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The Holier-Than-Thou Dilemma

Have you ever heard or said these words yourself? “Oh, I cannot understand God. Why would I seek a God I cannot see? Why would I want a God to help me who allows people to live through unbearable circumstances or horrific pain?”

Trusting God seems to be a cop-out.

“Not sure I really believe God is real even though I grew up going to church. Remember those Bible stories they told us in Sunday school? Who can believe them?”

Eve ate the wrong apple.sin

Noah built a very large boat for the flood God told him was supposed to come.

A Philistine giant didn’t see that rock coming that killed him.

Daniel was thrown into a den of lions yet lived to tell about it.

The problem here lies in our definition of what we believe Jesus can and cannot do.  Forget he is God on earth and everywhere all the time and is all-knowing.  Or that he was here before time began, created the earth and did it solo.

Yet we have the audacity to think he is incapable of doing that which we think we can? Even if we can’t, we aren’t quite sure we can leave him to his own merit or aptitude to do it either.

This sanctimonious haughtiness we indulge in is a result (only) of our independent self-reliance. We don’t need God nor do we need him to do it for us.

Remember your words of self-determination when the sky falls and Chicken Little is nowhere to be found to announce your impending doom.

If truth be told we know our limitations or boundaries but refuse to admit we were not born equipped to do that which only God can do, nor can we accept he did this on purpose.

Our false view of ourselves could be the outcome of an inner envy that we cannot do what God can.

While we question and analyze how we think God will accomplish the impossible, our own inadequacies and weaknesses are exposed.

Why not humble yourself, get on your wobbly knees and confess your need for his help.

After you have respectfully and meekly admitted your sin of pious, holier-than-thou self- efficiency, maybe, just maybe he will give you a hint of how he does the impossible.




Try God: What really happened between Genesis 1 and 2? (Part 3)

A few years ago a woman stood in front of me declaring she was a “self-made woman.” As she reveled in listing off her accomplishments to me it was evident she truly believed she had gotten where she was in life all on her own. No doubt she was high on the ladder of success.

As I listened intently to her ego boasting words, she realized I was quiet. When she finally shut up, I responded, “That must be nice. Knowing you made it all by yourself. I have no idea what that is like.”

Shocked by my words she added how few had helped her along the way, but that she had done the work. It was clear standing in her way of reaching the top was not something she was going to let anyone do.

This sense of “I did it my way” is a direct notion of self-reliance. People who don’t need people are self-serving but people who don’t need God are destined to crash.  A trick of the devil maybe?

Genesis 1: 1-2 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

The earth was formless, empty and dark? In the beginning? God isn’t capable of darkness or creating void.

What if the earth had been around for a very long time before light was created?

Maybe God had given the earth to satan to rule before he so ignorantly fell from grace.

Imagine this: God throws Satan out of heaven for his evil pride to earth. While Satan is here he creates cities, darkness, emptiness, evil, and beasts, ugly creatures that roamed those cities, cavemen and dinosaurs? He was still empowered to create at that time, but everything he touched became evil. It was a darkened world condition and system.

Isaiah 45:18 says God did not create the world in vain. The Hebrew for “vain” means “worthless mess” or “worthless waste.” The blueprint God had in the beginning resulted in a chaotic, void demonic system.Noah

So…..what happens next? God is unhappy with this worthless government Satan built and decides to remove it. How?

The first flood. Theory here is there were 2 floods and Noah’s was the 2nd.

A government system is localized which would indicate part of the earth; not all of it.

How did Noah get all those animals; 2 of each in that Ark? The Ark landed after the flood on the top of Mt. Ararat. This mountain is not the highest on the face of the earth. If that is true which the Bible says it is, then there were other mountains higher that were not flooded or not touched by the flood. The dimensions of the Ark were simply not big enough to house 2 of every animal, plus food and necessities for the family if they had come from all areas of the earth.

2 Peter 3: 6 “Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished.”

The first flood ended the part of the world Satan created; the 2nd was the flood of Noah and the Ark.  As God ended Satan’s chaos, with it he lost his power to create evil beings or entities.

