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Like a Mighty Rushing Wind

There are no “Perfect Storms.” They come with hard rain, thunder, lightning and golf ball sized hail.

But there is no comparison to the tornado or hurricane that hits you blindsided.

Before the days of weather.com or “storm chasers” often the oceans stirred up the vileness of nature before land knew what hit it.

Life throws curves that at times can knock us off our feet. Once down, getting up can be the hardest action to pursue.  All the human strength in the world can’t lift us out of the “muck and mire” dumped on our heads.

So many people are hurting.

So many are sunk in the depths of blame and shame over uncontrollable circumstances.

So many are harboring anger, resentment and bitterness over lies spoken they never knew were lies.

The truth is there is hope no matter how powerful the storms rage around us.

You see, in the middle of a tornado is an area of calm. The “EYE” is seemingly impossible to get to due to the outer rings which produce the havoc of devastation and destruction.

But, like life where it appears to be unachievable and unbearable there is an “EYE” we have instant access to.

Sure; it sounds traditional, overdone and the very solution no one in this day and time wants to discover. But, it works.

Acts 2:2 “Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.”

Jesus cuts through the tempests with ease yet with the force of a “mighty rushing wind.”

He waits for the call or cry from one of his own and meets them in the middle of the eruptions that have invaded their hearts.

That center of peace, calm and unruffled love is there for the asking. Experiences of pain, heartache, betrayal and agony are areas we never choose to go but it is in the center of it all Jesus shines his love, mercy and grace to cover our hurts.

This is done by getting to know him; reading his word and literally spilling your guts with every ounce of who you are on his bruises, lash beaten back and the hole in his side.

Daily unloading your grief and sorrow on the Cross he leads you to his Resurrection.

Then, one day, one sun rise, his light appears at the end of that long tunnel you have lived in for so long.

The light becomes a tangible and concrete answer of hope, love and peace. Harmony with the Creator is set in a stone of grace unimaginable. Showers of joy become your strength to finalize this misery tour you never asked for.

On the other side is a lesson learned you never forget and most likely will need over and over in your future. But, when you seek Jesus repeatedly no matter what comes, you will always end up in his arms.

And that is the peace that passes all understanding. Philippians 4:7

Photo by Freddy Winter

Photo by Freddy Winter


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The Minstrel in my Head

How I wish it were so. Instead are the sounds of rolling waves, back and forth, back and forth. The ballad is far from a serenade of a nightingale.

Yes, it is more like that of a crooner yodeling in my ears.evicted

This sad effort is of the one who has spoken debilitating thoughts to prevail my yearnings for the truth. This nave or monster roars as if he is the ocean with an alias name wishing to dwell in the depths of ear canals. It shall not be so.

This is a priority. What you hear, listen to or puncture your heart with seals your existence.

The good news is once you hear the songwriter’s articulate whispers the meddling voice of that dastardly beast becomes a no-brainer to listen to.

His tone is confident and understanding. He yields an intimate breath of life into yours with words of knowledge and wisdom. The presence of quiet is his solemn oath of peace. What he speaks is genuine, faithful and eternal.

Yes, it lasts forever.

Once you have met the great “I AM” everything changes. You want to go to war for him. You want to fight with passion for others to be unveiled as you were. Sharing HIM is all that matters.

Once you have crossed the line from a “soapbox from hell” to the flow of his breeze swishing by you, devilish angles become loathsome to you. Evil is now your allergen.glad your gone

Your personal aspirations to avoid sinister alignment of any kind become a sparring match for a “war horse.”  As you dwell in the shelter of the Most High he becomes your fortress against the villains’ darkness. Slowly, but surely you will rest in the shadows of the Almighty waiting and longing to hear his voice only.

Knowing his voice so clearly, you wonder how you missed it from the start.

If he is here now, where was he then?

Oh, but you see He isn’t the one who was lost. He stood beside you, behind you, attempted to block your way from the entrance to corruption.

It wasn’t until you allowed him to stop you, his voice became prevalent; a virtual sound of clarity and hope.

His words are his presence in the form of love. Like pearls, his languages of truth are secrets to his Kingdom.

So, the yodeling crooner is now a far off distant memory.

And the Minstrel of Heaven is the only melody playing in my Head.





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Sobering Storms

Lady Liberty before the storm

My thoughts today are sobering. It could have hit us. “Sandy” could have turned sooner and bombarded the south but she had her own plans.

As I view photos, live video’s of families removed from rain, flooded homes and observe the massive destruction, I thank God for his mercy.

However, that doesn’t let the rest of us off the hook. The storm is representative of all of us who live in America.

