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Christianity 0ut of the Box


Far-Fetched Blueprints

Labor done in peace is productive. How then can our
hurried society accomplish much of anything?

Action is everywhere but in the kingdom of God strength is found in the quiet, rest of God.
So how can we be strengthened while running marathons?


Impatience is the hostility of peace. Clear headed thinking is knocked off its pedestal, and replaced with mistakes.

Do you recall a time when Jesus rushed or hurried? As he approached the sisters of Mary and Martha whom he cherished after their beloved Lazarus had died he made it clear he made no effort to arrive before his death.

John 11:21 ““Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

Jesus knew Lazarus was dead, yet he waited 2 days before going to Judea where he was already buried in a deep grave.

We can look into the Middle East right now and understand the results of no peace, no rest or quiet with God. Fueled by hate, anger and religious piety, many storm the doors of innocence with desires to take into their own hands the vigilante motive of nations gone wild.

Jesus never fell for it. And neither should we.

Jesus could have spared Lazarus from dying by rushing to his deathbed, but he lingered with diligent composure.

They didn’t know what Jesus knew. They didn’t know what he would do, if anything. They didn’t understand his ways.

Yet, to many it would appear he used Lazarus as bait for the glory of God to be revealed. Maybe so, only he was far from the hook.

The conversation of how crazy and weird Christianity looks to unbelievers is noted. Just as Jesus was born to a virgin by the Holy Spirit is synonymous to me believing there is really a Rat Temple in India where rats are considered sacred.

When Jesus approached the sisters mourning the loss of Lazarus, the thought of yelling to a 4 day old dead body in a stinking, nasty tomb, “Lazarus, Come out,” is as far- fetched as rats reincarnated as human Indian royalty. It is too outrageous and unbelievable for our logical thinking brains to comprehend, process and accept. Jesus purposely delaying his travel to Judea is just as shocking and brazen, but he was in no hurry because he planned it that way all along. His point was to show the miracle was only a miracle when peace was paramount.

So it is with Jesus’ long-suffering in allowing us to fall before him after years of running in the opposite direction of his redemption.


As believers yearn and await his magnificent return, he is calm but persistent in  allowing sinners to find his cross.

The representation of Jesus waiting to raise Lazarus from the dead is an example of how he expects us to live. Obviously Jesus could have performed this miracle as easily while Lazarus was dying as he did after his demise.
He chose self-controlled restraint instead of agitated urgency to fulfill Mary and Martha’s request.


Isaiah 32:17” And this righteousness will bring peace. Yes, it will bring quietness and confidence forever.”

In other words he saw the big picture.

He was honoring the father with a display of glory never seen before.

He won more souls raising Lazarus from the dead than if he had healed him while alive.

Our plans are not in time but based on eternity.


Our futures are outlined in unseen blueprints.

Our swift expedition will not accelerate our arrival.

America is running a marathon of disobedience.



“Give up” or “Let Go”?

Far too often the two above phrases cross each other. We are a forbidden creature if we ever believe we are giving up on anything. We are sent to the gallows of weakness and pits of futility by those who deem we are useless for the mention of quitting. Far be it from the minds of one who professes such a judgment until the day of their own redemption.

The thin line of giving up or letting go has been misconstrued, distorted and placed on a garbled shelf and left for dead. The truth is the two are separate when God is involved.

Understanding God is paramount to letting go verses giving up.

Isaiah 55: 8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.”

Road blocks, closed doors, stop signs, etc. can all be useful ways God is telling us to “let go.”  Pushing the limits of human nature is just that; limits. God is not limited.  If we are walking into a shut door we are most likely going to end up with a broken nose, cracked face or a badly bruised noggin.

The God of Heaven I know doesn’t promote such boxing matches unless I missed something.

I see those as signs that God has a better way; a wider yellow brick road of discovery or a great big surprise!

As we push and push and push in our own human qualities hoping for the conclusion we dreamed of only for it to fall apart at the seams is a sure sign something isn’t right. There is always another way in God’s world of wisdom. We have to get into the habit of checking our Spirit before we move or push or fall from exhaustion out of pride.

After years of not understanding those who qualify themselves and others on the level of “pushing to the limit” I began to question this admirable feat. Being taught to “never give up” on those terms was inbred in me, but when you are driving down the wrong road do you keep going even if you know it is the wrong road?  Do you continue simply to say “I am not giving up.”
Maybe it isn’t the wrong road, but not God’s road.
Maybe God had a plan you didn’t ask him about before you started that trip.

The purpose in my deep thinking brain concluded some are more driven than others in certain areas, but it doesn’t matter if God was never consulted to start with. Therefore the idea of giving up is sabotaged on our part without many even knowing they are doing so. The idea of pushing to reach a goal isn’t worth the goal no matter what, how or much we add if God wasn’t the originator of that goal. In other words, not consulting God negates giving up. If God isn’t in it, it ain’t gonna work.

