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Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth ….and you know the rest (Part 4)


All total I sat in the witness chair for about 2.5 to 3 hours and that included the 20 minutes the opposing side read over the 83 emails. I asked the judge for some water. She kindly got up and left the room and returned with a bottle of Dasanti.witness chair

It was a great relief to me our attorney asked me to read certain emails. Not only did it give me a break from thinking it gave the needed answers to enforce the truth.

As I wrote earlier, we didn’t know what evidence they had; but all 3 of us believed she had the same emails I had. She didn’t. She must have deleted them while she was busy taking over 100 photos of what she determined was a filthy home.

Prior to October 7th, 2011, I read two emails from the defendant, agreeing in her own words that she approved of the cleaning dates. Smoking gun!

She buried herself with her own words. But did that stop her from lying?

Her lawyer approached and began questioning me.

He used a walker to come to the witness stand; his eyes were set on my face like fiery darts but it was his deceitful smile that got my attention. He’s the kind of person who uses a crafty and cunning grin to lay his underhanded intentions upon his opponent.

He repeatedly asked me the same question of “the lease was signed on Sept. 15th and she moved in on October 1st. Why wasn’t the house clean?” Mind you, this was after we had read her emails of agreement to the dates. I kept waiting for him to come up with some kind of damaging evidence; but it never happened. Why? Because he didn’t have any.

The defendant was called to the stand. She came forth with her boat load of photos she had taken herself of the house. This had to have been done between October 1 and the 7th before it was cleaned. Her attorney asked her to pick out a few and give them to the jury to see for themselves the dirty, grimy house we expected her to move into. Once again she took her dear old time and picked through the entire pile. Everyone sat and waited and waited and waited.

Handing them to the jury, her attorney pointed out such issues as dead bugs, a drawer filled with trash, carpet spots, and more dead bugs. 

What was even more shocking was how she whined and moaned about “You’d think if you pay the deposit and that much rent the house would have been ready by October 1.” Never mind what she had written electronically to me. 

The jury left to decide her fate.

Her attorney began complaining to the judge how his client had suffered emotional distress for 4 years, and costly expenses to come back for this trial and wanted the plaintiff to pay up. That’s when our lawyer spoke up and told the judge the exact same thing about his client.

The judge quickly retorted to her attorney, “No! This is a contractual disagreement and that is all.”

I left. It was 5pm and I was starved.

The jury decided she was at fault and owed him the due rent. My client told me the look on her face when the jury announced it was of total shock.

In conclusion, the mindset of our society is even with evidence, keep lying. See how much you can get away with until you actually get caught. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, evil has reared its ugly head in all facets of our culture.

The key here is to stick with Jesus.

He had given me a scripture that I read over and over for 4 years.  I believed His word and not only did it come to pass, he used the liar’s own words to seal her fate.

God is the great vindicator of those who seek Him with their whole heart.

Psalm 135:14

 For the LORD will vindicate his people and have compassion on his servants.



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Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth ….and you know the rest (Part 3)


Civil cases do not require evidence to be handed over to either party prior to the trial. The judge made note to the jury that these types of lawsuits are not under the scrutiny of more serious cases. The atmosphere was much more relaxed than even I expected.

As I was called to the witness stand, our attorney began to question me about my years of Property Management experience and then into the timeline of the case in question.

He then came forth with the 83 pages of emails which caused the defendant’s attorney to stop everything demanding he and his client have the opportunity read over them before the case went forward.inboxfull

The entire court room was at a quiet standstill for the next 15-20 minutes waiting on them to finish. It was apparent the jury was getting fidgety.  The juror at the end closest to me looked over at me as if to say, “I can’t believe they are making us wait like this.” One juror who looked to be barely 18, was obviously not interested in being there much less what was going on with the case. I had a clear view of the judge. She sat there working, writing, looking at her computer, drinking water and at times texting on her phone.

My own opinion at this point was the jury wasn’t happy and without any further testimony would have voted against the defendant anyway due to their inconsideration of everyone else.

Finally we proceeded.

