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Build it first: then pay for it or Pay for it first then build it. Which is it ?

While I love this state and the people, reading this story is a huge stamp of the obvious.  Wasteful spending is out of control due to lack of planning, unnecessary and ridiculous regulations and the idea if you “build something, they will come” attitude.

The theory is backwards. It should be:clyburn_transportation

“Pay for it first; then build it.”

Why do it the right way when we can collect the money from the state’s hard working earners? Who cares if it never gets built?

If you read the statistics of South Carolina University it is presently in the hole $6,000,000.00 due to low enrollment for fall 2013.

No wonder education expenses for college have skyrocketed. And this is only 1 element of overdue expense; the state is broke.

Over the last few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in college fees, add-ons and tuition. Having a college student in the house, the state university she has been trying to graduate from has multiplied the cost every semester.

From raising fees on books, parking stickers, keys, food, recreational activities, to tuition. The one that really takes the cake is the use of copy machines.

Due to the cost of paper and deliveries, the students can no longer use campus copy machines.  If they have a class with a paper due and no printer, they would have to go down the street to the local copy shop and pay for it. This was not the case when our daughter first started there.  It was included in the tuition. For many classes a large part of their grades come in the form of essays, articles or a lengthy critique of 40-50 pages. Now, having to pay for copies that many pages could rack up an extra expense students don’t have to begin with!

Forget graduating in 4 years now. Credits don’t transfer, certain classes are not offered every semester, or aligning classes depending on the course numbers make it difficult to fit in an 8 semester schedule.

From what we have experienced, once you are enrolled you won’t get out anytime soon!

The truth is this mess with South Carolina University may be part of the reason our educational system is in dire straits passing on the cost to enrolled college students parents who are paying for it.

Reading this article discloses many issues that lead me to believe this project should never been started much less finished at this point. Some were out of their control, but most rely on tax payer dollars. The determination of funds missing and questionable money transactions along with multiple staff problems leads me to believe it was unorganized from the beginning.

But the point that ignites fuel is our Representative James Clyburn who is from my district and an alumni blamed this on partisan politics when he said and I quote,

“The faculty and the school have become victims of vicious manufactured attacks by political partisans, and that is unfortunate for the university and the students who would benefit from this program.”

My thinking is if Rep. Clyburn wants to blame Republicans for mismanaging/wasting 24 million dollars of SC taxpayer’s  (including Republicans) money on a university supposedly being built in his honor then maybe he should have left Washington to build it himself.

And since he believes Republicans are the miserable culprits he continues to make us out to be, if he wants this project finished, he can collect the necessary funds from his Democratic cronies. If it fails, then he has no evidence to blame the conservatives.


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Just Stand

Recently an incident occurred at the college my husband works for.

Having been employed for close to 6 years, the students know who he is. This particular Tech school has around 4,000 students and is thriving.

As the Director over 4 departments including the Bookstore he knows many of the students as well.561742_338331566277061_1940289004_n

The bookstore is connected to a very large Food court. Students can meet to see friends, enjoy a snack or lunch and take a break between classes.  From the front of the bookstore you can visually see the activity in the food court due to the glass windows.

Now my husband is a large fellow, 6 feet tall with strong arms and muscular. Along with a compelling physique God blessed him with a deep educated voice. His resilient nature sounds off when he speaks. The staff and students are well aware of his management skills and prolific professionalism.  And no one messes with him.

He has a separate office away from the bookstore. If his employees need him he is available to walk over from his office to help. This particular day he was in the store.

Lunchtime had arrived and the food court was lined with hungry classmates meeting for that mid-day soft drink and a slice of pizza. He told me it was crowded as I have witnessed this myself.

All of a sudden it got louder as two college girls decided to fight over their “gangsta boyfriend.”  Evidently the boys like it when their girls fight over them; yea go figure. These 2 girls were yelling back and forth and eventually were in each other’s face.  The rest of those in the food court were watching in anticipation to see what they would do.

One of his employees witnessing this brawl-to-be motioned to Mark to look out into the food court.  As the noise grew  the scene played out until…..duck-dynasty

Mark opened the door from the bookstore into the food court. He walked out a few feet, crossed his arms and began to stare at these two boxing women. Without saying a word he just stood there. His stalwart and intense presence indicated he was not happy.

Immediately upon seeing him, the room went silent.  The two girls stopped and walked away from each other. Slowly but quietly the students began to leave.

As he continued to stand there with his piercing eyes and fierce position, peace entered the room as the food court became completely empty and silent.

Needless to say, word traveled fast of how he had charismatically stood inaudibly and cleared the room.

After hearing him tell us this story, the thought came to me of how he never questioned NOT intervening, he just intervened.  The truth is he is a very humble man; he has worked hard his entire life to get where he is without boasting but don’t mess with him.

