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Becoming famous use to have its perks. A few remain but today’s market speed technology makes it difficult to stay there. Everything you say or think is “Tomorrow’s News.”

The trouble with it is it may never go away when you have spoken something ignorantly or out of context. No matter how it was meant, specific individuals will pick it apart, twist it to mean the opposite, or use it against you in the court of public opinion.

Certain people should or would be better off zipping it. I could name a few, but you probably know who they are.  

If it wasn’t so serious it would all be laughable. The circus going on in Washington is so obviously tainted with demonic overtones hell must be freezing over. Forget the ice sickles, bring on the “truckers.” Why not add a little more excitement to the portfolio of “The Over the Hill Gang.”

Traffic Shutdown? Truck Drivers plan 3 day protest on Capital Beltway

Traffic Shutdown?
Truck Drivers plan 3 day protest on Capital Beltway

A year has almost passed since the Presidential election.  Many of us, “yours truly” included were confused, bewildered and wondering how God could allow a repeat performance by a man who thinks he is fooling the world?  How could God allow a second term by what appears to be an administration bent on ruining our great nation?

Well……is a deep subject my husband reminds me, but often a great hole to dump things you don’t want around. Mine was initially full of my grief stricken heart over the state of our nation especially after praying the previous 4 years for a replacement President.

After the election God and I had some very interesting and long conversations. Maybe I should re-phrase that one.

God listened to months of my wailing and whining and weeping over what I deemed to be the wrong guy sitting in the White House. He also got an ear full of my sniveling about his cronies.

Now, 11 months later I know why.

The following link will give you the reasons why God allowed President Obama to be re-elected.


Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 252 examples of his lying, law-breaking, corruption, and cronyism.

 If Mitt Romney had won the election, he and the Conservatives would have inherited 4 years of questionable policies, scandals and possible criminal negligence.

 Even though Mitt Romney and his potential administration had nothing to do with all that has come to light and been exposed, the media and left winged Obama lovers would have locked him away and lost the key. And who knows the smear campaign that would have been leveled against his wife and family.

 The onslaught of hate, racial discrimination and lying would have placed the Republican Party in a court of law without a trial. Throwing anyone and everyone who voted against their “King” into a dungeon of slander and slime so deep would have resulted in a much worse future for America.


God allowed the perpetrators to remain in positions of authority forcing the issue of accountability.

Slowly the truth is “leaking” out revealing to those who have been blinded the betrayal they voted for.  

 Evil fought and won what it worked so hard to obtain.

 Now we are watching in real time that evil falling flat on its proverbial face.


And that is the result you get from kicking God out.

If you aren’t careful he will give you want you think you want.  

Then you have no one to blame but yourself when it falls apart.



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Never Underestimate the Underlings

Loyalty comes in all shapes and sizes until questionable disruptions rise to the surface.

The definition of loyalty is: devoted attachment or affection for another, a feeling of allegiance.

The bond of sincerity or homage works both ways.  All parties involved uphold each other through integrity and honesty.  Such a relationship is of utmost importance and considered in some instances as almost sacred.

Often, one is considered a subject or subordinate to a person of notability or in a position of authority.

But….what happens when that trust is broken?

The person in authority may eliminate the subject quietly and subtlety from their life or remove them in a show of prestige.

The underling stands by observing the crumbling of their allegiance due to less than honest motivations. Drama unfolds before their very eyes leaving many questions unanswered.

As time passes information dribbles out like a leaky faucet. The underling remains devoted all the while analyzing data looming over the exposed jurisdiction.

Sometimes it is better to keep quiet.

Yet, for the inquisitive mind remaining subdued is not always easy.

Snooping around in the authority figures fans of admiration can place a mark on your forehead. Treason!  The underling is quickly viewed as the ultimate betrayer even if the drama is true.

The day arrives when the underling notices beady eyes and evil frowns staring as if your lunch splattered all over your face.

Co-workers stop texting.  Facebook friends un-friend you.  The few phone calls you received suddenly stop.

The next in line is the pink slip on your office desk from your most worthy ally; or so you thought.

How could you do this to me?” you scream at your boss.boss

“Sorry, but it wasn’t up to me” he says.

Then who? Who did this?”  Looking up at the ceiling and running his hands through his hair your boss avoids your hurt face.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” the underling screams and begins to weep.

