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Remove the Past

South Carolina history has been marred by it’s past. People tend to remember that which is or was evil instead of moving ahead with a positive change.

Comments have been made on my blog reflecting how sad it must be to live in this state. One replier used the term, “God help you” as if SC hasn’t left the 1800’s. Reminding him SC has Charleston which has been voted the “Best City in America” 3 years in a row from the Daily Traveler must have been the kicker that kept him from responding again.

The era of slavery was/is a horrific reminder of a man-made evil that should never have occurred. Somehow the remnants of that sin continue to creep into mainstream life as if those of us presently alive had anything to do with it. Well, we didn’t’.

However, reminders of political factions who imparted such lifestyles as the “White Supremacist” and/or the KKK should be removed.

Such is the case in Columbia where a statue of a Governor “Ben Tillman” who not only boasted his racist authority he lived it. His 4 years in the statehouse 1890-1894 allowed him to promote his agenda into the state constitution aligning himself with what has been labeled the Jim Crow caste system.

This racial structure was a rigid set of laws imposing the theory of placing African Americans as 2nd rate citizens. There was no excuse for such degradation or abject ethnic humiliation.

The stigma has remained but it isn’t life as usual here at all anymore. Quite the contrary, the reverence for each other has thankfully left that motion of impropriety in the past.

But, this statue of this ungodly, sick, coward of a man is not to be honored or noted as a representative of the people of this great state. In my opinion, the statue should be removed; cut into pieces and buried. It is not a historical figure of any worth but the face of pure evil that no one, especially  children should never have to look at.

He was nicknamed “Pitchfork” for obvious reasons. In 1876, Tillman was involved in what became known as the “Hamburg Massacre.” The indescribable horror of the murder of 7 black Republicans by Tillman’s own party was used as a “terror tactic” for political gain to boost his career. The fear worked as the other African Americans who fled the scene returned the next day to what could be likened to a “killing field.”

The argument within the state presently is if they take this statue down, many more would have to follow. Corruption at its worst should not line the lawns of our government properties no matter who or what position they held.

Instead of statues of sheer non-Americanism or anti-Christian beliefs, replace them with those who have been marked as heroes or have given a positive benefit to the people they represent.

Show this country what South Carolina is really made of; not what a degenerate reprobate and his wretched groupies committed.

God is no respecter of persons. (Acts 10:34) It was never anything created or approved by him.

The actions by these twisted men was nothing short of man-made evil.

2 Peter 2: 19 “They promise freedom, but they themselves are slaves of sin and corruption. For you are a slave to whatever controls you.”

The physical aspects of the above verse would only have meant that those who had “slaves”, or servants would be treated equally as those they worked for.  Hiring people to perform services needed is not slavery.

The context of that verse is revealing to man that whatever removes us from God can or will corrupt us.  We condemn ourselves to bondage when we maintain an attitude that is un-Godly.

Whatever the position, we should treat all people as Jesus did.goldenrule2

Apply the Golden Rule. It works. (Matthew 7:12)

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Shaken not Stirred?

Ian Fleming (1908-1964)Ian Fleming: 1908-1964

Ah, the famous words of James Bond. His signature line used for his favorite drink, a martini was actually a sideline from the author himself.  Rumor has it Ian Fleming preferred his drinks shaken. Stirring a martini he said diminishes the flavor.

So much for Hollywood; if you haven’t noticed the world is shaking maybe you should forego those drinks and look to see what is going on around you.

My world shook last Monday as my husband’s laptop sat in my lap only to throw up the sign, “back up your files; the hard drive is about to crash.”

Now, writing on my very, old, old laptop I am awaiting the results from the local tech savvy repair man to inform me of its fate. Also while we have enjoyed tax free weekend here in SC, my husband used his management techniques to wind his way through 4-5 agents to buy me a new laptop. Information was given to me that wasn’t true so employing him to call works wonders.

