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The Charlatan said what?

“Why did I say that? It was stupid!”stones

Surely no one reading this has ever done that before.

If you want a good laugh read John 5:1-15.

The story is about a man who had been an invalid for 38 years.  He would join others by a “healing” pool every day.  The first ill person in the water once it was stirred was made whole.

One day Jesus just happened to be walking by and saw this invalid. He asked,

“Do you want to be healed?”

The man replied, “I have no help getting in the pool when the water is stirred. Someone else always gets in before me.”

Jesus replied, “Get up. Take your mat and walk.”

So he did.

The Pharisees saw him walking with his mat and yelled out to him,

“It is the Sabbath, and it is not lawful for you to take up your bed and walk.”


This invalid hadn’t been able to walk for 38 years. These self-centered, egotistical, so-called educated bigots told him he had broken the law?

Did they expect him to go back to Jesus and say, “Excuse me sir, but would you make me an invalid again? According to the law, this is considered working on the Sabbath. Can you come back tomorrow and repeat this miracle?”

Oh, give me a break.

Legalism at its best.

As I was reading this I had to laugh at the ridiculousness of the self-interested.

Was their demand to follow the law an acquittal for their foolishness?

Did they honestly believe the Son of God would stop healing on the Sabbath?

Where were their priorities? Or did they have any?

Their precedence was control; manipulation and commanding power for themselves.

Forget the love of God, his laws were not to be broken; not even by the “Anointed One.” (Psalm 2:2)

The Pharisees were “wolves in sheep’s clothing” fraudulently and maliciously playing with the emotions of this man as they did with many others.

Had they known the people around them considered them to be arrogant, egotistical and condescending would they have changed?humility

Obviously not. Their relatives came to America; and they are alive and kicking. 

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Mumbo Jumbo or Gobbledygook

Some things become too familiar.543824_606671176044054_1299102070_n

Overdone. Over used. Annoyingly habitual.

Years ago the constant use of “threats” became old words. Useless and empty to me.

After a while repetitious “bullying” signals a weakness, pride and fear.

You could name it mumbo jumbo or gobbledygook. It simply loses all meaning.

For those who are on the receiving end of this “game of thrones” it is or can be a nightmare until it is realized the menace is used to getting their way by sounding like a ferocious cat about to pounce on its dinner. Our cat has a very, vocal big mouth but only weighs 11 pounds.  She learned early on communicating with us by a constant whine, whimper or meowwwwwww along with walking between our legs she would get her Fancy Feast treats. She thinks we fall for her persuasive intimidation; she doesn’t know how cute she is.

Sneaky cat

Sneaky cat

The cat can get away with it, but not people. At least she doesn’t know any better.

The menace will continue their extortion until they hit a brick wall and…….there is always a brick wall up ahead. As long as it appears they are winning, stopping would be worse than the consequences once caught. In their sick minds is the thought “who is going to stop me?”

A bully or persecutor struggles with inner conflict, so outward infliction’s become their sword.

They do not understand quiet; or no response. Seeking to revel in an outburst of physical emotion is their reward because proving they are always right is first and foremost in their beleaguered minds.

Always looking over their shoulder, peace is their enemy. There is no rest for the wicked. (Isaiah 48:22)

We have no right to complain about that which we won’t confront.

What we permit will continue; good or evil.

As Christians, one of our best weapons against the folly of a fool is the Word of God. Knowledge and Understanding of God is like Jesus writing in the sand. Whatever he wrote is compounded by how he wrote it. The pause and his quiet demeanor broke the loud accusations of the Pharisees. He was not moved by their hypocritical attitudes nor was he afraid of their “manipulating tactics.”

His peaceful and calm spirit built an armistice around him leaving them “speechless.”

The validity of his actions were confirmed with his words.

His love for justice filled the air with integrity and righteousness.

He had no gavel to dismiss the case nor did he need one.

Jesus shows up and his opponents scatter.

An army of 1?

Deuteronomy 28: 7 “The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven.”



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Standing your Ground

“On some positions, cowardice asks the question, is it expedient? And expedience comes along and asks the question, is it political? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? Conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor polite, nor popular— but one must take it because it’s right,” said Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.