“How could he? I have been his most loyal and ardent associate standing up for his actions and protocol even when I didn’t agree.  How about all those thhinnngggss I, well you know, sort of hid? What about risking my reputation, job and personal integrity for his fraudulent activities?

 I have given up my personal life, weekends and much time missed with my family to support his plans and this is what I get?”

“You were asking too many questions. We tried to tell you to keep your mouth shut. In this business challenging his motives or agenda is the wrong thing to do.”

Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”

Months later the clout of seniority is fractured, crippled by his lack of involvement or incompetence.  Interrogations into lawlessness and illegal violations set the stage for a major breach of conduct. Practice of inequality, favoritism and the abuse of privacy are at the center of controversy.  Whose job is on the line now?

Incrimination becomes the name of the game. “Pass the buck” interferes with “the buck stops here.”  Directives begin at the top.  Lowly subjects carry little influence.  They only do what they are told.  Forget honesty and integrity.  Everyone else is a scapegoat.

Throwing an underling under anyone’s bus is not a good idea.

my boss is a carpenter






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Inside Obama’s Mind at his State of the Union Address by Dr. Keith Ablow

The following article by Dr. Keith Ablow, Psychiatrist sums up the President and why he thinks, acts and believes the way he does.

Dr. Keith Ablow

Dr. Keith Ablow

Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team. Dr. Ablow can be reached at info@keithablow.com

President Barack Obama took us inside his mind, again, Tuesday night and gave us a glimpse of what motivates him, how he sees the country and how much of the country sees itself.

The president is psychologically predictable. He does not surprise. Having been abandoned as a boy by his father, and then his mother, only to then learn that his grandmother feared people of his race, he seems inherently to distrust individual initiative and intention and to place his trust only in the collective—i.e. the state. What benefits a burgeoning central authority is good for all.  When a child’s guardians keep letting him down in profound ways, that child can grow up to want a lot of power himself and distrust the idea of giving anyone else very much.

Hence, the president wants to use tax increases to remove wealth from those who earned it, fair and square.  Because, you see, wealth really does confer power on those who amass it, and giving that kind of authority to individuals, rather than the collective, is anathema to the President.  It likely reawakens in him very closely held memories of what he got from his parents when most in need: Not much.

Individuals are also better off without guns, the president would have us believe. It is true, of course, that some capital crimes are committed with guns (but only the minority with automatic weapons, and lots with knives and explosives and by strangulation, too).

When a child’s guardians keep letting him down in profound ways, that child can grow up to want a lot of power himself and distrust the idea of giving anyone else very much.

But guns also happen to empower tens of millions of American individuals, too. They promote in individuals the idea that they can take care of themselves and make their own decisions and take care of their families, including their children. And that’s what I believe is the president’s real problem with them.  Because, as a boy, the independent decisions of the adults around him were, frankly, horribly traumatizing.

The president celebrates his Affordable Care Act. But the reality of ObamaCare is that, for the first time, ever, it earmarks American citizens’ after-tax income to be spent, by law, on a product that they might or might not want:  health insurance. They have to buy it. The collective always knows best in Obama’s mind.  Because individuals left him out in the cold, when he needed consistency and nurturance the most.

Many millions of young Americans listened to Barack Obama on Tuesday night, as they have listened to his core message for nearly five long years. And his message has remained remarkably consistent and remarkably toxic to their psychological well-being:  Do not rely on yourself.  Entitlement Nation will parent you, until you forget about growing up, period. Stay on your parents’ health insurance, even if you are 18 and in great health and would rather—wisely or not—use that money to start an Internet company in your basement.  It’s okay to blame rich people if you can’t earn money.  Just ignore the fact that government policy is now hostile to entrepreneurs who might otherwise decide it is worth the risk to staff up.

The government will even grade colleges and tell you which ones are worth attending.  Really?  Teenagers can’t even research that for themselves, anymore?  Their parents can’t help them evaluate schools?  The state, the collective—long known for the miserable educational system it has deployed—will  decide which institutions of higher learning are worthy?

Welcome to the psychological projection of an abandoned boy’s vision of how much you can rely on other individuals and on yourself. The less, the better.  When your mother and father take off on you as a kid, when your white grandmother seems to fear people of color, you probably figure putting any trust in individuals is crazy.

