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Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth ….and you know the rest


Do you? In a court of law?gavel

I always thought if you didn’t it was perjury.

If you’ve never testified in court it’s quite an experience.

Recently I was the lead/main witness to a landlord/tenant lawsuit. Believe me, I pray I never have to do this again, but as I ponder the events now, I see God’s hand was all over it.

Let me back up with the history of this case.

This lawsuit began in the fall of 2011. Since that time the plaintiff and defendant have been going back and forth with their lawyers trying to settle. Due to the nature of involving military personnel the courts are more lenient when it comes to a trial. The reason for that is deployments. If one is overseas the judge will put it off until both or all parties involved can be present.

Personally I question the truth behind so many deployments but that is only my opinion.

The case consisted of the defendant signing a 3 year lease only to back out and demand her security deposit and the (1) month’s rent she paid. What she didn’t see coming was the owner/plaintiff sued for rent unpaid. The agreement was she would be let out of the lease as soon as I could get the house rented, but until then she was responsible for paying the rent whether she was there or not.

She didn’t like that idea. Or came up with all kinds of ways to help me re-rent it until it wasn’t fast enough so she came to my house and made it clear she wasn’t going to live there and would sue the owner for what she had already paid.

Never mind that she signed a 3 year lease and held the house hostage for over 6 weeks while we accommodated her petty demands.

Most of the military service men and women we know here are making sacrifices the rest of us never have to make. They are the real heroes of our nation along with their families who are often left behind while they go overseas to fight for our country. They have my total respect for their difficult jobs and years of active duty. However, that doesn’t allow them the right to break the law.

November and December of 2011 no one had rented the house so she was expected to pay the rent. That never happened. I finally found a qualified couple who leased the house as of January 1, 2012 which set her free from any further obligation.  

South Carolina law is very clear with contractual agreements. You don’t break them simply because you want to. Some circumstances are allowable; one being military personnel receiving orders to move to another base which is quite common here. Most landlords will work with the tenants if necessary to provide a way out if they are civilians but a new agreement must be reached.  A basic truth is to try to reach a happy compromise. But then beware of those who are never happy.

To be continued……






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Law? What Law? (Part 4) “The Rulers of this Age”

Psalm 19:7 “The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy making wise the simple.”law or grace

Perfect words written by an imperfect man. A man who became King and messed up big time.

The lineage of David would bring about the Messiah, “The Lamb of God.” His coming was prophesied more than once in the Old Testament.

The birth of Jesus came along at a specific time and place as God ordained. How he came up with the schedule is anyone’s guess.
However with it came the writing of the New Testament.

The event marked history bringing with it correction of the Old Testament laws. God ushered in through Jesus the only way evil could be defeated.

For many doubters understanding God came down from Heaven and became a man through a virgin birth is ludicrous. But the blood had to be “holy and pure” and that could only come from God himself.

1 Corinthians 2:8 speaks of how the “rulers of this age” didn’t understood the wisdom of God. If they had they would never have crucified him. In a word God “duped” the enemy.

Many today believe everyone is under God’s wrath or judgment. If that were true Jesus would be dying over and over for our sins even for those who have accepted him.

Romans 8:7 “The sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God’s law nor can it do so.”

Those who reject God also reject his laws which is where his wrath and judgment appear.

Romans 8:1 “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

History completely changed when Christ was born. 33 years later his death and resurrection became the focal point of our existence.

The depth of what Christ did for us is unseen by many which is tragic. Not only did he save us from “hell” he gave us himself.

What does it mean “he gave us himself?”Christ is the end of the law

To be continued……

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Rules, Rules and more Rules

Rules are meant for restraint, keeping the peace, giving guidelines to live by and to punish those who break them.

Well, you ask who makes the rules.

Who has the credibility to write such laws?

If we weren’t born with the “Lifebook for Dummies” do we make up our own rules?

Do we get to change them along the way?

What if your neighbor’s list of decrees don’t match up with yours?

Imagine everyone living by their own instructions. Actually you don’t have to imagine too much because the world is headed that way. AND THE RESULT IS SELFISH CHAOS!

It doesn’t work. It will never work. In the process people are fighting and many are dying over man-made rules that were never meant to be put into place.

Even common sense knows humans can’t be trusted to create their own declarations of existence.

Which is why we have a Creator who is neutral; unbiased and doesn’t play favorites.

He is overly qualified to make the rules, set up parameters and give advice on any subject.

He is fair, protective and full of positive directives.

His Technical Writing skills are professional.

His ideas are artistic.

And there is no lack for variety, action or drama.

The stories he tells are real. The sonnets are a poet’s dream. His letters hold no punches.

From beginning to end he gives us what we all need even if it isn’t what we always want.

He knows what is best and describes in detail how to live life.

Only his plan isn’t legalistic or hypocritical.Bible 2

There is no basis for lawyer jargon or unwarranted media attention.

His objective is all about justice, freedom and feeding the poor.

The focus is peace in a fallen world.

The goal is hope for the hopeless.

The aim is the truth.

The answer is love.

And he is the author.


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3 Awards: Shine On, One Lovely Blog, and the Blog of the Year 2012

I am honored and humbled to be chosen for 3 awards by Lori Schulz. Lori has a wonderful blog based around Christian and Children’s Ministries.

You can find her at http://www.lorischulz.wordpress.com

Since she has so kindly awarded me with the following 3 I will combine this post into one Great Award!

The rules are: write 7 interesting things, nominate the blogs you feel are worthy of these fantastic awards and notify them of their hard work!