The above quote of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was made by Reverend Ken Hutcherson of Antioch Baptist Church in Redmond, Washington, May of 2012.

Dr. Ken Hutcherson

Dr. Ken Hutcherson

Speaking to his congregation recently after the acquittal of George Zimmerman how African-Americans define themselves by their leaders, the media and anyone of their race without doubt.

His argument stated that it didn’t matter if they were being lied to.  Believe them because it is a betrayal of their heritage to do otherwise.

I wonder if he would come speak at our church.

We all need this lesson.

God’s truth is the truth, no matter what.

Reading the story of Paul yesterday, he was a man placed in the court of public opinion before and after a true judicial bench, just like George Zimmerman.

Paul or Saul was born a Roman citizen but a Jewish Pharisee also. Maneuvering his way through the “sect of the Nazarene’s” to kill anyone who followed this man named “Jesus” he succeeded only to become one himself. It had to be a God, thing.

Yet, his life became a “man on the run” due to his heritage that he betrayed for the Son of God.

Paul’s circle of educated hypocrites couldn’t accept he had forsaken his birthright to follow an imposter of the Messiah.


Paul stood in front of his accusers speaking of his lineage as a Pharisee and his hope in the resurrection. (Romans 23:6-8) The next day some of those very Jews plotted to kill him. (Romans 23: 12-15)


He was sent to the Governor. He ended up in prison for 2 years waiting to be tried. (Romans 24) Even King Agrippa could not find charges reasonable enough to put him to death.


Many today believe loyalty trumps the truth even when it is wrong. Not much different than in Paul’s era.


Reverend Ken Hutcherson and the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. got it right. Both men followed the course of action as the Apostle Paul did.


They have taken the “Stand your Ground” law to a whole new level of allegiance to the Creator of the Universe instead of the court of public opinion.




Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/black-pastor-speaks-frankly-to-blacks-about-trayvon-martin-100545/#fGox82Key0XOEzGa.99

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“Are you still so dull?”

Not exactly the words you expect out of the “Messiah’s” mouth but they were.

The disciples were often confused or misunderstood Jesus words and actions. Who wouldn’t?

His intellect/IQ is unmatched. Public speaking and teaching were built-in gifts.

We know Jesus’ annoyance with the Pharisees, but his disciples appeared dim-witted or sluggish or a little slow on the uptake of his purposes.Jesus and disciples

Jesus had no problem with being the Messiah.

Imagine sitting around a fire after dinner with Jesus.

Do you ask if he wants to play Gin Rummy? What about Monopoly?

Do you offer him fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and ice cream?

He may prefer a blueberry pie.

The disciples in their meager efforts had big shoes to fill before they ever put them on or knew they existed. Excusing them for their feeble mindedness is a given. Why?

How could you possibly play Gin Rummy with the Messiah and expect to win?

How could you sit around a fire without being in utter awe of his presence?

If it were me, mumbling may be the only communication I could muster up.

There is something to be said for praying to him unseen.

Jesus words from Matthew 15: 16 are in reference to his response from Peter,

Explain the parable to us.”

Jesus must have hoped by now his devoted protégés’ would have climbed out from under their rocks.

As easy as it is to identify with Jesus’ disappointment, it is equally understandable the disciples bewilderment.  The veil had been partially removed. In other words they just didn’t get it, yet.

Joyce Meyer’s famous quote, “I’m not where I want to be, but at least I left where I was” fits perfectly in this scene.

He was not only hard on those who slighted or refused him, Jesus exhibited his true nature of discipline on his closest friends and allies.

From the tone of Jesus’ words, “are you still so dull?” he may have hoped these special confidante’s knew him better than it appeared.   The message of the Gospel is to seek Christ for a personal relationship with him.  The relationship opens up the hearts and eyes for his followers to understand learn and know his word.

As time passed, Jesus’ character was revealed. Not only did he perform miracle after miracle, teach knowledge no one ever heard, he was love.

Jesus showed tangible love supernaturally.

Eventually the disciples understood this.