“Sandy” is an open alarm system; the culmination of other warnings we have already experienced.

What is it going to take to show American’s God is still on the throne?

Abaco, Bahamas

The level of anti-Jesus oration has brought to this nation one disaster after another. We have no one else to blame but ourselves.

However, a major turning point drawing us further into crisis mode was the announcement by the President accepting Gay marriage. No nation has survived under the legality of homosexuality. The “abomination” God calls it in Leviticus 18:22 still stands.

It is a choice just like drinking too much alcohol, smoking, or committing adultery. But, like certain other evils it leads to so much more evil. Anyone who submits to such a lifestyle is opening the door to reprobate.

In my blog posts I have been speaking of the 3 major issues God is judging America for right now. Besides, homosexuality is abortion and Israel.

Crisfield, MD

God hasn’t changed his mind. The Bible hasn’t been re-written to approve of gay marriage, or abortion. And God holds Israel so close to his heart he will never allow her to be taken away from him.  Why do you think Israel has survived generation after generation?

“Sandy” is one more effort the enemy has pounded on this soil. The list is long of the wickedness and destruction imposed by a lack of morality. We left God on the shelf, removed him as our authority as if to glean self-imposed entertainment which is now our idol.

Carolina beach

God didn’t take too well to the man-made graven images built by the Israelites while he and Moses had a long talk. Why should he treat us any different now? He has been replaced and he doesn’t like it.

Impatience breeds more impatience. If God doesn’t show up on our schedule, then why not find something or someone who will? Sorry, he won’t go for that.

If you haven’t woken up to the truth, WAKE UP!  Personally and this may be selfish, but I don’t want to have to suffer because the sins of idiots out there want to party and act like fools. We are not here to be entertained, join “occupy wall street” or change the constitution.

Kill Devils Hill, NC

We are here to serve God as disciples for the nations.

God has royally blessed this land. We are the envy of the world. We are also quite spoiled by the riches given to us. The riches God has bestowed upon us are to share with the poor, needy, and impoverished along with his message.

Yet, in our egocentric, self-indulgence we have misused, abused and taken for granted the wealth and generosity of God.

Folks, we have to get a grip on this. The “Sandy’s” of the world are not fun and games. And right now we need to pray she doesn’t have a brother.

Belington, W VA.

permalink  Sandy is nothing compared to the Spiritual Storm ahead by Lyn Leahz




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“Oh, the Weather Outside is… Hot?”

Yes, the weather outside is……balmy for this time of year.

No wonder we have the potential for a hurricane. The warm waters of the Atlantic have churned up “Sandy” which simply put will “cause a horrendous mess.”

83 degrees is our high today in the southeast. Average high is 74. I happen to love this weather! However, it feeds the works of a natural disaster waiting to happen.

Living in the south near the coast of anywhere down here around Florida to Texas, being prepared for storms of this kind is a way of life. We don’t take it for granted but through experience have learned many lessons.

Hurricane Alicia: 1983 Coast of Galveston, Texas: last storm to hit Galveston

Hurricane Hugo: 1989 Coast of Charleston, SC This storm blew inland 200 miles all the way to Charlotte NC/ estimated damage: 7 billion dollars

Hurricane Andrew: 1992 Devastated south Florida with estimated damage: 30 billion dollars

Hurricane Floyd: 1999 was labeled the “Storm of the Century” dumping up to 30 inches of rain from the coast of NC to New Jersey.

Hurricane Katrina: 8/23/05: New Orleans, LA to date the most costliest storm and natural disaster in US history at 81 billion dollars.

The chatter among folks in our area remembers Hugo. Hitting Charleston with a feverish blast it rammed through SC into my parents backyard 200 miles inland to the NC/SC border. 16 trees knocked down in the back and that didn’t include the huge one that fell on the car. Without power for a week, family members and friends who had power opened their showers to those who didn’t like cold water.

Altering the landscape of so many areas, Hugo is a grim reminder of what could still be for those of us who live on the east coast.

We are entering one of the most important eras in history. There are 5 elements of change on the horizon; Spiritual, Government, Economics, War and Geo-Physical.

In many ways these are already in place. Geo-Physical events or the definition is: physics of the environment of the earth such as fields of meteorology, oceanography and seismology.

Prophetically speaking natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis will be increasingly prevalent. Seismologists have been reporting for years we are overdue for the big one: earthquake.

Every time there is an earthquake the earth tilts. As with volcanoes erupting, these forces change the weather patterns such as the “jet stream.”  Ocean waters will warm causing hurricanes 500 miles wide; this has nothing to do with Global Warming.

