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That One Sock

You know. The sock that gets lost in the washer or dryer. The sock you can’t find which leaves its partner all alone and sad.

Hours or days may go by before the lone sock re-appears. You have searched high and low, through the dirty clothes basket, or better yet behind the junk in your husband’s closet. After all, it is his sock that has gone missing.

Who knows what he does with his socks?

Leaves them in the car?

Takes them hunting?

Goes on a business trip?

The lone sock could be anywhere from hiding in his closet floor to Missouri.

What do you do?

Give up?

Keep looking?


Or place the sock you have in the open where you are reminded of the lost sock?

The sock is not rendered completely useless;  it has just gone on a trip. Temporarily.

As you unload the dryer and dump the clothes on the bed, you begin to fold them.

The husband’s t-shirts are crumpled up so you shake them. All of a sudden the lone sock falls out of the sleeve. What or how did it get in there?

Who cares? You found the lost sock.

So, if you think about it, the sock really wasn’t missing. It was tucked away in a shirt. Safe. Warm. Protected.

But now, the sock is clean and ready to be re-united with its obvious match.

These two socks are like people and God. Just when we think God has taken a very long vacation, he re-appears wearing sunglasses and tanned.

God says, “I didn’t think you wanted me around so I took some much needed time off.”

People: “God, we are so sorry. We somehow missed the turn off and got lost. Will you forgive us? We know we goofed up and sinned, but we really need you to stay.”

God: “The truth is I was never far away from any of you. I don’t hang around making myself known where I am not wanted.  And a little sun is good for all of us. We all need that Vitamin D.”

People: “So, God, you aren’t angry with us? We walked away; turned the other cheek.”

God: “No, I’m not angry. I am your Heavenly Father who loves you more than you can imagine. That is why I always know where you are even if you don’t know where you are.”

People: “God, you got that right! We never want to go there again. Misery, anguish, hate; evil was all around us. That’s why we cried out to you. We went looking for you behind podiums, trees, deserts and green fields. We searched for you in the middle of the protests, riots and wars. Where were you?”

2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

God: “Oh, I was in all those places, but the noise and hate filled words kept you from finding me. So, I came back here.”

People: “Yeah, God, we never expected to find you here. You’ve been gone from this place for many years. Why here now?”

God: “You know this is my throne. Always was and always will be. But when my people go astray I basically leave them to do their own thing. It may look like someone else has been on my throne, but this chair isn’t large enough for anyone else but me.”

People: “But God, you’re sitting in the President’s chair in the Oval Office of the White House. What does this mean?”

God: “Well, you know you kicked me out of the schools some 40 years ago and it was downhill after that; but many of you have been diligently praying and asking me to return. I have heard your cries and as I did with the Israelites, I will do for you. After all this became my home in 1776, I believe. So I have come home.”

People: God, does this mean you are going to be running things again?”

God: “Oh, my dear children; you do make me laugh! I was always running things; I just let you have your way for a while, so I took a break by moving out of your way.”

People: “But God, what about all these people in the White House now? They are still here.”

God: “Oh, my dear children. Again you make me laugh. They won’t be here for long. I promised you great blessings if you repented and prayed. I promised I would heal your land and that is in the process right now. Do not worry my children, for this chair is meant for someone else, come November. In fact, I will be bringing in a whole new crew.”





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Geographical Trivialities and No Nonsense Belly Aching

For the last few months the news has zeroed in on Syria. Another country chained to a sadistic dictator.

President Assad continues to ravage his people with death all in the name of power.

The ultimate in greed and selfishness, these people will do anything to keep their position.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Afghanistan insurgents beheaded 17 civilians at a party.

Pakistan has displaced 700,000 people after flooding. Civil unrest continues along with the
mistreatment of women and young girls. Rape, forced marriage and domestic violence are abuses being done every day.

Recently the police recovered the dead body of Muqadas Kainat and postmortem was
conducted which proved that Muqadas Kainat was gang raped and later strangled to death by five men. She was a Christian.