And the rest is history.


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Oh, those stones….

Have you ever wondered why God created stones?pharisee

Stones can be used in home decorating

Support for a levee

Crushed stones are good for mulch

To throw at Paula Deen


Some stones make beautiful jewelry

The Pharisees were such a devious group of Jews.  They strolled around in their expensive capes, adorned rings, and bracelets made of polished stones. The word “Pharisee” means to set apart or separate; a division this ancient sect took seriously.

Non-Pharisaic Jews and common people along with Gentiles never measured up to their educated, law abiding rules and doctrine. Today, they may be referred to as modern day Ivy League Academia or the “Venomous Vipers” of Religion and Institutionalism.

The story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery (John 8) is one of my favorites.  Now some of you may beg to differ here and that is fine, but my interpretation of Jesus’ actions are almost sarcastic!

In the “Bible” miniseries, Roma Downey and husband Mark Burnett portray the scene as an eloquent twist of Jesus’ disgust and repudiation.  Jesus actually picks up a stone, stretches his arm out and walks in front of each Pharisee as if to hand it to them individually. While he saunters by he says, “he who has never sinned, throw the first stone.”

One by one, their heads drop as they leave unable to punish this disgraceful reprobate of a woman as they planned.

Jesus outwitted them; stopped them in their filthy tracks with wisdom and knowledge in one sentence.


Isn’t it just “human” to deny the truth and return with a “blasphemous” attack? How dare Jesus humiliate them in public? How dare this man who claimed to be their “Messiah” choose to protect the lowest of low instead of guarding their sanctimonious reputations?

Jesus is a master of words and often made people angry. In Matthew 15, Jesus once again frustrates the Pharisees by referring to them as “unclean.”  The disciples told him he had offended them; as if Jesus cared.

He replies,”Every plant my Father has not planted will be pulled up by its roots. Leave them. They are blind guides.  The blind leading the blind means they will both fall into a pit.”

Stones have been gathered for centuries in the wake of self-glorification repetitiously playing out the enemy’s goals.

Puffed up ego’s and overreaching plume’s can only stretch so far before they are smashed.

Such is the rise and fall of fame and fortune as it sits in the halls of “pride and prejudice. “

And the pits of today await the stone throwers and their “useful idiots” as they are now lined up in no particular order.  Their view is blocked so the “sinkhole” in front of them isn’t showing up on their radar.

Don’t worry. They don’t usually all fall in at once.


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Borderline and Questionable

Confusion is the devil’s playground.

He loves to get us all fired up, quarreling, fighting or nit-picking over religious doctrine or who is qualified to teach about speaking in tongues?

He is less likely to attack the non-Christian; he allows them to remove themselves from God so they are easy prey. Let him get in the middle of feuding Jesus people and he will laugh all the way to their banks.

History repeats itself. Or maybe I should say satan repeats himself. He is the king of repetition; you would think we would have learned by now his attacks are copycat copies.

What about the real thinkers? The theological “logians” or legalistic, persnickety, anti-pew speaking Jesus followers?  Or the over-educated scripture dissectors who preach the ability to view your personal walk with God as their judgment.

Lighten up people! This feeds the enemy exactly what he wants. As we single out the “grammar Nazi” equivalents of Bible rhetoric we are losing the very hearts of the people we were sent to disciple.

Yes; they watch us. They wait for us to make mistakes, sin or fall into traps of indignity or scandal. As we claim our perfection that we really don’t have they expect it. As we call each other out on self-admiration of our own spirituality, the non-believer is scratching his head wondering “and you call yourself a Christian?”

Far be it for us to relinquish our humble attitudes of knowledge. WE are not God.

Fabricated theories, bogus ideologies and the hacker who has nothing better to do but stir up trouble are all hitting Christians fast forward. Living in a tested society of wills we are subjected to refrain from “rubbing someone the wrong way” even if it is God’s truth.  How dare we offend anyone!

Jesus was mentally and emotionally assaulted as well as physically. What did he do? Get uptight? Throw a pity party? Hurl reprobate charges in a slice of revenge? NO…..