Our attorney had me turn to certain pages of the emails and read aloud to the court what the defendant had written. As he questioned me the timeline of events was his purpose. The reason being was the lease was signed on Sept. 15, 2011 but she was expected to pay rent as of October 1, 2011 whether she had moved in or not. My reasoning for this was at that point she had tied up this property since August not wanting me to rent it to anyone else. If I did receive a qualified tenant she wanted me to call her first so she would have the opportunity to rent it first. She couldn’t make up her mind what to do so I had to give her an ultimatum which I did.

The kicker to signing the lease was a list of repairs/requests she demanded be done to rent the house. Needed repairs are one thing but to demand the owner buy a new refrigerator and have the house cleaned again was another. He agreed out of the kindness of his heart and she signed.

Taking this into account, only 2 weeks before October 1st wasn’t enough time to get all she wanted done which was fine with her since her furniture wouldn’t arrive until the middle of October. I made arrangements in order for the repairs, the refrigerator to be delivered and installed and the cleaning after that. The house was professionally cleaned on October 7, and the carpets shampooed October 10th.  

These dates were the core of the case. Why?

Her attorney would use them against us. His argument over and over was

“The lease was signed on Sept. 15 and she paid rent October 1st but the house was filthy so she couldn’t move in.” Duh………

To be continued…..

Be still before the Lord
and wait patiently for him;
do not fret when people succeed in their ways,
when they carry out their wicked schemes.






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Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth ….and you know the rest (Part 2)


In a world of disillusioned, misguided and unhappy people it is not a far-fetched idea to have one go to the lengths of a court case to prove their innocence when it is clear they aren’t. How dare anyone believe an officer of the military would totally ignore the law?

I am not being judgmental. This is however representative of the mindset plaguing our nation. Evil becomes good and good becomes evil. Tell a lie so much that the liar begins to truly believe it themselves.

Since the onset of this case God gave me a verse, Luke 21:15 which says,

  “For I will give you [skillful] words and wisdom which none of your opponents will be able to resist or refute.”

I clung to this verse until the day of the trial. Over 4 years.

From the beginning the lawyer for the plaintiff requested any information I had concerning the case including, receipts, contracts, and emails.

About 2 weeks prior to March 3, the court date I receive a phone call from a man who slowly asked if I was in deed who I am, and owner of Guardian Property Management LLC. The defendant’s lawyer proceeded to ask me questions about the case of which I quickly replied,
“Nope. Not giving you any information without my lawyer.”

His quick retort was, “Fine! I’ll subpoena you then!” His threat was stopped when

I responded, “You don’t have to. I will be there in support of our friend and my client.”

Calling my lawyer he reported the defendant’s lawyer had just called him. My lawyer told me I didn’t have to speak to him so I didn’t. I am convinced his call was to try to coerce me to get the plaintiff to change his mind and drop the case. He found out that wasn’t an option. 

2 days before the trial 2 young girls ring our doorbell and ask me if I was Cathy Neil. Handing me a subpoena they left. It’s a good thing I didn’t have plans but as I found out later the servers never signed or dated the subpoena making it invalid.

Meeting with the lawyer, we discussed what he would ask and what we were to respond with. After 4 years I was concerned about what I wouldn’t remember. But God…..

The lawyer expressed to us that he and her lawyer met with the judge on Monday, Feb. 29 to pick jurors.  He discovered the defendant’s attorney was basing their case on certain dates of cleaning the house opposed to the date of signing the lease.jury

As it was, 6 jurors were chosen and 5 out of the 6 were women. The choice being made by the opposing lawyer hoping to sway the women jurors to support the defendant.  In other words, he played the “gender card.”


So much time had passed since this began we didn’t know what they had as far as evidence, but then they didn’t know what we had either.

While speaking to his lawyer, he came up with the emails made between me and the defendant from the end of August until October 18, 2011 when she declared herself free of the lease completely. Altogether it was 83 pages; mostly emails from her to me.

I had no idea that those emails would be the words and wisdom of Luke 21: 15 that God would display for everyone in that courtroom to hear.