I am so looking forward to getting it.

However I must admit God allowed me to see how much time I actually spend on these fixtures of technology.  Unimpressed by my own obsession, getting other necessary things done occurred. My rationale was “God, you know I write a lot about you.”

After realizing what a temporal, sad state I was in, throwing a pity party for the inability to read, blog, post or surf was eluded. In fact, it made me aware of how to live without it again but not for long. While the world is blowing up in literal flames, I became aware once again of priorities.

Yes. The world is shaking. God is moving things around, throwing them out and exposing “dastardly deeds” for whom and what they are. What many believe is unimaginable, fearful and rock solid the end of the world as they know it, is God’s ability to step in and weed out the good from evil.

God gave detailed instructions to Noah to build an ark for a future flood. He was ridiculed, laughed at and thought to be crazy, but he had the last laugh.

Isn’t that what he did when he sent Moses to deliver the Israelites from slavery?

I hate flies, but watching David slay the Giant from a front row seat would have been fun. Can you imagine how “shaken” the rest of his crew were when he fell dead from a rock?

What did they have in common that we have also?

Psalm 91: 10-13 “If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”
    and you make the Most High your dwelling,
 no harm will overtake you,
    no disaster will come near your tent.
 For he will command his angels concerning you
    to guard you in all your ways;
 they will lift you up in their hands,
    so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
    you will trample the great lion and the serpent.”

God hasn’t changed since the flood or the parting of the Red Sea or the killing of a giant. He has been the same since the beginning of time.

What he did for them he will and is doing for us.

As he shakes the evil out of people, he has unleashed “Josephs” and “Esther’s” and “Daniel’s” across the lands to gather God’s army together. He is fighting behind the scenes of warfare and showing up in bedrooms of children in country’s laden with the enemy’s grief. (Isaiah 49:25) What we see is temporary; what is unseen is eternal.
(2 Corinthians 4:18)

God is with us, beside us and going before us. (Isaiah 52:12)

And I never go anywhere without my Guardian Angels.


Whose Money is it?

You can’t give away what you don’t have.

As a born and raised North Carolinian, there is much I hold dear. Most of my family resides there, many of my friends have remained and loads of memories are grounded in my faith and life.

And the attack is on.

North Carolina is the first of what could be many states to cut back on the amount and time for unemployment benefits.  Also the state has:needy

Opted out of Obamacare Medicaid expansion

Proposed lower state income taxes

Proposed higher sales tax

Cuts in public school funding

Restrictions on early voting

The Republican led legislature is being slammed and protested against by groups such as the AFL-CIO, and the NAACP. Many have been arrested for ignoring the police for charging inside the state house. The amount of security needed to stop these violent groups cost the state $60,000.00. And they wonder why the state is in a financial crisis.

Why did they do this? The state is 7.1 Billion dollars in debt and they owe the federal government 3$billion in unemployment insurance.  The Democratic leadership prior to this one spent money they didn’t have. Now, those who need it the most will suffer at the hands of those who “play the system.”sowell greed

I am all for helping those who really need it; our family has done so for years.

The fraud and corruption has to stop and it has to begin somewhere.

If the money isn’t there, you can’t spend it or give it away.  If you don’t pay your bills, you will end up losing everything.

The Federal Government is now 16 Trillion dollars in debt. Wrap your brain around that and sleep at night. Many states are in the same trouble including the one I live in now, South Carolina.

South Carolina now has more people receiving unemployment benefits/welfare/food stamps than we have working adding to the states’ budget.  Numbers such as these are non-sustaining.

God expects us to be good stewards of “his money” and it is his money.

God wants his people to live in abundance, to have their needs met and be able to enjoy life.  He isn’t in the business of giving handouts; nor is he the CEO of the Welfare and Food Stamp programs.

God is in the business of helping those who ask him for help.  But you have to ask and live your life as he sees fit.

All those protesters fighting for “free money” and our government would do well to read the Bible.