Jesus picked up a stone and offered it to the wired, charlatans, “You who have no sin can throw the first stone.”

One by one the dissemblers walked away in a noticeable stretch of blasted humility.

We are imperfect.531021_367415066683516_1576327644_n

We are incorrect probably more than not.

We will say or do the wrong things.

We will make mistakes.

The non-believers, skeptics and doubters will always expect Christians to be perfect. How ludicrous is that? Outside of the fact God created us to need him, being perfect is not an option. We can’t be perfect and need God at the same time. And, any perfection to come is only through the Cross of Christ.

God’s people should uplift and encourage each other instead of meticulously bellyache over pointed scriptural differences and principled dogma. God is perfectly capable of using the ill-advised or rookie to get his purpose accomplished. Who are we to question his actions?

Throughout history God has used murderers, adulterers, mentally ill leaders, thieves and the most educated Pharisees to perform the work he placed them on earth to do.  So how do we rate with these fallen Christians? How do we establish ourselves different from them?

We can’t. We are them.





The Charlatan’s Slap

The other day I started laughing when I read this verse:

John 9: 34 “To this they replied, “You were steeped in sin at birth; how dare you lecture us!” And they threw him out.”

Did the Pharisees have any idea how silly that sounded?law

What’d the blind baby do….steal food from his mother’s umbilical cord?

Or try to kick his way out long before her due date?

Think about it. I know we are born into sin, but the minute we are born?

Babies are fairly limited in their sin at birth; a scream here, a cry there.

These men were supposed to be the high and mighty, the educated and all around know-it-alls.

Maybe they heard the child lectured them as he climbed out and he went blind as a result of his harsh babbling.

If I had heard those ignorant words streaming from the beaks of the most accomplished and cultivated fly traps, I would find someone else to listen to.

After having a good giggle, my literate and scholarly brain thought, “The words and offense spewing from their jaws is representative of today’s so-called cultured idiots.”

Repeat performance of Biblical truths. These are unfortunately sad and in need of a quick attitude adjustment.

At least during the days when Jesus walked on earth, technology was made of a quill pen and parchment paper. There were no laptops, iphones, ipads, or email to spread the nurtured garble of the legalistic authority that reigned during that era.school

In many ways, the people were blessed not to have access to the abhorrent news or slandering politics. If gossip was dispersed, word of mouth was the compass.

It goes to show, no matter how knowledgeable or schooled a person is it won’t matter if you don’t know Jesus.

So, in a sick sort of way, people for the most part haven’t changed in almost 2000 years.

And many have announced, “The Bible isn’t relevant in today’s society?”

Yeah right. You brood of vipers!

Woe to you modern day Pharisees. (Luke 11:37-54)



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Intentional Intimidation

Is America the land of the free or the ultimate con?

Have we lowered ourselves so far down we bow to menacing persuasions too frequently? Are we “bailing out” of confrontation to get something done?

Or are we so afraid of offending others we cross our fingers and hope we won’t be labeled intolerant if we don’t back down from the truth?

Idle threats are everywhere.google

Caring about doing the right thing has been enamored into whatever we can get away with. This character flaw is sowing massive division, hate and confusion. For those who breathe such toxins that is their goal. Ram it down the throats of disagreement until the obvious blackmail is so repetitious no one cares anymore; just get it over with. Do something even if it is wrong.

Coning a con is really not that hard. It is called, “a bluff.” Or the truth; The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The result of no truth is representative of our society today. Bend it, shape it, twist it any way that fits your definition.  Webster’s Dictionary might have to sign up some new words.

The key to “bluffing” a con is to know more truth than the con does. Reverse the bewilderment by tossing them a few nuggets of sterling authenticity and watch them squirm. Words are one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

And God said, “Let there be light.”  He spoke the world into existence.
Ya think a little Godly hint there?

The idea we are to kneel before the thrones of iconic companies, groups of intolerant Pharisees or government entities evading God’s word is like waiting for someone else to pick up your doormat.

Pick it up yourself.