To be continued……




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Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth ….and you know the rest


Do you? In a court of law?gavel

I always thought if you didn’t it was perjury.

If you’ve never testified in court it’s quite an experience.

Recently I was the lead/main witness to a landlord/tenant lawsuit. Believe me, I pray I never have to do this again, but as I ponder the events now, I see God’s hand was all over it.

Let me back up with the history of this case.

This lawsuit began in the fall of 2011. Since that time the plaintiff and defendant have been going back and forth with their lawyers trying to settle. Due to the nature of involving military personnel the courts are more lenient when it comes to a trial. The reason for that is deployments. If one is overseas the judge will put it off until both or all parties involved can be present.

Personally I question the truth behind so many deployments but that is only my opinion.

The case consisted of the defendant signing a 3 year lease only to back out and demand her security deposit and the (1) month’s rent she paid. What she didn’t see coming was the owner/plaintiff sued for rent unpaid. The agreement was she would be let out of the lease as soon as I could get the house rented, but until then she was responsible for paying the rent whether she was there or not.

She didn’t like that idea. Or came up with all kinds of ways to help me re-rent it until it wasn’t fast enough so she came to my house and made it clear she wasn’t going to live there and would sue the owner for what she had already paid.

Never mind that she signed a 3 year lease and held the house hostage for over 6 weeks while we accommodated her petty demands.

Most of the military service men and women we know here are making sacrifices the rest of us never have to make. They are the real heroes of our nation along with their families who are often left behind while they go overseas to fight for our country. They have my total respect for their difficult jobs and years of active duty. However, that doesn’t allow them the right to break the law.

November and December of 2011 no one had rented the house so she was expected to pay the rent. That never happened. I finally found a qualified couple who leased the house as of January 1, 2012 which set her free from any further obligation.  

South Carolina law is very clear with contractual agreements. You don’t break them simply because you want to. Some circumstances are allowable; one being military personnel receiving orders to move to another base which is quite common here. Most landlords will work with the tenants if necessary to provide a way out if they are civilians but a new agreement must be reached.  A basic truth is to try to reach a happy compromise. But then beware of those who are never happy.

To be continued……






A Fresh Coat of Paint


I feel as if I have been gone from blogging too long, but this hasn’t been my choice. Life has simply gotten in the way of so many things keeping track is a lost cause. So I quit keeping track.

The list of semi-crisis to multiple interruptions is much too long. One after the other seem to be running together now. Life happens. But a break would be nice.

In the middle of the last sinus infection to our daughter’s diagnosis of strep throat/mononucleosis was a business venture that seemed questionable. And as of the other day my husband is looking at possible oral surgery due to a horizontal wisdom tooth crushing the one next to it which is now on its way out of his mouth no matter what.

During this flurry of trying to keep up, tenants left one of my rentals. There is something therapeutic about taking a property from a state of disarray by giving it a fresh coat of paint, a visit from Mr. Clean and landscaping done by someone other than HGTV. It also helps that God connects the dots for the needs as they appear sending me the right people to do the right job.painter_5

A few times lately God has surprised me with little reminders of his presence in the chaos of my life. For instance. Yesterday as I was getting my schedule in place I realized I was going to have 3 different people to work at different times but I only had 2 keys to the house.  Searching the best “key maker” in town was my next move. At that point, feeling somewhat overwhelmed with so much on my plate my cell phone rang.

The painter on the other end of the line sounding somewhat frantic said,

“I locked myself out of the house. If you have another key I will swing by right now and have a few copies made to give you.”

Not only did he have the keys made, he paid for them himself.

And remember I mentioned a questionable business venture? From the beginning my husband and I both didn’t have a good feeling about it. Given some time the truth came out. The Holy Spirit had impressed upon us both there was something wrong. In this revelation I was also given the opportunity to speak the truth concerning certain business tactics that were debatable and problematic. It didn’t end well because this person refused to believe the truth. But a huge seed was planted…..

 Matthew 10:11-15 NIV 

“Whatever town or village you enter, search there for some worthy person and stay at their house until you leave. As you enter the home, give it your greeting. If the home is deserving, let your peace rest on it; if it is not, let your peace return to you. If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.”




