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Simple Seeds

Small actions can produce large results.

Sunflower and seeds

Sunflower and seeds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are a few:

Key: Opens doors, cars, bank vaults

Punch a few buttons turns on a TV, the stove or oven, your pc, phone, elevator

Plant a seed: get a plant, vegetables a tree or even a baby

Nails hold houses and buildings together

Light switch turns lights on that can light a whole room

Faucet turns the water on

Small instruments can produce large amounts of productivity.

Small instructions can alter the course of history.

Small instructions can lead to public rewards.

Small instructions are what Jesus gave to get a big ending.

Think about it: Jesus told the men to pour water into the water pots at a wedding. It produced the wine they needed and evidently tasted pretty good!

Jesus took a few loaves of bread and some fish and fed 5000 people. I’ve always wondered if the bread and fish were automatically cooked when they passed it around.

Jesus told the paralyzed man by the pool to get up and walk. I would’ve kissed Jesus and run!

Remember the fishermen who fished and fished and couldn’t catch anything? Jesus just happened to be walking by and told them to cast the net on the other side. They went home happy and full.

What did Jesus really want? To show off? To bring attention to himself? To prove he could fish and cook?  Noooooo………

He was asking for obedience. Jesus wants obedience.

Why? To control us? To teach us how to fish and cook? To show everybody a good time at the wedding? I don’t think so.

Actually I don’t remember anywhere in the Bible that states Jesus actually cooked. He must have spent a lot of time at Mary and Martha’s house. Martha gives the impression she attended cooking school.

Cover of "Mary and Martha"

Cover of Mary and Martha

Now that I think about it when did Jesus have time to cook? I guess that’s another story.

Oh, the question again is why does Jesus want us to be obedient to him?

Could it be he knows what is best? He knew he could make better wine than anyone? He had his own fishing show?  Maybe he had lessons from Paula Deen on how to fry chicken.

Jesus wants a willing heart. Not a fancy cook or a world class fisherman.

Willingness to obey God brings about miracles.

The simple can produce the supernatural.

So what does this mean? It doesn’t take something great to produce a great miracle or harvest.

God doesn’t look through rose colored small glasses at us. HE SEES BIG.

If you think one person doesn’t make a difference, think again.

Have you ever heard of Mordecai Ham? As a Baptist Evangelist, in 1934 he went to Charlotte, NC to preach at a revival. At one of the meetings was a young man who was greatly influenced by his teachings. The young man became a Christian during this revival. Most people have never heard of Mordecai Ham and I am sure he had no idea of the harvest that would result from this one man’s conversion.

That man is Dr. Billy Graham.http://justmyfaithtalking.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/created-or-creative-in-christ/



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