The Shine On Award
The One Lovely Blog Award
The Blog of the Year Award 2012

http://lorischulz.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/screen-shot-2012-12-31-at-11-10-56-pm.pngScreen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.10.21 PMScreen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.11.32 PM

The Lovely Blog Award asks each nominee to write 7 interesting things…

1.  Eating too much chocolate, fudge, potato chips, Christmas cookies, and in general “Tis the Season” to overeat  shows up eventually!

2. I honor and praise the many Air Force/Army service people I am blessed to live around.  The other day I met another real hero.

3.  In my Property Management business I often need to hire general maintenance personnel for various jobs.  One home needs a painter. He told me he met his girlfriend who goes to our church on a Christian Dating site.  After dating for a year one of them had to move since they were 1000 miles apart and their relationship grew.  He now goes to our church too.

4. The summer after my Sophomore year in college I worked at Carowinds.  We had 2 perks outside of working 40 hours a week in 95 degree heat. We were allowed in the park anytime after hours for free. Also we were given free passes to ride any of the rides as often as we wanted.  Since that summer, I have never ridden a theme park ride anywhere.

5.  My favorite book of all  time (excluding Bible) is “The Testament” by John Grisham

6. Presently I am the lead witness  in a lawsuit. We have been dealing with this mess for over 2 years.  Please pray for a settlement outside of court.

7. 70 degrees today! yea!

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The Fiscal Cliff of Idolatry

“The ‘cliff’ is nothing more than an arbitrary deadline that will be replaced by another arbitrary deadline in the future.”

The following link reveals we are headed for a fiscal cliff?


While many are standing in line for unemployment benefits, they are turning down part time work. Why?

Why work when they can get free money? Or not free money, but yours, mine and those who work….those who pay taxes. That’s right; just wait it out and get all you can before you actually find a job.

NO! Unfortunately this is the mindset of many Americans which is why the President was re-elected. Why not vote for a leader who freely gives hard earned dollars from working citizens to free-loaders?

The many videos and articles I have read about welfare, food stamps and unemployment benefits reveal numbers of citizens believe they deserve for others to pay for their “free-ride.”

In this video these two smart guys even supported that people who are able and collecting unemployment benefits should do something in return for those free hand-outs! Whoa! You mean like work?

Yes; like rebuilding roads, streets, bridges that are crumbling on our nation’s highways. The two arguably agree our infrastructure is in decline.

What about visiting nursing homes or hospitals to offer expertise in areas of need?

How about working with veterans or the disabled? Or better yet why not make use of the “moochers” by forcing them to locate other “moochers” or free loaders. Maybe it would be lessons learned and put a stop to this wasteful fraud.

And while the democrats pursue raising taxes why not cut out unnecessary government jobs? That should save wads.

Why not hire unemployed people to research every government program to eliminate unnecessary spending and slack employees. Why not rid the tax payers of useless programs altogether? Wow, what a novel idea.

Aaron Task and his buddy here voiced the fact no one is talking about payroll taxes going up? What? NO? The amount taken out each month of my husband’s salary is just plain wrong.

Hard work in=garbage out.

In other words his hard earned money is going to pay for that which we don’t believe in or “it’s the entitlements stupid.”

And of course the President is announcing how the Republicans are holding the middle and lower class hostage because they won’t sign his extension of the Bush-era tax breaks.

Why? He wants to tax the rich.
That is class warfare and it is not Biblical.

The President is the one holding America hostage. Has he created any jobs since his famous re-election? No. His Obamacare has certainly poised many companies to lay people off though! And his defense cuts just keep on coming.

The mentality of this administration if I didn’t know any better is to crumble America to its knees so government will rescue them! Sorry. They just want control and power.

By sinking the American ship, they believe we are ignorant enough to fall for their callous greed and look to them as our savior. At least that is what Jamie Foxx called the President.

Besides the financial “fiscal cliff” we are facing, statements like that place America in a far worse danger zone.

The Christians who voted for him made the difference in him being re-elected. What does that say about our country? He represents everything that God isn’t.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me……you think God has changed his mind about that?






The Truth is in the Memo

I admit I am no Einstein, but I am also not stupid. For one thing I am a college graduate! (for whatever that means.) Is it me or is society just ignoring  the truth and keeps speaking whatever they want to define their own agendas? Have we become so lost in this country that the truth is simply not important?

I know there are some intelligent people out there in America land, but it blows me away at their ability to sit in front of others who are speaking the truth and completely deny it believing what they are saying is the truth. Maybe they aren’t so smart.

Ok. I know what it is. They didn’t get the memo. You know the one God sent. It is wrapped in this nice leather cover with all these white pages in it that explains the truth on every page. Last I heard it is written in every language.  I believe it is even written in supernatural words which to some may not be considered a language but it is to me. It is also the most important memo ever written and has been around a loooooonnnnnnnngggggg time! So why haven’t they gotten the memo?

Ok, I got that one too. They got the memo, but they haven’t opened it. In fact there is no shortage of the memo because it is the most printed memo in history. So if they got it why haven’t they read it?

Ok. I got this one too! Wow! I am doing really well getting the answers correct today.

They haven’t read it because they already know everything; or at least that is what they tell themselves.  It is called “Self-sufficiency. I got my first memo as a child but I couldn’t read so I didn’t open it. My mother could read so she opened it and read it to me. That tells me mom must have thought neither one of us were self-sufficient, not that I understood that at the age of 3 but she wanted me to learn that I would need the memo as I aged. She was right so I read it every day. My memo comes in the mail, does yours?

Ok, so let’s get back to self-sufficiency. Naphtali‘s definition is when those with or without education (I guess that means everyone) believe they are totally capable of living this life without the memo. So why do they feel so self-sufficient?

Ok. I got this one too but I am going to let you finish that sentence because my answer would not be very nice.

John 8:32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”