My 10-year-old son was watching last night.  I was just glad that he got to see part of the Bruins’ game, too.  Because he saw remarkable athletes find something inside themselves that they tapped to come back from being down three goals, to tie the game 3-3 (even though they eventually lost in a shootout).  And when Brad Marchand scored that tying goal, with 42 seconds left, and no goalie in the Bruins’ net, I saw my son jump up, out of his chair and pump his fist in the air and yell, “Yes!  He did it!  He did it!”

“Yup,” I said, “He’s amazing.”

People—individual people—make things happen.  Yes, they are part of a team.  But celebrating their individual accomplishments and rewarding them for them isn’t bad.  It’s good.  Brad Marchand scored that goal.  He did it.  And people build their own businesses, too, Mr. President.  Things did not go well for you at the hands of the individuals who were empowered to care for you.  But individuals are not inherently bad.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/02/13/inside-obama-mind-at-his-state-union-address/#ixzz2KpTT3cAl


Champion Demagoguery

We are into 2013 and fast track is the mindset of our government.

The President’s all out effort to rebuke anything Godly is not only showing up in his actions and ill fated policies but his manners.

His arrogant, bitter fight against Christian conservatives and anyone who has any money at all is written all over his face. His smirks are distasteful; his accusations reek of a teenage revolt and his proverbial “slaps on the hands of those he deems wrong” are repulsive.

Looking for some remote positive characteristic in him has not been easy. If there is one, and that is “if” it might be he is a loyal husband and decent father.

I wonder. Does he teach his 2 daughters to strive to make something of themselves or become a welfare recipient?

Does he teach them guns are unsafe while they are guarded 24/7 by armed guards and our military?

Has he taught them anything about money? And if so, what is it?

And what about his religious conviction to Christianity?

“First and foremost, my Christian faith gives me a perspective and security that I don’t think I would have otherwise: that I am loved. That, at the end of the day, God is in control,” Obama said. Obama also tied faith in God to his belief in a compassionate role for government. http://www.politico.com/politico44/2012/08/obama-talks-about-his-faith-132696.html


Job 41: 34”He sees everything that is high; he is king over all the sons of pride.”

Following his footsteps are many in his administration and lawmakers who have inherited his traits, by choice I might add.

Once re-elected the President reinstated his heir of superiority and heightened cockiness he began in his first term.

Our government should be a good example of character, honesty, fiscal awareness, and positive manners.  Don’t look at Washington; you won’t find any of that there.

“I have a job to do as President, and that does not involve convincing folks that my faith in Jesus is legitimate and real.”

Our leaders have a job based on the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. I wonder how they would feel reading the above statement. If his faith is legitimate and real he shouldn’t have to worry about convincing folks; it would automatically reveal itself.

Dr. Keith Ablow, Psychiatrist has written a compelling article about our youth, college students or young adults as deluded narcissists. The belief is this age group is gifted and well above any other generation scholastically; yet test scores have decreased.

Technology is one culprit in this toxicity ruining our young people. The availability of unlimited pieces of equipment from computers to games to phones indulges their self-respect into depression, hatred of others and social amputations.

Another culprit is the examples being set before them. When the President uses his pulpit as a rabble-rounding firebrand, people notice including the young people.

Why should I live within my means when the President advocates the opposite?

Why should I work when the President pays people not to work?

If the President can stand in front of the world and ridicule others why can’t I?

“All the while, these adolescents, teens and young adults are watching a Congress that can’t control its manic, euphoric, narcissistic spending, a president that can’t see his way through to applauding genuine and extraordinary achievements in business, a society that blames mass killings on guns, not the psychotic people who wield them.” Dr. Keith Ablow Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/01/08/are-raising-generation-deluded-narcissists/#ixzz2HWuqLIyppresident

The battles wage on as the war expands.

God holds each of us accountable for our actions, especially leaders. As they preach behind their microphones accountability is futile, so will our children believe the same. The Bible is clear about leading the young ones astray.

Luke 17:2 “It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.”

“Faith can express itself in people in many ways, and I think it is important that we not make faith alone a barometer of a person’s worth, value, or character,” Obama said.

Woe is you Mr. President.





Now the truth is coming out

Please listen to this video. If there was any doubt how President Obama was re-elected, this reveals the truth of what he did.  Mitt Romney was blasted by even some Republicans stating the President bought votes with our tax dollars. He was right.
If Detroit voted for him to get bailed out, who else did he promise such a lie? And what gives the President the right to do such a crooked deal with our money?  Wake up America.  No wonder he wants to raise taxes so much; he has a lot of people to payoff.