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You Can’t Run Away from Yourself

No matter what you do, running away from your mistakes or bad choices will always come back to haunt you. Doesn’t matter who you are, or your position. We are all responsible for our actions and words.

So, what does this mean?

Be careful. Do what is right? Understand your actions, decisions and choices affect more than just you. They affect everyone around you.

Funny thing about making mistakes; once done they stick around. Not all show up immediately with their shadowy consequences. Years later may be the end result.

The truth of these chain reactions is often they produce a can of worms.

In our modern media, if you have any political position or stage appearance, getting away with the repercussions of statements made in the past are feverishly played over and over. Just ask the President.

Backtracking on the “sequester” now imposed is hitting hard. The possibility of major financial cuts in government programs are waiting in the wings of the White House.thCAB99ZMY

A few of the cuts looming are:

Thousands of federal jobs may be furloughed

Meals on Wheels will have less food to feed Senior Citizens

70,000 children kicked out of Head Start

Fewer food inspections

Research grants would be cut by 1000

13% from Defense which shouldn’t be cut at all. The military should be built back up. The Bible says if a government taxes its people, then they are responsible for protecting the people with a strong military. DO NOT CUT THE MILITARY!

Diminishing EPA monitoring of hazardous waste, pollution and oil spills

Having first proposed and demanded the sequester, it would make sense that the president lead the effort to replace it,” Boehner wrote in Wall Street Journal.

In other words the President originally thought this was a good idea. He has changed his mind and blaming the Republicans once again if nothing is done to stop it. Why?

Many who elected him would be out of a job. (Did I miss something or did he just play golf with Tiger Woods?  Somehow that doesn’t fit.)

The very people he promised to help would suffer.

It would make him look bad.

However, many of the Federal jobs and programs soaking the taxpayer’s money need to be restructured, changed or done away with completely.

What is wrong with getting rid of the fraud and waste? Why hasn’t this been an annual event? Think of how much money could be saved by weeding out the hogwash and debris?

Does the White House take the garbage out every day?

So this is one of the numerous times the President spoke to soon.  He made the “call” long before he knew the consequences of such a “sequester.”thCAKULPMQ

Proverbs 13: 3 “He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.”

The President received tax revenue he pursued vigorously. Now, we receive less each month due to his tax hikes. Congress agreed to his “slap on our personal income” in exchange for cuts.  Who knows if or when the President will decide to cut anything?

He can’t be trusted to keep that promise as he has broken so many so “let the mayhem begin.” (James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997)





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Wonders Never Cease

Jumping on the band wagon of the President’s arrogant demand to lay off of Susan Rice and her ideal performance has finally hit the wrong democrat.

Kirsten Powers, a Fox News Consultant and Democratic Strategist really didn’t like the President playing “Robin Hood rescuing Lady Marion.”

Her article posted in the link below slams the President for his “sexist defense” of the UN Ambassador for her appearances following the Libya attacks on TV shows to exploit a radical movie as the culprit.

Evidently Kirsten Powers is concerned about the fallout now over the President’s “chauvinistic” leadership where his women employees have to deal with the heat of the press and certain Republicans on the hill.  But, she also wants like the rest of us conservatives to know what really happened…..yes. She is a strong liberal democrat demanding the truth of what happened to 4 men killed for no reason in Libya.

I have watched her for several years on Fox News and found her to be outspoken but well liked by the Fox team. She has a sense of humor and is not afraid to speak when it goes against the grain of the left. Maybe her new found Christianity has had something to do with her evolvement to the truth.

Her bio speaks of how she grew up Episcopalian but ventured into atheism. Later in life she now calls herself an Orthodox Christian; prefers herself to be an Evangelical but says it comes with too much baggage.  I must admit she has a point with that one. Automatically it is given a “bad rap” due to the heresy factors which may or may not be true, but depends on how the receiver views it.

She married Dr. Marty Makary, Professor of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in 2010. He may have had something to do with her progression into Christianity. He is of Coptic Egyptian origin.

Besides Kirsten’s opinionated rant towards the President’s gallant heroics is her fierce accusations as to why Rice was doing the presenting in the first place instead of Hillary Clinton. This novel call to have a Democrat such as Kirsten point out the same facts the Republicans are that Susan Rice “knew nothing about Benghazi” is a formidable argument. Oh, what is the phrase? Backtracking?

For a liberal pundit, such as Kirsten to backslide into a Republican corner on such an important issue is commendable. The seriousness of this attack has been downplayed by the Obama Administration as if it never occurred. There are families waiting for answers.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Kirsten has come out swinging for answers. Like many of us in the dark on this unnecessary evil, we too want the truth. She boldly announced her displeasure with the President’s handling of Benghazi and her feminist layers of contention screams the nod for Sec. of State should not be Susan Rice.

My heart took a leap as I read her column. Her viewpoint of the “feminist strategist” she claims has lent itself to refer to the President as having a “conceited argument” over his helpless, lowly Ambassador.

In other words there are times we women may need the strong arm of a man, and there are times we don’t. This time was one of the “don’t” times.

When I first saw the video of the President lashing out in protection of Susan Rice, the disgust of his arrogance once again took precedence. It was as if he was a parent yelling at his adult children to behave. If we don’t do as he tells us to, there will be consequences to disobeying his direct orders. Who does he think he is?

Kirsten Powers should be admired for putting aside her liberal approach in searching for the truth of this criminal activity.

She also deserves a cupcake for her brilliant and forthright stance expressing she will never need the President to use his “Gladiator” resilience to rescue her from the “big bad wolf.”






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