Why would anyone who has a “right” mind fuel themselves with exhaustive behaviors, financial cruelties and involvements of necessity continue that route to accomplish that which could have been done easier, quicker and less costly? I reiterate a person who is in their “right” mind or following God; not one who isn’t. One who isn’t following Christ is more likely to give up and misunderstand they could just give it to God and let him deal with it.

The problems I see are so many doing this claim to be Christians. And……if you remotely bring to their attention you are not “giving up” but “letting God have it”  their inclination to impose otherwise begins a heated discussion of wills.

Isaiah 55: 9 “For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

Our human limitations have nothing to do with God’s infinite abilities.  We are to do as the Spirit leads giving success no matter what our finite means are.

Letting go and giving to God is applying “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” which is not giving up.

He can do what we can’t even when we are trying our best; which is why he is God and we aren’t.






The Stuff Between Your Ears

Switch if off. Turn it off. Shut it down. And listen to God.

Our brains are overloaded. Our minds are being infiltrated with every possible thought imaginable. It is impossible in a society so technologically advanced to absorb the daily news, Wisteria Lane and government politics without losing some very important brain cells. And if that isn’t enough to enlist you to the local institution nothing will.

The enemy loves our busy minds. He uses them to his advantage. Unfortunately he knows more than we would like him to know. He knows what we like or dislike, our weaknesses and our fears. Worst of all is he is patient….his strategy is to take his time filling our loaded brains with lines like,

“You can’t do that. You aren’t skilled enough,” or “Go ahead. Jump in the fire. It won’t burn you.”

Hopefully jumping into a fire is an activity most of us would rather not do…but how often has he used other language to persuade us to believe him?

About 12 years ago I was a single parent, working and sick. The enemy is a coward. He used some of my sickest moments to fill my mind with deception, lies and vile falsehoods.

One night, lying in bed I heard the words, “You are going to die. Just give up. You will die and you ex-husband will get custody of your daughter.”

The devil was stupid. He should have known the one area that would keep me alive was my daughter.

At that moment I made up my mind I was going to get well and stay well because there was no way on God’s green earth I would let my ex-husband get custody of her. The devil’s words backfired on him reminding me of the one incentive to change my thinking.

God’s words are the opposite of the devil filled with love, hope and positive overtones. Positive thoughts give life, success and health.

The devil feeds us fabrications of fear, doubt, hate, and evil; anything to bring us down in despair, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

The key to determining the difference is God’s word. Learning his word expels evil. Using it, speaking it out loud will chase the enemy away. Avoid his negative, blurry, misrepresentations by not giving him a moment’s notice. Ignore him. Instead focus on God.

Have you noticed your thought patterns when you are tired? Have you sensed a shift from the positive to the negative? Have you thought certain thoughts and wondered, “Where did that come from?”

Be aware of what drops in your head. If it is distracting, dishonest or negative, don’t stay there. Renew your mind with God’s word; practice his positive outlook and believe it.

Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

This process takes time, effort and study, but well worth it. It is crucial to keep your focus on God allowing him to change your thinking.

Why? Our thinking affects everything we say, do, and how we act. Understand this is not learned over night. Don’t allow self-condemnation to set in which gives the enemy a foothold. Keep trying and trust God to teach you.

God reveals his character as we filter the evil out of our thinking leaving our minds free and clear to hear him. The importance of simplifying our lives increases the time we have to spend alone with God.

The devil hates it.

And God loves it.





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Get a Heart Condition

My brain is in need of my heart.  It needs repair. Switching it off at times is not so easy. It is often my own worst enemy.

Renewing my mind has been a very long process. At least I figured out my thinking was crooked, negative and scattered. Having said that my brain is not where it used to be wherever that was, neither is it where I want it to be.

Training our minds to follow our heart or the Holy Spirit is like telling our cat to stop chasing mice. Yeah right.

God is the only reason my mind thinks at all Godly. And there are those moments certain alleged concepts seem to drop in unexpectedly.

I am always questioning God, “Is that you or me speaking?” “Or where did that brain wave come from?” That’s scary.

Many times God has spoken and I knew it was him. No doubt. He has given me a word, warnings or preparations for future events. I just love it when he does that.

Yearning for a closer relationship with him, I want to know his voice so completely I don’t miss it. Instead of kicking myself under the bus and ignoring those whispers in my ear, I am beginning to thank him even when I am uncertain. Getting it right may be trial and error but I am sure he is aware of my shortcomings.

One aspect of God I have learned about his character is I sense when he is pleased. The answer may be at the end but he is concerned about how I get there. In the middle of it all is his joy in knowing I am seeking him for the answer which brings about a closeness I have never had with anyone.