Boldness in Christ is a wonderful blessing.  It becomes a handmaiden of adventure besides a ministry but it is not an overnight enterprise. Lessons are best made in God’s classroom of the world where experience is action at work.

This bravery or some might refer to as “audacity” is not easy for the faint of heart. We who tear up during “Touched by an Angel” must endure the pain of strengthening our compassion for the sake of Christ with tenured prayer and faith. Adding a daring nerve or two built by God himself births one who is truly unashamed of the Gospel. The transformation is an armor equipped with love and a heaping dose of “holy spirit-filled words” befitting a servant fighting for his master.angel warrior

I have witnessed my own reserve reach a plateau of assurance and fortitude not built in my character. The progression is one of recognition over time from spending hours, months and years alone with God. The grace God gives even when we seek him out of desperation is a full education of Biblical fighting power. Along with a degree in “the fire of the Holy Spirit
is a street smart jurisdiction utilizing the awesome name of Jesus.

Life hurls adversity and wretchedness in huge doses at God’s children. The more we align ourselves with God’s word and will a militant expression of an Angelic warrior surfaces. What was once a timid or shy victim is a force to be reckoned with by God’s infusion of wisdom, knowledge and intellect.

As I seek the “graduate” school of the Divine, it is my hope more of God will rub off on me.  Seeking God, giving him your time, your heart and placing him above everything else is a reward you can’t find anywhere else. He comes as a full package deal with a lifetime warranty of abundance of his riches and glory.wolf

Matthew 10:16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

Having friends in high places pays well.

Heaven’s clout wins wars.

white dove






The Church Police

Door bell rings. “Hello. Please come in.”

Husband, “Honey, who is it?”

Wife, “Oh, it’s the Church Police. They are back again.”

Husband, “What have we done wrong this week?”

Wife, “Please sit down, my husband will be here shortly.”

Husband joins in. “Sorry. So we’re in trouble again?”

Church Police, “Yes, it appears you have been citing incorrect references about the law and it must be stopped.”

Wife, “But sir, the stance the church is taking is wrong. The law has been twisted so much the church won’t even discuss the truth about it. If we don’t speak out who will?

Church Police,” You’re involvement has been noted. You were told not to speak about this issue with other church members, yet you continue to do so against the will of the authority.”

Husband, “But sir, the church is the only way it will work. The two go together. They are not separate.”

Church Police walk to the door. “You have been warned.”

Ugh….who is the Church Police? I wonder. Do they really do this kind of stuff?

Unfortunately, yes. What if your position is correct and theirs is wrong?

The Pharisees never left.

No. They still exist. Only now they aren’t clothed in linen garments to the floor with caps shaped like a cone. Most dress in blue jeans and Polo shirts.

Firsthand experience here only I have changed the picture and dialogue to protect the accusers.

I love God’s church. The church is my foundation; but I feel it cracking.

To be honest, I am glad this happened to me and not some backsliding Christian or atheist/agnostic aspiring to rejoin the land of the living souls in God’s community.  The exit door would have been their next move.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I need correction as much as the next guy or girl.

However, when a “Church Policeman” uses their podium to announce their clamoring righteousness for a law they know very little about they would be better off remaining at the “Police Station.”

I wish I could say this was a once in a lifetime “Church Police offense.” But it wasn’t. It isn’t. The hierarchy may need a little review.

Years ago I started going to a new church after a brutal  divorce. I knew God wanted me there. After weeks of Membership classes those who wanted to join met with the Leaders of the Church. Three of us, me and two, single, never before married men stood before the “Church Police.”

In front of this group of all men and me, one leader began questioning me relentlessly about my divorce. He didn’t believe in divorce and made it clear to me he wanted no divorced women  in “his” church especially when he declared it had to be my fault. Never mind that my “ex” cheated on me.

The brow-beating continued until the Minister rushed to my defense. As a result of this particular leader’s actions against me, he was removed from his position as a leader; and rightly so.

I joined and was actively involved for many years.

My point in revealing these misdemeanors of church administration isn’t to highlight the churches’ failures or misled few,  but to acknowledge I remained in all of them after these hypocritical, pharisaical impeachments. Not to my own credit, but God’s.

