disharmony

Life just isn’t what it seems; most of the time. We think we understand the motives or reasons for the behaviors of others, but often that isn’t the case at all.

Thoughts drop in our loaded minds or the “jumping to conclusions” appears as if to fault ourselves for what we don’t really know. Initially, the hurt, pain or unresponsive response we receive may or may not be what we thought it was. Very possibly much of the time what we thought it was, wasn’t.

Efforts to reason, analyze or figure out why, where or when we missed it becomes a reality that can last for years. Maybe that’s a good time to ask God about it. Or before.

Deception being one of the enemies’ countless assaults we fall for it over and over. Later we discover the lie but it wasn’t intended to be a lie.

The depths that some people will go to withhold or suppress their inner pain/secrets/feelings continues to astonish me. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, usually their intentions are good.
The noble armor one wears is a twofold objective.

Self-preservation: The notion one believes burying an immense trauma, fear, dread, or emotional distress over an uncontrollable circumstance is the only answer to overcoming it.

Overprotective Guardianship: Guarding this trauma, fear, dread or emotional distress from those around us by concealing or secretly keeping it from them to protect them.peace

Either way you are suffering from inward disharmony. Neither is positive but will be pursued no matter what.

Self-preservation is accomplished by ignoring it, delaying the inevitable or not understanding that “denial” is not a river in Egypt. Acting as if it never happened or won’t in the future is like wrapping it in a carbon fiber wrap, placing it in a “fire box” and throwing away the key.

Overprotective Guardianship keeps the secret from those cared about for their benefit.  The idea is “it would only upset them if they knew.” Exposure to others might lead to arguments pressuring the one hiding the trauma to face and deal with it, therefore it is better off never being discussed.

The outcome of truth can only be decided between God and the one living this conflict. However, if someone else discovers their secret a no holds barred attack may arise. After all, the point of no one ever finding out is the motive to begin with.

From my perspective having observed such pain in a number of people during my lifetime my conclusion is this.

Whatever the trauma, bearing witness to it is virtually impossible. In some instances the burial is so deep the reasons for the original seclusion has been forgotten; but not the emotional and mental abuse of exposure. Simply put, it is too much to bear.

Results of inward disharmony will eventually appear affecting the individual and those closest to them in a vast array of negative but often subtle actions or mannerisms.  Over time a cover up set in place becomes normal.

But what it does to other people is or can be devastating. Confusion, misinterpretation, clarity and disorder escape unintentionally and they don’t recognize it due to blocking it out.  A trickle here or a drip there but eventually damage is done to everyone involved.communication

More than any adverse reactions is the lack of being able to communicate with God. How can a secret one holds dear as a crutch for life be discussed with the Creator of the Universe? He knows everything so it isn’t like he hasn’t seen the grave.  Sadly, no real and personal relationship can be established with God, therefore there is nothing to give to others in the same respect.

As one who is an open book with Jesus, I have confessed and openly cried my heart out over many mistakes, bad choices and dreams that await in my future.  If I have left anything out, I can’t imagine what it would be. He is used to me bending his ear.

When we don’t completely open up to God on a regular basis about every area of our life, we not only grieve the Holy Spirit, we usher in baggage that is never unpacked. Eventually that baggage becomes old, smelly and falls apart. It is no different with the soul who harbors intense confidences; at some point they will show up.

Jesus will walk ahead of anyone who is willing to follow. He is the only answer to unloading baggage whether it is the one holding the secret or those it has affected. Take time to speak to him and listen. Read his word daily and pray.

He yearns for companionship with the hurting so he can lead them to safety, healing and harmony.

It isn’t that difficult. Just give him your luggage.British Airports Terrorist Alert


Lost at Sea

Is it possible to lose a ship?Lyubov Orlova

Evidently so.

An Antarctic Cruise ship has been lost at sea since February 2013.

When I first read this story I thought to myself,
“How does one lose a ship weighing over 4 tons and 295 feet long? And…is anyone on it?”

Named after a Russian actress, Lyubovy Orlova, the Yugoslavian built ship was set to be scrapped only the tow line broke after she sat alone for 2 years in St. John’s Harbor.

Suffice it to say she wasn’t very good at managing money. 51 of the crew had not been paid due to cruises that never left shore because of mechanical problems which also landed her in debt.

Sightings supposedly of this “derelict vessel” as they called her have been noted. She has made quite a few trips in unknown waters but as recently as this month it has been reported by the British Media the wind is blowing her toward the coast of the UK.

The old girl may not be as welcomed as one might think. She managed to hire her own crew; hundreds, possibly thousands of cannibal, diseased rats.

From the movie  The Life of Pi

From the movie
The Life of Pi

“Oh, what a wicked web we do weave, when we are…. lost at sea….”

I couldn’t help but make a parallel between this ship and our lives.

We often feel we are drifting alone in uncharted waters. With no destination point, we get off track and float. Unwanted guests attempt attack.  Cut off and isolated from the shore is like a sitting duck in a firing range.

Just like this ship, we are no good drifting aimlessly around in the depths of endless emptiness. Productivity is zilch which can result in low self-esteem and depression.

When you have no idea where you are, life becomes a journey of pursuing the wrong goals, useless activities and annoying people who are just as lost as the next person.

Like this ship we need a Captain who is trained to keep us going in the right direction.

God is much more than a Captain but the theory is the same.

Acts 17: 26-27 “ From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us.”

He placed in each individual that has ever lived a need for him; a natural desire to seek him because he knows what is best. He will always steer us in the direction of his Son, the Resurrected Christ.

Last I heard he is giving free tickets to a life worth living with rewards for accepting his Son as your Savior.

God is the order of our affairs: the greatest tour guide in the history of the world.

Just sign up for his next cruise and he will lead you on the trip of a lifetime.

Who knows; after training, he may make you Chief Officer.


Birds of Paradise

The video below is well worth the five minutes it takes to watch it.