The Fujita Scale which measures the damage of tornadoes will have to raise its numbers as these storms increase intensity.

Due to these phenomena the physical shape of the United States will change.

As Christians we need to be aware of the future and that we were chosen to live in such a time as this. I believe there will be prosperity for God’s people, but the environment will at times wreak havoc.

Now as Hurricane Sandy approaches, the path I would like her to take is a sharp right turn, east out to sea. The key is to be alert, prepared and wait.

Isn’t that what God has told us to do anyway?

Acts 17:16 “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.”





“Out of the Mouth of Babes” A Storm Full of Miracles

Some days just don’t turn out as you expected.

One hot, July night in 1994 I learned a great lesson in trusting God. Not only that, but how he used my 5 year old daughter to teach me how to come to him with child like faith.

Recently divorced, we moved into a brand new basement apartment we built in my parent’s vacation home in the mountains of Western NC. 3 weeks in this beautiful landscape I would never have thought God was going to save my life that night.

Giving my daughter some cold medicine I put her to bed around 7:30 pm. Mom was upstairs doing whatever.

Finally able to sit down, I noticed the sky seemed strange looking. It wasn’t long after that you could hear a few rumbles of thunder. Storms in the mountains can become vicious in a matter of minutes.

Checking on my daughter periodically she slept as peacefully and deeply as always.

By 9:00 pm the storm began to rage. It wasn’t just raining; it was dropping buckets of water from the sky with a vengeance. Thunder, lightning and wind roared consistently giving a free light show. This wasn’t just any summer storm; it was a gully washer pouring its wrath on the mountain top.

About 9:30 I decided even as the storm seemed to worsen to head for bed.

In this little apartment my bedroom was directly across from the bathroom. The bathroom was quite large with a siding window to the left of the door and the mirror directly in front. I left the window opened as we didn’t need A/C.

After brushing my teeth, I turned around and walked out. Once my feet stepped from the linoleum of the bathroom floor onto the carpet, a thunder ball of lightning  hit.  I thought it was a bomb.

Turning around, the bathroom looked like a war zone. Glass, debris, plaster from the wall was flying everywhere. Pieces of the mirror were flying through the air slamming into the wall making crevices where they stuck. The screen on the window was blown out allowing leaves, limbs and other flying objects into the bathroom. And then I smelled something burning.

Standing there in absolute shock, watching this horror movie  I was aware enough I needed to get in there and shut the window. Finally after a few minutes I ran in between the debris flying and closed it.

Turning around came the next big shocker. If you have ever smelled linoleum burning, you know it stinks.  My brand new floor looked like a melting pot of mush.

The 4-6 inch hole in the cement allowed me to see the ground below the slab. Talk about seeing a ghost. It was as if the ground had blown up.

Getting my senses I ran out to check on my daughter. Sound asleep, she hadn’t heard a thing. Feeling a little woozy, I found my way to the steps and sat down. Mom ran down the steps and asked me if I was ok.

She took one look at me and told me I was pale. She asked what happened and all I could muster up was to point to the bathroom.  Her reaction to the hole in the cement was she needed to sit down too.

At that point I realized we needed to call the fire department. Living on this steep mountain in the middle of this raging storm, 5 fire trucks, police cars and the EMS showed up. Running around checking the house for burned wires, etc. they declared it was safe except for the bathroom which looked like a tornado had run right through it.

According to the Fire Chief, lightning struck the water line out at the street and made its way underground and blew a hole about 6 inches in diameter through almost 6 inches of cement. My respect for lightning has never been the same since.

There are quite a few miracles involved in that one night of terror.

A few seconds made the difference in me getting slashed, cut or hit by broken glass or debris.

Had I been standing between the toilet and the bathtub, I might not be writing this now.

The cement that was blown out saved my mother‘s life who was in the bathtub directly above it upstairs. Had the floor in my bathroom not blown up, the lightning would have continued through the water line and electrocuted her.

Last but not least was “sleeping beauty” who never woke up. In fact we tried to explain the story to her the next day. The noise, the firemen running around the house even going in her room to check on her. The massive hole in the bathroom floor didn’t convince her we were telling her the truth.

Reflecting on this life changing event many years later I can sum it up like this.

God not only saved my life, he saved my mother too.

God taught me the power of lightning is nothing to mess with.

And maybe most of all is the power of a little 5 year old girl, who didn’t hear, see or know the storm was wreaking havoc on our new home.

As Jesus slept on a boat in a blustery storm, so did she.

The best words I can think of to describe that night was  “Out of the mouth of babes.”





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