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Search through the Debris


There is too much stuff going on.

I find myself lately just trying to keep up. And my small life is just that compared to the world’s horrific stage.  

Coming across a website on Facebook called “Survival Straps” I was intrigued with their products and mission. Paracord bracelets are made in the USA and a percentage of the sales goes to aid our military. The bracelets can actually deploy. I ordered 2 myself not only to support our neighbors and friends here but to remind myself of the past survivor-ship in my own life.straps


Survival to some extent is related to hope. It comes with a desire to look forward, keep moving and overcoming whatever is thrown our way. And much debris is flying.

The appearance of evil, sinister acts and obvious assaults on mankind have escalated to maximum proportions. I don’t believe the world has ever been as sick minded and decrepit as it is in this present age.

We have to literally search through the debris to find any morsel of light, goodness or peace.

Getting past the stage of just being a “survivor” is no easy task, but very possible when you follow Jesus. And remaining in “survival” mode isn’t God’s will for his people. He has and wants to bring us up and over the mountains into his Promised Land.

What moves us past just getting through the days? How do we shuffle our feet to walk through surviving to become a fighter in God’s army? What does it take to face evil head-on stopping it in its own tracks of destruction?

Intimacy with the Father.

The wisdom and knowledge of God.

Understanding his ways; discerning his plans and purposes.

Knowing without a doubt his faithfulness is supreme in keeping his promises.

Realizing the enemy is a defeated foe.

The saying “things get worse before they get better” may be especially true today which gives good reason to get to know God deeply.

As we observe the falling apart of the world as we know it, grasping the Father’s position is paramount in comprehending how to deal with it all.  Don’t allow the enemy to bring in distractions. He is working overtime.

Know the turbulence, jolts and rattling are the storms before the calm of Jesus.

He is peace and comfort standing in the midst of pain and agony.

Jesus is the rock about to crush the works of evil in front of evil itself.

God’s doors are ready to fly open with “visions” of hope and answers to those visions.

He is on the move.

Look for him. Everywhere.

Even in the debris.

Isaiah 43: 19 “Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”