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Is it a Shadow?

God wants us to live our days in his power being ever aware of his presence. There are times we search, seek and yearn for a sign, a note or a nudge he is near. 

Days when there are no words spoken between the closest and dearest, so it is with  EL-SHADDAI or The God of the Mountains (Psalm 91:1)1383076_10153318943015010_1812988768_n

We may hear no sound or whisper. There may be no evidence he is even close by. 

Look deep; you may notice a shadow. 

He is standing boldly between you and your foes.


The Case for the Mentally Ill

In the days and weeks to come, I tried to sort out the events that had placed my life on hold for a truly mentally ill patient.

Trying my best to look at her from every angle didn’t ease my tendency to feel powerless. If anything, I felt guilty for not wanting to deal with it all, yet sad because at the time there seem to be no answers. I wanted to help, but didn’t know how.Think-Tank-logo

The conclusion was not what I wanted, but what other options were there? Mental Health was not on my radar because it was not an acute issue within our society. In fact the mention of anyone needing counseling for anything labeled that person crazy. The point was a mute incident.

The police contacted me for further communication to detail the case to close it out. As we discussed the bizarre events, a sense of relief came over us. We had done nothing to help her but the common ground of conflict and confusion was our emotional grievance. We were struck with the notion there really were people who suffer such unbalanced and psychotic disorders but knowledge to aid or cure such a disease seemed remote besides sticking them in a horrid institution.

We sat around like a “think tank” hoping to come up with any other alternative besides the one she got. The resounding words of her husband ended our exchanges because he had already tried everything possible.

Years have passed and often they come to my mind.

What happened to them? To her?

Unfortunately, this type of mental illness is prevalent today and in some cases much worse.  New drugs and therapy are common, yet more and more people reveal a bondage to such a cruel and distorted mind.


It is demonic.

Psychologists, doctors and/or Psychiatrist rationalize common everyday stress, anxiety and an overall inability to cope as a structured illness. Maybe so, but the roots are a demonization of paralyzed fear and pointed attack of the devil himself.

2 Chronicles 20: 15 “This is what the Lord says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.”297970_10151607033441718_723133731_n

The only cure is Jesus. The best cure is Jesus.

We must learn to command the devil to leave and then run like hell to the cross and latch on to it.

We must pour the word of God all over us and sink deep into the power of the Holy Spirit.

We have to negate this evil with the full armor of God.

WE MUST trust God to fight for us in this “battle of the mind” because we are incapable of combatting it without him.

But isn’t that what God says in Psalm 120: 7?

 “I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war.”

To be continued…..


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