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Traditionally Unethical

Traditions are often fun or bring about that familiar feeling of security, customs or beliefs we enjoy.

One of ours is cooking turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole and Apple/Cranberry Dish or as we call it “Bob’s Apple-Cranberry Casserole.” (Bob is Mark’s father) on Thanksgiving morning.

The whiffs of turkey basting or aromas of pecan pie fill the house as we catch the “thieves” who claim to be “legitimate taste testers” of all things fowl.

In between the fights of who is in the way in the kitchen, we catch glimpses of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York.

Watching the parade for as many years as I can remember, the 2013 event celebrated 87 years.

I wonder what the first Macy’s parade executives, directors and or Event coordinators would think of the sexually explicit, distasteful and provocative dance at around 10AM in the morning of “Kinky Boots?”

explain tolerance

Mark and I were taking a break from the kitchen when this display from an award winning musical was performed on national television.  We both became quiet as we observed numerous “drag queens” in barely “nothings” but mostly boots dancing and singing in front of millions of onlookers including children.

While the shock set in, we both agreed how despicable the presentation was and very glad we had no children to explain why men were dressed like women in skimpy clothes.

As if that wasn’t enough to ruin our turkey, Matt Lauer and his co-host Samantha Guthrie actually gushed over the sickening performance.

Evidently we are 2 of many who are outraged over this representation of what America is NOT.  The Huffington Post reported numbers of complaints along with an explanation of how the “right wingers” expressed their disapproval. Also the article made reference to the “message of tolerance and acceptance while it was too cold to show much skin.”
(The Huffington Post|Posted: 11/29/2013 11:07 am EST )


If you watched this “presentation of tolerance and acceptance” and were as repulsed as we were, please click on the link below and let the organizers know how you felt about this display of anti-Biblical perversion.

And then pray for our nation to repent.


1 Corinthian 6:9: “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind.”

P.S. As of last night onemillionmoms  has also joined in this fight. If you are a mom and want to send a letter through this website click to join up.



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The Bible Miniseries on the History Channel


Last night began “The Bible” miniseries on the History Channel. If you missed the first 2 hours please find it and watch it. Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett produced this 10 hour Bible story. The acting is superb and special effects are electrifying yet retain the immense faith and power of the stories of men and women who survived unbelievable circumstances.  I especially loved the supernatural parts; I would tell you what they are but don’t want to spoil it. I don’t know how anyone can say the Bible is boring; there is absolutely nothing boring about this movie giving the Bible life on a screen.


“The Return of the King”


There are movies and then there is “The Lord of the Rings.”  Watching the 3rd of the trilogy with our daughter was epic. Full of fantasy, ugly creatures, and bionic spiders good and evil are spelled out with vigor and magnificent description.

The man, JR Tolkien must have had an imagination that never quit. I am not a fan of large, creepy, slimy spiders, horrid Orcs, or the Dead People,
but none make me cringe more than the character “Gollum.”

His beady eyes, rotten teeth, and long, gangly fingers are hard to watch; his voice is scratchy and wicked. He is not to be trusted nor is he worthy of anything good.
His entire world is his deadly pursuit of the “ring.” He will do anything to get it back.gollum

The gruesome battles of winged, disfigured monsters, elephants the size of buildings and tribe after tribe of men with faces and bodies of horror stand out as the ugly of ugly.
These tribal warriors of evil believe they will win the war until the “dead people” show up as the ghosts they are and annihilate them all with whatever dead people use.

Entrenched in this series of battles, fights and in-between moments of love, is the “ring.” According to Tolkien, he never intended the story to be symbolic; but a fantasy series which eventually named him “father of modern fantasy literature.”

His good friend, C. S. Lewis who is famed for “The Chronicles of Narnia” series was gifted also with great imagination and a flare for fantasy. Tolkien and mutual friends of C.S. Lewis were influential in his conversion from atheism to Christianity.

The writings of these 2 stars of Utopian delusion wove a deep thread between right and wrong. C.S. Lewis realized his faith in his characters such as Aslan, the Lion and the Evil White Witch and in the end The Last Battle.