For those without a job, ask God to find one for you.

It works.

 “ …Yet you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.” James 4: 2-3

That pretty much says it all.






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Connecticut gun maker moving to South Carolina, in wake of tighter state gun laws

Whoo hoo! Way to go South Carolina!

Published June 19, 2013

A Connecticut gun manufacturer is moving to South Carolina after Connecticut lawmakers passed stricter gun-control laws in the aftermath of the fatal Sandy Hook School shootings.

PTR Industries will make the formal announcement next week at a ribbon-cutting to be attended by South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley, according to The Sun News of Myrtle Beach.

The company is going to Horry County, which includes Myrtle Beach, and has already approved a resolution setting out the terms of the company’s move.

County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus says he’s excited about the development.

Josh Fiorini, PTR’s chief executive officer, says the plant will employ 140 people, many of whom will relocate from Connecticut. The move will take place over three years.

The company said it had been contacted by 41 states and selected South Carolina from six finalists.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/06/19/connecticut-gun-maker-moving-to-south-carolina-in-wake-tighter-state-gun-laws/?test=latestnews#ixzz2Wi53XmIe


Build it first: then pay for it or Pay for it first then build it. Which is it ?

While I love this state and the people, reading this story is a huge stamp of the obvious.  Wasteful spending is out of control due to lack of planning, unnecessary and ridiculous regulations and the idea if you “build something, they will come” attitude.

The theory is backwards. It should be:clyburn_transportation

“Pay for it first; then build it.”

Why do it the right way when we can collect the money from the state’s hard working earners? Who cares if it never gets built?

If you read the statistics of South Carolina University it is presently in the hole $6,000,000.00 due to low enrollment for fall 2013.

No wonder education expenses for college have skyrocketed. And this is only 1 element of overdue expense; the state is broke.

Over the last few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in college fees, add-ons and tuition. Having a college student in the house, the state university she has been trying to graduate from has multiplied the cost every semester.

From raising fees on books, parking stickers, keys, food, recreational activities, to tuition. The one that really takes the cake is the use of copy machines.

Due to the cost of paper and deliveries, the students can no longer use campus copy machines.  If they have a class with a paper due and no printer, they would have to go down the street to the local copy shop and pay for it. This was not the case when our daughter first started there.  It was included in the tuition. For many classes a large part of their grades come in the form of essays, articles or a lengthy critique of 40-50 pages. Now, having to pay for copies that many pages could rack up an extra expense students don’t have to begin with!

Forget graduating in 4 years now. Credits don’t transfer, certain classes are not offered every semester, or aligning classes depending on the course numbers make it difficult to fit in an 8 semester schedule.

From what we have experienced, once you are enrolled you won’t get out anytime soon!

The truth is this mess with South Carolina University may be part of the reason our educational system is in dire straits passing on the cost to enrolled college students parents who are paying for it.

Reading this article discloses many issues that lead me to believe this project should never been started much less finished at this point. Some were out of their control, but most rely on tax payer dollars. The determination of funds missing and questionable money transactions along with multiple staff problems leads me to believe it was unorganized from the beginning.

But the point that ignites fuel is our Representative James Clyburn who is from my district and an alumni blamed this on partisan politics when he said and I quote,

“The faculty and the school have become victims of vicious manufactured attacks by political partisans, and that is unfortunate for the university and the students who would benefit from this program.”

My thinking is if Rep. Clyburn wants to blame Republicans for mismanaging/wasting 24 million dollars of SC taxpayer’s  (including Republicans) money on a university supposedly being built in his honor then maybe he should have left Washington to build it himself.

And since he believes Republicans are the miserable culprits he continues to make us out to be, if he wants this project finished, he can collect the necessary funds from his Democratic cronies. If it fails, then he has no evidence to blame the conservatives.