August 16, 2012 in Islamabad, a 13 year old Christian girl was beaten, and imprisoned for burning the Koran; she did not do this. She wasn’t even aware of the law. She is one of a family of about 500 Christians who were living in Islamabad who after this false accusation fled their colony as the Muslims announced over the loud speaker what she had done. Angry attackers attacked their homes, breaking down doors, and beating many of them. They burned what little they had and told them to leave.

These horrific accounts happen daily in these countries. The last 2 are the ones we, in America rarely hear about. There is little or no protection for Christians and women.

And we think we have problems here.

We have nothing to complain about.

How can we possibly be fighting over such trivialities in America when in these other countries they are glad to have lived one more day?

Our peacekeeping measures work as long as our military is present but once we leave territories full of extremists; they start all over again with the “war mindset.”  They know nothing else. They fight. They hurt. They kill.

We in America have been spared of so much. Why I wasn’t born in Pakistan or Afghanistan is a mystery. It could have been any of us living in these war ravaged countries.

Crossing my mind, many times is the huge body of water that separates America from Europe; the Atlantic Ocean.

Had that body of water not been there, our lives here may have been very different. Due to the distance between the two continents  in a strange sort of way it has cushioned us from battles; wars, and attacks of all kinds. Who would have thought a body of water would be a wall of natural protection. God?

Do you think he planned it that way?

Do you think he had reasons we don’t know about for placing the earth’s geographical regions where they are?

If that is what he did, why is Israel a sitting duck? Why is that tiny little spot on earth surrounded by groups of people that want to annihilate it?

The only answer I can come up with is God is going to show his awesome power by preserving his people and his land. No one will be able to take what belongs to him.

And maybe, just maybe our position on earth in America is the support system God planned for Israel.

Anyone want to bellyache now?




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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: We need you to be our President.

English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

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Yes, I believe the Prime Minister of Israel would make a great President. Oh. He can’t. He wasn’t born here.

Listening to his speech last night at AIPAC I was enthralled; thrilled; overjoyed at his wit, strength of character and mostly his lack of being intimidated by anyone else.

His podium presence is mighty. He exerts natural intelligence and wisdom and combines it quite well with experience. He is a man after Israel‘s own heart and is not going to stand back and let that heart be broken again. He knows what was promised to Abraham and the Prime Minister knows who really has his ‘back.”

A leader who can use that which is against him to make a joke is my kind of man. Framing his speech around “disarming the nuclear duck” he was quick to announce his game plan. Admitting the sanctions imposed on Iran were squeezing it’s economy, it isn’t enough.

Recognizing his qualities as a leader in that one speech weren’t so much the words,  but how he approached releasing those words. How he approached the podium. How he delivered his message with the overtones and undertones of body language. He is one more self-assured, confident, well-spoken, educated and clever diplomat.

The word “calculating” comes to my mind as he affirmed an oath to Israel.  “As prime minister of Israel, I will never let my people live under the shadow of annihilation.”

Who was he pointing his Jewish finger at? The signal was passed. The moment was established. The impact sent sound waves across the world….or maybe down the street.

There was no question in his mind of his determined future for the nation he calls home.  The soil from which he comes from is fueled with “fuel?”

It is the soil of Holy ground in which God will use to produce resources unimaginable, making Israel even more powerful than the words he so eloquently spoke.

There was no question that he needed no one to tell him what to do. There was no question he is alert, aware, and nobody’s fool. There is no question he will do whatever is necessary to keep that which  belongs to God.  He is more than guarded of its land, statehood and the lineage of Abraham. Talk about a man who means what he says and scares the heck out of those who are afraid he really will do what he says.

Diplomatic means should be the first choice in dealing with non-peaceful negotiations. Communication created the world as God spoke the words “Let there be light.” However, allowing combat oriented lunatics confirm globally their despicable, cowardly, dastardly appeal to harm innocents; there is no diplomacy.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it profoundly clear his desire for peace surrounding Israel. He has responded to threats with peaceful admonitions only to be hung out to dry by those who have been Israel’s ally for decades.

You know that bus he was thrown under?

Last night, the Prime Minister made it very clear he wasn’t thrown under the bus. He built that bus and he is the driver.

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