Switching your brain to think like Jesus is learned. Unfortunately we aren’t born with a natural capability to be selfless, nice and genuine. Our minds as children are swept away with greed, selfishness and all that is mine.

Children are blessed with a freedom from the world’s mess to a point. I remember as a child my fearless nature. No cares. No worries. Only “where is the fun?”

I didn’t know I needed to renew my mind when I was a child. Actually didn’t figure it out until way into adulthood!

Along the way God showed me a few thoughts as to how to go about renewing my mind. Seasons of being around purely negative souls who had no desire to think positively about anything began my search. What we hear eventually becomes what we believe.

  1. Simplify your life.
  2. Get quiet with God as often as possible.
  3. Read and study his word with him.
  4. Pray
  5. And if you think you can’t do the above ask God to show you how to simplify your life and give you the time to be with him. He did it for me.

The thinking that we are supposed to do everything, be everything, and know everything is now America. So when did we take over God’s job?

How’s that working for ya? If our country is any reflection of the “super humans” we have made ourselves out to be, it ain’t working folks.

Our heart should mesh with God’s heart. Getting it right, God begins to train our minds to follow. Easier said than done? Sure.

Impossible? No.

The enemy has our society “thinking”  busy. Busy. Busy. Anything to keep us from getting closer to Jesus in the physical realm because he knows when we really get into the word of God his days are numbered.

I can tell a difference in where my mind travels now. It is a concerted effort at times to keep it aligned with the word of God, but the more I practice and read his word it becomes a part of me little by little.

My thought processes have completely changed over the years from thinking less with my brain and more with my heart.  And that is good news for everyone who knows me.

Matthew 6:33
“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”






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Reflections of a Befuddled Misfit

Thought I was talking about you! Unfortunately not. The misfit is me. If you don’t believe it, just ask my family.

But! now I can compare my human quirkiness to those of our pet cat.

I was sitting on the couch; my husband was in the swivel chair with our cat on his lap (which is a major accomplishment). He was gently running his hands down her furry back which she loves. She was facing our big screen TV when a cat litter commercial appeared.

Her beautiful green eyes became huge. She froze as the TV cats Meowwwwwdddddd…… Gazing,  at these star cats, Mark and I looked at each other as if we were sidelines to this new adventure for her. Stuck in a feline, resting position on his legs, her head wobbled up and down as the cats moved on the big screen. It was all I could do to keep myself quiet in this moment of seriousness for her. A once in a lifetime video right in front of us.

All of a sudden, her wobbly head stopped moving; her face stuck in fit of rage.  She bristled her body ready to attack those cats who out of nowhere landed in her house. Before she took a leap at our TV, the cats disappeared.  Relaxing slowly, there was a look of contentment in her green eyes as if she had just slain a dragon.

Her turf was protected. Her family was safe from the onslaught of Kitty Litter star cats. Her food and water bowls were exactly where she left them. No harm done. Life was back to normal for this cat who was ready to pounce on the enemy to show her vast love for those who feed her.

Cats know what they were put here to do. Their lives consist of eating, sleeping, playing and sleeping some more, all on their terms and conditions.

Her simple life, is what she knows. That’s it. She knows what to do everyday. There is no question it is the way it is.

Oh, that ours, or mine would be so planned out. It would be so easy to have a chalkboard on the wall for God to write me notes leading me through the jungle of days. He did that before, why can’t he do it for me! There is plenty of wall space.

As  I wade through muddy waters I find myself sinking.  Two steps forward, and 10 backwards. I want out of this muddy pit.

Making every effort to get it right, I still don’t. Oh, what to do?

The bombshells I make for myself and those poor suffering souls around me, not to leave God out of this tightly fit group are wearing me out. Yes,  I have no one to blame but me.

It is a wonder God loves us, me. What a marvel. He has to think us silly. Or funny. Or the frightful creatures only a “mother could love.”

So here I am this little person (again no short jokes; that is a pun) one of many who have lived centuries before and who knows what later, but how can I make a difference when I am just plain stuck?

That was quick. If you want an answer from God go check your mailbox.

Joyce Meyer just won’t leave me alone! In the mail is a letter from her and on the front it says,

“If you are carrying the weight of the world, I want to remind you, God never asked you to.”

Who needs a chalkboard if you have a mailbox? God delivers through the Post Office now!





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The Detour of Depression

God has laid a burden on my heart. Depression. So many are seriously suffering from this mind deafening delirium I believe God wants me to speak about my own sufferings; more than that God wants you to know what he did for me to guide me through it and out of it.

My usual tone of remarks may be a little downplayed and yet the key to part of my healing was due to finding God’s humor.  Now I understand the last thing a depressed person wants to do is laugh. I didn’t. In fact it was almost an offense for anyone around me to be happy much less laughing.