Tolkien had little intentions for his “fantasies” to epitomize the truth of the Bible but it is difficult not to see the resemblance.

Without being a “spoiler” if you haven’t seen the 3rd of the Trilogy, you should; but I recommend watching it on an empty stomach. I would hate for anyone to lose their dinner in the fantasy world of “middle-earth.”

As I managed to swallow some of the gore of headless Orcs or henchmen’s violence, there was an underlying tone of the world we live in. The great Professor endured his own pain by getting bit by a large Baboon Spider as a child, was kidnapped by a house boy and lost his father at a very young age to rheumatic fever. He served in the British Army during WWI where he contracted “trench fever” and trench foot. The result of his miseries is direct connotations in his trilogy. He lived his imagination.

Crazy as it sounds, a tiny gold “ring” becomes the center of world war. Symbolically, we have adapted many “rings” in our culture bringing society to the brink of destruction. The “pull” or attachment of its powers has an overwhelming, life draining affect on the human mind. For some like Gollum, it possessed him; he couldn’t live without it even if it meant death.

Earthly corruption sinks deep and the Titanic’s Captain boasted the magnificent ship was built to withstand anything. Except an iceberg he didn’t see coming.

It matters little the subject; what counts is our ability to separate the subject from our personal creeds. Empty spaces in our lives cannot remain empty. Either we will purposely fill them or they become a barren wasteland full of Orcs.

I would like to think J R Tolkien understood the relative nature of God, the love of God and his affection for his people.  His devout faith remained as a constant throughout his life and hardships.

Researching the upheavals and tumultuous events of this educated, gifted writer and poet, it is evident God spared his life over and over. Why?

To leave a creative legacy of good and evil the secular world would accept. Even as he was awarded the insignia of the Order of Buckingham Palace, and given an Honorary Doctorate from Oxford, his heart was in the characters that played many parts of his own life.

As far as your defiance Professor Tolkien that your literary genius was not symbolic to the writings of the Bible, I beg to differ.

From my viewpoint, it is an imaginary, prolific representation.God calls





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“Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” or “Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud”

Yes, that would be the movie.  If you haven’t seen it, please do. The emotional range of the young actor Thomas Horn was extraordinary. There were times I couldn’t’ keep up with his rants. And he deserved rants. Of all kinds.

There are plenty of “spoiler” sites so I won’t add to them. My take on this movie besides this kid’s exemplary acting skills, is not what I expected. Or maybe the movie wasn’t what I expected.

Anything having anything to do with 9/11 shakes us to the core now. Marked in American history as the worst terrorist attack on US soil, this movie depicts the heart of the pain, agony and loss we all felt. And still do.

Fortunately I had no connection to the devastation as far as human life goes. Yet, it ripped my heart out. The day the planes hit the World Trade Center, I had to explain to my daughter at 12 years of age, what had taken place. It was no easy task and one I will never forget which brings me to two points.

  1. Why were we, who witnessed this horrific portrayal of hate, living during this time in history?
  2. There was no reference that I saw (unless I missed it which is highly possible) in the movie to God. Richard Dawkins, yes, but not God.

My explanation to my daughter at the time of the attacks was interrupted by her question of “Mom, why did God let this happen? Are we bad people?”  My own emotions were running high and she was 12. God hates evil, but allows it for his own reasons and purposes but God is good and wants good for his people. 11 years later she is still asking that question.

Romans 1:18 “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness.”

Why was I here? Why were you here? What significance was our presence, if any; have to do with the timing of the worst human inflicted disaster in American History?

I scoured the news and wept as I watched it.

My heart ached to the depths of my soul; my mind couldn’t wrap itself around the thought of what might have happened to the ones never found.

So why was I here? To pray. And pray I did. For those who died. Their families. The lost. The Medics, Police, EMT’s, Firemen, The Mayor, The President. Our country.

Phones rang across this land. It was God telling us to “wake up.”

“The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth”
(Psalms 145.18)

Extremely loud was the reality of a new enemy.

Incredibly close was, it hit home.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001, 8:56 A.M. The first plane hit and nothing would ever be the same again.