Jeremiah 4:23-27 “I looked at the earth, and it was empty and had no shape.

I looked at the sky, and its light was gone. I looked at the mountains, and they were shaking.

All the hills were trembling. I looked, and there were no people. Every bird in the sky had flown away.

I looked, and the good, rich land had become a desert. All its towns had been destroyed by the Lord and his great anger. All the land will be ruined, but I will not completely destroy it.” (NCV)

So, in the beginning God created light and said it was good, was truly the beginning of God’s world here on earth. He had destroyed the prince of this world’s desolation. Satan still has the ability to do harm, attack Christians, make hurricanes, tornadoes, cause sickness and disease but he no longer has a throne or a kingdom on land.

This opinion makes sense out of the first few words in Genesis more than anything I have ever read. The background gives the importance of God’s awesome strength and power. We as Christians have the authority using God’s word to make the devil flee. That is the armor God has provided us.

When we decide we are “self-made,” self-sufficient or declare the world revolves around us we have taken on the personality of Lucifer himself.

And Lucifer couldn’t create light if he wanted to.155198_10151497954731718_222041034_n





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Rumblings of Noah’s Ark

As you can see from this very amateur video our cat loves this swing. Late afternoons the swing becomes her bed. She has no fear of the movement; in fact she loves for us to push her in it like a child!

In her mind, the swing is now hers. She allows us to join her as long as she gives us space to do so. Once we are settled in beside her, contentment is established and she is one happy, feline.

Cats are graceful and smooth in their movements. Blessed with perfect balance, leaping to great heights or falling from trees, cats usually land on their feet.

The peacefulness she exhibits, her emotional nod of unwanted prey and the details of her balance are characteristics natural to cats. Her instincts, perfect as they are can be the workings of God.

Animals can be tell-tell signs of our surroundings. As if to feel sensations from the earth beneath them that we don’t, our pets may be giving us signals.

Reading the book, “Unusual Prophecies being Fulfilled” by Perry Stone, he elaborates how animals play a role in impending catastrophes.

In 2004, the tsunami that hit from Indonesia to Kenya killed around 300,000 people. That figure does not count the thousands that went missing. After the massive destruction, many were shocked to find few animals had died. They reacted by moving inland and away from the coasts to higher ground before it came ashore.

The strange behavior of elephants in a park in Sri Lanka were seen running from the beach inland an hour before the tsunami showed up. Some of the elephants were carrying tourists on their backs and saved their lives.

December 26 in Sri Lanka, it was noted how odd birds, monkeys and dogs were acting before the waters ravaged the area. Bats usually sleep upside down during the day, but 30 minutes before the tsunami rolled in the bats were flying around.

The age old question of how the animals knew to go to Noah’s Ark before the flood is one many have asked. If animal’s sense natural disasters prior to them occurring, is it possible they headed to higher ground such as the location of the Ark before Noah closed the doors?

Genesis 7:4 Seven days from now I will send rain on the earth for forty days and forty nights and I will wipe from the face of the earth every living creature I have made.”

The ground beneath us changes causing atmospheric rumblings before a catastrophe occurs. Animals instinctively know something very bad is about to take place as they react to these underground altercations.

Dogs bark nervously and cats whine showing signs of restlessness before an earthquake. Before Christ, in Helice, Greece was a devastating earthquake. History recorded that prior to this quake, rodents ran away, chickens stopped laying eggs and bees left their hives in a panic.

Our animals may play a much larger role in our lives besides giving us laughter and joy.

As Geologists probe the world of possible natural disasters, hopefully we can learn from the many hurricanes, tornados and storms that have ravaged the US in the last 25 years.

We should be alert, aware and pray for protection as the earth rumbles beneath us. These “birth pains” are like our animals, warnings of what may come.

As far as the theory of how the animals knew to walk two-by-two into the Ark, you have to admit the whole story is quite bizarre.

Truth is, maybe we have underestimated our furry friends.

Or better yet, we underestimated who created them.



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