3 Awards: Shine On, One Lovely Blog, and the Blog of the Year 2012

I am honored and humbled to be chosen for 3 awards by Lori Schulz. Lori has a wonderful blog based around Christian and Children’s Ministries.

You can find her at http://www.lorischulz.wordpress.com

Since she has so kindly awarded me with the following 3 I will combine this post into one Great Award!

The rules are: write 7 interesting things, nominate the blogs you feel are worthy of these fantastic awards and notify them of their hard work!

The Shine On Award
The One Lovely Blog Award
The Blog of the Year Award 2012

http://lorischulz.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/screen-shot-2012-12-31-at-11-10-56-pm.pngScreen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.10.21 PMScreen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.11.32 PM

The Lovely Blog Award asks each nominee to write 7 interesting things…

1.  Eating too much chocolate, fudge, potato chips, Christmas cookies, and in general “Tis the Season” to overeat  shows up eventually!

2. I honor and praise the many Air Force/Army service people I am blessed to live around.  The other day I met another real hero.

3.  In my Property Management business I often need to hire general maintenance personnel for various jobs.  One home needs a painter. He told me he met his girlfriend who goes to our church on a Christian Dating site.  After dating for a year one of them had to move since they were 1000 miles apart and their relationship grew.  He now goes to our church too.

4. The summer after my Sophomore year in college I worked at Carowinds.  We had 2 perks outside of working 40 hours a week in 95 degree heat. We were allowed in the park anytime after hours for free. Also we were given free passes to ride any of the rides as often as we wanted.  Since that summer, I have never ridden a theme park ride anywhere.

5.  My favorite book of all  time (excluding Bible) is “The Testament” by John Grisham

6. Presently I am the lead witness  in a lawsuit. We have been dealing with this mess for over 2 years.  Please pray for a settlement outside of court.

7. 70 degrees today! yea!

I nominate:



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Sanctimonious Authority

The cynical changes that arrive from those who seemingly want to control us are ultimate marks of backfiring.

The Face book Team reminds me of our present government. Sending me a notice of my impending Timeline as of yesterday, August 14, 2012, was not my idea of a good move.

Responding to that notice how unhappy I was about this maneuver and that I didn’t want a Timeline has resulted in the face book team ignoring my request.

As with our governing authorities, the days of being forced into uncontrollable spending and waste, healthcare, and a myriad of other less than profitable or moral entities have gone too far.

The common thread involved in most of these cases pure and simple is greed. Greed accelerated to authoritative exhibitions through funds. The two go hand in hand and produce a false sense of security for those exposed to such delinquencies.

They are but fleeting moments of prestige and hopeless honor. Fueling the catalysts of who are popular and who are not are only seen vividly through the eyes of a carnal mind. Why not get real people?

Everyday life is hard, difficult and miserable for some. While the positioned fight over their created stances, the rest of the world lives in suffrage due to their idiotic rules and regulations.

The surmounting economic debt was not built by me. Or most of the people I know. It has been triggered by unforeseen circumstances of terror, war and the explosive allocation of dollars by obvious non budgeted politicians. Refusal to live within your means is a definition for bankruptcy and destitution. This is not to mention the lousy example being set by those in so called high places. Their high places won’t seem so high once insolvency sets in.

As we, the American taxpayers are hunted down by the IRS to fund such fraudulent means of waste, I pray to God to forgive those who openly and so cavalierly spend his money on non-Biblical projects.

Of course who do you believe? The media is so unreliable if you don’t know God personally you will never know the truth.

Stretching the course of events past outright lies has become the norm. If it weren’t so sad it would be laughable. As if we have no brains, the media and certain politicians insult our intelligence hiding behind their jargon of words. “Share the Wealth.” “We don’t have control over Super Pacs” Or “You didn’t build that.”

Retractions then become the rhetoric to absolve the hysteria of accusations.

“That’s not what I said or meant to say” is only the beginning. Yes. It is what you meant to say; you were hoping you wouldn’t get caught.