Yes, it was a movie and knowing Hollywood, God Almighty, the Great I Am is not politically correct. However, “At such a Time as This” political correctness did not apply, left or got lost in translation.

God showed up to many who did not know him.

God re-appeared to those who forgot him.

God encouraged those close to him.

And for all we know, God and his Angels were all over, inside and out of the Twin Towers, down the street of New York, at the Pentagon and in Shanksville, Pa.

A movie made, 10 years after the attack without reference to God seems reprehensible to me.

But…..God was extremely close and God was incredibly loud; yet we gave him little credit for what could have been a lot more “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.”

We know the terrorists intentions were to do more damage and destruction than they got away with. We know they didn’t finish the job.
God finished it by stopping them.





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Rumblings of Noah’s Ark

As you can see from this very amateur video our cat loves this swing. Late afternoons the swing becomes her bed. She has no fear of the movement; in fact she loves for us to push her in it like a child!

In her mind, the swing is now hers. She allows us to join her as long as she gives us space to do so. Once we are settled in beside her, contentment is established and she is one happy, feline.

Cats are graceful and smooth in their movements. Blessed with perfect balance, leaping to great heights or falling from trees, cats usually land on their feet.

The peacefulness she exhibits, her emotional nod of unwanted prey and the details of her balance are characteristics natural to cats. Her instincts, perfect as they are can be the workings of God.

Animals can be tell-tell signs of our surroundings. As if to feel sensations from the earth beneath them that we don’t, our pets may be giving us signals.

Reading the book, “Unusual Prophecies being Fulfilled” by Perry Stone, he elaborates how animals play a role in impending catastrophes.

In 2004, the tsunami that hit from Indonesia to Kenya killed around 300,000 people. That figure does not count the thousands that went missing. After the massive destruction, many were shocked to find few animals had died. They reacted by moving inland and away from the coasts to higher ground before it came ashore.

The strange behavior of elephants in a park in Sri Lanka were seen running from the beach inland an hour before the tsunami showed up. Some of the elephants were carrying tourists on their backs and saved their lives.

December 26 in Sri Lanka, it was noted how odd birds, monkeys and dogs were acting before the waters ravaged the area. Bats usually sleep upside down during the day, but 30 minutes before the tsunami rolled in the bats were flying around.

The age old question of how the animals knew to go to Noah’s Ark before the flood is one many have asked. If animal’s sense natural disasters prior to them occurring, is it possible they headed to higher ground such as the location of the Ark before Noah closed the doors?

Genesis 7:4 Seven days from now I will send rain on the earth for forty days and forty nights and I will wipe from the face of the earth every living creature I have made.”

The ground beneath us changes causing atmospheric rumblings before a catastrophe occurs. Animals instinctively know something very bad is about to take place as they react to these underground altercations.

Dogs bark nervously and cats whine showing signs of restlessness before an earthquake. Before Christ, in Helice, Greece was a devastating earthquake. History recorded that prior to this quake, rodents ran away, chickens stopped laying eggs and bees left their hives in a panic.

Our animals may play a much larger role in our lives besides giving us laughter and joy.

As Geologists probe the world of possible natural disasters, hopefully we can learn from the many hurricanes, tornados and storms that have ravaged the US in the last 25 years.

We should be alert, aware and pray for protection as the earth rumbles beneath us. These “birth pains” are like our animals, warnings of what may come.

As far as the theory of how the animals knew to walk two-by-two into the Ark, you have to admit the whole story is quite bizarre.

Truth is, maybe we have underestimated our furry friends.

Or better yet, we underestimated who created them.



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We Can Learn a Thing or Two from “The Help”

If you haven’t seen the movie, “The Help” you are missing out on a great flick.

Cover of "The Help"

Cover of The Help

It was so good, I have already watched it twice.

Besides the laughs and teary eyed moments, it is based on a true story.

The movie sets a standard for how black women in particular were treated in the 1960’s.
As young as I was, around 6 or 7 I wasn’t aware of the racial tensions.
Watching the movie opened my eyes to the horrors many placed on innocent people.
Hard working, dedicated Christian black women were considered by many to be “the help” and nothing more.
This was not God’s order at all.