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A View from the South

The election is over and we somehow have to move forward. But how? How do states like the one I live in, already impoverished and poor, get a grip on a positive future with the legislation prescribed by the President in his first term? The following are a few of the direct implications of his policies and the devastation it would have on the State of South Carolina.

SC Palmetto Tree

Looming presently is a “fiscal cliff” monetarily. The President has already made claims to tax hikes on the rich and will accept nothing less prescribing that is the only way to bring down the deficit. Raising taxes on any group is not the answer and is “class warfare.” This is not Biblical.

The way to bring down the debt is to reform programs of waste and fraud; and eliminate those that produce nothing.

Proverbs 19:17 “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.”

Affordable Health Care:  The one my doctor and the huge clinic detest.  Thank goodness I live in a state with a wise woman for a Governor. The following are a few facts:

Expand Medicaid to insure 30 million people (provide subsidies for low income)
Create exchanges for private insurers
End pre-existing conditions with private companies
Reduce soaring cost of Medicaire
Cost to taxpayers is 938 Billion dollars over 10 years
Mandate for every American to be forced to have health insurance

26 states have challenged the law claiming its unconstitutionality especially the mandate which the Supreme Court changed and named a tax. The fact 26 states have filed suit is an obvious and overwhelming opinion it is not wanted and unaffordable.


South Carolina is one of the states opting out of the mandated Medicaid expansion. Presently SC has 1 in 4 people receiving entitlements and cannot afford to add additional entitlements eating up the state’s budget and reducing funds for other needs such as education and transportation.

The following links at the end of the article cite companies that have already or are planning to implement layoffs just since the election Tuesday night since healthcare passed. The list is expected to grow. As you will note liberals are already planning to boycott certain restaurants such as Papa John’s Pizza for layoffs.

As one who believes totally in charitable giving and does so, I find this entire policy an unreasonable demand on our constitutional rights as Americans. The goal of helping the poor and impoverished will diminish as states opt out of the Medicaid expansion; if the money ain’t there, you can’t spend it.  As a result or a penalty the federal government will withhold funds to the state we were use to receiving.

South Carolina is ranked #7 on the list of the worst states economically.

September of 2012, South Carolina had a 9.1 unemployment rate with around 200,000 people without jobs.

In reality, the government will force our state to lower funds given for welfare programs and promote more poverty than it already has due to Obamacare.

Defense: South Carolina is home to 9 military bases including Fort Jackson in Columbia; the Army’s largest entry training facility in the U.S. Total number of military personnel and defense activities is 73,691. This number does not include family members who may be working and children.

The President in his first term cut many military jobs and closed or either combined bases forcing others to be laid off.  More looming defense cuts would render this state a higher unemployment rate not to mention less income for taxes. Of course there is no amount of money that can replace the emotional and mental stress already on our troops. Cutting more defense would directly affect the people the government says it wants to help and many wonderful military personnel would be without jobs.

Education: South Carolina has 1218 public schools, 28 public colleges/universities, and 31 private colleges. Student performance rates SC last in the country but 11 in accountability and teacher support and the overall score was a B or an 80. Improvement in all areas of education here is needed especially with the poverty rate at 17%.  Funding for educations has been cut and additional monies simply aren’t available.

Tourism: SC is blessed to have a coastline full of tourism and vacationers. A 15 Billion dollar a year income was the base figure needed to fill the state’s expectations for revenue. The “fallout of 2008-2010” left our shores with empty homes, foreclosures and a major loss of income from a lack of vacationers. From the perspective of one who has loved and visited the beaches of SC my whole life, I was heartbroken when I saw the business that closed, and empty beaches. To make matters worse a fire destroyed virtually acres and acres of land and homes in North Myrtle beach. Streets were lined with houses for sale and foreclosures by the hundreds. It was devastating.

South Carolina has my heart. I love the land, the wildlife, the hundreds of churches that grace our lives with the love of God. I love the people who are some of the friendliest in the world.

