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Reasoning Will

The larger than life questions are often not answered to those who quickly turn to reason.

In this realm lie the hearts of those who may seek to do God’s will. When no reply surfaces as they deem fit, walking the other way appears to be the only recourse.

Impatient leanings result in a follower who doesn’t know God for who he really is. He needs time and space to work things out for our benefit.

When the choice arises that one cannot wait to find out his will, then spend that precious time getting closer to God. Get to know him on a level not found yet.

The mysteries of this world can remain that way as long as his saints continue a personal, close relationship with Jesus. (“King of Saints” Revelation 15:3)


The person of Christ is the knowledge of all questions answered. 


→Theology is a diploma on the nearest wall.

→Christian Education is a lineup of Bible classes on Sunday morning.

→A religious zealot is a modern day politician with vanity as their agenda.


Jesus held no degrees, diplomas or teaching certificates. He never needed to be educated.

The disciples were not schooled in Biblical studies.Bible-Jesus-Disciples-Mary-Magdalene-History-Channel

Peter, Andrew James and John were all fishermen.  

Simon the Zealot was a political activist.

Matthew was a tax collector and Judas Iscariot was involved in monetary matters. (Luke 6:13-16)

It has been said the others were types of tradesmen, but no direct reference is made in the Bible of their prior careers.

These men were not schooled in the rabbinical studies nor were they unintelligent. 

Jesus mentored them; taught them his sermons and prayed with them.

 Observing his daily example gave them the skills, courage and know-how to live the obedient life. (Acts 4:13-14)

It was evident by their actions, behaviors and their loving charisma they had been with Jesus.

Getting to know the “Anointed One (Psalm 2:2) on a personal level satisfies the soul of many inquiries. Trust is a “given” when a heart is full of the “RIGHTEOUS ONE” (1 John 2:1)

It is known as God’s secret wisdom.

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Bold Holiness

Internet sensations are a regular these days.

Film yourself doing anything silly, extravagant or outlandish and you might end up on the national news.

You never know who might be recording your “screaming rant” in the parking lot that day the little old lady stole your spot.black-friday-g-2

Or the video that went viral on “Black Friday” as you ran over a bunch of other shoppers to get the last “Stuffy.”

The quest for fame and fortune have become an easy gig. For some reason people have a craving to be noticed; or gain attention no matter how ridiculous they appear.

I wonder what would happen if we steered such silliness into “boldness” for God.

Instead of wasting time promoting our ignorance for posterity, why not use it to promote the

“Lovingkindness” of God? Psalm 144:2

How do we find such “boldness?”

Well, for sure not on America’s Funniest Home videos.

It is found in the sanctity of JEHOVAH-MACCADDESHEM or “The Lord Thy Sanctifier” Exodus 31:13

The purity of Jesus is boldness in action.jesus walking

This devotion of godliness brings the power of God to work through us.

Repentance is a step toward becoming more like Jesus. Unloading our innermost pains, struggles and sins on the cross allows God to begin to fill us with all that is “holy.”

A process starts unnoticed by the one seeking God on a regular basis. Learning his ways, taking time to be with him, pursuing humility yields a supernatural “boldness.”

Power from God is unleashed through the wholesome purity he instills in us.

It would make sense then that sin would promote weakness and fragility. The enemy throws his polluted wickedness our way so our lives will deepen into the filth of his plans. His purpose is to beat us into believing we are helpless and vulnerable until he takes over our souls.

Satan didn’t count on over-comers.

His sneaky, sly and underhanded schemes weren’t prepared for faithful followers of the “Nazarene.”

Matthew 2:23And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, “He shall be called a Nazarene.”

His pesky “imps” run scared at the sound of his name: “You are the Son of God.” Mark 3: 11

One of the greatest attributes I have found in God is how he works from the inside-out.

Whether it be an inner city of gangs, the world of Middle Eastern religions or a simple heart of one who is in pain, God can transform the most mundane into a first class speaker. He can take the self-centered pride of a leader and humble him into a man of God no one ever thought possible.

1 Peter 1: 15 “But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”

God can love the heart of the wounded into a peacemaker of joy.

He can forgive a broken sinner and give him a voice of the nations for truth.

In the Bible miniseries Jesus joins Peter in his fishing boat and asks him,

“Peter, follow me and I will make you a fisher of men.”

Peter replies, “What are we going to do?”

Jesus answers with exactly what I believe he is doing right now, today,

“We are going to change the world.”

(Proverbs 28:1) And they went out in boldness….