The movie brings to light the conditions in Jackson, Mississippi of white families who hired “maids” to clean, cook, and raise their children.
The movie chronicles one white girl of a very wealthy family who decided to write an anonymous book about their lives.

Without giving away the storyline, if I had been old enough to understand, I would have written the book myself.

Growing up, my family had the dearest, sweetest, most wonderful lady who came to work for us. She was a short, black, round woman who had spunk, and a wit to match. She worked for my mother for many years and eventually was hired by some other members of my family.

However, my family was nothing like the ones in this movie.

She was like one of us. We all loved her and did anything we could for her.

She taught me how to iron men’s cotton dress shirts. I will never forget how she fussed and fumed when I added wrinkles instead of getting them out! We laughed and laughed!

She would always tell my mother,
“You going to run yourself ragged if you don’t slow down.”

We considered her a part of our family. Her life was hard, but she never complained.

When I was in high school and had a job, I found out she needed glasses but didn’t have the money to buy any.
So I paid for her first pair of glasses. She was thrilled and so grateful.
It gave me such joy to give back to her because she had done so much for us.

She has since passed on, but I will never forget her. Her strong, balanced stability made a real impact on my life.
Her Christian faith was her foundation and she lived her life showing it.

The movie shows how it shouldn’t be. How it should never have been.

So, in my opinion we can all learn a thing or two from “The Help.”





Run the Other Way

When it comes to the helpless, something shatters me. The little spider crawling across the floor or the bee I am allergic to enters the house.

The thought of killing either is 2nd place. Open the door so the bee is given freedom and gently sit the little spider on the back steps. Don’t dare ask my daughter to do anything with spiders; she will run the other way.

In the midst of our country’s Armageddon right now it was nice to accidentally find a decent movie on TV last night.

Dolphin Tale” is about a dolphin washed up on shore with her tail caught in a trap. Saved by the local underwater wildlife hospital she is restored to health but without her tail.  The story is based on truth with a cast of wonderful people such as Harry Connick Jr., Morgan Freeman and Natalie Judd.

If you have the time and need a break please watch this movie. You will hurt, cry, laugh and be blessed as this story sends a message of hope and courage through one of God’s sea miracles. And yes, it is a family movie without all the garbage.

Isn’t hope what we need right now? A simple movie grieving the pains of a dolphin that changed the world around her without knowing it giving life saving hope for man and beast.

Stories of priceless loss throughout history have shed light on what appears to be hopeless.

Yet, all it takes is one voice, one act of kindness and a desire to pursue a miracle.

Romans 12: 1“Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.”

How often do we “run the other way?”

How often do we see the ailing dolphin washed up on shore and leave it to die?

There is something to be said for “hanging in there.”

Naturally speaking sometimes a physical “hanging in there” isn’t possible, but never does that negate the prayer language of God.

Psalm 107:20 “He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave.”

The endangered species of hope is not forgotten but lately may be hidden under the rocks of cruelty, fear, doubt and the unknown. We fail to see beyond when we are crouched underneath the cross instead of on our knees in front of it. In other words the price of hope is found above ground after the resurrection. We must be willing to crawl out from our sadness, sorrow and lamenting to see the hope and grab it.

Much was lost for hope to reappear.

Much was endured for hope to become a vision.

Much was spent for hope to remain a vision.

The vision of hope is seen in the darkness of life’s most miserable moments. Hope is that flash of light in a vile word, a bitter rejection or a back-stabbing betrayal.

Hope isn’t running the other way; running into the hurt or the pits of fueled hate imposed by others. It is release; it is running as a storm chaser into the storm but with the peace, rest and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Hope knows deep down is a glimmer of the lantern of Jesus standing in the dark saying,

“Come. Follow me. This is the way.”





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The Balancing Act of God

Ever feel like you are trapped in your own mistakes? Or life’s general coalition of adversity? What about that anonymous thing that hit you when you least expected it?

Given the state of mayhem surrounding us no matter what that may include, you are not forgotten. You are not alone. You can be free if you will allow God to show you how.