Mind you when I lived this “hell” I was not taking medication; therapy is great however you can get it. Just for the sake of you who are depressed I now take Lexipro. This occurred 2 years ago when my father almost died, but didn’t. The stress of that event and the care he has needed following led me into a state of anxiety I had never had; depression to me can be complicated by that, but trauma can bring it on either way. The guilt of living 3 hours away, the travel back and forth became exhausting in every way. My doctor told me the family member who lives away suffers more than any others. That in itself relieved the guilt. Philippians 4:6

Let me say first and foremost I am no doctor, no psychiatrist and do not issue any replacement for that. Continue what you feel God leads you to do. I simply want to offer some suggestions that God gave me to save my life. You can choose to try them or not.

1. Realize the enemy is attacking you. He doesn’t want you around to accomplish what God has placed you on earth to do. Twisting that is almost a compliment because it just means what you have to do is important enough for the devil to take notice. End that by telling him to leave. Quote James 4:7 to him and command him to leave.  Even when you don’t feel like doing this, speak it out loud. It works.

2. If you don’t have a reason to live, find one. Mine was my child. The enemy continually blasted my mind with “you are going to die.”  That thought left quickly because there was no way I was going to die and leave my ex-husband to gain custody of her. It was no option. If you can’t find a reason to get over this, ask God to give you one. He will.

3. Understand that others who have never experienced depression will ever understand how you feel. Seek others who have to lift you up. Surround yourself with those who celebrate you.

4. Change your thinking. Joyce Meyer‘s book, “The Battlefield of the Mind” is the greatest book I have ever read outside of the Bible. Even if you don’t feel like reading it, get a copy and soak yourself in it. You will find the thoughts you have are often not your own causing the depression.  This book was the beginning of a complete change of my mind set.

5. You are not crazy. I had a psychiatrist tell me that.
6. Realize this is not who you are. You are a child of God. You will get through it and out of it. Speak positively over your life off and on all day long. MAKE yourself do this. Speaking God’s word out loud over your life will not only bring healing and deliverance, you will be setting into motion a prophetic future for yourself. If you had asked me years ago that I would be writing my own depression deliverance I would have  laughed!

7. Exercise. Move. Get away from the areas that make you feel the most depressed.  The “pit” (as I called it) may be deep, but you can crawl out. God has plenty of rope.

8. Stop being hard on yourself. More than anything the devil wants you to feel guilty, hard pressed and useless. It is oppression. Realize, as humans we expect more of ourselves than God does. Stop worrying about what other people think. People are not to be pleased, but God is.  Ask God to show you what he expects of you. Then he will show you how to say “no.” I am convinced we have overloaded ourselves with useless accomplishments God never ordained. Set your priorities according to God’s will for you; don’t allow others to take your focus otherwise. When you do, you end up burned out, exhausted, and bitter. What God wants you to do is most likely different from others. If his hand isn’t in whatever you do, it won’t work.

9. Thank God for everything. Praise him for the toothpaste you use. Thank him for the water you drink out of a faucet. Thank him for your neighbors, food, your cat, your family. Thank him for the chair you sit in. The bed you sleep in. That you get to bathe inside instead of outside. Thank God for Jesus. Thank God for healing you. Thank God for loving you. Thank God you are alive. Thank God it is all about him and not us. Let God fight this battle for you.  2 Chronicles 20:15, 1 Corinthians 10:13

10. This may be the last but certainly the most important. There is nothing more important than spending time alone with God. Pray, listen, read his word as you do this. Sit and wait for his presence. His word is real, active, and alive. I have witnessed it over and over. Reading the same verses for years and then one day it is as if it flies off the page with a revelation that was waiting to wake up. Allow time whenever is best for you to give God time. That is what he wants; that you respect him enough to spend time alone with him. This will bring about God’s peace that overcomes the pain. Colossians 3:15

This is the reason I can laugh again. It is one of the reasons I write with humor; not because I am funny, but it is God’s humor coming through me. Believe me, some of the things that come out of my mouth I am even shocked.I find myself laughing as I write! Now isn’t that like medicine! God heals me through the words I type with his humor! God’s word is all-powerful. It works and the devil hates it. Isaiah 46:4

Finally I am going out on a limb here. Many of you may already have this gift, many may be skeptical or think it is crazy. A Prayer Language is key to getting to know God. It is like a door that flies open into the Supernatural leaving the misery of the natural behind.  I was skeptical too until I wanted everything God had to give me. January 1987 I was filled with the Holy Spirit and God gave me a prayer language. This gift is magnificent; I have had miracles happen as a result. I have seen Jesus while praying in the spirit. This revelation gift is waiting for anyone who wants it. All you have to do is ask for it. If you choose to doubt it or me that is fine. But you will be missing out on one of the greatest inventions God ever made. It is like an addition to your faith that you already have but gives a life flowing with peace through out your spirit that nothing else can compare with it. 1 Corinthian 14:4

God bless.

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