The thought that our government wants to strip this already poor and impoverished state of what it doesn’t have is criminal.  As we struggle to keep what we have, we don’t need anyone coming in here and forcing job losses and strangling our already destitute and meager lives for the sake of “spreading the wealth.” In the end is a ripple affect of loss and defeats the whole purpose of having government run healthcare. Those who really need it still won’t get it because South Carolina can’t afford it.

It is ungodly and wrong and the very reason we should put our trust in the God who loves us and never any government.

Forget demanding any more money from us. South Carolina is already broke.

Salute from the Shore to our Veterans







Bloomberg’s Misery

According to Bloomberg network they have decided which states are the most miserable. The following is the ad written.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) – Our state is near the top of a list that is not very flattering.

According to the Bloomberg network, our state is the fourth most miserable state in the country.

They used “the misery index,” which is a method of measuring the level of happiness or sadness in a state. 

They came up with the list by using 13 data points including income, inequality, air pollution, and underemployment. 

Coming in at number one is Mississippi followed by Alabama, Louisiana and Arkansas rounds out the top five.

Minnesota tops the least of least-miserable states, followed by New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont and Massachusetts.

So what does Bloomberg network know? Sounds to me they don’t like the south?

SC State Butterfly:Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Photo by Randy Harrison

They publish an article informing the world you don’t want to live here because you can’t breathe or we are all wallowing in our unhappiness?

Add to that is inequality. What does that mean? We are not equal to New Hampshire in quality?

Oh and of course we have no income here. We work for nothing.

How is that going to help our unemployment? Have they ever lived in one of these states? And who came up with the “index of misery” anyway?

SC State Bird: Carolina Wren
Photo by Randy Harrison

As you can read our Columbia station WLTX was none too happy about this. Just let our Governor Nikki Haley get a hold of this MISERABLE REPORT.
Oh and BTW the way Mr. Bloomberg, our Governor knows better than to dictate to the people of SC how to do anything.

As one who has lived in many states from Texas up the east coast to Ohio I can tell you this ain’t true. In fact living in the south is a privilege and a blessing. Take your misery monitor somewhere else.

For a country deep in financial debt and looming recession we don’t need articles publicizing certain states as miserable. Don’t they have anything better to do besides adding to our so-called agonizing, despondent existence? Instead of promoting us as pathetic and downtrodden why don’t they go fishing in their arctic, glacial, numbing waters?

The following are a few good reasons to live in South Carolina…..

Our waters are warm, crystal blue with 60 miles of beautiful, sandy beaches lining our coasts that are a vacationer’s paradise year round.
Tourism is a major employer.

Garden City, SC
Photo by Randy Harrison

You want a right-to-work state? Come to South Carolina.

There are 402,785 companies in South Carolina.

There are 1,231 schools with 718,113 students.

God is all over South Carolina. There are 11,685 churches.

South Carolina has the lowest gas prices in the country.

Insurance and taxes are lower here than most states.

In South Carolina we are all neighbors. The atmosphere is laid back, relaxed and not in a hurry.  We are a state rich in history and very patriotic.
You won’t find anyone in my neighborhood burning an American flag.  You’ll get burned if you do.

South Carolina is lined with large farms, Charleston Cuisine, and Spanish Moss. Cattle and horse ranches decorate the green fields along our highways.  Vegetable stands, antique stores and natural museums mark our pristine culture.

Misery or happiness is not based on data points statistically formed.  If it is, we are surely to be sad and despondent.

No, our joy is built in from the heart.  Gratification is noted by a friendly hello, a walk in the park or taking some good ole’ fried chicken to a hungry soul. Our charm and bliss in these states of grace are motivated by the love, care and compassion of those who walk the fields of authentic documentation.  There is nothing to compare to the conversations of many who have stories untold, ancestral plights and victories from decades past.

The south is a forerunner of faith, values and battles unknown as you drive by the houses with front porches full of rocking chairs that still have much to say.  And say it we will.