Cover of "The Final Inquiry"

Cover of The Final Inquiry

A Christian movie called “The Final Inquiry” is based upon a Roman soldier who falls in love with an Israeli woman. Against all reasoning and culture barriers he fights for her life as she lay dying.  The Roman soldier, known as Tito Valerio Tauro, has a slave named Brixos played by Dolph Lundgren.

Tauro and Brixos were friends more than Master and slave. Tauro had treated him well over the years and Brixos being the strong support that he was protected his master at all costs.

The moment came as the two are alone in the desert, Tauro looks intently towards Brixos with a caring smile and informs him,

“ Brixos, The documents are complete and registered with the legal counsel. You are now a free man.”

Brixos  gazes back at him, smiling and replies calmly,

“Master, I have always been a free man.”

His love and loyalty to his master paid off. His long term devotion gave him his best friend. He never viewed his slavery as a prison but a positive culmination of who he was, and how he perceived himself in any given situation.

Another rather famous slave was Joseph. Talk about a guy who got up one morning on the wrong side of bed.

In an instant he became a slave, a lost child, forgotten but not forgotten. Transported by betrayal of his brothers, he ended up in the prisons of Egypt.

But Joseph knew his God with an unwavering allegiance giving him confidence and assurance God had a plan.

As I see it, Joseph never adopted slavery as his vocation or a life sentence. Imprisonment became his stepping stone to fame and fortune but never his petition.

If anyone lived years of imprisonment, it was his brothers. Doomed by their own betrayal of Joseph, the colossal  lie remained a habitual threat in their unhinged mental state.

Joseph maintained a balancing act of God. His freedom while enslaved depended on his understanding of God and his purposes.

Joseph obeyed the authority he was imprisoned by but God was always first in his life. As a result, God showered favor upon him  like “living water”  in a desert. Respected by all, Joseph became a quiet force to be reckoned with.

The balancing act requires faith, obedience, endurance, and patience.

Most, I would say acquire it as many lessons learned. Compile these components in a neat little area of your heart and allow your mind to reset itself. The Holy Spirit is a balancing pro mixing it all together.

1 Corinthians 10:13 “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted,he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

Prisons we create for ourselves or those forced upon us are no match for the miracle work of Jesus.

A Holy Spirit, heart set freedom only shows up as we balance life’s difficulties and hardships with greater answers God has waiting for us. It doesn’t matter what it is, God has a way out, a solution or a path acknowledging the light at the end of the tunnel. Experience has taught me this formula produces blessings that far outweigh our pain.

Once I found these golden nuggets of wisdom was the moment I understood,

Master I have always been a free woman.”




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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: We need you to be our President.

English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

Image via Wikipedia

Yes, I believe the Prime Minister of Israel would make a great President. Oh. He can’t. He wasn’t born here.

Listening to his speech last night at AIPAC I was enthralled; thrilled; overjoyed at his wit, strength of character and mostly his lack of being intimidated by anyone else.

His podium presence is mighty. He exerts natural intelligence and wisdom and combines it quite well with experience. He is a man after Israel‘s own heart and is not going to stand back and let that heart be broken again. He knows what was promised to Abraham and the Prime Minister knows who really has his ‘back.”

A leader who can use that which is against him to make a joke is my kind of man. Framing his speech around “disarming the nuclear duck” he was quick to announce his game plan. Admitting the sanctions imposed on Iran were squeezing it’s economy, it isn’t enough.

Recognizing his qualities as a leader in that one speech weren’t so much the words,  but how he approached releasing those words. How he approached the podium. How he delivered his message with the overtones and undertones of body language. He is one more self-assured, confident, well-spoken, educated and clever diplomat.

The word “calculating” comes to my mind as he affirmed an oath to Israel.  “As prime minister of Israel, I will never let my people live under the shadow of annihilation.”

Who was he pointing his Jewish finger at? The signal was passed. The moment was established. The impact sent sound waves across the world….or maybe down the street.

There was no question in his mind of his determined future for the nation he calls home.  The soil from which he comes from is fueled with “fuel?”