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The Lion’s Roar


Listing the horrors going on in the world could be easy to do since they are splattered in the news, online and in our neighborhoods.  If we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed with it all, getting up every day would be unnecessary.

If there was ever a time in history where inciting fear is prevalent, it is now. The advances of technology may promote such evil on a world wide scale, but it has always been lurking around the next corner. We weren’t aware of it as much as we are now.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not belittling the reality the devil is running rampant with his tail between his legs leaving his “demon friends” to do his dirty work.

God knows we would all love a very long reprieve from his sickening destruction.  Somewhere along the way he hired that lion to roam around looking for anyone he can find to devour.  (1 Peter 5:8)

Now you know my love for cats. Small cats.maxicat

I like to look at big cats. From a distance unless it is a picture.

Peter must have known what lions were like to write a scripture about them.

 Lions roamed free; they weren’t caged in zoos so their behavior and natural characteristics would have been of interest if for no other reason but protection.

His writing depicts a parallel between the devil and a lion.  Similar features and qualities such as:

†Both use camouflage or disguise to hide from their prey

†Hunting in territories is their “Pride”13705

†Lions prefer prey that is old, sick or idlers just like a coward

†Both work better in the dark where they can become almost invisible

†Stalking is a common thread of conduct

Silently watching with keen vision, their skilled pursuit often ends in “pouncing” on their victim in an effort to rip them apart

†Cats including lions are lazy 


Many who follow Jesus are being stalked, hunted down and attacked relentlessly. Fear itself is hovering over  the hearts of people in an effort to derail the followers of the Savior. However, we must remember,


Satan is terrified of anyone speaking the name of “Jesus, Jesus, and Jesus.”

He leaves when God’s word is spoken, “Humble yourselves before God.
Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

His gangly cohorts scream in agony in Jesus’ presence. (Mark 5:6-8)

No matter how large the lion may be, his roar is small in comparison to God’s voice. We are to be alert, prepared and ready with a listening ear to hear the “Comforter.”  We are to stand on his priceless words giving us peace and calm knowing he is always with us.

“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you.” 1 Corinthians 15:58

Focus on the back of the cross and watch the lion slither away in defeat.


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P.S. This post is written for those being persecuted in the name of Christianity like my dear blogging friend, Kingintrainging and Pastor Saeed.


There are no Duplicates

We are all unique. Sadly many people don’t know it.
We are all so unique there is only one of each of us.
Some people might like the idea of no duplicates.
Our individuality is a God given gift so that we might discover and utilize the mission for our earthly journey. It is through this mission or task we become all God meant for us to be.

Most people go through decades on earth never knowing why they were born much less lived to a ripe old age. The reason?

Seeking God to discover their assignment is never on their to-do list.
The working world is full of unhappy, dead-beat employees. Why?
They are pursuing a job or career God didn’t equip them to do.

Before we were born, he placed in each of us a reason or objective to discern and carry out.

It is up to each individual to seek God to lead them to their divine appointment.
The obviousness of one who has found their passion for God needs no advertisement; it just shows.
After 40 years in the wilderness, God revealed to Moses his calling as the “Deliverer.”
God revealed to Joseph when he was very young he would raise him up as one who leads.
The Virgin Mary was 14 when the Angel of God spoke to her about becoming the “Mother of Christ.”

Depending on the service, many go through years of training, preparedness and discipline. Others seem to find out when they are 8. (LOL)
The key to discovering your calling is giving God your time. He is looking for a personal relationship with each of us which leads to miracles and open doors to the supernatural. As you get to know him he gradually and progressively speaks to you about what he wants you to do. The two-fold act establishes the relationship and prepares you for what is ahead.

As time passes and you begin to understand, he builds inside of you a desire and hunger to fulfill your destiny.
Once that is accomplished, focus on it. Build your life around it even if it means removing or saying “No” to anything that does not contribute to his plan. Take the clutter or baggage and throw it out. Do not dip into pots you have no business dipping. God gave you his “field of dreams” or specialty when he created you and he is delighted when we discover it.

God is looking for availability not genius. He is looking for quality not quantity.
He is waiting to teach and mentor each one of us to learn all there is about the vision he placed in our hearts.
It may be one pursuit. One mission. One assignment.

Jesus saw Peter in his boat after a lousy day of fishing. He made his way through the shallow water and stepped into the boat.

Peter asked him,
“What are you doing?”
Jesus, “Asking you to follow me.”
Peter, “To do what?”
Jesus, “To change the world.”