SC State Flower: Yellow Jessamine
Photo by Randy Harrison

South Carolina is God’s country.

South Carolina is where I live and I love it.

So, Mr. Bloomberg,  I want to thank you for not coming to South Carolina, ever.
We are very choosy about who we let in and you don’t fit the criteria of our happiness which is just plain “southern.”




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Gospel Carriers in Rare Form

Craig Farmhouse

Our family reunion was wonderful once I got there. Sometimes life throws a curve and you can be so close yet so far away.

Craig Farm, my family homestead is off the beaten path down a nice, quiet road of farmland, grazing cattle and horses. The house is on the National Registry of Historical Landmarks since 1989. The home is refurbished, and is used for social events of all kinds including concerts, dinners, luncheons, and receptions. Across the street is the Kilburnie Inn on Craig Farm which is a bed and breakfast. The Inn sits on family land and is also used for many social events especially weddings.

Driving the scenic area would not be a typical place for what you may think as a trouble spot. There is a church at the end of the road where you turn off to the left to get on Craig Farm Road that leads to the farmhouse.  Mostly open fields and woods line the road giving way to a serene and peaceful ride. Until Saturday.

About 200 feet from the turnoff I was stopped and wasn’t going anywhere until the police moved out of the way.

One officer had parked his car in the middle of the road as did his partner on the other side of the street blocking any cars from going anywhere. There was no right turn unless you decided a quick trip into the woods full of trees was your best escape route.

More policemen showed up. Blue lights flashing as they parked their vehicles as if to set up a blockade.

All I could think of is they are looking for somebody. We had all these family members trying to get to Craig Farm and every police officer in Lancaster County had another idea altogether.

Going either way would have cuffed me for trying to drive through an army of cops. A dramatic movie scene was in the making as the police gathered in force as if protecting the road.

The only trustworthy instrument was my cell phone in case I needed to call the police. Oh. What police? They were all in front of me, around me, down the beaten path. They were of no help!

I turned my car off and sat. Maybe it was a license check. No.

There were too many officers for such an easy job.

Suddenly, the fear crept in my car. I could feel it climbing up my spine. The darts, no, the swords of evil penetrated my brain with thoughts like,

“You’re going to die.”

“A drug lord has escaped prison and is on the run.”

“A wanted murderer is on the loose and is armed and dangerous.”

All I could think of was what kind of ill fated hoodlum would dash out of the woods aiming a rifle ready to shoot at anyone or anything in front of him.

Prayer was the answer. I don’t carry a concealed weapon because I consider God’s angels who ride everywhere with me as ammunition. If this thing went off big I could make a run for it, or dive under the dashboard to avoid the onslaught of bullets.

In the mood for some great food, family intervention and a walk around the grounds of Craig Farm, a spirited cop feast searching for an escaped convict was not on my agenda.

The next few minutes appeared at least 15 more police vehicles. Many were motorcycles riding in a formatted line.

Behind this obvious police escort, rode one biker after another in a peaceful parade. Motorcycles of all shapes and sizes following each other in a show of respect were called the Faith Riders of South Carolina. A ministry of over 100 bikers making their way out of Lancaster most likely on their way to the grand strand for bike week at the beach.

The reverence in which these “gospel carriers” rode was intriguing. They were on a mission; a mission to preach Jesus.

I realized after they were gone, how quickly the devil attacked me. In an instant, he had thrown evil at me from all sides filling my mind with fear.

As quickly as the misery of evil converged on my soul it was all of a sudden, gone. The roar of the bikes; the code of conduct and awesome presence of God that surrounded these men and women of God ran him off with his tail in between his legs.

The way I see it is the devil is no match for a flock of Bible toting, motorcycle riding, faith filled bikers. In fact, only a fool would mess with that bunch.

2 Timothy 1:7

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.


Kilburnie Inn





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