It is the soil of Holy ground in which God will use to produce resources unimaginable, making Israel even more powerful than the words he so eloquently spoke.

There was no question that he needed no one to tell him what to do. There was no question he is alert, aware, and nobody’s fool. There is no question he will do whatever is necessary to keep that which  belongs to God.  He is more than guarded of its land, statehood and the lineage of Abraham. Talk about a man who means what he says and scares the heck out of those who are afraid he really will do what he says.

Diplomatic means should be the first choice in dealing with non-peaceful negotiations. Communication created the world as God spoke the words “Let there be light.” However, allowing combat oriented lunatics confirm globally their despicable, cowardly, dastardly appeal to harm innocents; there is no diplomacy.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it profoundly clear his desire for peace surrounding Israel. He has responded to threats with peaceful admonitions only to be hung out to dry by those who have been Israel’s ally for decades.

You know that bus he was thrown under?

Last night, the Prime Minister made it very clear he wasn’t thrown under the bus. He built that bus and he is the driver.

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So What if Eve ate the Apple first?

♥The reference that Eve ate the apple first is getting old. Joyce Meyer  discusses how all through the ages we women have been unjustly blamed for many mistakes due to the apple she ate. She was quick to say that Adam didn’t resist when she offered the evil piece of fruit to him. BUT! Adam quickly pointed the finger at Eve once questioned by God.

My husband and I were having a rather important discussion. More like an argument. No, lack of communication. That’s it. I communicate, he listens. Just kidding!

His father told me my husband leaves important points of conversations out with people. According to his father, we who are endeared to his few words are left without. Spending much of my time trying to decipher his level of intelligence (which is quite high) I find myself sliding down the slide backwards without a paddle. He on the other hand has finished the conversation in two words and left to go watch “Survivor” leaving me questioning, “were we finished?”

Now I don’t take this personally because he is completely innocent here in that he is not a talker. Really. Not a talker. He is so glad he married one though! lol! Our differences, like so many couples span years of disillusionment of what the other is thinking or trying to figure the other one out.

It is easy for men to venture to the apple in the midst of a “discussion” with the female gender.   The men in my life including my husband, dad, brother, many uncles and cousins have labeled this moment in time as a “badge of honor” and a focal point for many shameless jokes.

A sign may as well be plastered on our foreheads, “Eve ate the apple first.” 

The guilt of this crime set forth the rules which lie on the bedposts of matrimony. The Tarzan‘s of the Jungle have no competition with this one.

The brand has stuck for centuries and the fight goes on. But! today I found the answer!

Surfing the net I found an article called, “What really makes men tick?”  The article is from a new book called “The Male Brain” by Louann Brizendine, M.D. You can find her website at http://drlouann.ning.com/

A quick summary posted that men and women’s brains work off of 2 systems.  Women are by far more emotional and tend to react that way. Men have very little attachment to emotions leading them directly to a “cognitive” sense and kind of like “get over it” adaptation. Women can become immediately empathetic, while men run off to play football.

The point is that now we women don’t have to feel responsible for our emotional upheavals or downward spirals; our spontaneous moods or irrational behavior because we are not “COGNITIVE!”  Men’s hormones are different from ours so we are off the hook here ladies!

I can tell that went over well for you men out there who are shaking your heads.  You are probably thinking, “oh no. don’t let my wife read this.”

So now that I have spilled the beans how does that attach to Eve’s apple? The apple that subjected us to submission? Herein lies the all engulfing war between the two genders. Yes, blame Eve still.

The famous Bible verse of all verses: Ephesians 5:22 “Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands as to the Lord.

The answer to that verse has been battled over, divorced over, fought over, torn apart. It has been left out of wedding vows, changed in wedding vows, misused, abused and transfused.

Hated by some and loved by others it is the epiphany of marriage. The stronghold. The word of God made of dirt by two in the garden who inhabited character traits handed down for generations. Traits influenced by the evil snake of all snakes.

Again back to the great Joyce Meyer who placed it all in perspective where it needs to be:

“Women were born out of Adam’s side, not under his foot.”

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