The effort on August 1, 2012 put forth for Chick- Fil-A resonated where the majority of this country stands; which is on the Bible’s view of marriage. Yet, many who disagree prompted the achievement with hate and vile messages.

Again the media tried to upstage this overwhelming quiet protest as intolerant zealot consumers of chicken sandwiches.

The election of 2010 was a landslide victory for the conservatives. You wouldn’t know that by the media who yells at us for our prejudice and it seems they still haven’t accepted the defeat. It is evident by their contemptible words towards anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

God has moved out of the way and allowed those who choose to go their own way to dig their own graves.

He continues to expose the sanctimonious attempts of those who are not following his word and will.

I can’t wait to see what God does in November.




Copyright @ 2012 All Rights Reserved

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From No Room in the Inn to No Room at the End to Dwelling in the Shelter of the Most High

We have been blessed to own a Property Management business.  I have often wondered after doing this for many years what kind of house would Jesus want to live in if he could have had the choice.

 Here is an ad from the Salvation Chronicles:

House Wanted:

For whom? The Messiah

Type: 2 Story made out of stone with open roof.  Mark 2:3-5

Bedrooms: 1 (Needs a place to rest his head) Matthew 8:20

Bathrooms: 1

Kitchen: Full with all appliances especially a microwave for quick meals

Pantry: Large enough to hold food to feed 5,000 (5 loaves and 2 fish) Matthew 14: 13-21

Media Room: Get the message out. Matthew 28:19

Dining Room: Large enough for 12 guests. Luke 22:1-23

Laundry: The River Jordan

Garage: No (Walks everywhere)

Wine Cellar: (no) Uses water from kitchen sinks  (John 2:1-11)

Closets: (minimal) Personal appearance not an issue

Garden:  Prayer time (Matthew 26:36)

Courtyard:  Activity center for weddings, receptions and family gatherings

Workshop: Carpentry business (Mark 6:3)

Location: Subdivision:  Jerusalem Heights

 Near schools: Loves children (Matthew 19:13-15)

Churches:  Teaches Sunday School

Shopping:  Sandal and Cloak Shop

Typical housing in Jesus day consisted of one long room in the front and one right behind it. This was a result of the tents that were used prior to this time. Housing developed bringing about villages. Most homes had a courtyard with small rooms off of it and very few windows. Most windows were built on the second floor for a number of reasons. It was safer, and weather played a big factor. The houses were supported by wooden beams from one wall to the other.  Inside was constructed out of clay or plaster and often decorated depending on your family income.

A ladder was built leading up to the roof which was often used for sleeping when the weather was warm or for drying food. The rooms were usually small and dark so the roof and windows offered light.

Some used it for bathing; we all know who did that! (2 Samuel 11:2-4)

Jesus made use of the hole in the roof when they lowered the paralytic down to be healed.  I wonder how often that happened.

The Courtyards had various uses.   A Mikveh was like a pool of clean rainwater used for ritualistic cleansing. There was a cooking area with a fire and often a place to store utensils.  A covered area was built for animals. An open patio served as the center of activity for fun and festivities.

Only the well –to-do had furniture like beds and chairs.  Most sat or slept on cushions on the floor. Joseph of Nazareth was most likely as much a builder as carpenter since furniture was not in great need at that time.

Once Jesus began his ministry his life became almost nomadic. He and his disciples left their families and friends to spread the gospel. They didn’t have a Holiday Inn on every corner or a Chrysler 300 to cruise around in. Forget the specials at the local Applebee’s or even a burger and fries; food was not packaged in the grocery stores for a quick pickup after a hard day of preaching.

Life is hard enough without having a home to go to and that soft pillow to lay your head upon.

I guess in a way you could say Jesus became homeless but he knew his life as a peasant was temporary.

His palace was already built awaiting his arrival.

Oh, and one more thing. This palace of his is decorated with a pillow lined, golden chair that no one else has ever sat in but him.  The throne built only for the Messiah.

John 14:2 “In my Father’s house are many mansions…”