The reality is he used his God given qualities to prevent what could have been a bloody mess.

It was not about him.

He is so sure of his faith in God he knew God would show up.

He kept his mouth shut and allowed God to flow through him.

He stood. He didn’t move.

He was confident God would do what he couldn’t do himself from a human standpoint.

Just stand.

Ephesians 6: 13 “Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”





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Echoes of the West Wing

The following link is a story about the educational system in Alabama. I don’t relish in knowing the state’s policies but this is a no-brainer.

Alabama passed a bill giving parents of students enrolled in “failing” schools a tax credit for the opportunity to send the students to a school of their choice.

What? Actually allow the parents to be parents?

Well, yes and then no.

Evidently the Democrats in the legislature along with the teachers union decided they know what is best for the students, not the parents. Of course this has nothing to do with money. (yea-right)

It has everything to do with money. It has nothing to do with educating students in a better environment and allowing their parents to do their job.  The credit of course would cut much needed funds from the public school system which is “failing?”

Sounds like Washington.

Why would you continue to dump hard earned tax dollars into a system of anything that is broke? Oh. There goes Washington again.

And then there is the Honorable Circuit Judge Charles Price.  He extends his long arm of judicial power where it doesn’t belong.  He stops the bill from landing on the REPUBLICAN Governor’s desk so he can’t sign it.

Circuit Court Judge Charles Price

Circuit Court Judge Charles Price

This is a political free-fall of a judge that echoes the President.  I wonder if this judge has any children of his own. If the President can get away with misusing and squandering collected taxes why shouldn’t this guy? After all, he is a judge.

Why would we want to give those students a great education when we can throw more money into a pot of waning deterioration?
The students are no longer the priority.

Sounds like Washington again.






Physical Science, Problematic Professors and the Lost Art of Graduating

December arrives with “Silver Bells” and Christmas trees and the dreaded end of semester college exams.snow shovel

For seniors, “Senior-itis” has set in.

cGetting out is of major priority. There is just one itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, little obstacle standing in the way.


The class requirement all Creative Writing Majors hate. Besides Math 101 in which case you take that one over after failing it at least once.

Why would anyone wait until their last semester in college to take Physical Science?

Avoidance issuesterminal stupidity

Class scheduling conflicts


Fear of failure

Problematic Professors


Those days for me were many years ago, but the anxiety, apprehension and panic remains as a reminder of how the tears flowed. It is a guarded plight of lessons learned.

Now, colleges/universities don’t want students to graduate. Use to be they wanted you out and gone for the next batch of unlearned, immature  rookies.

Due to cuts in education, lack of enrollment in 4 year schools the almighty dollar is stretched further for each pupil. Tuition, books and over all fees have risen. Classes are offered every other semester or transferred credits no longer transfer. Getting an undergraduate degree in 4 years now is an unrealized dream. If the universities have it their way you will never leave.

Financial threats have prevented Professors from teaching from a “student perspective.” It is all about money. If you think you are allowed to copy that 20 page report on a school copy machine; think again. You are required to do it elsewhere most likely paying for it yourself.  When was use of campus property eliminated from the tuition they just raised?c

The “college experience” is not at all what it used to be. At least I enjoyed it to the max; not so anymore. The participation and reality are a lost art; a drudge on a society in need of an overhaul. The perseverance of walking that stage in a robe of glory, has become a chore; a not so enduring promise for an unwelcoming future.

Receiving a “diploma” comes with little adulation now. Why would it in such an uncertain economy?

The question of “why am I putting myself through this if there are no jobs?”  Once you have started the program you forget why you were doing this to begin with. What is lacking is a trusting, send off.

How do we impose a new chapter for those in this transitional season of life? How can we truthfully say, “Oh, it will get better. You will find a job.” Sure, running a cash register in the local grocery store is the result of a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing.

As with most of life today, priorities with education have switched, changed, turned upside down or simply been lost in red tape. That goes for private as well as public.

For those who weather the storms of Chemistry, English Literature, or Physical Science with no noticeable gifting in those areas, your suffering has been noted. Your days of memorizing formulas, quoting Shakespeare or measuring Newton’s Laws of Motion are hopefully over.

And once you get out into the real world, you will wonder why you ever had to take those classes.

Remembering why “Hamlet” went mad in the first place or what the Study of Physics and Chemistry of Nature have to do with Creative Writing will forever be etched in your brain.

Just think, the next time you have a conversation about the studies of the Kinetic Theory of Solids and the Laws of Gravity, you can thank your college Professors for giving you such a well-rounded education! Especially since you will never use them again! LOL!


2 Corinthians 3: 5 “ Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God.”