Why? I am no different from them.  I am a sinner saved by grace just like they are.

The church is made of sinners who make mistakes. One leaders’ faultiness isn’t going to keep me from doing God’s work. Maybe God used me to expose him for his obvious discrimination against women to remove him from a leadership post. Maybe God used me in the first instance to show the leader the law was incorrect as he viewed it.

Maybe God wants other Christians to stand up for the truth when the Church has missed it. Maybe God knows the church is in need of review and is exposing the ills for correction. Maybe God wants the church to do more “praying” instead of one exhaustive project after another.

Maybe the Church is in trouble, but that is all the more reason to stay.

The church needs our help, not our self-righteous attitudes. The church needs our support, not an excuse to boycott for a few offenses.

The church has seats for the lost child, the backsliding Christian and the man or woman who lost their jobs.

The church has seats for the “Church Police” who may need a heartbroken, divorced woman who followed God’s heart, to remain standing for the church even when the church let her down.

Why? Because Jesus died on the cross for me. It’s the least I can do for him and that just about wraps it all up.

Hebrews 10: 25” Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”





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Sugar Coated Fences

Great-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus) per...

Great-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus) perching on white fence in South America. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fences are built for a reason. Fences block your view of the neighbor’s fights. Keep out intruders who want to swim in your backyard pool. Keep the dog safe from neighboring cats.

Fences are meant to keep something in or out. There is no middle ground with a fence. Anyone who can’t see the reason for a fence is either ignoring its purpose or has no respect for the fence builder.

Why do we think we can live on the fence of Jesus? Duh, we can’t. Sorry. It doesn’t work like that. You are either with Jesus or you’re not.

Truth is many Christians have decided to form their own opinions of the interpretation of the Bible. There is only one interpretation and that is God’s. Non-Christians make up their own rules or no rules at all to announce they have no accountability. Excuses. Excuses. Are there any exceptions to God’s rules? Are excuses Bible based?

Did you inspire the writings of the Bible? No. Were you around for God to ask your opinion of what he wanted to hand down to generations of lost souls? No. Do you really believe you can twist the word of God to fit into your little world of desires? No.

Americans need to get off the fence. Jesus may have forgiven the woman who was caught in adultery, but he didn’t let her off the hook. What did he say? “Woman go and sin no more.” John 11:11.

Jesus didn’t let his disciples go undisciplined. Remember when he spoke to them, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” (Matthew 8:26). Only after His rebuke did He calm the wind and waves.

If you don’t want to hear Jesus’ words of no fencing, then don’t read Matthew 23. If you have any questions or doubts about what God wants from us, the 7 woes in this chapter will answer it for you. Woe to you Pharisees or what was it he called them? Snakes and vipers? Who Jesus? Did Jesus use those words?

Fences are not meant to crawl over or dig under. Dogs dig. Intruders climb.

We can’t make up our own rules along the way. But we do and we are. Then we wonder why our lives are falling apart at both ends.

Let’s imagine for a moment Jesus riding the fence for us.

That would mean he would heal us of only part of our ills?

Only forgive certain sins and certain people?

Or grant mercy to the chosen few?

What about Jesus only providing half of what we need?

Sorry, but I don’t like those percentages. I don’t want to be one of the chosen few. Ummmm….that sounds like…….

So, let me get this straight. If we think we can give God parts of our lives, but we expect him to give us everything……I am not a mathematician but I can add and subtract some of the time and this is not adding up. I also have a calculator.

Talk about chaos.

If God gave us a guidebook do you think he meant for all of us to abide by the rules? Or just a FEW CHOSEN ONES?

If we are all making up our own rules along the pedestrian highway of our pathetic lives, who is in charge? That’s scary.

Moses didn’t write the Ten Commandments for decoration. What part of “you can do this” or “you can’t do that” didn’t you get? Rocket Science just went out the window.

The fairness and justice lies with Jesus. No excuses. No make up my own rules. No riding the fence because it feels good. And no you can’t do it because everyone else is.

Unless you want to follow them into the fire.





Beach photo by John Randolph Harrison


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